Kristy Swanson Plans to Focus on Family During Wedding Ceremony

11/15/2008 at 03:00 PM ET
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After she welcomed her first child — son Magnus Hart, 21 months — actress Kristy Swanson knew she was in for some major changes, but "never in a million years" could she have anticipated becoming so patient! Admitting that her single, childless days portrayed her as a "younger, selfish" woman who was focused on "career, career, career," Kristy now finds herself "way more patient" as a mom.

Ready to tie the knot with Lloyd Eisler — who has sons Ethan Harley, 4, and Seth Keenan, 2 ½, from a previous relationship — Kristy reveals the details of her upcoming February 7th nuptials in an interview with Mom Logic. A special event that has become a "weekend wedding getaway" in San Luis Obispo, Kristy shares that the ceremony will focus on "the blending of a family and the unity and coming together." With their three boys a part of the big day, Kristy wants them to realize "that we’re all a family now," however, she says that despite being their step-mom, the 38-year-old will continue to let Lloyd handle the discipline.

"I do day-to-day little things, like maybe a time-out here or there if he’s not around, but I communicate with him and he deals with the kids."

With the upcoming holidays approaching, luckily for Lloyd, his fiancée is easy to shop for! Since becoming a mom, Kristy admits that she doesn’t "want a lot of things," although, as an afterthought, would appreciate "a rest and a massage, but that’s about it!" The family — joined by Lloyd’s boys — will spend Christmas together in Los Angeles relaxing and having "a good time."

Source: Mom Logic

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Michelle on

Haha, I’ll look forward to seeing them here then! I wonder if they’ll hold it at the Madonna Inn. That’s the “event place” in SLO.

On another note, that sounds like a really nice wedding.

phoebe on

Are those baby ages correct? That seems an awfully short time between two babies from two different ladies! Magnus is so cute!

Tonya on

I think the story was they were on a reality skating show. Fell in love and started a realtionship while he was still married. Maybe his wife was pregnant or just had the baby?


G on

Oh dear. Focusing on your career doesn’t make you ‘selfish’, Kristy.

Nikka on

Yeah I also think that you’re right, he left his pregnant wife for another woman

Becky on

Having him doing the punishment is not fair. It should be equal. My friend would do that to her poor husband. The second he would come home from work she would tell him about all the things their son did and he would have to punish him. She would always tell him “just wait til your dad gets home” and you have to catch it on the spot, not hours later, by someone who wasn’t even there. I always felt bad for him having to be the bad guy and punish the kids. Just my opinion though. For me and my husband, we both do the punishing, on the spot and the same way.

Fifi on

Kristy and Lloyd started a relationship after he seperated from his wife who was pregnant at the time.

Lorus on

I still just can’t stomach these two. I guess it’s because I’m not fond of cheaters. I still feel sorry for his wife, showing up on the set of Skating with Celebrities to visit her husband all while he’s doing the deed with his skating partner.

Their son is adorable though.

Brandi on

Becky, she is talking about her role is disciplining her stepsons. I agree with her – it’s not her place to take care of the major things. The boys already have a mom and a dad.

TracyG on

Lloyd and his wife had already separated when he and Kristy started dating. His ex was pregnant when they separated…

Their wedding sounds very nice.

Tonya on

From the comments his ex-wife made, she must have not known they were separated.


Melody on

Just a note…it is spelled San Luis Obispo. There is no “o” in Luis. =) And it is a LOVELY part of CA.

Di on

I just have to say that I do not think it is appropriate for a step-parent to be the main disciplinarian; since those boys are Lloyd’s, he should take the lead in that area.
Lastly, according to Lloyd’s ex-wife, he told her that his relationship with Kristy began while they were still married and she was very much pregnant. Kristy has always maintained that Lloyd and his wife were separated when they got together so I guess you have a he said/she said situation. I choose to believe Lloyd’s ex-wife as Lloyd would not be the first man to hook up with his co-star while away from his wife and family.

Also, I read on the internet that a year or so ago, Kristy was arrested for assaulting Lloyd’s ex but the charges were later dropped so the rosy picture that Kristy is painting of herself and Lloyd’s relationship is far from accurate.

Michelle Z. on

I’m a stepmom, and if my husband and his son’s mom are comfortable leaving their child alone with me, then they should be comfortable with me handling discipline in their absence. I’m not the babysitter. And I feel like it’s unfair to put issues on hold until my husband gets home to deal with them. It’s not fair to my husband, and it’s not fair to my stepson. To me, it would almost feel like I was sending the message that I didn’t care enough about my stepson to deal with the “bad” as well as the “good”.

Kat on

I believe she’s talking about disciplining her stepkids.

My guess is that since she’s still not officially their stepmom, in addition to how often she sees them, not to mention then you add in their ages and not wanting to overstep their mother’s bounds by assuming she knows how SHE would handle it, she’s leaving primary discipline to Lloyd.

She did say she does the little things… a timeout or so, when she’s the only one there.

I really feel that it’s about the stepkids because her baby is too young for much in the way of a punishment and she’s probably just being sensible and not trying to be a parent to them yet.

Instead, she’s taking it slow and being more like a nice aunt would be and letting the relationship mature into them seeing her as a parent.

After all, no one wants to hear a child screaming that you can’t tell them what to do because they aren’t your mommy.

Better to set up a nice base of respect by having their biological parent support the step-parent in the behavior being wrong and then lead the way in how discipline for them is done and then go from there.

Taisa Horning on

I’m disappointed that Celebrity Baby Blog posts stories about cheating couples. I know it’s a fact that these things happen, but it is still a sad situation. I’m happy they have healthy children, but unimpressed with the ‘affair’.

julmal1213 on

yeah I dont think his 1st wife knew they were seperated when he & Kristy started to date – wife #1 was like 7 months preggy w/ #2 when I think she saw it on tv – wedding sounds nice – kids cute – but – not my kinda guy – hope he doesnt do the same to Kristy!!