Marcia Cross Carts Her Twins Together

11/10/2008 at 08:00 PM ET
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Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross keeps her 20-month-old fraternal twins Eden and Savannah corralled inside a shopping cart while grocery shopping in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday. Wondering about the twins’ personalities? Click here to see Marcia tell a cute story about the girls on Regis & Kelly recently.

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Click ‘More’ for a photo of Savannah pointing out the photographers to mom, and info on her shoes.


Savannah wears Robeez Song Bird Taupe Shoes ($28).

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CelebBabyLover on

Savvy is definitely Marcia’s mini-me!

Suse on

Whow! These two are starting to look quite alike… I think it’s the first time I see a picture of the duo and I’m able to tell in a glance who’s is who! Anyway, as always, such a gorgeous little girls!


Those girls are adorable!! Savannah’s pigtails are sooo cute!!!

Kelly on

Oh wow Savannahs facial features have changed! But i think thats mostly from her chubby little face =) shes a cutie! As is Eden

Emily on

I dont understand why parents insist on putting their children in the shopping cart rather than in the designated seats which are a far safer option.

Jane on

Aww, they’re so cute! I love how chubby they are.

Anne on

Children not riding in carts the proper way is one of my biggest pet peeves. Years ago the son of a good friend of ours was not riding in the cart the proper way (his was in the basket where the purchases should go) and flipped it. He ended up having surgery on his two broken legs and then was in a cast from both of his ankles to his waist for 12 weeks. He was 3 at the time. Most stores do have carts that have seats for up to 3 children. I have a hard time is stores not saying something to parents who are not using the cart properly.

Sarita on

Emily, the shopping carts I know of only have place for 1 child, so how do you propose she does that?

The children look cute and I don’t think they look alike at all!

Christine on

First of all, to Anne: It is not your place to tell anyone how to parent….

Secondly, I’ve been there!! My daughter is the same age as those twins (same bday in fact) and sometimes she raises all heck when she doesn’t want to sit in the seat of the cart. She absolutely loves to sit in the back of the cart, and that’s what she does, SITS! Savannah and Eden look perfectly content and happy here. Also, for the comment of when the child flipped out and needed the surgery, that’s a real shame, but you have to place blame on the parent for not supervising the child. It obviously took time to get out of that cart and they weren’t watching them!!

brannon on

The girls look perfectly safe to me! Kids can get hurt anywhere! If the cart somehow tips – ? -the kids will be hurt regardless! (sorry – super parents are my pet peeve.)

Kate on

Wow, they look so grown up in this picture, so cute!
People who always have something negative to say is one of MY biggest pet peeves. Stores where I live have only 1 seat carts except Sam’s Club. Worry about your own children, and let Marcia worry about hers.

SH on

Every grocery store I’ve ever seen only have the carts with 1 child seat. The only ones that will carry 2 are the ones with the fire truck in the front – and not every grocery store has those…
I have 4 kids under 5 and there’s always 1 in the front and 1 in the basket. If they sit in the basket then there’s no way they can get hurt – and like another poster said – they’ll be hurt if the basket tips even if they’re in their designated spot for sitting. That 3 year old probably should have been walking anyway – 3 years old might be a bit too big to be in the cart – although I’ve done it – they just need to SIT which he probably wasn’t doing. You have to WATCH them if they’re going to be in there…which probably was more of the issue of why he got hurt.
Marcia’s girls also probably entertain each other when they’re both in the basket.

SH on

Also, if I want to add that if I had a nickel for every time my kid has stood up in the seat WITH the seatbelt on….you have to watch them in a grocery cart/store wherever they are!!

Mom2boys on

I have 2 boys, ages 1 and 2.5. The 2.5 year old is real “adventurous” and “spirited”. It is more dangerous for him to be running around a store “loose” if you will. One time he got knocked in the head by another shopper’s basket. So I have no choice but to give him a snack and let him ride in the carriage. No cart I know of around me has 2 seats except BJs, and he won’t ride in the little truck/car ones.

People need to be less judgemental.

I propose a babysitting center in grocery stores so parents won’t have to transport their children around the store in or out of carts!

marciafan on

I agree with Kate. I HATE coming on here and seeing “suggestions” because there is an implication that whoever we’re talking about is doing something wrong. I don’t have kids, but when I do…I don’t want “constructive criticism” from others. Marcia and the girls look fantastic as usual anyway.

