Mayim Bialik Welcomes Second Son, Frederick Heschel

11/11/2008 at 08:00 PM ET
Adrian Varnedoe/Pacific Coast News

Update: We’ve heard from Mayim, who gives us the details and tells CBB about her delivery experience with her second son!

Frederick Heschel arrived at 8:32 a.m. on Friday, August 15th, weighing in at 7 lbs, 15 oz and 20 ΒΌ inches long. His first name is for my grandpa, and his middle name is for Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, who marched with Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma. In Hebrew, Ephraim Hirsch.

He was born after a remarkably fast and beautiful natural one-and-a-half hour labor at our home, assisted only for the final pushing stage of labor! I used hypnosis for pain management. Fred was born with my water never breaking, known as being born “in the caul” (amniotic sac). Our 3-year-old, Miles, watched the whole thing from his highchair while eating granola!

Frederick is exclusively breastfed on demand and doubled his birth weight by two months of age! Miles does not attend preschool, so he is home with us all the time, is adjusting really well and doing pretty great.

[Since people are asking,] I completed my doctorate the week I got pregnant with Fred, and I took my doctoral hood at eight months pregnant!”

Originally posted November 10th: Mayim Bialik has welcomed her second child, it seems! The former Blossom star, 32, was spotted nursing her new baby while waiting for 3-year-son Miles and husband Michael Stone to finish up a ride at the farmers’ market on Sunday in Los Angeles, Calif.

TMZ reports that the baby is a boy named Fred. We have reached out to Mayim’s rep and will update with confirmation and details when available.

Mayim — who has bachelors and doctoral degrees in neuroscience — and Michael announced the pregnancy in June.

— Sarah

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Louise on

Beautiful! Nursing while walking, and proudly smiling. Way to go!

Dounia on

OMG I can’t believe Blossom has her own babies LoL

N.S on

Mayim looks so comfortable nursing him in his carrier – I never got the hang of nursing my daughter in her carriers – I wish I had started when she was that small!
She’s 13 months now, and we still use carriers everyday – but if I offer to nurse her in one she looks at me like “Are you crazy Mommy? This thing is for going for walks not food!”.

AmyK on

Awesome – I never mastered nursing my son while he was in the sling/carrier… I’m jealous of that skill! Congrats to them!

pia on

i love it when women can breast feed like that. so natural and laid back. i never could cause my boobs are way too big. hahaha
nice to have an update on what mayim is doing πŸ™‚

BostonMom on

She is using an Ergo Carrier I think — seems like maybe it is an older model. I have an Ergo and nurse my baby in it all the time. I never mastered nursing in any other type of carrier…so for those moms out there who want to try nursing in a carrier, try the Ergo. It’s the best!! And it’s also the most comfortable carrier anywhere.

Teba on

This photo made me so happy. πŸ™‚

MB on

Good to know, BostonMom! We are planning on getting an Ergo here soon for our first. I hadn’t even thought about it being useful for nursing.

Shannon on

I love, love, love seeing moms out in public breastfeeding their children!! There are so many people who think it is wrong and inappropriate to feed your child the way God intended. Seeing photos of celebs like Mayim and Angelina Jolie breastfeeding their little ones will hopefully help get the message out to the public that there is nothing wrong about it, and that every child has the right to be fed whenever they need, wherever they are, regardless of how others feel about it. Go Mayim and all nursing moms!

mary on

Good for her! We have four children and I did not breastfeed in public until the third. By then I thought “who the bloody hell cares” have food will travel. I was more comfortable in my skin the older I got.

Nelly on

I love this picture…she looks so relaxed and happy!

anne on

I love that she seems to be smiling at the photographer taking her picture–proving there is nothing unnatural or shameful about nursing in public! Now, if only I could master the nursing in a baby carrier skill….

Kat on

totally love this picture.

proving how easy it is to nurse while doing about anything… and (for naysayers) that you can nurse discreetly once you get the hang of it.

I think Mayim looks like she’s glowing. She’s totally beautiful.

Her face in this one reminds me of why she was cast in Beaches way back when. She totally looks like she could be Bette Middler’s other daughter.

