'Pregnant Man' Thomas Beatie Expecting Second Child

11/13/2008 at 11:45 AM ET

Thomas Beatie — who shot to fame this summer after delivering daughter Susan Juliette, 4-months — can once again be called the ‘Pregnant Man.’ Barbara Walters broke the news this morning on The View that Thomas and his wife Nancy are expecting their second child, due June 12th. In an exclusive interview, Thomas reveals that he opted not to resume taking the male hormone testosterone after Susan’s birth, so that the couple could instead pursue parenthood a second time. He adds,

"I feel good. I had my checkups with my hormone level, as far as the HCG. And everything is right on track."

Barbara’s interview with Thomas — titled ‘What Is a Man, What Is a Woman? Journey of a Pregnant Man’ — is scheduled to air Friday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Sources: ABC News, PEOPLE

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Ashley on

Congratulations on the conception of the couple’s second child but we should get one thing straight Thomas Beatie is a woman, that delivered Susan via vaginal birth. Last time I checked my husband did not have a vagina.

Lauren on

I really wish people would stop this “pregnant man” BS. Thomas is a woman. Women get pregnant every day. You don’t keep your reproductive organs if you truly desire to become a man. Congrats to them aside, there is nothing miraculous or fantastic about this story.

CTBmom on

Wow! That was fast! I hope Thomas has a smooth pregnancy. My friend got pregnant with her 3rd child just 2 months after her second was born, and she had a really tough time because her body had not had a chance to recover from the previous pregnancey. But everyone is different, so Thomas may not have that problem. Anyway, congrats to them and Susan is a beautiful baby!

Beverley on

I think that it is unfair and inaccurate to refer to Thomas as a man when she is in fact a pre-operative transsexual. She still has a uterus and ovaries, and until the time comes that she has her surgery to remove them and form a penis, she is still a woman.

Susan on

I wish Thomas and his wife an easy pregnancy and healthy baby. Most women can’t even get their husbands to take out the garbage – this one has babies! (Yes, I know he was born female – but if he identifies as male, I consider him male).

hana on

whoa. that was quick

Nicole on

Aww, congrats to them! I wonder if they used the same sperm donor, and Susan and the new baby will be full siblings?

I don’t see what the big deal is – I mean, he’s biologically a woman, but if he considers himself a man, and he wants me to call him a man, I’ll call him a man.

phoebe on

I agree with Ashley. As long as a child is well loved and cared for, I think the situation as to how he or she came to be is totally secondary, but let’s call a spade a spade, this is not a pregnant man, we’re not talking Arnie in Junior here. This is a pregnant woman. I’m fully supportive of the whole sex change process and I totally believe that some people are born in bodies that may not suit them, but Thomas is not physically a man yet.

Congrats to the couple and to little Susan on the addition to their family.

Stacie on

Whoa! Congrats on the second baby. But that means that Thomas got pregnant about a month and a half after the first baby was born? That just seems pretty quick, I hope his body is able to adjust accordingly.

SH on

Yes, Ashley, I agree. If you were born with a uterus inside of you to carry children then you’re a woman, not a man…doesn’t matter how much you MAKE yourself to LOOK like a man…still biologically a woman giving birth to a baby.

Vanessa Paige on

He is legally recognized as a man with the reproductive capability of a woman.

Nita on

You know in some instances- This one- it is just unfair to have your cake and eat it to, cliche, YES. Although i believe that everychild is a blessing and everyone deserved the opportunity to be a parent, I thing that this woman is being unfair, and is using this a a media ploy. i.e. she is not a man.
It is amazing how a woman who has taken hormones to become a man, can suddenly stop and concieve when there are millions of women, like myself- yes I am being bias, who would love to be able to even concieve. Depsite my feelings I do still wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

UJ on

I agree with SH, but will go one further. IMO (probably will get slammed)even once uterus and ovaries are removed, she will still be a woman…who had a hysterectomy and ovaries removed. And if the hormone treatments cause her to grow a beard, she will be a woman with a beard, and if the docs surgically construct a penis, she will be a woman who had a penis surgically constructed, etc…

With that said, if she wants to identify as a male, her choice. If the babies are healthy, happy and well-adjusted, what more can we ask?

Anna on

Love his shirt! To me – love is all that matters. Good luck!

Jess from Ohio on

Wow, a biological woman with a beard and no breasts is having a child. I’m sorry, this just isn’t shocking to me. I do wish the family good luck and hope they have a healthy and happy baby, I’m just not into the hype of the “Pregnant Woman with a beard”.

lara on

Wasn’t the baby born by c-section though?

No, it was a vaginal birth.

– CBB Staff

stefani on

I don’t see what all the excitement is about. It’s just another woman who’s pregnant. I’m a woman..if I never shaved, wored mens clothes and became pregnant, would I make headlines? I didn’t think so.

*AJ* on

Im sorry to be blunt but call me when a man with a penis is pregnant. Then I’ll think its a pregnant MAN. She doesn’t naturally have an XY chromosone then its not a guy. Its a chick who would have chosen to be a man if given the choice. She should be the half way changed transgendered pregnant lady lol.


I agree with the others…she’s a transexual and until she goes through the full change she still a woman.

Congrats to them either way

Becky on

So….he’s due in June, that’s 7 months. So he’s 2 months along (must be a picture from the first pregnancy because he looks more like 5 months)which means he got pregnant 2 months after he gave birth? What doctor would do that procedure so soon after giving birth?

Allie on

I think this whole situation is unfair. I’m all for equal rights, but when you fight SOOO hard to become a man, I think you should act like it. I understand he has all the reproductive organs, and his wife couldn’t get pregnant, but why not ADOPT? Many people want biological children and can’t have them. He made the CHOICE to be a man, and I don’t think he should birth his own child. I DON’T think his children will be pyschologically scarred or anything like that, I just think he should act like the man he is. 🙂 That is MY opinion, and I don’t want anyone to jump down my throat for it. Now, I say good luck to him, and congratulations. 🙂

Natalie S. on

Congrats to the Beatie family. I realize being called a the Pregnant man rubs people the wrong the way (c’mon really it’s the media putting the title out there) but people really need to relax. You’re not part of their family dynamic, it works for them. What works for them clearly doesn’t work for many but that’s what makes a family a family, it’s what works best for your family. Seriously give us a break with the science lesson..we all know what’s what. They’re happy and everyone should just leave it at that..Be happy for them and if you’re not..then don’t say anything at all.

