Poppy Montgomery: 'I Ate With No Guilt!'

11/14/2008 at 07:00 PM ET
Jack Guy for PEOPLE for use on CBB

Poppy Montgomery was always open about the 70-pound weight gain that occurred during her pregnancy last year with son Jackson Phillip Deveraux, now 10 Β½ months old. "I ate with no guilt!" the Without a Trace star tells PEOPLE. "I loved every second of gaining that weight. All that food made me so happy!"

Though giving in to cravings for avocados or HΓ€agen-Dazs Dulce de Leche ice cream was fun, Poppy, 36, knew that she’d have to return to camera-ready form eventually. So three weeks after giving birth to Jackson, the actress signed up for meal-delivery service Sunfare, which restricted her diet to 1,200 calories per day. She exercised at home six days per week using the P90X total-body workout DVD program, and by this past September, she was back in her size 27 jeans. "All the hard work paid off," she shares. "It was hard, but worth it."

Jackson, whom Poppy describes as the "happiest baby ever" is the first child for the actress and her boyfriend, actor Adam Kaufman. Poppy’s show, Without a Trace, airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on CBS.

Source: PEOPLE, November 24th issue

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Dawn on

She looks great! She seems like a very down to earth, natural beauty.
But I have to say … if SHE’S a size 27, I wonder what size *I* am?!?

kirstin on

Wow, she looks amazing! Go girl! Working out really does wonders…I started a few months ago after stopping breastfeeding myself and have seen how well it works! I am just about into my pre prewg jeans as well…well, they are TIGHT…I mean REALLY tight..but..I am getting there and at least i am somewhat “in them”…was a size 1–12 after pregnancy and now into 6 and a few 4’s. Yayy! I feel amazing and love working out.

brooke on

Jackson is adorable. You would think the fact i’m a personal trainer and a health nut, I wouldn’t be surprised with all these celebrities with awesome bodies right after a baby, but I still get shocked sometimes lol. Poppy looks wonderful, what great abs for anybody, but even more so for someone who gained 70lbs while pregnant.




Michelle on

Wow, she looks great! You would think she would have at least a few stretch marks (at least I know I would!!!) after gaining 70 lbs in 9 months. Must be good (make that great) genes!

Liz on

Do American stores not use inches for denim sizes too? I’m in Canada and that sizing is standard fare. For example: 28wx34l.

Cute, cute baby!

Brandi on

Dawn, Poppy is talking about size 27 jeans. So she’s a 4 in other items.

She looks amazing and Jackson is a beautiful child.

Allison on

Dawn, when Poppy says she’s a size 27 it really means she wears waist size 27 jeans, which is quite slim. She looks great and Jackson has gorgeous eyes.

shan on

oh i just looked at her amazing body and I have to get on the treadmill now.
my kids trashed my body, she looks great

J on

she gained 70 pounds and had her son 10 1/2 months ago and looks like THAT!?!?!?! no friggin fair!

Abby Elliott on

She is stunningly beautiful and her baby is adorable.

Molly on

Brooke, she had a baby 10 months ago. Its’ longer then “just after having a baby”

Anne on

How much did it cost her to look that good after the baby? Stars have to stay in shape and they hire pros at mega bucks to give them their body back.

Mary on

That is such and ADORABLEEEE baby!! I just want to hold him right now!!

Anne on

I will NEVER understand how these women, who in some cases gain much more weight than I did (I gained nowhere near 70lbs!) and, in most cases, are 10+ years older get such smooth, tight skin on their bellies after pregnancy! I lost my weight quickly with little effort and I feel great in my clothes, however, *MY* bikini days are long gone! My tummy skin just ain’t what it used to be….damn celebrities!

crimpe on

She IS great. And open about her diet and exercise regimen. However, ladies, recognize the fact that this photo was provided by People, not averse to photoshop…

Aitch on

God, do we have to see her perfect post-baby body? I am depressed! 10 months IS “just had a baby” in my book. πŸ™‚

brooke on

Molly I agree with Aitch, 10 months ago is pretty recent for having a baby and in my opinion it is just having a baby. Especially when there’s people that it takes years to get back to normal.