Cordelia's Mommy on

like all the other posts, I am so happy she is nursing her baby, nursing in public, and nursing while wearing her baby! images like this, of a celebrity, bring these practices closer to being the social norm it should be. I am also so very very impressed that she has a PhD in neuroscience. talk about reinventing yourself!

Linzie on

Yay! for NIP! So beautiful I just had to comment!

BostonMom on

As a follow-up to the mom who plans to buy an Ergo — I am so happy for you, you will love it! To nurse in it, I just loosen the straps a bit so that my daughter sits a bit lower down. It has a snap-on hood that you can use for more coverage if you want. I swear, people don’t even know I am nursing in it. I have simultaneously nursed my baby while grocery shopping and entertaining my two-year-old in the cart!

JM on

I don’t see anything wrong with her breastfeeding in public what I do find wrong is a photographer taking a picture of her doing so. It’s bad enough they follow you around but do they really have to photograph you in those kind of moments?!

yogadaisy on

Yay for her! I did that with my last two babies and have been waiting forever for a celebrity to be photographed like that.

Moms, slinging and nursing is possible with a little practice. It made life so much easier for me to be able to feed my newborns while looking after/chasing the older siblings.

Jessica on

Aww, how beautiful! Seeing pictures like this makes me feel like a total goof for being embarrassed to nurse in public. I agree with the woman who said she got more comfortable as she got older and did it with her other kids. Looking back on it now, who cares? It’s a natural thing and we shouldn’t be ashamed to do it anywhere! But I do live in Alabama, so believe me I got looks the few times I worked up the courage(had no choice) to do it:)

Nancy S on

JM – I’m only speaking for myself here – but, if I were a celebrity, and was going to have my picture taken wherever I went, I would be happy to have them take a picture of me breastfeeding.
She obviously feels (and rightly so) that breastfeeding is normal, and it shouldn’t be hidden.
It is no less private than eating a sandwich to many women – myself incuded, so there is no more reason to complain about that particular photo than there is any other one on this website, IMHO.

marla on

i easily and discreetly nursed my son in a sling as well. i used the zolowear sling and could walk around without anyone seeing. i’d sit down to get him latched and then off i went. i’ve walked around nursing my guy in saks fifth avenue, pushing my older son in the stroller. no one looked twice. yea mayim!


what a wonderful photo…she radiates confidence. Major talent!

Lisa M on

Again…as a PhD student in Neuroscience myself, I have no idea how it’s possible to obtain a doctorate degree without having any publications in any journals. If anyone knows whether she uses a different names, I’d appreciate knowing!! This is a fabulously hard degree aand if there is a college that is giving them out without having published, then I’m switching schools!

Jae on

Breastfeeding is such a natural, beautiful thing. It’s something every woman should do if possible. The bonding is also priceless. πŸ™‚
Mayim looks fantastic! Wow, what a flashback though. lol I still can’t get used to what Joey Lawrence looks like now!! haha

Nicole on

That is good Mayim is breast feeding her baby. Kudos to Mayim for that. She needs to be more discreet about breast feeding in public by covering up with a blanket.

marla on

lisa m. i think she is just in the phD program. i don’t think she actually has her phD yet(look on wikipedia) as it says she’s still working on her thesis…

anyway, again great photo.

Rosy J on

OMG! This woman is amazing. How cool is she nursing her baby so naturally in a carrier? (I didn’t notice until it was mentioned) and a PhD grad or student? She is totally awesome.

Brandi on

Here it says she’s earned the degree (it’s a quote from during her pregnancy).,,20207440_28,00.html

Go Mayim! I agree, the smile is nice, she’s not showing a thing, looking comfy. Shows that you can NIP and it’s fine!

Lisa on

I think it’s awesome that she’s using a sling, breastfeeding with ease in public, AND that there are so many positive comments about it. I have long hated the stigma that public breastfeeding had, starting when I had my first child almost 17 years ago. So glad that things are slowly changing for the better!

DocLiz on

A quick check of Google Scholar reveals that she has been published in scholarly books and journals.