Mary Ruth on

I don’t think it’s fair for any of us to label him/her. Thomas Beatie and his partner have just as much right to have a baby/babies as anyone eles. Who cares about all of the other stuff; all the stuff the media likes to talk about and make such a circus over. The simple fact is that these two loving people are creating life: and that’s the most beautiful thing any of us, man or woman, can do.

Mandy on

Wow, they don’t hang around! Good for them and I hope all goes smoothly for the family.

This is just my take on the whole ‘pregnant man’ headlines. I was always taught that gender is subjective, it is a social construct. It is, scientifically speaking, a different term from sex which refers to biology. ‘Sex’ refers to what sexual organs you have so your ‘sex’ is male or female. Gender is a different term all together so, technically speaking, he is a ‘pregnant man’ but not a ‘pregnant male’. I’m not sure if that make sense or not, lol!

I will add though, with a hint of caution because I try not to judge, I feel they need to try and pull back from the media a little bit for the sake of their children if nothing else. Theirs is a strange situation and ignorant people can be extremely cruel and that would be hard on their children.

But like I said, congrats to them all the same.

Jess on

Congrats to the family! He’s due around the same time I am.

miameows on

well said, Mandy.

Hea on

Congrats to them! I hope all goes well.

I’m surprised CBB even posted some of these comments. I see insults to Thomas and transsexual people in general in some of them.

Thomas is a man in every way that counts. You don’t need a penis to be a man. You need one to be _male_ however. A penis and a lot more but we don’t have to go into chromosomes… Gender is a social construct. I applaud Mandy for her comment. Very well written and absolutely correct!

Nausicaa on

Well-said, Mandy! I agree. Gender IS a social construct, and Thomas is legally a man. On some level it IS accurate to call him a pregnant man. Congrats to him and his wife. Their daughter is gorgeous

Doreen on

This isn’t accurate…..this IS a woman NOT a man! I wish people would get this information right and stop acting like a man gave birth–when that is certainly not the case. Please report accurate information. This IS a female people. There was no full change done.

Jennifer on

He is NOT a man…he is a SHE. I wish people would give this a break. It’s absolutely appalling what SHE is doing. What people will do for fame and fortune!

Miranda on

First, I offer hearty congratulations to Thomas, Nancy, and soon-to-be big sister Susan!

It saddens and angers me to see so many people insist on calling Mr. Beatie a “woman”. He is not. His genetics and reproductive organs may say “female”, but his mind and soul say “male”. The latter is what only matters in my opinion, so if Thomas identifies as a man, he is one to me.

I am a little surprised he’s having another so soon after Susan, but maybe he has a good reason for it. Even if he doesn’t, who cares as long as he and new baby are healthy?

maribeth on

it’s very simple – IF YOU CAN HAVE A BABY, YOU ARE NOT A MAN ! you have FEMALE reproductive organs, they are the fundemental thing that seperates women from men. that person is a pre-op transexual & until SHE decides to get rid of HER female parts she will still be a WOMAN. that’s just the way things are.

Danielle, CBB Senior Editor on

Gender is a construct, so if Thomas wants to call himself a man, I respect that just as when Anya insists she is “Princess Anya,” who am I to argue with her?


This WOMAN is certainly NOT a celebrity. Why is she featured on CBB?

adh on

This blog has gotten way to politically correct for me….

Danielle, I respectfully disagree with your comment. It is your opinion. I’ve been reading CBB since it started, this is disappointing.

meghan on

we had our daughters less than 11 months apart – i got pregnant less than two months after having our first daughter… i actually had a MUCH easier pregnancy the second time around.

tink1217 on

Congrats!!! Who cares about the specifics of his or her gender identity??? There is a wanted and loved child coming into the world and that is cause for celebration!!!

marlee on

Not a pregnant man. This is such non-news.

Shannon on

I know I didn’t do well in Biology class, but as far as I know, men do not have vaginas or a uterus. He may look like a man, but Thomas is a woman. I wish SHE would stop publicizing HERSELF and HER children for money.

brannon on

Well said Danielle. I agree. I am also a little surprised at the narrow minded views being taken here – usually such an open minded blog. Congratulations!

Rachel on

Wow… a woman having a baby. Shocking!

This “man” needs to get over herself.

sarah on

Danielle, I really like this site and am not trying to be disrespectful. But I think it’s inaccurate to compare a transgendered adult’s desire to be considered his or her true gender with a three year old’s desire to be called a princess. I see where you’re coming from, but when you call Anya a princess, you’re pretending with her. A transgendered person, like Thomas Beatie, isn’t pretending. I truly don’t mean to offend, but think the comparison comes across as condescending.

With that said, I don’t think this story is newsworthy because a man is giving birth (he does have a uterus after all) but because it puts an extremely non-traditional family into the spotlight.

Megan Dunn on

Its crazier that they chose to get pregnant with a 4 month old than it is that he’s a man!

Rachel on

I have absolutely no problem with Thomas considering himself a man. Or with him having a sex change or whatever he’s done. Or with him having a child.

What I do have a problem with is his exploitation of the entire situation. He is not doing something special. He is not a biological male giving birth and this is not some miracle of science. This is in fact a biological female who considers herself a male. There’s nothing special about the fact that a biological female can get pregnant and deliver a child.

kris on

Regardless of man vs. male in my opinion when Oprah had him on during his first pregnancy and the show title was “Pregnant Man” it makes it sound like some crazy tabloid headline. And by the media continuing to sensationalize this with “Pregnant Man” headlines that impression continues. There is nothing scientifically amazing about this event. He has the equipment therefore he can birth a child. Weather or not he wants to be called a man or a woman is his business not mine. Also, I have to agree with Mandy’s comment about the media.

Good luck to their family.

Ashley on

Well said Mandy, Danielle, and tink1217.

