Angelina Jolie Says Brad Pitt 'Destined to Have Children'

11/09/2008 at 09:00 AM ET
Evan Agostini/AP

When Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sat down to discuss the kind of family they’d one day like to have, both agreed that bigger would be better — but the couple had very different ideas about how they’d get there. In a new interview with the Times Online, the 33-year-old actress says that she wasn’t sure she would "ever be comfortable" with getting pregnant. "I just thought there were so many children in the world I never felt I needed to create a life," she explains. Ultimately, it was Brad who got her to see things in a different light, however.

"I was thinking of only adoptive children, but he saw a big family mixed with adoptive and born children. And I ended up falling in love with a man who I think was destined to have children and suddenly one day it felt right and there it was."

Their family of eight — which includes children Maddox Chivan, 7, Pax Thien, turning 5 this month, Zahara Marley, 3 ½, Shiloh Nouvel, 2, and 3 ½-month-old twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline — view the word ‘adoption’ as something to celebrate, and not shy away from. "We talk about orphanages, we talk about their countries and differences, and it’s a source of excitement and pride," Angelina says.

"I’ve heard Maddox explain to Zahara when they are talking about pregnancy, ‘No, Zee, remember, you were in that nice African woman’s belly. I was in that nice Cambodian woman.’"

Click ‘more’ to read about Angelina’s thoughts on being photographed breastfeeding for the cover of W magazine.

Breastfeeding the twins has made Angelina even more voluptuous than usual, much to Brad’s delight! "I’m with a man who sees the beauty in the journey the mother’s body takes, as I think all men should," she says. "But some men just don’t, unfortunately." So inspired by Angelina’s nursing relationship with the twins was Brad, he agreed to photograph the act for W magazine to coincide with the release of her new film Changeling. Angelina says she agreed to the "one week project" because "it didn’t feel right having a photographer fly across the world with a rack of stylish clothes" for her to wear. While some readers may have taken issue with the cover, Angelina says that what eventually made it’s way onto the pages of the magazine represents some of Brad’s less risqué work.

"We’d look at the pictures as art and say this is a really interesting photograph, but then we’d know better and we’d think about how it was going to be received. So we made it a little more tame than it was originally."

The photo spread is just one of many things Angelina knows she’ll someday undoubtedly need to discuss with the kids, but if she’s worried about having those conversations, she isn’t showing it. "I think it’s going to be that they’ll understand they can talk to me about everything, and that by the time they get to be teenagers we’ll have formed a sufficient bond," she says. "We tell them everything, we’re honest with them…My mother was that way with me." It would appear, then, that the Jolie-Pitt children know that their ranks will only continue to grow. "Most likely we’ll adopt again," Angelina says.

"As we layer them in, with two new ones, we’re watching that balance, that shape and form, and once we feel that’s solid, we’ll know when it’s time to bring in another."

Changeling is in theaters now.

Source: Times Online

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Cheesehead Girl on

Kudos to Angelina & Brad. I think it is wonderful that they want to help and have such a big happy family. There are so many people that rip them apart. Before you do that, you should walk a day in their shoes. No one knows what happens behind closed doors, and judging others is not something we should teach our children to do – it leads to discrimination, which we have been trying to stop for decades. We are all human, and I hate it when people judge me for the decisions I make for my family. We are all free and choose our own paths. Just because they don’t match up to something you would or wouldn’t do does not give you the right to judge me or anyone else. Do unto others as you would have done to you. The golden rule. We should all try a little harder to live by that rule. I think the world would be a more peaceful & happy place.

Lisa on

What an adorable interview. I love Angelina and Brad for many reasons but #1 bc they are such good parents. I love that they want this huge family, but wait till everyone is adjusted before adding more. Also, what an amazing and insightful brother Maddox is. Most 7 year olds would not be able to say that to their little sister!Maddox seems like hes the protective older brother who helps all his siblings, and i read in a magazine how close he and pax are. Pax who is a cutie as well looks up to Maddox which i think is great. And how about Zahara and Shiloh they are gorgeous children as well, and i cant wait to see more pictures of Vivienne and Knox!

