School's Out for Moses Martin!

11/13/2008 at 04:30 PM ET

What’s wrong Moses? The 2 ½-year-old crinkled his nose as mom Gwyneth Paltrow picked him up from school on Wednesday afternoon in London.

Gwyneth, 36, and husband Chris Martin of Coldplay are also parents to daughter Apple, 4.

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Brandi on

Aw its okay Moses!

Jane on

Is school the new word for “daycare”? It seems as if the term daycare is not used that much. Whenever I read “school”- I think at least preschool age (beginning at age 3 or so)…
is the distinction about the amount of time spent at the place? If just part-time- school? Full time would seem to be daycare.

Claudine on

She always looks so put together and fashionable, even picking up her kids from school. It makes me try a little harder, especially when I just want to stay in yoga pants all day!

Ria on

First glance at Gwyneth, I thought it was Heidi Klum.

Maz on

nursery school i think is the term than daycare

Mary on


Molly on

School is just a general term for all kind of education institutions. Im in the University and I just call it school too

ashley on

Wow another celebrity baby boy that needs a haircut!

Dana on

My husband and I both work full-time. Our youngest is almost 5 and attends day care throughout the day. From 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, they are in session for preschool (and other kids come just for those hours). We always say she is going to school. It makes her feel important like her big sister. She even comes home and sits down to do her “homework” when her sister does hers. And they really do learn things at her “school”– basic addition, beginning reading, sign language, Spanish, citizenship. They have a curricula that is even mandated by the state.

Hope this helps!

brannon on

It depends. My son is 2 1/2 and attends pre-school from 9-12 each morning. It’s educationally based and taught by fully certified teachers only. You should see science class – little lab coats and everything. Adorable.

gwenyth looks amazing lately!

Sydney on

I live in central London and I’ve only ever heard it called nursery before starting school when they are 4-5.

lele on

there are a lot of church nursery and preschools in our area and it seems that before three they call it nursery school and after 3 – 5 before kindergarten preschool. i tend to agree that before 4 it is more daycare than school… the other term commonly used in our city is playgroup for 2-3 year olds. i think most moms want to fee like their child is in school like learning environment so they call it school…

jenny on

Are any of the other messy ponytail wearing moms out there tempted to cut their hair into a stylish bob or is it just me? Love, love, lover her hair.

Lilly on

Maybe he’s annoyed by the paparazzi or the sun in his face?

Gwyneth looks lovely. More often than not, she pulls off a great, fashionable look.

Brandi on

Dana and Brannon I love your stories, too cute!

brodie on

i feel so bad, i thought he was a girl when i first looked

Ruthella on

I’ve noticed the term ‘school’ being used for under 3s more and more recently in the UK, often by celebs!

It’s actually called Pre-School from 3 until proper school in my area, and nursery or daycare before that. I suppose because a few Pre-Schools have a uniform or are affiliated with a school, parents tend to call them school but I’ve always gone with ‘Playschool’.

Maybe it’s just me but the idea of a 2 year old going to school is ridiculous to me! I like my babies to be babies for as long as possible.

Caroline on

Let’s not judge. For all we know, Moses’ “school” is a one-hour playgroup. I think it’s great for kids of all ages to interact with other kids of the same age so good for them.

Mary on

He’s cute, but i think its time to snip snip!!

sharon on

yeh i think he is adorable and everything but i agree that he does need a haircut maybe?

keller on

BOth of her kids are not cute. Her daughter has odd eyes. You know, like they are not looking at you…Her son is odd looking too.