I wonder if they will show little Susan in Friday night’s show?

brooklyn on

Let’s face it, if she/he was described as a pregnant female or even a transgender who was pregnant, their would be no news stories or sit-downs with Oprah, etc. It is all about the money! The more babies equals more money.

Abigail on

wow, that was super fast. Congrats to the family. They (Thomas & his wife) seem really happy.

TracyG on

I have to agree with the majority here. Thomas may call himself a man and feel like a man, but in all reality he’s a woman. There is no denying that. He has woman’s genitalia and a uterus!!

I also believe that he and his wife should back off the media for the sake of their children. Kids can be cruel and not a ton of people in this world are tolerant of transgenders or transexuals. (I have NO problem with him changing myself but get the facts right!)

And Danielle, I agree with whomever posted that it is certainly not the same thing to let your daughter believe she is a princess. That’s imaginative PLAY..there’s nothing imaginative about Thomas, he wants to change his gender completely, not “play”.

SH on

“I am also a little surprised at the narrow minded views being taken here – usually such an open minded blog.”

Danielle, Biology lesson. Thomas is XX, female – not XY which is male. That’s not people being closed minded, that’s called fact.

I don’t care if he wants to look like a man, that’s his business…let him look like a space martian for all I care, and I think a lot of women would feel that way.

BUT, I think women are naturally going to want to speak up when there’s another woman out there wanting to be a man, taking hormones, getting surgeries etc. to look that way, then getting pregnant and saying “Oh, I’m a pregnant man.” No you’re not! You’re a pregnant female that looks like a man on the outside. He’s female inside.

I have seen interviews with him though, and I must say that he and his partner and their other daughters (his partner has older daughters from a previous marriage) seem like they are a VERY nice family with a lot of love and that counts for a lot.

brooklyn on

“It’s not what’s on the outside, but what is on the inside that matters”…remember that from elementary school?? However, I stick with my first comment!

TwinMamma on

He identifies himself as a man, so I’ll refer to him as such.
Congrats to them, although I find it a tad soon to be pregnant again.
I’m guessing a lot of you don’t know this, but most transgendered males (I’m talking female to male) don’t actually have THAT surgery. Reason being, it is far more difficult and risky than going from a man to a woman. The results are also not that great (for sex, etc).
Until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes you shouldn’t really say such nasty things. It must be quite difficult growing up feeling like you’re trapped in the wrong body.

deb on

How can Thomas Beatie be legally called a man when technically she still has overies, uterius and vagina. What state allowed that to happen? Barbara Walters on the view stated her birth certificate was legally changed to “born a male”. Don’t you think Thomas Beatie should of not been allowed to change her birth certifcate until the whole sex change operation was completed because the media is going crazy over A FEMALE giving birth to a child when the correct wording should be a pre operative transexual gave birth.

Nicole on

I agree with TwinMamma – for a lot of transgendered people, physically having a sex change operation is very dangerous, and it often directly affects their sex lives, as there are no longer any nerves in the new tissue.

Add to that, I believe everyone has the right to a biological child if they want one – and, as he was born female, the only way he can contribute his own DNA is to do it as a female. So congratulations to him and his family, I hope their next little one is healthy!

I must say though, he’s braver than I am, having another after only four months!

Eliza on

A person with a uterus and ovaries got pregnant–I’m not sure why this is news. Thomas Beatie is free to call himself whatever he wants, and I wish his family the best, but this is basic biology.

I also don’t understand how you can compare a pretend-playing child to a transexual. That seems more closed-minded to me than people who state obvious biological facts.

Devon on

As many have pointed out, sex refers to male or female, while gender is a social construct. Take a sociology course or two. If Thomas feels like and acts like a man, then he should be referred to as a man, regardless of what he’s got between his legs. It IS narrow and closed minded to say “well he’s got a uterus therfore he is a woman.” Just because he’s got the female parts, doesn’t mean he is a female. It is thoughts like this that cause so many transgendered people to feel like outsiders in this world because their minds are telling them one thing and their bodies are telling them another. Imagine going through life feeling as though you were trapped in the wrong body then have a bunch of people, who don’t even know you, criticize you for something that should be so happy and wonderful because they are uneducated and narrow minded. I realize that this may not get posted, but the one thing I hate in this world is intolerance due to ignorance. Thomas lives his life as a man. He is a man in every sense of the word and therefore should be given the respect of being called a man, not a woman.

ms. jaQ on

i agreee with Natalie S. and love his shirt in the picture.

rhonda on

I agree with the majority of the posters here…just because Thomas “looks like a man” “he” is still a “she” no matter how much “he” dresses “himself” up to look otherwise. With that being said, I agree with the poster who also said that Thomas is on his publicity ride in hopes to make more money out of this “Pregnant Man” bit. I mean come on. I am sure “he” isn’t the first preoperative transgendered woman to stop taking pills and get pregnant. The only difference is is that they didn’t try to make a publicity stunt out of it. Like my mother always says if it quacks like a duck…..

tracey on

This is an outrage and a kick in the stomach by HER fertility specialist (and in turn, the ART community), and the media. It mocks all the women who are desperate for a child of their own,and cant have one. Women who have done NOTHING to destroy their fertility and to help someone who has done everything in her power to NOT be a female, taking drugs to destroy that part of her- well, to work so hard to get HER pregnant after she so cavalierly tossed it all out the window is despicable. I am outraged and there are no words. You can’t have it both ways. If you want to be a man, then be a man. This person is not a MAN she’s female, no matter how many drugs and hormones she took to deny it.

Amanda on

I really have no problem with Mr Beatie wanting to be called a man or live life as a man. My one problem with this ‘story’ is that by reading the title (not just on this site, on any that have talked about this family) it sounds as if a biological man with male anatomy became pregnant, now THAT would be medically amazing. In reality, and I do respect that Mr Beatie is a man, but is isn’t surprising when someone with female reproductive organs becomes pregnant.

Amanda on

I would be more amazed at this if it was actually a man that was pregnant. Thomas is a woman who at some time will become a man, but until an actual MAN is pregnant this really isn’t news.

