Scott Wolf Loves the Perks of Pregnancy, Especially Kelley's New 'Friends'

11/14/2008 at 01:00 PM ET

For most women, pregnancy is often accompanied by morning sickness, discomfort, and plain exhaustion. While the same is true for Scott Wolf‘s wife Kelley, the former Party of Five actor is looking on the brighter side. Calling his wife — who is five months pregnant with the couple’s first child — a "rock star," Scott shares that although Kelley is "having all the normal stuff, not feeling great and feeling exhausted a lot of the time," he can’t help but see her in a new light. "She’s just more beautiful than ever and it’s an amazing, amazing thing," boasts Scott. However, despite the fact that the Real World: New Orleans alum is feeling under the weather, Scott is thrilled with another side effect of pregnancy: the growth of her "upper deck." Accompanying his wife on a recent outing to purchase new bras that could "accommodate our friends," Scott couldn’t help but be amazed by his wife’s new, voluptuous figure. He jokes,

"From what we understand — I guess Kelley’s been talking to girlfriends about it — I guess some people hang on to them afterward. I guess, it’s been known to happen."

While the 40-year-old actor may be enjoying the perks of pregnancy, there is no doubt that he too wishes the days would soon be over! The excited dad-to-be "truly cannot wait" for his baby boy to arrive and has taken to asking Kelley "at what point can the child truly live outside your body, because we should just go get him." For Scott, the "whole nine-month business seems way too long" a wait before he meets his son.

More than ready to finally hold his new baby, Scott — who has fallen "deeper in love" with Kelley — shares that although the couple just "wanted a healthy baby," there is no hiding that "there’s something about" having a son. He explains, "My dad does not have a male grandchild at this point, so to be able to call my pop and tell him I’m carrying on the name was a nice thing to be able to do."

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brie on

Awww.. He is so sweet. It is refreshing to hear a man talk about his pregnant wife . They are such a sweet couple.

Me on

Maybe that’s why so many men talk about wanting a son – so they can carry on the name. My stepbrother is the last one with his name, and if he doesn’t have a son, the family name will eventually end with him.

My husband was the same way when I was pregnant. Anxious for our baby to be here, and he got so excited when I would tell him how much longer I had.

J on

“upper deck”,I like that. I think a girl can carry on the family name too. My son has my last name (unfortunetally he also has my ex’s last name too…for now). it definately is good to hear a man talk positively about his pregnant wife instead of guys always complaining about mood swings and weird cravings

Natasha on

Me, thats what happened with my family. If my Dad hadn’t had a son, the name would’ve stopped there because I’m pretty sure I’ll be changing my name when I get married. Thankfully, he had 3 sons to carry it 😉 haha

Lauren on

I cannot believe Scott is 40! I never watched Party of Five so I never knew how baby-faced he is! I did watch Kelley on The Real World, though, and she was adorable. They’re a beauiful couple and seem like they’d be super fun. Congrats!

Sarita on

I think nowadays the name being carried on isn’t just for sons anymore because your daughter can also decide to carry on the name to her child and a son can decide that his child will take the mother’s last name! So nothing is a sure thing.

Christina on

Of course, a son only carries on the family name if he is able to, or chooses to, have children.

My in-laws were so devastated that we had daughters, instead of sons, they wouldn’t even come to the hospital to see them when they were born, and are still moaning about how the girls won’t carry on their family name … which is kind of strange considering out of all the sons they had to “carry on the family name”, only one of them has been able to have any children, and he’s a very contented, proud dad of daughters!

Judith on

Congrats to Scott and his wife. Babies are blessings!!

waterfall on

Congratulations full of my heart!!!!!!!!!!! I remeber her from RW new orleans and scott was on everwood.
with them luck

erin on

Is he 14? What a stupid comment. Mostly the hope that they stick around afterwards. Maybe setting the bar of hope isn’t such a good idea to do to his wife. You never know what’s going to happen after pregnancy.

Mia on

They seem very much in love. Congrats to them 🙂

can’t wait to find out the details once the little guy is born.

My grandparents its the opposite. My mom’s brother, has all boys, and my mom had my brother and me. So i’m the only granddaughter on my mom’s side of the family.

sinclair on

“”My dad does not have a male grandchild at this point, so to be able to call my pop and tell him I’m carrying on the name was a nice thing to be able to do.””

*gag*…I mean it’s 2008. Even if they have a daughter, she can keep the ‘family name’ if she so chose. Times are a’ changin’, Scott.