Jenna Jameson Plays the Odds

11/14/2008 at 02:30 PM ET

An expectant Jenna Jameson made her way from Las Vegas’ McCarran International Airport to Sin City’s Hard Rock Hotel on Thursday, flashing a smile for photographers. The former adult film actress, 34, and her boyfriend Tito Ortiz, 33, are expecting twins in April. The two announced their pregnancy in August, after Jenna battled a long string of fertility issues.

The twins will be the first children for Jenna.

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She looks like she’s had work done since she’s gotten pregnant…can you do that? Maybe even not actual work but maybe Botox?…her face just looks way different…and it’s not the pregnancy.

Anyway, I’m super happy for her.

Congrats to them!

Me on

Congrats to them, but I feel sorry for those babies. I would never want my children to see me the way she was in her films. Those children are set up to be teased about this when they’re older.

J on

they announced the pregnancy really early. Congrats to them both!

ashley on

Oh I wish she was wearing something a little form fitting in the belly to see it. But congrats to Jenna and Tito!

Mom of Boys on

Congrats to Jenna & Tito….I would love to see a real belly shot though!

sharon on

she does look cute here and im really happy for her that she is able to have babies now, the most important thing is that she is happy

Mia on

Glad the pregnancy is going well.

But, is she wearing a shirt with herself on it?? lol.

ashley on

tito has a son from a previous relationship. these will not be his first children.

Ashley on

tito has pics of him and his son up on his myspace. i dont know who the childs mother is though.

Kaylee on

Totally happy for her. I love to see women who want a child get preggers. You can feel her joy jumping off the picture.

Molly on

Jenna looks cute in this picture. It’s so wonderful to hear she’s getting what she wanted. She looks totally happy. 🙂

brooke on

Tito has a son from his ex wife. Jenna puts a lot of cute belly shots of her belly on her myspace, she is carrying so cute and small. She seems so excited, congrats to her. TMZ has new pics of the house tito and jenna just bought, it cost $3.4 million dollars and is gorgeous, has 4 bedrooms, fireplaces, 4 bathrooms, really pretty home. I think they will have boy/girl twins

awwww on

I’m so happy for Jenna. She has wanted to be a Mom for so long, I’m glad her dreams are finally coming true 🙂

Ashley on

How cute! She’s looking great now that her face has filled out a bit with the weight she’s putting on… she was getting really thin there for a while!

Jenna actually removed the belly shots from her MySpace and said she wouldn’t put future shots up, as people were taking them for their own purposes (like posting on their own blogs) and she didn’t want that. It’s too bad–it was cute to see her belly getting bigger and bigger.

mp on

Any revelations on gender(s)?

Mia on

For some reason I thought I read she was having twin boys, but maybe I imagined it or I’m mixing up with a different article.

It would be great if she had a boy/and a girl. One of each 🙂

But most importantly-healthy babies!!

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- I’m not sure, but I think you might be confusing Jenna with Brooke Mulluer Sheen. Brooke IS having twin boys (Charlie confirmed it).

Anyway…I hope Jenna has either boy/boy or girl/girl twins, because there have been A LOT of boy/girl twins born in Hollywood recently (Tony Dovolani’s Adrian and Ariana, Nancy Grace’s John and Lucy, Dennis Quaid’s Zoe and Thomas, J-Lo’s Max and Emme, Angie and Brad’s Knox and Vivienne, etc.).

Melissa on

She look Beautiful

Sune on

I’ve been seeing a lot of vitriol about JJ around the web. It’s not hard to figure out who these people are. They’re people whose only sexual and social life revolved around pictures of and movies with Jenna. I’ve never been involved in that. But I’ve become aware of who JJ is and where she comes from and she deserves my awesome respect for how she’s succeeded in her life against all the odds. I just want JJ to know there are people out there who love her and respect her for what she really is, people who really and truly wish her all the best. A big hug from all of us JJ! And a kiss for both your babies! Be good. Be happy. You deserve it!