DLR on

wow, there’s a lot of negative comments about Thomas here. Is anyone from CBB checking these comments? Such comments tell me why Prop 8 passed in states like California, Arizona, and Florida. Society in the USA is still quite conservative. I am glad I live in Canada where I and the Canadian legal system have absolutely no problem calling Thomas a man who happens to have female reproductive organs and is pregnant with his second child. Thomas is a man. With or without a penis. Simple as that.

Bren on

Wow…like Barbara Walters said, I AM SPEECHLESS!!

A baby is always a miracle, so congrats to them!

Mandy I agree with you 100% on this: ‘will add though, with a hint of caution because I try not to judge, I feel they need to try and pull back from the media a little bit for the sake of their children if nothing else. Theirs is a strange situation and ignorant people can be extremely cruel and that would be hard on their children.’

Lauren on

I think I should expand on my earlier post. First, Mandy is absolutely right-sex and gender are not synonymous; the former is biologically determined, the latter socially so. Biologically speaking, there is no mistake-Thomas is a female. Socially speaking, Thomas supposedly is a male. I say supposedly for a reason.

When Thomas was on Oprah while pregnant with Susan, I made a point to tune in to gain some insight into the situation, which was seemingly miraculous and impossible. Instead, I found a ton of hype that had been made over a person with severe psychological issues relating to gender confusion due to trauma with his/her parents, specifically her mother’s death, and her father’s dominating presence. When Oprah asked Thomas why she never had her reproductive system removed, Thomas stuttered something along the lines of, “Just because I am a man doesn’t mean I have to give away my right to have children.”

Based on that interview, I am not convinced in the least that Thomas is confident in her sexual or gender identity. While most people who opt for a sex change are 100% confident in themselves and the fact that they have made the right choice by taking all measures to become the opposite sex, Thomas wants to play it both ways by being viewed by society as a man while maintaining the reproductive capacities of a woman. The fact that Thomas is so inconclusive regarding her own self-identity-and her willingness to make her situation so public-is what I and most others question more than anything. And all things considered, I think they are more than legitimate questions.

Kitty Smith on

Men do not give birth to children. Period, end of story.

Kami on

I feel bad for the children being born into such a confusing family.

*Lulu* on

I can’t believe everybody keeps asking “what is so interesting about this story?!”…
Look, everyone knows that Thomas is biologically female with a uterus and a vagina. And, you are all correct, there is nothing particularly fascinating about a biological female getting pregnant.
HOWEVER, in this case it is a biological female who identifies (personally and legally) as a man… a biological female with a beard and a deep voice and no breasts who appears male… It makes for a great news story. People are curious and want to know more.
In the face of infertility, lots of folks go to all kinds of extremes to have a child of their own (ivf, surrogacy, etc)and Thomas and his wife are no exception. Ultimately, I don’t think they are trying to make some kind of statement or upset anyone, they just want to fulfill the very human desire to have a child of their own. Who can fault them for that?
I wish them all the best with their new baby and Thomas’ 2nd pregnancy.

A. Wilson on

i’m not arguing with anyone’s opinion about this “man” business, but as far as i’m concerned, this is a woman so i do not understand why such grand attention is given to this. it’s odd to me how people can twist and misconstrue whatever they want at their whim. regardless, if pre-thomas didn’t want to be a woman, why keep the tools and keep birthing babies? is this a ploy? do we want a lifetime movie special or something. i’m from the day when you call a duck a darn duck. just because it may moo, doesn’t make it a cow…

and danielle, i respect you and your beautiful daughter greatly…but if she insisted on being called a boy, i doubt you would oblige that request

Rebecca on

It would seem like CBB staff is reading the comments because they are answering questions in posts. It seems like they just don’t care about hateful speech against Thomas Beatie.

He identifies as a man and the law recognizes him as a man, so that’s good enough for me.

Meeshell on

I agree with Lauren’s post whole heartedly.

Pogue Mahone on

What I’d REALLY like to see is a 100% male man giving birth! I bet they’d be begging to be knocked out at the first contraction!

Catherine on

What I Don’t Get Is,If She Wanted To Be A Man So Much,Why Did She Keep Her Female Organs,And Reproductive Organs?

Eliza on

It is now “narrow and close-minded” to call someone with a uterus a woman–I’m seriously concerned about the future of our world if that biological fact is in dispute.

People are free to do what they want, but none of us have a right to 100% approval of our actions or choices. This family sought out publicity and surely understand we all have a right to think what we want about the situation. It isn’t judgment or closed-mindedness or ignorance to state facts or form an opinion.

SH on

You’re calling people ignorant and uneducated because they don’t like the “pregnant man” label? Are you serious? While I, and many others, agree with you that Thomas can be CALLED whatever HE WANTS to be CALLED – that’s not really the issue. The issue here with most people is that he’s still a FEMALE getting pregnant and giving birth. I just find that funny that you’re calling that uneducated…

Crystal on

I know this wont get posted but I am going to state my voice anyway

Im sorry but I fine this extremely tasteless that CBB would actually post this up in the “celebrity” b.b.
Also this “man” isnt a man she is a woman who is giving birth like every other woman in this world.I find extremly sad that they would put their business out for all the world to see and what about these poor babies??They are going to grow up and be ridiculed because of these parents poor choices.I hope they have those children in mind and not money.

kris on

To me a negative comment would probably fall along the lines of someone saying he shouldn’t be carrying a child. Most of these comments are in regards to the sensationalizing of something that really isn’t all that “abnormal”. As I said before, he has the equipment therefore he can carry and deliver a child. When someone without the equipment delivers a baby give me a shout.

JM on

I’m in agreement with Rachel and Brooklyn. I think children are a blessing no matter what and I don’t think anyone disputes that. What I don’t get is why this is such a “newsworthy” story. Like most here have said, he wants to be a man but biologically lets face it he’s not. It’s a woman having a baby which is something that happens everyday. We don’t hear about woman everyday on the news having children because it’s natural for them to do so.

Nobody is going to tell me any different that they aren’t going public to protect the interest of their family but more about getting their 5 minutes of fame and the dollar that goes behind it all!! I could careless if he wants to pop 7 kids but I just don’t feel like this story is something that needs so much attention.

