Angelina Plans to 'Fade Away' From Movies and Concentrate on Family

11/13/2008 at 03:00 PM ET
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In a recent red carpet appearance for her new movie Changeling, after a five month hiatus from the public eye, Angelina Jolie and her partner Brad Pitt had their minds on six special people: their children Maddox Chivan, 7, Pax Thien, 5 this month, Zahara Marley, 3 ½, Shiloh Nouvel, 2, and fraternal twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, 4 months. While "it’s fun to dress up and be adults," Angelina finds comfort in knowing that the celebrity scene is only a "little blip" in their lives. "We were both whispering, ‘We’ll be home soon. We’ll be home soon,’" shares Angelina.

Discussing her celebrity image, Angelina feels that the public sees what they choose to believe. She realizes that her reality of changing diapers and caring for her children has a far less glamorous appeal than an ostentatious Hollywood lifestyle. "They don’t necessarily want to know" about our journeys through parenthood, explains Angelina, who says she and Brad are "very rarely asked about how we balance our children or our favorite bedtime stories." From diapers to toddlerhood to staying home with the kids, the 33-year-old says they are "all that stuff we love" and that all of those mundane things make up "the world we live in."

"They like to make things a little fantastic. People like to imagine that, I guess, in some way…But I like to think that people can see through that and I think that there are a lot of people out there — for example mothers — that can see through a lot of stuff and can know that we’re similar in many ways."

With six children, all under the age of eight, Angelina is not oblivious to the fact that her responsibilities in life have shifted from a successful career to becoming a full-time mom — a lifestyle that the actress is prepared to fully embrace. "I have a lot of children and I have a big responsibility to make sure they’re growing right," explains Angelina, who wants her family to know that "they’ve got [Brad and I] there for" them. Not forgetting her commitments as a UN ambassador, Angelina is prepared to incorporate the two worlds of raising awareness for causes close to her heart with the goal of raising her children to be "people of conscious and global citizens of the world." With that in mind, Angelina plans to "become active" as she exposes her children to foreign lands. "I want them to see all different countries. I want to learn with them about the world and certainly, wherever I can, shine light on situations I think are important," says Angelina.

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After reportedly receiving the highest paid offer to ever be presented to a couple for a newborn photo shoot, Angelina and Brad agreed to introduce their twins in a spread for PEOPLE magazine in order to maintain control of the bigger issue at hand. With the world stopping at no cost to snap the first shots of the babies — including "people breaking into our property or into the hospital" — Angelina was determined to avoid giving into the countless paparazzi who were more than willing to get "into our children’s faces or [drill] a hole through the ceiling of our hospital room, something ridiculous and horrible" all driven by the motivation of money.

"Either we’re going to have these type of people make that kind of money off our children or we’re going to say that there’s something really wrong with that so what can we do about it. Then we find a real positive…something we can make positive and do something where in turn it does some good and makes us feel okay about it all. So it’s really that instead of…it’s a response to this other thing that we have to counter."

Making a gradual change that leads her farther away from the industry, Angelina hopes that her movie roles will eventually be far more sporadic as she enjoys "being home a lot these days." As new faces grace magazine covers and seek fame in Hollywood, Angelina is at peace with the fact that her time in the spotlight will not be forever. Instead, the actress is ready to "do a few things now" and eventually "fade away" as she looks forward to being "a grandma one day."

Source: BBC

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JEN on

I love this family. I have the utmost respect for both Angie & Brad. I don’t listen to any negative that is written or said about them, present or past. They are making a positive difference in the world. God bless the Jolie-Pitt family.

Mary on

Wow. The kids are cute… but she annoys me, they should really get married. Children should come after marriage.

Nicole on

I have never, ever blamed them for “selling” their pictures for several reasons, the biggest being what everyone saw when she was in the hospital awaiting the twins’ births. What other celerity couple has to deal with photographers camping outside their HOSPITAL for days? Trying to take pictures through the windows? Trying to sneak in? The level of insanity surrounding them is just that – insanity. Not to mention, I’ve watched videos of the paps who follow the JPs – and they are rarely ever calm and polite. There is ALWAYS an entire pack, and they are always loud, noisy, and calling the kids’ names. The only thing that comes even close is some of the videos I’ve seen of Tom and Katie.

They even rent a huge villa in France, and what do they get? Paparazzi climbing trees and hiding in the forests to get pictures. I don’t blame them for wanting SOME semblance of control over who takes their children’s images.

alero on

Angelina always has the right priorities in her life. She never took Hollywood or fame to seriously.

brooke on

Wouldn’t mind seeing her fade away from movies. She has a lot of kids, so yea go focus on the family, it’s gonna get harder and harder the older they get and the more kids they have.

Brandi on

She’s been saying that for three years it seems…

Anais on

I couldn’t love these two more than I do. I have been a huge fan of Angie’s for the past ten years, and as a fan I am so proud of the family she has now. She seems like a super mom, and I can’t gush about how happy I am that she’s adopted three kids (so far).

jane on

Brandi, she has been scaling back. She’s been taking more supporting roles in her movies rather than being the lead. All she did for Kung Fu Panda was voice work and only worked on Beowulf for three days. The last movie she did was filmed back in Novemeber 2007 (Changeling). She hasn’t worked at all this year except for doing a few days of promotional work. She said she was going to take a year off and she did.

Sa on

She has not been saying that for three years.

After they adopted Pax she said she would do Wanted then take three months off then do Changeling and then take a year off, which is exactly what she did.