Julie on

My baby is also 10 months old, and I gained less than 30 pounds…..however, I’m still working on losing the last 13-15 lbs!!

Elle on

UGH. I hate how celebrities are so unrealistic!

She gained 70lbs and hasn’t a single stretch mark and looks gorgeous in a bikini. Real people do not pull that off!!!

Jaycee on

*seethes in jealousy* It’s just. Not. FAIR.

Mrs. r. on

Why do media outlets ALWAYS have to post articles like this?
It’s so unrealistic and just makes new moms everywhere feel bad about themselves and their bodies.

It’s bad enough that on a regular day celebrities remind us how they are thinner, younger (forever), and more wealthy than the regular american… add on a small baby on the hip and BANG it’s pretty much the meanest girl from high school having a field day making everyone else feel inferior.

I just hate seeing the focus on weight and looks after a baby is brought into the world.

Angelina Jolie is right. No media outlet ever asks about a child’s favorite bedtime story, or about their food choices (unless it’s all junk food), they always ask: have you got your ‘sex life’ back, and how’d you fit into those skinny jeans so quickly.

I love this website, and this is not to criticize it at all… I also love seeing celeb babies and families. On the whole it’s beautiful and positive… I just get so tired of the “I ate like a pig for 9 months, and look at me now after another 9 – I’m perfectly thin like I was before”. It’s a very unhealthy image to promote for a multitude of reasons.

fuzibuni on

don’t forget about photoshop, ladies.
it can do wonders for stretch marks and “imperfections.”

sat on

lol, she’s clearly in the Trista Sutter school of “I got my body back, look everyone”! Not to be rude but…

Sarita on

Everyone, please don’t forget about the airbrushing and photoshopping that goes in these photos! Yes, she looks great and I’m sure she also looks great without the photoshop and airbrish but not this great and that is a fact.

Maddie on

Thanks CBB for posting another fabulous update on Poppy, Jackson and Adam. I just adore this family πŸ™‚ Popppy looks amazing, she’s one of my favourite actresses and Jackson is so cute!

gigi on

She looks great! Kudos to her for getting back in shape and working out. While she may have great genes to help, and she is in great shape, keep in mind that a little airbrushing is always used in these types of photos. It’s not exactly a snapshot from home.

Becky on

I know what you mean Anne! I am 15 lbs less than my pre pregnancy weight and my tummy is, and will probably never be again, that tight smooth skin. The skin still looks like a deflated tire, with stretch marks of course. I just do see how all these celebs get that tight smooth skin on their bellies and I have never seen one celeb with stretch marks. No fair. I want money to fix those things!

paula on

I’m with Anne on this one – 10 months after my daughter was born I had lost all the pregnancy weight I gained (nowhere near 70 lbs!) and I was feeling good in my old clothes – but my tummy will never look the same!

T on

We have to remember that celebrities are in the business to look good…no great at all times. I think celebrites are under more pressure to look good. The WORLD is watching them. For the rest of us its just ourselves pressuring well ourselves! If we don’t lose the weight we aren’t plastered on the cover of magazines called fat and other ugly names…example Tyra Banks, “America’s Top Waddle”!?!?

momtotwo on

At least she’s honest about how she lost her weight. She didn’t just say, oh, well, the weight fell off, I have good genes, etc. If I had the money to buy a specialized meal plan and work out like she does 6 days a week, I would look like that too 10 months after having a baby. And if I DID look that good 10 months after having a baby, I’d want to flaunt it too!
Some people though (besides celebrities… “normal” people) CAN lose weight and look good after having a baby. I am fortunate enough to lose my weight quickly after having a baby and my belly goes down quite a bit. I feel quite confident about myself…. but for me, what I lost, it’s all in the genes. I DON’T work out, and eat what I want. Some people ARE capable of it. I can’t say I look as fantastic as her, but if I worked on it, I could get somewhere near there.

Gabrielle on

At 1200 calories a day, she was obviously NOT breastfeeding… I hate this article.

Mom of Boys on

Ok here it is….I was obviously bigger than her when I got pregnant with my first child. I gained 71 pounds.