Beverley on

The argument that Thomas is a man so long as he identifies himself that way is wrong.

If I decide I want to be know as a size 6 instead of a 16, does that automatically make it so? No it doesn’t.

If I tell everyone that I am Asian but everyone who looks at me clearly sees I’m European, am I Asian just because I want to believe it. No it doesn’t.

I have no problem with someone feeling that they were born in the wrong body, but Thomas is still in the same body and has not surgically become a male, so he is still a woman.

Nicole on

Why are people in such an uproar over what to call Thomas Beattie? Yes, he was born female. Yes, he has female DNA. Yes, he still has the “working bits” of a woman. But why are people getting all up at arms over him being called “The Pregnant Man”? I mean, c’mon, was Elvis royalty? How come no one gets defensive when he’s referred to as “The King”? Calling Thomas Beattie “The Pregnant Man” is no more inaccurate. It’s just a catch-phrase that the media has chosen to stick him with. I highly doubt he coined the phrase himself.

Devon on

I never said that I took issue with people not liking the title, I have a real issue with the lack of respect many posters have for Thomas. He is a man, who is biologically female, but gender is male. All this “if SHE’S pregnant, SHE’S a woman” is crap. He’s not a woman! Many of the posters are ignorant to the fact that although he is biologically female, he is not a woman. It is a rare situation, and I am sure that many people have many different opinions, but the lack of respect for him (whatever their belief on his intentions in regards to the media) is completely wrong. And take issue with your implication that I am uneducated. As someone who has a background in sociology and psychology I can assure you that I am not.

Terri on


Tammy on

She is a woman of course she can have children..

Kerri on

Wow…definitely disappointed to see a lot of the comments here, but not exactly surprised.

I agree completely with gender and sex being different. And also agree with those that hated how the media hyped this before revealing the actual truth to the situation. There really isn’t anything shocking about the original story.

But really, some of the comments just seemed so disgusted. It’s sad.

Congrats to them.

J on

So Thomas wants to be a man but she’s keeping her female reproductive parts? Is she waiting until she has all of her kids before the rest of the surgeries?

Sarah P on

We’re all arguing definitions here. What constitutes a woman? In my vocabulary, it is generally someone who is biologically a woman (I think we’re all familiar with the parts). There is also an easily understood definition that a woman is someone who acts like a woman. It’s not a stretch to see that both definitions could apply to Thomas; Thomas was born biologically female; Thomas has chosen to use those female parts of Thomas’s anatomy to reproduce, something that is an exclusive act of the female, whether your human, or animal.

If you choose to accept that Thomas is a man, it’s because Thomas has said that Thomas feels like a man. I, personally, don’t find that a very convincing argument. It comes down to what we want to define things as; I, like many others, it seems, am frustrated by definitions that were hard and fast, becoming “loosy-goosy” depending on the personal feelings of those who are speaking/writing.

kim on

“It is now “narrow and close-minded” to call someone with a uterus a woman–I’m seriously concerned about the future of our world if that biological fact is in dispute.”

Eliza, there are women out there without a uterus due to cancer. They can still call themselves a women even though (biological fact) they live without one. A uterus alone doesn’t define the difference between woman and man. It is also the mind and rest of body that have something to do with it. If someone feels 100% man, but feels to have been born in a wrong body and goes through so much to ‘turn’ into a man, than he has every right to be addressed to as a man.

Ashley on

So over hearing about this “pregant man” non-sense. We all know there is nothing miraculous about this. It’s a woman who dresses like a man and took drugs to have facial hair. I am not saying these people are not good people and I hope they are happy and have no problem with what they are doing, but this label of pregnant man needs to stop, the only reason it is said is to draw attention to the story and it is not true.

Erica on

I wholeheartedly agree with Lauren’s post. Thomas Beatie is not a biological man, nor will she ever be, so the fact that this story is being reported on as so miraculous is kind of ridiculous. Perhaps Thomas does view herself as a man gender-wise and if she’s comfortable with that then more power, but this issue is totally separate from the fact that Thomas is in fact a woman biologically and no amount of surgeries will change that.

Let me know when someone who was born a biological male has given birth and then we’ve really got a story.

joanne on

ok one kid is enough but two kids?????? from one guy??????
wow im surpised just as any of you other people out there!

Chantal on

I mean, I am all for lesbian & gay couples being able to adopt, I think it’s okay & if the adoption agencies allow it, then that’s fine by me. Same w/ some of those couples who choose IVF so they can carry their own child (Melissa Ethridge’s wife) that’s fine too, who am I to judge for a woman to want to experience child birth & all that.

But if you always thought that something was wrong like this MAN who was on Oprah… and did everything to become a man, hormones, had your breasts removed, the whole nine, the only thing he/she didn’t do was have the ovaries removed (obviously), and again, he’s always felt like a man, why are you wanting to carry a child? Men don’t carry children? Is this one of those circus freaks or something? a publicity stunt? a money scam? I don’t understand this whole thing. Either you are a man or a woman. Which are you? I shouldn’t judge people but at the same time, this is so unnatural & not right. It’s stuff like this that makes our society a freak show. What’s next? Seriously…. if this is NORMAL for society today, what is next? Why can’t his/her WIFE (the actual woman, the one living as a female/wife/woman) carry the child? What’s the problem w/ her? Is she unable too? If she is unable too, why can’t they adopt & use this he/she’s eggs? OMG… why am I even having this debate w/ myself?
I may sound close-minded and all, I may sound “square” but this is NOT normal, this is ABNORMAL. This has to be a money scam of some sort. I am not God, I am not one to sit here & judge people, but as a mother myself, no one is going to be able to justify this to me on any level. It makes no logical sense. It’s a freak show.

Anais on

If you live as a man, then in my book (and millions of other peoples’ books) you’re a man. He may still scientifically be a woman, but for all intents and purposes, he and his family recognise him as a man. I wish people would just drop the hang-ups and accept this.

