Elizabeth Hurley: If Arun and Damian Were My Stylists, I Would Look Like Barbie

11/09/2008 at 01:00 PM ET
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When Elizabeth Hurley began dating textile heir Arun Nayar — whom she eventually married in 2007 — the beauty and culture of India found its way into the model’s life. Although her first visit to India was with ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant almost 20 years ago, Elizabeth and Arun, along with Elizabeth’s 6 ½-year-old son Damian Charles, find themselves visiting "a few times a year." According to a pleasantly surprised Elizabeth, she finds her trips equally "fresh and exciting" each and every time.

Damian’s love for India has grown so much over the years that recently, after Elizabeth found herself feeling too sick to fly and was forced to postpone the trip by a few days, her son was more than disappointed. "Damian loves India and he was devastated to miss a few days," shares the 43-year-old actress in the newest issue of Hello! magazine. Hours on a flight to the foreign country seems to be no hassle for the family of three, as Damian has become an expert traveler, reports the proud mama, who says her son "behaves impeccably on planes." While taking advantage of the many fun adventures to India, it seems that Damian has also quite happily adopted several of their cultural aspects as well! Elizabeth shares,

"He was hoping to wear his embroidered pink wedding coat to the lighting ceremony at the Taj hotel, but sadly we couldn’t squeeze him into it. Luckily we found a pink turban for him."

Damian’s love for all things fancy is evident in his mom’s sense of style as well. After receiving much scrutiny recently following her choice of a very tight, revealing dress, Elizabeth claims that the two main men in her life — Arun and Damian — were thrilled with the gown that evening, although Liz agrees "it looked insanely tight." In fact, if left up to her husband and her son, the model admits that she would be a walking fashion doll! "If I let the two of them style me, I’d be a full-time Barbie doll," laughs Elizabeth, who reveals she would "love another" baby.

Damian is Elizabeth’s son with film producer Stephen Bing.

Source: Hello!; November 11th issue

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Sarah on

does anyone know if stephen bing is involved in damian’s life? i know that a while back he was denying paternity and dna testing proved him wrong. i haven’t heard either stephen or elizabeth talk about it since then.

natasha on

I’m pretty sure Stephen denied Damian 100%, I don’t think he deserves to be called Damian’s father.

Cezzie on

From what I’ve heard, Sarah, Steve Bing has never had anything to do with Damian. He humiliated Elizabeth by denying the pateernity and, even when he was proved the biological father, has still had nothing to do with his son.

You’ve only got to look at Damian now though to guess who his dad is – he’s the image of him.

brooklyn on

I believe that Damian will grow up to be a fashion designer…his mother has always had him dressed so eloquently( and proper)!

lis on

fortunately, it sounds like Damian has more than enough love from Elizabeth and Arun to make up for the lack of anything from Stephen.

Sarah on

thanks for the quick responses!

i do not think i will ever understand how a parent consciously decides to disassociate themselves from their child. this was obviously not a situation where stephen bing had financial issues or was unable to care for damian. when you see how most parents would do anything for their children, it’s heartbreaking to know that not every child is as fortunate.

luckily, damian has elizabeth and arun to love and support him. elizabeth seems to absolutely adore her little boy. maybe one day stephen will realize what he’s missing out on.

Robin on

In an old interview when Damien was younger Elizabeth stated that Steven did set up a trust fund for Damien but that is the only involvement that he has.

natasha on

I think so too, Lis. I remember Liz saying that Arun has totally taken on the Dad role and that Damian also has Hugh (Grant) as a male figure in his life, as he’s his godfather.

Kat on

I love that she put herself up for that kind of scrutiny and comments to be made to make her son happy.

I’m sure Damian loved knowing that his mom respected his opinions that much.

fay on

i don’t know if you guys remember when damian was first born elizabeth did the cover of a mag and she was wearing a BEAUTIFUL evening gown and she was holding a naked newborn damian, she said that while stephen is providing financially for the child, he has opted not to be a role in damian’s life…

stephen also has a daughter that is younger than damian who he has the same arrangement w/ her mother…

it just amazes me, if he doesn’t want any children why doesn’t he get snipped, or AT LEAST use better protection…


roxn on

This boy looks the spitting image of Bing.

Nevermind what Bing thinks – wonder what Bing’s father the boys grandfather thinks.

Is it all about money with them?

Bing did put $2m in a trust fund for the boy – but Hurley said she was not interested.

If you look at the Hello mag! pics. the boy looks happy – he likes going to India – and dressing in the fancy garb.

It’s a stain on Bing’s character and image.