Now being that she was smaller than me to begin with and gained the same amount of weight as I did….without a single stretch mark…that is truly photoshop at it’s finest. It has to be, or soemthing is wrong with my body. I used lotions and cocoa butter religiously.

It makes me sad.:( I can’t wait to get some abdominoplasty and a nicer rack post children!

C'estmoi on

I love that she says, “I ate with no guilt.” while posing in a bikini. I don’t know why, but I found that to be incredibly amusing.

Kudos to her for losing all the weight though. She looks fantastic! Now if only I could get to the gym…


Where is Adam Kauffman.. is
a very good looking father..

Thanks CBB FOR THE PHOTO OF HER SON. Since she plays a
single mother on With Out A

yogadaisy on

Well, you wouldn’t know which celebrities have loose stomach skin or raging stretchmarks because those are the ones you don’t see posing in bikinis. I’m sure there are plenty of them out there! Think of who you haven’t seen….

As for the stretchmarks, those are mostly hereditary. I’ve had four kids and have not one stretch mark and gained about 40 lbs with each pregnancy.

Brandi on

It was interesting to read these comments. I am unclear as to why some are getting so down on themselves. You have to put it all in perspective.

Yes, Poppy looks wonderful! And congratulations to her. BUT she worked out six days a week and had a food plan delivered to her. That’s just not realistic for your average working mom (or stay at home mom) to be able to achieve. It’s silly to compare when most “normal” women can not afford that kind of time or money.

While I love reading articles like this and seeing how they did it, you also have to remove yourself mentally and resist the urge to compare yourself. It’s in two totally different realms.

SH on

To those of you wondering what’s the secret to her perfect flawless stretch-mark-less skin with the perfect tan? Um, it’s called PHOTOSHOP. Holding your 10 month old baby while wearing a bikini with the tropical leaves behind you? The whole thing is so unrealistic it’s nauseating.

Bela on


Crystal on

I’ve heard that your belly looks better after a c-section than a vaginal birth. Is that true?

marshy on

oh my God, really?? Did she really had to pose like that with her baby?? I don’t get it, it’s like the baby is a prop on that photo.. Ok maybe I feel jealous of her going back to her body so soon and so well, but I really don’t see the need to pose that way with a baby!!!

SH on

I agree Marshy…the whole posing in a string bikini, with perfect makeup and hair…and a baby on your hip? It’s a little odd to me too…

SMC on

Marshy, I don’t see anything wrong with Poppy posing with her son. Who cares if she’s in a bikini? It’s not pornographic or anything.

And I agree with Brandi. If a photo of a fit woman posing with her baby makes women feel inadequate or disappointed, it’s because they’re CHOOSING to feel that way. Don’t let it get to you. She is a celebrity, we are not. She has millions of dollars to spend on personal trainers and diets and such, and we don’t. There’s no point in comparing yourself to her.

I personally think Poppy looks fantastic!

bella on

the recommended weight gain in pregnancy for underweight women is 40lbs.

The problem with actresses is that they are normally so restricted with what they can eat that pregnancy becomes a free for all. Then they have to work so hard to take the weight off afterwards.

She also had a c-section. Some actresses are rumored to have a plastic surgeon close the incision – they have a combo c-section/tummy tuck.

breiah on

Is pointing out some of the reasons she looks the way she does after having a baby 10 months ago supposed to make the insecure posters feel better?

Aitch on

It’s pretty hard to NOT compare your body to the Celeb. Moms when every other magazine screams at you from the newsstand “Look at so and and so’s beautiful body 6 weeks after giving birth.”

Randi on

If you watch ‘Without a Trace, Poppy has been losing weight since she started back at work. At the beginning she still looked huge, but now her face and her body looks much thinner.
Some photos were taken on set in New York at the beginning of August. She was wearing a tight tank and you could see her breasts were bigger and she had a couple of rolls of fat on her stomach which wouldn’t have been there if she’d had a tummy tuck.
I don’t believe plastic surgery was involved.
It wouldn’t surprise me however if a little airbrushing was used.
I like Poppy, she’s always so honest and honest in her interviews. It’s her TV character I can’t stand!