Liv on

I agree anais. He is a man. End of story.

sgtmian on

i don’t see why he should have to have a hysterectomy for people to see him as a man.

the truth is, it is way more complicated to become a man than it is to become a woman. there’s nothing there to build a penis with. there are a number of things that could go wrong with a hysterectomy, like infections, damage to the bowels, and you have symptoms of early menopause. i completely understand why he wouldn’t want to go through with that, if he feels comfortable the way he is. and why shouldn’t he take advantage of the fact that he still has a functioning uterus?

blame “the pregnant man” term on the media, i seriously doubt he had anything to do with that. it’s still impressive that he managed to get pregnant after being on t.

some of you don’t see him as a man, you know, whatever, that’s your issue. but show the man some respect and stop calling him a she, when that’s not what he identifies as. that’s just rude.

Chana on

I think it is immensely disrespectful to refer to Thomas as “she” or “her” when he wants to be recognized as a man. He is legally a man – in the eyes of the COURT and the LAW he is a man, so therefore, HE IS A MAN.

Some kids are born without limbs. Some kids are born with allergies. Thomas was born a man in a woman’s body.

And I agree that “the pregnant man” term was coined by the media.

Congratulations to Thomas and his family.

Artemis on

What kind of a man has a vagina?
If he wants to be recognized as a man, I can give him that. But there’s no miracle in his pregnancy for sure, cause he’s a WOMAN who wants to be a man.
I have to agree with everyone else, as long as it comes to pregnancy, he’s still a woman.

Krystal on

Did anyone perhaps think that maybe the media is seeking him and not the other way around? Thomas more than likely made another announcement so the media won’t constantly hound him and his family. Oregon recognizes Thomas as man because he has taken all the steps to legally become a man. The reason Thomas has not had surgery to make him more of a ‘man’ none of anyone’s business. Nor is it anyone’s business to judge him for choosing to carry a child once and again so quickly following the first one. I am disappointed to read all of the negative comments on here that judge him, dismiss who he is, and disrespect him by calling him a she.

nosoupforyou on

People who get pregnant and deliver said baby through a vagina are women.

I ought to know.

Mother of two sons.

J to tha da on

Like a lot of the previous posters have already said, gender i.e. man/woman is social, sex i.e. XX vs XY is biological. Thomas is a man because he gender identifies as such. If gender were something as clear cut as chromosomes and genitals, what is to be said of intersexed individuals?

Molly on

I dont think that having or not having uterus determines if the person is a man or woman. My best friend had cancer, she had her uterus and ovaries removed. Does it make her a man now?

Bottom line: he wants to be called man, has legal papers for it, so for me, he is a man and I congratulate him.

JM on

Beverley, nicely put.

If “Thomas” wants to be a man that’s great! But then he shouldn’t be having a baby cause men don’t have them. Why can’t he just stick to being what he wants to be instead of trying to be both?!

I am sure baby Susan and the one on the way will have lots of love but I certainly wouldn’t want to have to be the parents of that child as it grows up and deals with the ridicule of the harsh world. All the love in the world can’t protect you from everything.

Sarita on

Thisis not a pregnant man, it’s a pregnant woman. And that is very normal, women get pregnant every day, all over the world.

mp on

What concerns me is getting pregnant so soon after Susan’s birth. I can’t believe their doctor participated in this — it seems irresponsible. It’s not like Thomas can get pregnant without medical intervention.

chantal on

What’s so interesting about this story is that there is this person, who was born female, said they were a female trapped in a man’s body, changed everything minus the female reproduction (obviously), has a wife, living as man w/ his wife, and has had a child. I am sorry but there is something more than odd about this. This is not just about being narrow minded or thinking that people have rights, cause obviously they do & he/she has done just that. It’s how people are confused, as I am, in that this man wants to live as a man yet is choosing to reproduce & carry a child. It’s abnormal & you start to question whether this is a publicity issue on their end or if this is legit. I don’t know. Perhaps I am narrow minded, I don’t have an issue with same sex marriage or same sex marriage adoptions, but this story, it’s just odd, maybe it’s because it’s the first story we’ve heard of? Maybe I have to get used to the idea? Maybe we need more people like Thomas Beatie? I don’t know. Right now, I am not sure the world is ready for this all. I know I personally am not ready for it all. I know I am not ready to explain this to my 11, 8, 2 & 1 year old. How do you explain this? Regular “birds/bees” discussions are difficult enough, but this one is so off course it’s one that I can’t even begin to identify w/ or think of how a child could comprehend.

Bugs on

Has anyone asked this person straightforward why he/she is saying he’s a man, when he’s got female reproductive organs?!!!

It’s really sad to me, how this person is making money out of something so false and trying to fool the world, thinking he’s actually a man giving birth.

Blue on

Why is this news? I know women who naturally have more facial hair than Thomas who gave birth to more than 2 children. No one ever called them “The Pregnant Man!”

Krystal D. on

JM they live in Eugene, Oregon which is a very accepting place. Eugene is a very diverse university city. I think their children will be in classes with all sorts of different family make-ups. I can’t think of a better place for them to raise their children. Oregon in general is a very accepting state (first trans-gendered mayor was elected in Oregon last week). I live in Oregon and I am certainly proud of how people are seen as people here, no matter if they don’t fit the bill of what others consider ‘normal’

melissa on

well i have to say this is most certainly a woman having a baby..nothing news worthy here, however it sounds to me like her 15 minutes of fame had run out and she needed another 15 minutes… i find this pathetic.. i hope the baby is born healthy but what a world that child is coming into..

Bates Electric on

That is crazy

Kim W. on

I really don’t see why they keep calling her a man. It’s only to get headlines and to make news.

It’s getting ridiculous

Gianna on

I’m shocked that so many people are calling her a male. A simple DNA test would prove that she is a female. I feel so sorry for those kids.. a mother pretending to be a father, the father will not be in the picture and a woman pretending to be their mother. Why would someone do that to innocent children?

MommyX2 on

mp, I never even thought about that, and you are so right. What kind of doctor would agree to getting someone pregnant again a month after giving birth? That is definately irresponsible.

Sarah on

Looking at these comments, it’s easy to see why transgendered people have such a high suicide rate. I’m extremely saddened by all the narrow-mindedness, rudeness, and just plain transphobia from people here.