Shannon on

I have a 2 year old and an infant in a seat. If I have to be in the store for more than a few minutes, and I have a sleeping baby, I know I put her seat on top where the cart seat is and put my 2 year old in the back. I did the same thing when my 5 year old was younger and my son was a baby. No mishaps here. In fact I know a ton of people who do that and I have never heard of anyone having an accident. Same here on the carts, BTW. One seat. For one child.

That being said, her kids are sooo cute. Savannah looks like dad, I think. I still wants Marcia Cross’ hair!

Danyell on

My dh unfortunately had the horrible experience of tumbling out of a grocery store cart.
Like many of you here, and others I see daily while out shopping, I thought I was keeping her safe instead of walking behind me with my other children.
She sat in the cart, and I never had any problems with her wanting to stand up while I was shopping. She always sat like a good girl and enjoyed the ride.
While I was in the check out line, I turned my head for a few seconds to look behind me, and she had stood up, and toppled out while trying to look over the edge of the cart.
It took only a few moments and my dh had fallen right onto the hard cement floor. It was the worst sound, and my heart sank into my gut.
Luckily given the way she fell (summersault like) she fortunately was not hurt, only scared and screaming.
I felt like the worst mother on the planet and thought “how could I endanger my child like this??”
She had an angel watching over her, and I learned a big big lesson that day.
I too try to warn other parents I see at the stores, only out of compassion for the child, but fear upsetting the parent.
It only takes one time for an accident to happen, and for a child to get seriously injured.

marciafan_2 on

I think this is absolutly adorable… Marcia is an amazing mom.

TwinMamma on

A child can be injured even if they are sitting in the designated location. A co-worker of mine and his son were out shopping and the child leaned and reached for something while Daddy’s back was turned. The cart tipped and the child fell. So all of you wagging your fingers at others should realize that accidents can happen anywhere at any time.
I rarely am able to find one of the multi-seat shopping carts when out. They’re usually all gone. Those car ones have much smaller baskets so that doesn’t work either.

P.S. I hate the term “double trouble.” No one has EVER come up to me when I’m out with my son and said, “Ooooh, trouble.” But man, when I’m out with the twins, I hear “Double Trouble” at least twice. I know people mean it in a light hearted manner, but it’s kinda rude and it’s implications are hurtful, especially now that my girls understand more.

Mary-Helen on

That cart only has one seat and Marcia has two children. Perhaps she should only bring one child to the market and then be slammed for only having one tot with her?

They seem to be seated and behaving, so leave Marcia alone.

pam on

don’t judge unless you have twins or more. i just figured out last weekend that this is the only way to bring all three of my triplets to the store with me. one at the top, two in the basket. i know it’s not ideal, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Stephany on

So cute! They seem like great pals! That second photo of Savannah…man, she looks like Tom’s mini-me!

Very cute photos. 🙂

Kat on

I’ve been where Marcia is… even just with one baby, sometimes it’s not doable to put baby in the designated seat.

My daughter has NEVER willingly sat in that place perched high above it all.

So, while she was little enough for me to comfortably do so, I wore her on every shopping trip.

But once she was older and some trips weren’t doable with her on my front, hip, or back, I had to pick my battles.

So, I had the child harness/leash for the walking option and also gave her the otpion of sitting in the basket… but with the strict rule of sitting.

If she wanted to get up, I lifted her out.

Did it slow down some trips sometimes? Sure, but she never injured herself and she felt better not being so high up and not really contained by anything more than a lapbelt.

Molly on

My SIL had a horrible accident in walmart. She put her two boys (2 and 4 at that time) in the cart, but didnt supervise them, instead she was looking at DVDs, and they were fooling and fell out when the cart tipped over into the pile of some creams or something. But again, that was her own fault !! There is nothing wrong with kids seating insice as long as they are supervised. And how would you sit two kids in one seat anyway !! I havent seen a cart for twins yet, but again, I live in Canada.

JM on

Kids can get hurt walking down a street and tripping over a stone and breaking an ankle!! You can’t protect them 24/7 from injuries and Savi and Eden look completely content and safe. My niece and nephews love riding in the shopping carts like that (my two nephews are twins too) and get this my 3 year old niece likes to stand on the back of the cart holding on *gasp* – but the kids know better because we’ve told them over and over when out that if they stand up they get out.

