Nia Vardalos and Ian Gomez Welcome a Daughter

11/14/2008 at 06:15 PM ET

My Big Fat Greek Wedding star Nia Vardalos, 46, and her husband, Ian Gomez, 43, have adopted a daughter, they tell E!‘s Marc Malkin. The couple — who have not released many details — said today they adopted the girl, who is American and less than 5 years old, several months ago, and chose to reveal the news now to spotlight National Adoption Month.

A statement from Nia’s’ rep states, "They are going public now to bring attention to NationalAdoption Month and the 500,000 children in foster care. Of these children, 129,000 are’legally free’ for adoption and waiting for a family."

Coincidentally, Saturday, November 15th, is National Adoption Day.

Nia, who hit it big with her 2002 indie film, will next be seen in the romantic comedies My Life in Ruins and I Hate Valentine’s Day. This is the first child for the actress.

Source: E!

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Darlene on

Wow that was unexpected but I am so thrilled for them congrats!!!!

Nancy S on

Congratulations to them and their new addition to the family!
I hope their new daughter settles in well.

alex on

i didnt know her husbands name was Ian…funny since her husband in the my big fat greek weddings name is Ian.

congrats to them!

Corrie on

Congratulations, Nia and Ian!

paula on

That’s such wonderful news! So happy for them!

lulusass on

Alex, the film was loosely based on her life. It’s been a while since i’ve seen the film but things but things like her husband not being Greek Orthodox and consequently converting and
being baptized and the windex ‘obsession’ of her father are from her life.
I may be wrong but I think the film was based on her stand up routine or a book or article or something!!!

Elizabeth on

That’s wonderful! I recall that they had wanted a child for a while. Congratulations to them.

Sara K. on

Oh, how wonderful! What a lucky little girl to have two really cool & funny parents. Congrats to the Vardalos-Gomez family.

Allie on

This is fantastic! My husband and I are in the “waiting” period for placement of a boy 0-2 through foster/adopt.

I sounds like that is what they did. I love that a celeb couple is putting the word out.

Congrats to them and their new little girl.

Angi R Dudas on

What a wonderful moment. Being a adoptive parent takes a special person.

Christina on

Oh, such wonderful news! I am so thrilled for them! Congratulations to the whole family!

PS – Nia’s real hubby, Ian, played the on-screen-Ian’s friend in the film.

Lilly on

Wow, that’s wonderful! I hope their little girl settles in quite well. Congrats to them.

Aitch on

I hope we do get to see a pic of the little girl soon and learn her name.
Nia is such a sweet and talented lady!!

Kelly on

Not sure who either of them are but congrats anyways! Its a great thing their doing for themselves & that little girl i was wondering is she an american girl or was she adopted from another country? It doesnt matter im just wondering

CelebBabyLover on

Kelly- It says right in the post that the girl is American. 🙂

Anyway, it confuses me that they supposedly decided to “open up” about the adoption now….But yet didn’t release the girl’s name or age.

starbear on

Good for her!

Mrs. R. on

I love her. This is such great news. I like too that she made the announcement publicly on the national adoption day. Extra special.
Now… when is she going to get a TV show again? I miss her funniness!

Kelly on

Okay thank you im having an off day i keep missing little things like that

sat on

I’m so pleased this is CBB’s featured story. It’s heartwarming at a needed time 🙂

kim on

CelebBabyLover, it could be that she choose to open up about the adoption to make people more aware on how many kids are still waiting to be adopted, instead of only children in other countries. But that she didn’t release a name and exact age to just keep a little bit of it private as childrens don’t ask to be famous just because their parents are.

Molly on

Oh this is great news. I loved “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” And Ian Gomez was on The Drew Carey Show and is on Gary Unmarried, I believe.

Chic on

Off topic but it’s funny that Nia is an anagram of Ian!

meghan on

They decided to open up now because of National Adoption Month and National Adoption Day, which is actually today, I beleive. It also sounds like they waited a time to allow their little girl to settle into her new home. They imagine they did not release her name because she will be dealing with enough without the press demanding every detail of her situation. I think it is wonderful that they put their daughter’s need to acclimate to her new environment as the top priority. Nia and Ian have always struck me as a very down to earth couple. I’m so glad they have been blessed with a child.

KH on

It says this is the first child for the actress…she already has a daughter that her and Ian had together.

SouthernBelle on

I love Nia Vardalos! She is just so down-to-earth, real and funny! And so is her husband, Ian. I am so happy for both of them and for their new little girl. They will be great parents and that child will be a blessing. Congratulations!

Sarah on

I think it’s very commendable they a adopt a child rather than a newborn. There are so many children that never get adopted. Congratulations and best wishes to the family!!

CelebBabyLover on

kim and Meghan- Very good points! I guess I’m just used to celebs sharing their new babies’ or kids’ names genders, names, etc.

However, I realize now that the celebs that spring to mind (Katie and Tom, Angelina and Brad, Tori and Dean, Gwen and Gavin, etc.) when I think of celebs who have released their kids’ names and such are the ones who probably couldn’t get away with NOT doing so.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll at least find out the little girl’s name eventually. I remember that when Ewan McGregor and his wife first adopted their daughter Jamiyan, they also chose not to release her name. However, it eventually leaked (either that or Ewan actually said the name himself. I don’t remember which it was). 🙂

Kat on

I know they went through so much with infertility, so it is wonderful to know that they made it through that to welcome a child into their home and hearts, no matter how they ended up succeeding in doing it.

That little girl will be so loved.

Carmen on

What I dont like about Nia Vardalos was that she did a movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding based on her real life story. She hid the fact that her current husband is Puerto Rican and not a Jew like in the movie. Is she ashame of that part of him????

SouthernBelle on

I think Christian Bale didn’t share his daughters name, either, but it was leaked to the press. I can’t blame him for wanting to protect his child. They don’t ask for the fame and all that goes with it, so my hat’s off to celeb parents who choose not to put their child too “out there”; but, I also enjoy hearing about celeb babies. So, I’m happy either way!