MrsC on

I am so happy to see a celebrity NIP. I wear my son in his moby and I could nurse him when he was smaller, but at 5 months he is 19 pounds and wants to play with everything when he is in the wrap.

aurora mia on

My son is 4 and 1/2 months old. He was 7.9 pounds. He is exclusively breastfed. I have never heard of a baby doubling birth weight in 2 months. Is that normal?

brooke on

I don’t mind her breastfeeding, it’s not like her boob is exposed, because that in my opinion is a bit too graphic. I didm’t know she had even one child, let alone 2 kids.

Brandi on

Very cool that her son was born in the caul!! My oldest almost was but it popped as he was crowning. My midwife said it is very good luck if your baby is born in the caul. πŸ˜‰ Congratulations to Mayim and her husband.

tahoetrace on

I agree that is an Ergo Carrier, but she is not using the Infant Insert. I LOVE it, and I recently walked the whole Monterey Bay Aquarium nursing my 16 month old son. I have many slings and carriers and the Ergo I have used the longest, and it is easiest on my back.
As for nursing in public, I always have…but, I am the opposite of some moms…I am LESS of a Nursing Nazi mom this time, seven years after the first. (I am more modest, the older I get.)

Emily on

I love the name
But am i the only one who thinks fred stone is a little too close to FRED FLINSTONE?

Beverley on

aurora mia – the guideline is usually double birth weight by 6 months and triple by the first birthday.

Sometimes, moms nurse whenever the baby wants to suck, which is a natural thing for a baby to want to do, but most moms give a baby a pacifier to allow them to suck without overfeeding. I don’t know if Mayim does that or not, but the baby’s weight will need to slow down or there may be problems in the future.

becky on

Love this photo!

To answer Aurora Mia question, both my babies were/are excl. breastfed and doubled their birthweight at 2mths. My son was 9 lbs and was 20 lbs at 2mths. Yes he was LARGE! My daughter was 8 lbs and was 18 lbs at 2mths. She is now 8 mth old and weighs 24 lbs. So, it has slowed down, but every baby is different. Mine are big chubs!

aurora mia on

That is so interesting. I didnt think that was possible. I dont use a pacifier and am a stay at home mom, so he eats on demand. But at his 4 month check up he was 12.12. Interesting.

Hilda on

WHOA! First of all I wanna say she looks absolutely the same. Hasn’t aged a bit. Congrats to her for breastfeeding oh so naturally in public, yet discreetly.
Smart cookie too!

MB on

Has anyone used the Lamaze carrier? It’s supposed to be designed for comfortable nursing while carrying. I’m still getting the Ergo (my husband refuses to use a sling lol) but my friend gave me her old Lamaze carrier yesterday so I thought I’d ask, since so many women here NIP.

amber on

every baby is different. most who gain very quickly at the beginning will level out over time. in case anyone wants to know, there are also different growth charts for excl. BFed babies than for formula fed babies or partially BFed babies. a quick google should turn them up if you want to see them.

anyway, i’m thrilled mayim is talking about her natural homebirth and ecological breastfeeding experience! always good when these “alternative” options get mainstream coverage. levels out the playing field a bit. and their choice of name is great. lovely meaning behind the middle name.

Danielle on

Yay a celeb promoting attachement parenting ways. As so many people unfortunatly look to celebs and seem to have an influence in so many peoples lives, this is a good thing that she is promoting breastfeeding, baby wearing and home schooling. πŸ™‚

joy on

How beautiful! Love her parenting choices!

Ivonne on

This is a very pretty picture. She looks very happy. MY babies didn’t double their birthweight at 2 months but they were already huge to begin with. They did gain quite a bit by that point! Mayim reminds me of Ricki Lake so much! No idea why. Miles and Milo to begin. Two boys. And the natural birthing! Then, they look alike to me. I wonder if they’re friends.


Does any one else have a problem with having a 3 year old watch a birth? Poor kid he’s going to have! nightmares

sally c on

I may be in the minority here, but this photo freaks me out. I am a mother who breastfed my daughter and I loved it. But I still don’t get much from viewing pictures of other women doing it out in public like this. Yes, it’s a beautiful act and I look back so fondly on my nursing days. But I still don’t feel much when seeing pictures like these – I just feel like it’s more about the activism of NIP than it is a quiet, discreet bonding moment between mother and child.

Kerri on

Ivonne – I agree! She reminds me of Ricki Lake, as well. Maybe we’re making the connection a bit more because of the home birthing?