She isn’t saying that she will quit all together but that she will only do movies when they are really special and will probably only do a movie every couple of years

sadie on

I agree, Brandi. She’s said it before and I just don’t buy it. Nor do I buy the fact she’s a “normal” mother changing diapers and running around after six kids all day – if she was, she wouldn’t resent getting glammed up for the night, or be so desperate to get home during her one night off on the red carpet! Every mother needs a bit of time to herself, and this is just another one of those comments where she positions herself as supermum who does no wrong (of course, they never get fed up or frustrated with their kids like the rest of us). As much as I’d like to believe a human being could be this perfect a lot of her comments regarding how hands-on and devoted she is sound a bit far-fetched to me.
And please, before all the Angelina-can-do-no-wrong posters start shooting my comments down, I’d like to remind them this is MY opinion. I obviously don’t know Angelina, as you don’t, and there’s a lot about her that I admire… but sorry, I don’t buy that anyone is as perfect as she makes herself out to be in a lot of her interviews. (You’re not going to hear her admit she was whispering to herself “I’ll be home soon” when she was in Afghanistan, for example… nope, that wouldn’t be in line with the saintly image). I mean, pu-lease! Wanting to “fade away” while she “looks forward to being a Grandma” – ha! – I’ll believe that when I see it.

Mary on

Well I think the kids are cute, but I really do think they should get married- they say they celebrate Christmas and Easter and other Christian holidays… but they act very far from Christian. The kids probably don’t know what Church is- I think it’s sad.

Mary on

I think it has taken a bit longer to scale back as she probably was already signed up for films before she met Brad and had Shiloh. Like others have said, she is doing exactly what she said she would do. She said she would take a year off after finishing her film. If she does not work again until February, she is even beyond that year. Adding that doing press for films is not “working” per se.

In one of her interviews, she said that she,Brad and the family discussed her not working at all, but decided that she should scale back, which makes sense. I think again that having twins may have changed her willingness to work more.

I agree with her decision as it seems to be based on what is best for her and her family. Others may want to do it differently, but this is best for them.

Di on

I can’t respect anyone who sells pictures of their children to the highest bidder. If Angelina and Brad were not so open about their private lives, maybe the paps would leave them alone. Putting a picture of you breast feeding one of your children on an international magazine tells me that this family cares nothing about privacy but dollar signs only.

Secondly I think the media and the public give Angelian too much credit for her humanitarian work. She goes to Afghanistan for what, 2 days, then she flies back to the States or to Europe on her private jet en route to her mansion and what has she has accomplished while there, nothing. I have no problem heaping praise on the UN workers whose names we will never know but who put their lives on the line every day and who have made public service a career not simply a hobby they pick up when not making movies for 15 million.

Mia on

I hope she does retire. 6 kids is alot of work and they seem to want even more.

Mia on

I think it works for them. Both her, and Brad have well-established careers. They can afford both personally and financially-to take time off working, and really focus on family.

Especially the past few years, they haven’t really been into the whole Hollywood thing. Also, I think right now because all the kids are so young she wants to be right there in the moment, but once they’re older and doing their own thing, she’ll have creative energy and an urge to start working again, and doing other projects.

Lisa R on


*sigh* on

She did not use the word retire. Please don’t twist her words.

She said fade away and maybe do one movie per year and then eventually do a movie every three years. Here’s a quote from the same interview: “I don’t think I’ll ever say I’m never, ever gonna work because maybe there’s that interesting project where I feel creative.”

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- ITA! And before anyone says anything, I know she said right after Pax’s adoption that she’d stay at home and help him adjust, only to jet off to Prague to film Wanted a month or so later.

However, keep in mind that she gave the interview in Vietnam, in English. Then it was translated to Vietnamese for the Vietnamese media outlets. And THEN it was translated BACK into English for the American media. Therefore, it’s very likely that something literally got lost in translation.

CelebBabyLover on

I forgot to mention that, when Angie talked about the paps drilling a hole through the ceiling of her hospital room, I sincerely hope she meant that figuratively, not literally!

In either case, how awful for them to know that the paps were more than willing to actually break into their hopsital room. I know that celebs choose to be in the spotlight and the paps come with the territory…But wanting and/or trying to break into someone’s hopsital room just to get the “first photos” of their newborns is defininetly crossing the line!

After hearing Angie’s comments, I’m actually glad they didn’t have the twins here in the U.S. The media frenzy likely would have been ten times worse, and someone could have literally gotten hurt.

J on

Brandi, I hear ya. She’ll be back with a gun toting action flick in no time. 😉

Mandy on

I don’t know if you were being sarcastic J but actually, you’re right. Her next film and the only one she’s signed on for this year shoots in February and is about the CIA. So you were right, even if that wasn’t the intention you had with your comment.

I’ve always thought that photoshoots with the children were reactive rather than proactive. This confirms it. The crap they have to put up with is unbelievable and it boggles the mind. I watched the interview on the BBC, CelebBabyLover, and the story about paparazzi drilling (or trying to) into the hospital ceiling was something Angelina said “they’d had”. I’d like to see how comfortable us normal people would be with people breaking into our property and drilling holes in the ceiling of our hospital room just to get a look at out babies.

lulu on

I think she should cut back and take some time away. I am getting a bit tired of listening to her wax off about her kids, motherhood etc etc. I’m happy that she’s happy but come on, enough is enough. Being a grandma one day…Angie, you just had twins and all of your kids are under the age of like 8 or something and you are still considering adding to your family. Can you relax with these grand statements already and just take a time out.

ang on

angelina fade away? a nice thought maybe to spend more time at home but just because she’s not working as much doesn’t mean she won’t be seen. Australia’s OK! mag has her pic filling the cover this week.she may not be around as much, but she will still be seen by us.she is not going anywhere.

Laura on

It’s “Brad and me”, not “Brad and I”