But again, why do the photographers have to follow them inside the store? Cant’ they just wait outside?

bren on

Anne, way to be judgemental! I think Marcia is such a great mother. She seems so kind and loving. The girls seem to enjoy sitting with one another in the back as my sister and I did when we were kids and funny enough we were taught that you SIT not stand in the back so our mom never had a problem. From the look of it these girls seem well behaved and I doubt they are going to start standing up and making a jump for it. Am I the only one sick of reading about how Celeb parents should do this or be like this? I am sure you are not a perfect parent Anne.

Shannon on

You guys are ridiculous…do you ever not complain about something? She could have her kids strapped down in the cart and someone would say, “She’s got them strapped too tight.”

It’s ridiculous.

Terri on

I don’t see a problem as long as they are sitting. How do you expect her to push two shopping carts at the same time so both girls can sit in the seat?

I think Eden is much cuter than Savannah. Savannah is not as cute. But I know she will be beautiful when she grows up:o)


really…gosh I knew i shouldn’t have opened this. I thought I’d leave a comment on how cute they look and saw the comments I thought I’d saw. What gives you the right to tell her how to parent? Obviously she’s not going to read it either…so there is no point.

ya’ll b*tch about EVERYTHING! If it’s not one thing it’s another…no ones perfect and there’s no such thing as a perfect parent..

and to the people who said grocery stores have carts with multiple seats…what stores are you shopping at?? I’ve NEVER see a cart with more than one spot for one child.


and if the cart falls over for some weird reason and the kid is strapped into the “designated” seat they’d STILL get hurt and infact I’d think they’d get hurt worst as the cart would be ontop of them and they couldn’t get out…they’d hit their head on the ground. Atleast in the back of the cart there’s room for their head if they fall…

Sammy-xx on

One of my favorite things to do when I was that age was to sit in the trolley. My mum or dad would always take me out as soon as the trolley got full and I would either walk around the rest of the trip or go in the seat.
In the UK there are 2 seats in every trolley. Either the baby ones or the toddler ones. There is even some with one of each.

Savannah and Eden look like their having a blast, just like they do in every picture we see of them.

Leslie on

People need to stop moaning and complaining and being judgemental.

From the tons of pictures that we’ve seen of Marcia with her babies, she is hands on and a great mother.

It’s great to see such a happy family.

Ayla on

Well, I’ve never seen a shopping cart that seats more than one child except for those dreadful “toy car” type carts that take up too much room in the store. In fact I’ve seen kids fall out of those because they can’t be strapped in.

Anyway, I read on another site that Marcia’s husband was there with her with another cart for the groceries. I’m sure those girls were perfectly safe.

I left my boys at home when they were young and did the shopping alone. It was a nice relaxing time for mom.

Rosy J on

Marcia’s little girls are so adorable. She is lucky. I think the family is enjoying just being together and having a good time like any other family. So beautiful.

Suzanne on

Don’t judge until you’ve tried to take twins to the store without someone else around. Her twins are calmly sitting in the cart, and perhaps that was a better solution than one in the seat and the other crying because she isn’t in the seat!

CBB- try and avoid referring to twins as double trouble. Many of us with twins find it offensive, because our children aren’t trouble to us!

Ifeellikeyourmom on

I love that to prove to Anne that she shouldn’t complain and nitpick, you ALL start to complain and nitpick. Couldn’t the last ten posters see that others had already complained and just kept your opinions to yourself? Maybe if you ignored the one post that complained, you would make this site less cranky. Now I have to complain about all of you complaining, at which time you’ll complain about how its your right to complain, but then again isn’t it Anne’s right to complain?

Every time I see a bunch of comments for a post, I know that one person said something “wrong” and everyone jumped on her. Stop already.

Jay on

lol Ifeellikeyourmom, didn’t you just do the same thing you are complaining about? Hmm and I think its fun for kids to be able to sit together in the back. If they stand up and cause all heck then yeah it can be dangerous but its hard to get two kids in one seat if your grocery store doesn’t supply it. I just adore Marcia. She is the cutest.

Emily on

Arita With regards to having twins yes I have 14 month old twins.
I live in England where I can go shopping with a double seated cart where my kids are strapped in. I Have never been to a supermarket that didnt have them, there a little bit wider that a normal cart and slightly harder to steer! I cant believe you dont have these available everywhere in the states!!