Molly on

Sarah, i totally agree with you, i wanted to post something like you did. It’s because of half of you, people, who are leaving comments like this, that minorities in the U.S. are still suffering from public unacceptance, arrogance and ignorance.

thekate on

I’m less interested in the “Pregnant Man” and more interested in the comments here. Frankly, after reading all of the comments I am finding that nobody is being rude or narrow-minded. People are just stating opinions. I didn’t come across one post with negative opinions about Thomas having a family. I think that’s the important part. Maybe the people who have problems with the ignorance of others are actually the “narrow-minded” ones. Last I checked, we are still allowed the free exchange of ideas.

Delany's mom on

you know this is silly we are fighting over if this is a man or women (or what defines it) we have been taught from a child what a female and male is and that is how it should be come on this is crazy whether they want to be called a man or not THIS IS A WOMAN period.

Debbiels1979 on

I just wish that this would stop being treated as news. This is another woman having a baby – NOT a man having a baby. I think it would be better for all if this was not considered as news. Frankly, I do not like having to answer the kids when they ask “How can a man have a baby?”

SewCalMom on

The sensationalism is so annoying! “Pregnant Man.” I have no issues with their choices, except the media mania calling Thomas a pregnant ‘man,’ when Thomas wasn’t born a man. Even call himself a man, whatever, but it’s just lame media hype. You know most people, as did I, are expecting a born-male to be pregnant when you read that.

Loren on

I agree with Lauren.
I have personally never met a man who wanted to be pregnant gay or straight. Men who are women trapped in mens bodies
can’t have babies. I think its the having it both ways “he’s a man but he has a vagina” that is difficult for those of us who are not well versed in the sex and gender explanations given.

SMC on

Congrats to the family, and I agree with the previous poster that I have yet to see any narrow minded or negative comments on this board. Just because people have differing opinions on what constitutes a man being a man, or a woman being a woman, does not mean that one or the other is narrow-minded. It’s a very unique situation, and there is no right or wrong opinion.

The only thing I have to say about this situation is that I wish Thomas and his partner weren’t publicizing this as much as they are, out of respect for their children. As far as I’m concerned, they’re just another couple in love who want to have a family. But many other people in this nation do not see it that way, and yes, people can be cruel. I don’t think their children deserve to be subjected to the entire country’s criticism. Just let the situation be, and get outta the spotlight.

Margot on

They’re going to have their hands full with two kids a year apart in age…

Please remember, people, that the ONLY reason that Thomas is the one carrying the babies is because his wife does not have a uterus due to a hysterectomy, and is therefore physically unable to do it herself. Why shouldn’t he, under those circumstances? Live and let live. Who cares if he used to be a she and still has the girly-bits? The point is that little Susan and the new baby will grow up with two loving parents, which is a lot more than some kids get, believe me. Isn’t it better to have a somewhat gender-ambiguous father who gave birth to you than to be abused, maltreated and neglected?

jlove on

I wish them the best but honesty..It’s a women with facial hair. I’m not trying to be mean but there are “pregnant man” magazine covers and I haven’t seen a pregnant man.I’m an open mimded person and have NOTHING againt this beautiful family. It’s like a magazine saying “women” impregnats girlfriend but “woman” still has male organ.

Jane on

So if I self-identify as a giraffe that makes me a giraffe because that’s my personal choice?

She may take all the hormones she wants, but you can’t change DNA. I don’t care what the “law” says. Those are mankind-made. Upon her conception, this person was and still is a female. Thus, I don’t understand why Barbara Wawa and the media is all over this. It seems to me that she is trying to extend their 15 minutes. Here’s hoping People and ABC pays them enough $ to cover the therapy their kids may need in the future.

phoebe on

Let’s be clear here, no one is hating on transgendered people, there is nothing of that here. It is simply that this story is NOT about a man getting pregnant, it’s about a woman getting pregnant. Biologically speaking, that’s all it is. THAT is what people are taking issue with. I recognise Thomas as a man, because that’s what Thomas says he feels he is. I have zero problem with that at all. I understand why this is newsworthy, mainly because it’s been sensationalised and hyped as much as possible. But this really has become a debate about biological and mental definitions of gender and sex. Thomas has not completed his transition yet, so biologically, he is still a woman, that’s not something we can dispute at all and this is the reason he is able to carry a baby and give birth, but mentally, socially, spiritually (whatever you consider) he is a man. I find it difficult to understand why people can not see this difference. The point is, any woman giving birth can feel a certain way about themselves, but this doesn’t change what they are biologically. When Thomas has completed his transition, I will be happy to acknowledge him as a female in EVERY way, and I think most people would agree with me.

This isn’t a hate issue at all, this is a bunch of very logical people who are saying ‘you know what, we’re happy for Thomas and his wife, and we are happy for him that he has the courage to live his life the way he knows is best for him, but while he is able to concieve and carry and give birth like a woman, this is what we regard him as biologically’.

This is a very female way of having a child. There is nothing male about the way he is doing it and that’s at the root of this debate. So I’ll echo what others have said:

Congratulations to the family, but when a BIOLOGICAL male gives birth, drop me a line.

Dounia on

Congratulations on the conception of the couple’s second child but we should get one thing straight Thomas Beatie is a woman, that delivered Susan via vaginal birth. Last time I checked my husband did not have a vagina.
Posted by: Ashley at Nov 13, 2008 11:59:09 AM

ROFLMAO, that was so funny 😀

emma on

I’m sorry but I have to wonder just whether Thomas does want to be a man 100% or not. It is a standard part of the gender reassignment process for a person to live as a member of the opposite sex fully for a period of time (2 years in the UK – not sure about US) before having the final surgery to complete the change. How can Thomas be living fully as a man when he is giving birth to babies? I have no problem with the fact that he is having babies or that he wishes to call himself male – but I do wonder if he should be changing gender at all. After all, how many men do you know who would give birth to a baby if they could?

Michelle on

I am sorry but “he” has chosen to live life as a man, therefore “he” should not be getting pregnant and giving birth. “He” wants to be accepted as a man but chooses to get pregnant, twice!!

