Amy Brenneman on Managing Meltdowns

11/13/2008 at 01:00 PM ET
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Celebrity moms are vulnerable to the pitfalls toddler life, just like everyone else. That much was clear during a humorous appearance by Amy Brenneman on the Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday night, during which the 44-year-old Private Practice actress dished on life with Bodhi Russell, 3. Calling her son "self-sufficient" and "a pretty solid guy," Bodhi nonetheless "falls apart" on Amy regularly, she said — a phenomenon which began around his second birthday. "I think he’s a candidate for therapy," she joked. "Because in the middle of a meltdown, he’ll look up and ask ‘What is happening?’"

"And I’ll say to him, ‘Honey, are you tired?’ Are you this, are you that…and then I think, what am I, a therapist? I guess I am."

Sometimes Bodhi’s tantrums are justified, if not a bit overblown! Amy said that during one recent morning, she was running late while trying to get her 7 ½-year-old daughter Charlotte Tucker to school. As the threesome made their way up a large hill, Bodhi went into meltdown mode. "He was crying and falling apart and all the teachers and parents were looking at me ascant, because I was like [yelling], ‘Get up Bodhi! Get up! We have to get to class!’" she recalled. Once Charlotte was settled in at school, mom and son made their way back down the hill and Amy asked a now-calm Bodhi what went wrong. 

"He looked up at me and said, ‘Right here?’ And I said yes. And he said, ‘I had a woodchip in my sock.’ And I thought, ‘That was a perfectly valid reason! Why did you have to play out the 3-year-old thing?’"

When asked by host David Letterman if gender stereotypes have held true in her home, Amy answered yes — to a point. While Charlotte "picked up a doll at 9-months-old and hasn’t really put it down" and Bodhi enjoys playing with trucks, Amy said that her son "isn’t above putting on the occasional Cinderella dress," either. "Ah, now we’re talking about therapy," joked David.

Bodhi and Charlotte are Amy’s children with husband Brad Silberling.

Source: Late Show with David Letterman

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Brandi on

LOL, I can so relate! What great stories.

Mary on

I hate how celebs always act like they are the greatest parents- when nannies are raising their children! I’m not saying she is a bad mother- but she isn’t amazing!! Many people live lives just like her with no nannies and nobody is praising them. But I don’t get why celebs need so many nannies! I can see one as a babysitter- but Angelina supposedly has like 6 or 7, thats ridiculous. But maybe she doesn’t even have a nanny so I shouldn’t be judging her! By the way- her son is VERY cute!

Mary on

Good Stories!!