CelebBabyLover on

Randi- Good point! I also want to point out that Poppy’s C-section wasn’t elective. I remembering her saying when she introduced Jackson that the doctors tried twice to induce her, but both inductions failed, so she had to have a C-section.

Therefore, I doubt she’d have been able to get a plastic surgeon to close her incision if even she’d wanted it.

Emma on

While this is a cute photo, it is incredibly deceiving. Ah.the power of AIR BRUSHING. Her face and body are completely devoid of wrinkles, her freckles and most incredibly STRETCH MARKS! 70 pounds gained and there are no visible stretch marks anywhere? And to insult peoples intelligence even further she’s wearin a string bikini–Gimme a break…stretch marks would be all along her lower body and hips and if she had a C-Section there would be an incision…

Honestly, Just once, I’d like a magazine and a celebrity to intelligently and realistically depict the human body. I seriously doubt that people accurately reflects her true body. I cannot believe people have not commented on air brushing in their comments

Young girls will read People, see this image and think she actually looks like this…

CelebBabyLover on

Emma- I’m not saying that airbrushing wasn’t used. In fact, I agree that it probably was to a certain extent. However, it is possible the Poppy actually DOESN’T have any stretch marks. Some women just don’t get them. From what I’ve read, it seems to be herditary, and some women are lucky enough not to have the “strech mark” gene.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I also want to point out that, if Poppy had a bikini-cut (horizontal) incision, it wouldn’t be visable even in a bikini. One of the main points of bikini-cut incisions is to allow the mother to still be able to wear bikinis without her incision showing.

Emma on

I think you are making excuses for the actress and the magazine. You know young girls will see this image and you likely think this is as irresposible as I do, but you don’t want to voice that opinion.

Believe me, she is airbrushed big time (like all celebs)! I watch her show, they show close ups and she has freckles everywhere and she has wrinkles on her face, like ALL women do.

Its impossible to have skin that flawless (wrinkles?), perfect tan, even the countouring on the skin has perfect shading. And I’ve never heard in my life of stretch marks being hereditary. I doubt that is true–why are there countless lotions on the market than to prevent worse damage of the stretching of the skin..a womens abdomen skin would be loose and flabby after being stretched so taunt.

I cannot believe that ordinary women whose bodies go through the EXACT same process of pregnancy and delivery as celeb moms do, who than see the state of their own bodies after delivery, HONESTLY believe that these women could look this flawless without photo shop and airbrushing??

in this day and age with all that is publicized about airbrushing, are people honestly this naive or do people simply enjoy putting these celebs on pedestals? Believe me, read The Beauty Myth and you’ll get a big education about air brushing.

Brandi on

“And I’ve never heard in my life of stretch marks being hereditary.”

??? It’s pretty common knowledge that they are…if your mother and sisters got them you are very likely to.

Emma on

Whenever a person, male or female, gains a considerable amount of weight…you get stretch marks. The skin is going to stretch, and the skin will stipple and discolor….and there will be striation marks along the body….period. 70 pounds of weight…she has stretch marks. Never heard any doctor indicate that it was hereditary. And even if you believe that, no one should believe that is her real skin…the missing freckles is highly suspcious.

Why cannot these celebrities stop perpetuating this myth of perfection? So many young girls read People. Too bad.

CelebBabyLover on

I never said that Poppy wasn’t airbrushed. In fact, I agree completely that she probably was.

All I’m saying is that it’s possible that she doesn’t have any stretch marks. She may have some of the other things you guys mentioned (freckles, wrinkles, etc.), but that doesn’t mean she has stretch marks.

Some women, as I said before, just don’t get stretch marks, and I have read that it IS hereditary. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to get stretch marks if they don’t run in your family. It just means that you don’t have as much of a chance of getting them.

For example, a woman can get breast cancer whether or not it runs in her family. However, if it DOES run in her family, she has a higher risk of getting it. Same thing with having fraternal twins: You can have them (and I’m talking about naturally occuring twins, not those that are the result of fertility treatments) without having a family history of them, but if your mother, sister, aunt, etc. has fraternal twins, you have a higher chance of having them.