My 6 year old son was extremely confused when this appeared on the news and now believes that men can have babies because he saw this person who appears to be a man pregnant with a child.

I have no problem with people who are transgender but choose a gender and abide by that gender because you cant decide to be a man but want to have a child and give birth.

To go public everytime they get pregnant is just their way of trying to extend their 15 minutes of fame. I find this shameful and is hardly news, women give birth every day and this is just another woman giving birth, they just choose to appear to look like a man!

Danielle Campos on

OK everyone, I want to be an elephant… there for I am and now we need to publicly announce how an elephant has delivered 4 human beings… not only that, but as an elephant, I was only pregnant for 9 months, simular to a female human, instead of the 3 yrs… give me a break, SHE is a woman having babies… My grandmother had facial hair not because she had male hormones but because she was Italian! These POOR kids that will be raised with confusing parents, love or not… kids are crule! What happens when they go to school and these “parents” are picking them up or at confrences… OMG! I thought being raised by Lesbians was hard enough in the 80’s! Time doesn’t change that much! Hopefully these kids mother will shave and become the mother to these kids, like she is.

Dawn on

I totally agree with most of you on here…Thomas is a woman. This WOMAN is just out for publicity. You can’t have it both ways if you choose to do the only thing that a woman can do that a man cannot…carry a child…then you are a WOMAN. You are just a woman with a beard until you finish your surgery and start living as if you were a man.

Julie on

Gender is such a fluid concept… What business is it of ours how another family’s dynamics are defined? Each family being is unique, wonderful and special. I doubt they are announcing this for money or publicity. Rather that they, like all families, just want acceptance.

It’s awesome that they are expanding their family!

Jasmine on

I think “Thomas” is really Thomasina! How can a woman be considered a man IF she has a monthly period, gets pregnant, and delivers a healthy and normal baby? So, I think Thomas is really a lesbian. By the way, who is the father? Did he or she get pregnant the old fashion way?

shan on

how wonderful for them, their daughter is adorable

Alicia on

As a close friend of someone who went throught the extensive process of sex change and being by their side every step of the way, I can tell you by definition, Thomas is not a man.
You must live completely as your desired gender for up to two years before doctors complete the process.
I’m certain that childbirth is not part of the male process.
What bothers me is the CONSTANT publicity this couple hunts down. They mentioned on OPRAH they were shopping a book around and the light went off!!! Publicity, plain and simple.

Risa on

I think the main point people are trying to get at with their posts is that this is not a “medical marvel” since Thomas was born a female with female anatomy. It’s not a question of whether he considers himself a man, or is a man. He says he is, and that’s good enough for me. It’s the question that he was born with the ability to have children naturally – which is nothing new, or scientifically of note.

Congrats to him and his wife. Best of luck with two little ones so close in age!

SH on

They were on Barbara Walters last night…if there’s still people wondering what Dr. would approve of him getting pregnant again so soon after the birth of Susan…they’re not being inseminated by a Dr. – Thomas’s partner is doing it with sperm off the internet. Brave!

lexi on

i guess he REALLY didn’t have to get all this media attention. if i was in his position, i wouldn’t. IF i was in their position I’d either not really tell the media (or anyone) because i big stomach could just mean weight gain. lots of guys get beer bellies-he could just be another. i also would have gotten a surrogate mother. that means, you can still have your child and not deal with the stress of being a pregnant man. i have no problems with thomas beatie and his wife. just i don’t think they had to do what they did, for a kid. being a transgendered man gets enough people upset. being a pregnant man will too. they had alternatives ( EVEN ADOPTION! WHERE THEY COULD HELP THE UNFORTUNATE!!!) and if i was in there position, i would have taken it.

Kelley on

I am confused why someone who identifies as a man would even want to be pregnant. Most FTM transexuals feel repulsed by their female organs, and being pregnant is ALL about them, it’s like the most female thing you can do. Not judging, just wondering…

Nicole on

I agree with Devon. I also understand why a lot of you say, if he’s got a uterus, he’s a woman. However, a lot of you have also not done the research to know about transgender people, and the reality of what they face. He is a man, legally. No he does not have a penis. He is giving his family the gift of life because he can, and because his wife cannot. You should all really do the research on gender identity disorder. these people, many of them, for as long as they can remember, have always felt they were born in the WRONG body. Its a very sensitive issue, that if you were in the same situation, would want others to be understanding as well. So lets all try to be a bit more open minded. The media has labeled him the “pregnant man.” He is just living his life the way he sees fit for his family. You do the same as well. So we should all have a little more respect for each other.

Jessica Hartley on

I have just watched a documentary on the birth of Thomas and Nancy’s first child and was appalled at the amount of abuse they suffered. It is obvious that their daughter is very much wanted and loved as they put up with all sorts of terrible statements. I wish them all the luck in the world with their 2nd child and am sure he/she will be every bit as gorgeous as their daughter is.

Laura Freeborn on

Well Hi to you both and big congratulations on your beautiful baby girl,I must admit I first read about this in one of our gutter press with pictures and was quite shocked until I read the circumstances and watched your documentary which was shown in england on 12/11/2008
and I must say I admire you for your strong and happy relationship and also tollerance of the paparazzi (there needs to be restraints on this lot ! ) and as for the bible bashers, they are just hippocrites and i’d like to see what goes on in their house behind closed doors,i bet it’s a lot worse,as jesus said ” peace on earth to all men” and anyway why are they so bothered, it doesnt affect their lives so it’s none of their business my 13 year old daughter lex has also watched the documentary and has the same view as me (i’m glad i have brought her up so kind and liberal) and she has said if you ever need a babysitter we would be more than happy to help (yes i know the distance) but just to make a point)I think oprah understood what prejudice you have gone through I mean I think her and her family have gone through enough to last a life time (remember “the colour purple” we wish you Love and happiness in your life and hope that you are left in peace(as the bible says) to be happy with your lot

Love and best wishes

Laura and Lex

TK on

Congratulations to them both – just watched a doc on these guys and think they’re a great family… what does it matter more than that? I wish them both all the best for the future, I’m sure it’ll be a great one for them and their kids.