Also, I had NO idea that babies could be born in the caul. That’s crazy!

And I don’t think breastfeeding in public is a big deal. Some people might be uncomfortable with it, but I’m sure there are plenty of things a lot of people do in public that might make others uncomfortable. Nothing wrong with it, from my POV.

Megan Dunn on

congrats mama! Sounds a lot like my labor with my 3rd baby. My 3 yr old son was eating fruit leather though πŸ˜‰

Kristina G. on

“I don’t know if Mayim does that or not, but the baby’s weight will need to slow down or there may be problems in the future.
Posted by: Beverley at Nov 12, 2008 7:45:52 AM”

I doubt “most” breastfeeding mothers give a pacifier; many breastfed babies will not accept artificial nipples. On demand feeding of infants is necessary otherwise a woman could have a drop in milk prodution. A breastfed baby cannot “overfeed” and her baby’s weight gain will slow down as he becomes more active.

ms. jaQ on

congratulations to her! she sounds so much like me. it’s wonderful.

mp on

I’ve never heard of a baby being born “in the caul” — very cool. Am going to Google this. The baby is adorable and I think his name is great. Mayim looks incredibly healthy & happy. Blossom, Ph.D girl!!!

terri on

I’m so amazed by her accomplishments. Congratulations to the family on their new addition. I love the significance of his middle name.

Sarah on

I think this story is awesome! πŸ™‚ And, her baby’s weight is fine! BF babies cannot overeat. Before pacifiers/dummies, when babies wanted to suck they nursed. There wasn’t another option! My daughter was EBF on demand, and went from 7lbs at birth to almost 13 pounds at 2 months. Now, at 13 months, she’s not quite 18 pounds. Almost all babies will grow optimally if given the opportunity πŸ™‚

Jennifer on

I didn’t even realize that she was nursing in that picture until I read something about it, scrolled up to see if I missed a picture, and realized she was nursing. That’s great. She looks so natural. When you’ve got more than one, sometimes you just have to nurse on the go.

My third was almost born in the caul. My water didn’t break as she was crowning, and the Dr. broke it at that time. I don’t know if that constitutes born in the caul or not, since it was broken before she was out, but without the Dr. breaking it, she would have been.

DLR on

I think there’s a difference between “public” and “discrete” BF. The way Mayim is BF is totally acceptable. She is still clothed, there is no skin showing, no nipple showing. A lot of women that I’ve seen BF have their top half off or have their entire half of their body exposed, or have the entire breast exposed. I can understand why that would be a problem when one BF in public, but when it is done the way Mayim has, why I think there would be a lot more acceptance and undestanding than if it was done “in your face” whipping out the boob and taking off tops. Ya know? So yeah, kudos to Mayim for showing a nice and discrete way of BF in public.

Jen on

Beautiful picture – she looks so serene!
They say that when a baby is born in the caul that it’s a sign that it will have psychic ability.

emily on

I also didn’t even realize she was nursing at first glance. I never even thought of using my sling or carrier to make nursing easier!

Sally C – not that I think we should go flaunting it either, but I’m pretty grateful for those celebs who are taking away the gross label of nursing. I’m a little nervous about nursing my next one in public because I dont know what the reaction will be. Who knows, because of Mayim and Angelina Jolie, it may even become trendy! πŸ™‚

Jennifer on

Yay it is always great to see a celeb promoting attachment parenting and natural birth.

jess on

what a great picture of an attached mother and a happy baby. Nursing in Public, no blanket, in a carrier, natural as can be, and no exposed skin whatsoever.
WTG, Mayim!

Laura on

Congrats Mayim! My 2nd baby girl was born in 45 minutes, “en caul” as well and it was an incredible experience!

Audrey on

I had no idea that Mayim was pregnant, or that she was married and has another son, Congrats to them, I am so happy for her and her husband!

Sally C, I was thinking the same thing as you, but I thought I might have started unnecessary arguments if I did. I feel the exact same way, but I am often mistaken for someone who is anti-breastfeeding altogether. I am glad she is brave enough to BF discreetly in public, I know I could never do it. Although BF is a wonderful thing, It makes me uncomfortable to see it exposed rather than discreetly.