It’s the same basic principle with stretch marks. Also, some women get stretch marks that aren’t the typical black-and-blue bruise colored type. Instead, they get stretch marks that are white, and thus harder to see.

SH on

I think if she was wearing clothes this wouldn’t be an issue. I believe she’s that thin, and anyone can lose weight after having a baby. I think what’s making people speak up is that she’s posing in a bikini (with her baby?!) and saying “look at my great body” when it’s completely obvious that she’s airbrushed/photoshopped. It’s like get real and put some clothes on so people/mothers can relate to you instead of lying to everyone. That’s not real life and it really gets old looking at celeb after celeb doing this in magazines…

Emma on

I agree with you SH. I think the bikini is ridiculous and silly but I thought people would get mad if I wrote that..

I think her ego may have dictated the attire. Clearly she wants her body to be noticed above all else.
Her ego may have been at issue, otherwise, why wouldn’t you just wear clothes that accentuates your figure..people would stil see the dramatic weight loss.

Maybe if she was just posing without the kid, but, I dunno how to explain it. Its just odd seeing a women in a string bikini when we are a week from Thanksgiving and its winter and she has her kid on her hip. Maybe i’m too conservative, but when I first saw the photo I reacted as you did. Its just an odd photo, but its hard to articulate why.

Brandi on

It’s for a column called Body After Baby that the magazine does a lot. That’s what the page is about if you saw the issue and not just this post. Garcelle Beauvais did it too, also posing in a bathing suit with her naked twins. I didn’t see anyone having an issue with that? The point of the article IS to show her body…

It’s not about being realistic, people aren’t interested in seeing women with stretchmarks and belly rolls. It’s painful but that’s how it is.

Emma on

A woman can still “show off” her body by wearing clothes and be sexy doing it!

So a women who has a baby cannot be in a dress or jeans that accentuates the figure? Body after baby column has to only show women in bikinis? I guess People will only run the photo if there is a bikini??

Gimme a break.

And whats wrong with realism?…Actress Jamie Lee Curtis was highly praised several years ago when she posed in a sports bra and shorts for photos with no air brushing or makeup on. She wanted the photographers to stop perpetuating false images and she wanted the public to see her body as it truly was.

I think the average working woman would be interested in seeing a realistic depiction because it would be honest and refreshing……

Plus, If people don’t want honesty, why do they buy the magazines that show pictures of celebrities without makeup..

People is a magazine I never buy and I’m glad that I don’t. The content is very superficial like pretty much all the “celeb” magazines.

Brandi on

Clothes hide a lot. If I am looking at a page to judge someone’s body, then yeah I’d want them in a bathing suit or maybe formfitting workout clothes. It’s hard to tell otherwise.

Also this site is owned by People and I don’t find the content superficial. JMO.

CelebBabyLover on

Brandi- ITA! And Emma, FYI, I DO think I’ve seen some celeb moms posing in jeans in the Body after Baby Column. Anyway, I don’t get what’s wrong with her posing with her baby. It’s not like he’s going to be traumtized by seeing his mom in a bikini! Heck, he won’t even remember the photoshoot!

I think Poppy just wanted to show off both her body AND her baby! All of that said, I agree with Brandi that PEOPLE’s content is NOT superfical!

I am a proud PEOPLE subscriber, and I love reading the magazine! It’s not because I enjoy seeing “perfect” celebs or, as Emma basically put it “no realism”.

It’s because PEOPLE, unlike the tabs (no I do not consider PEOPLE to be a tab!), only prints the truth. On the rare occasion that they DO end up printing something that isn’t true, they admit their mistake and issue a correction in the next issue (or a few issues after the one with the mistake, depending on how long it takes them to catch the mistake).

The other thing I love about PEOPLE is that they never get nasty about anything. Even when they write about conterversial topics, they keep their opinions to themselves.

In fact, greatly admire PEOPLE for the way they handled a story in their magazine two weeks ago (it was in the issue with Obama on the cover, just after the election). In their StyleWatch section, they mentioned how Suri (at the time that particular issue had gone to press) had been recently seen on several occasions without a coat, and went on to suggest some stylish coats for her.

However, they managed to do it in a way that wasn’t at all nasty or judgemental of Tom and Katie’s parenting.

SH on

I think you’re missing Emma’s point. That’s not a REAL “post-baby body”. It’s a FAKE airbrushed photoshopped “post-baby body”.

Emma on

People magazine only prints the truth,huh?

NO publication whether its People or any other publication ALWAYS prints the truth. Its not possible because our media filters the “truth” that we see, whether its a media image or the written word.

The content of People Magazine as it pertains to celebrities is quite superfical and its naive to believe otherwise.

Take for example, their annual Sexiest Man Alive campaign and their constant People’s Most Beautiful People in the world issue. These issues should SCREAM superficiality to you. The people they deem
the most beautiful are typically celebrities who have already been named year after year. The majority of the people chosen for those “accolades” are the celebrities. Even the written content with their most beautiful list suggests that these celebs are so extraordinary simply becuase of their physical beauty, but, then they are air brushed and have full makeup and hair in the photos.

Anyone who is a subscriber must concede this point as the cover story is always the Sexiest Man Alive on the cover and one of their most popular issues.

And frankly,to hear someone express a sense of pride about having a magazine subscription is pretty bizarre. (?) I can only hope you feel a sense of pride in something that actually matters in life.

And I don’t care for the photo because it simply isn’t an accurate depiction of her body. If there was no air brushing,I’d applaud her decision because it would be real.

CelebBabyLover on

Emma- Okay, maybe the “Sexiest Man Alive” thing is a bit superficial (that is the one thing about PEOPLE that I’ve never understood, I’ll admitt. First of all, for me to find a man sexy, I’d have to appreciate what wasd on the inside, not just what might be on the outside. For me beauty comes from within. Also, I’m a bit of a femenist, and it gets me that they do an annual “Sexiest Man Alive” issue, but you never see them doing a “Sexiest Woman Alive” issue. Then again, I do realize that most of their reader-base is made up of women, so that kind of issue probably wouldn’t sell very well.).

However, I actually admire the way they do their annual “Most Beautiful” issue. That’s because, in addition to their list of people who are outwardly beautiful (i.e. beautiful on the outside) they always include a section on people who are beautiful on the inside: Those who do humatarian work, support a cause (for example, women’s rights or cancer research).

I have never seen any other celeb-type magazine do that. In fact, when I first realized that PEOPLE includes that section in it’s “Most Beautiful” issue, I gained even more respect for them.

As for them only printing the truth: What I meant by that is that they don’t post all the nasty lies the tabs do. They’ve even been known to “sit on” stories until they can confirm their info.

Finally, I probably worded it wrong when I said I’m proud to be a PEOPLE subscriber. What I meant by that is that I’m not at all ashamed to admit that I subscribe to PEOPLE (which according to some people is a superficial magazine)! πŸ™‚

Oh, and another reason I love PEOPLE magazine that I forgot to mention in my last post: They also post quite a few stories about “normal” people supporting various causes, people who help those less fortunate than them, and people rising up to the challanges of having various disabilties, to name just a few examples.

As a person who has minor disabilities herself, the last category (people with disabilities) that I mentioned, means a lot to me.

PEOPLE also writes about animals who have either performed heroic deeds or have unique challanges from time to time (for example, they recently wrote about a dog who was born with only her hind legs). I’m a huge animal lover, so it warms my heart to see PEOPLE being so compassionate towards animals!

Anyway, yes PEOPLE has some superficial content, but, IMO, that is far outweighed by the NON-superfical content! πŸ™‚

Nicola on

Just an aside that I’m a relatively small person and have NO stretch marks from my pregnancy. Not a one. Neither does my mother from BOTH of her pregnancies or her mother from all THREE of hers. Its not a scientific study, but I’m going with the hereditary thing here. And I stand as living proof that stretch marks are NOT a given.

merrymum on

Yes, not everybody gets stretch marks, but those with fair skin and freckles are certainly more prone to it. Poppy fits right in to that category, I have no doubt this photo is photoshopped.

lola on

-*well wat i think is the following…poppy has the darn right to wear watever she feels comfortable into as long as is not unnapropiate nor disgusting (to this day bathing suits are still appropiate and shes not showing crotch even) 2nd of all she looks EFFIN GORGEOUS i think tats wat bothers u mothers the most, tat she was able to have tat baby and still lose all the weight no matter if she had thousands of trainers or not….that makes yall feel bad and miserable…i SO LOVE the pic and if she was able to lose all tat weight its completely normal and fair she feels so effin proud tAT SHE WANTS show off the world not just her amazingly beautiful baby but her breath-taking body too, i mean she reached her goal and i would be just as happy !!!!…

never ever other peoples good things in their lives should bother u…i mean the commandments tell u not to envy others possesions..and tat goes to for their personal achievements…THIS IS NOT PORN U GUYS THIS IS NOT GROSS THATS JUST A WOMAN A HUMAN WITH A BATHING SUIT ON THOSE U WEAR TO GO TO THE BEACH REMEMBER? so cant u just pluuuuuuuuhhease stop the critic and feel happy about this woman..GOSSSH! envy is such a sick disease u ladies!

dasha on

Anyone can have a flat belly
I had a huge belly just from being
fat bigger than a Pregnant womans
I now have a flat belly with no stretch

The secret is 5 small meals 3-4 hours apart
eating 1200 Calories a day and lifing Weights
Walking on the Treadmill 30 minutes and doing

It is serious commitment and damn hard work
but it can happen that photo of Poppy is not

These clebrities look after themselves and that is
why they lose the weight quickly

sfmommy on

She looks great. Yeah, I wish outlets would talk more about breastfeeding and less about this stuff, but if you can find a little inspiration in these photos (and I definitely can), it’s good to hear this stuff too. Her working out was healthy. What concerns me is the sacrifices hollywood babies make because their moms only wait 3 weeks to go on 1200 cal/day diets. There’s no way she can breastfeed on that little food and thus, Jackson misses out on a very important emotional and nutritional food.
As for stretchmarks: Photoshop aside, all the carping about her not having stretchmarks is silly. Yes, she gained 70 lbs. Yes, they probably photoshopped out a few giggles and a little looseness. But, it’s not beyond imagination for someone to gain weight during pregnancy (even a lot) and not get stretch marks. I gained well over 40lbs during my pregnancy (and I was small-ish before) but I did not have a single stretch mark. I’m almost 6 mos into my 2nd pregnancy and again, not a single stretch mark. Genetics play a big role in whether or not you get stretch marks as well as the health of your skin. She mentioned avocados and those are fantastic for your skin (although, it’s a sad, sad world when “giving in” to “cravings” for avocado is considered a taboo indulgence). For me, I was obsessive about using cocoa butter (just the cheap stuff in the tub) after every shower and I also drank a LOT (LOT!!!) of water. There are things you can do to improve the elasticity of your skin so that it will stretch back and forth easier. My belly isn’t exactly the way it used to be, but after losing the baby weight + 8 lbs, it was basically flat and I did look good in a swimsuit again. πŸ™‚
So…leave off about the stretch marks. 99% chance it’s photoshop, 1% chance she’s just a lucky girl with good skin and good genes.

Ann on

I think it’s a shame that we can’t all be happy for the woman who did lose the weight. This is no different than when we have women backbiting each other for their choices to stay at home or work or to breastfeed or bottle feed. She looks great. She doesn’t appear to use drugs or have an eating disorder to accomplish it as it took her 10 months to accomplish it. If we all put our minds and commitment to it we can accomplish great things as well. True many don’t have the time but many also would rather not make the time b/c it’s easy. If my paycheck depended on my weight I’d certainly bust my butt to get it in gear too. If I had to worry about the angle I was being broadcast at I’d be passing on the ice cream and eating celery too. Actresses also don’t have but usually a smaller timeframe to earn money. There aren’t a ton of 50+ actresses out there in movies or TV so I’m sure that’s motivation too. I think it’s great she’s in that bikini. I’d rather see her in it than any anorexic 20 something who is strung out and whose big accomplishment is which party she went to last night. Go Poppy!