(LOVE- aJolie ) on

I miss Angie.
I saw Changeling yesterday most see movie.I give it two thumbs up!!!

lisa on

you guys have use this same picture and every angelina story lately, don’t you have other pictures? sorry it’s just something I’ve noticed lol

Tanya on

Maddox explaining adoption to Zahara..its so cute!
As for adopting again: I really hope they adopt only one more child: that african sister for Zahara they need to make their family complete,and stop at 7 kids. And wait at least until the twins have had their 2 birthday before bringing the african baby or child home. I can only imagine what their familylife must be like in the future with seven teenagers at home..

Jo Ann v. on

I love Maddox’s explanation to Zahara ! ♥

Marianne on

I wonder when we will see new pics of Knox and Vivienne. I remember that it took quite some time before candids of Shiloh appeared.

pythons on

did they plan this while pitt was married?

Rosanna on

What I like about this family is the way the parents are attuned to the kids… they don’t get a new kid when they (the parents) are ready to, but when the kids are ready to receive a new one. It’s beautiful, and so rare.

phoebe on

Oh, I thought that family couldn’t get any cuter, but Maddox’s explanation to Zahara, that was just an overdose of cuteness!

Nic on

I like Angie and Brad but somehow it seems like she says the exact same things over and over, then adds 1-2 more quotes. Is this an old interview?

anna on

Not my decision… But an african or caribbean boy would make so much sense…

MB on

I love that it appears as though Brad and Angie speak well of the kids’ biological mothers. It is a selfless act on behalf of the biological mom and one that I think the kids should know about and appreciate. We haven’t adopted yet but when we do I want my kids to know they had another mom before me and that it’s through her generosity and love that we got to become a family.

mudnessa on

what an adorable little quote from mad.

Allison on

I love this interview. I hope it isn’t too late to pick up my copy of W magazine.

I have a bio son and adopted daughter from China. As a child psychologist myself, it is SO important for your adopted child to know that their biological mommy and daddy loved them.

I explain to my daughter that her “Chinese mommy” really loved her and wanted her to have a better life than she had, so she sent her to us!

It sounds like Angelina and Brad have the same take on things.

verona on

good they got this idea in mind.but who of them spend most of their time with the it the nanny,brad n angie or…..??? Its the nannies.they are not destined to have babies.they are just a big show off here.who they think they are.collecting all this children and out them in the care of someone.that’s not real parents.I call those who destined to have children,as those who spend their time, whole lot of time caring for the family,cooking,washing and so forth.adopting children after children and put them in the care of someone else is something to laugh at.
angie should start thinking of quit acting now.and the next thing we know is the whole lot of hired people in the family would go

Mandy on

It sounds like Maddox is just a wonderful big brother. That quote is darling and it’s nice to know that his, Pax and Zahara’s journey into their family is celebrated and not ignored. That’s the way it should be.

It’s also nice to hear Angelina reiterate that she and Brad only consider new additions to the family when their children are ready for it and not before. I realise some people have the impression that they just ‘collect’ child after child without much thought to their older children but the majority of sensible people know that’s not the case and it’s nice to hear it from Angelina’s mouth once or twice.

As always, wishing Angelina and her family nothing but the very best.

CelebBabyLover on

That comment from Maddox is adorable! I also love the comments Angie made about Brad. It’s obvious that those two love each other more than anything!

As for them adopting again…I predict it will be an African girl (but NOT from Ethiopia as many people seem to think. After all, Pax was adopted from Vietnam, not Cambodia like Mad was), and she will join the family around this time next year.

eva on

I must confess I had my doubts about Angelina and Brad Pitt in the past.I had the impression that their adoptive children were just for show and only protected Shiloh from the public scrutiny.However,since I’ve been checking this site I see them in a different light. They can’t be perfect parents, no one can,but through their interviews at least I’ve come to believe that they try their very best and have much love to give to their big family.

CelebBabyLover on

eva- I’m glad you have come to see them in a new light. I have never understand how anyone can think that Mad, Pax, and Zee Zee are just for show.

I mean, Zee Zee was literally dying when Angie adopted her. If Angie were adopting just for show, I doubt she’d have adopted such an ill baby.

I have also always thought that they’ve protected Shiloh more because they realize that, unfourtnately, the media and the general public are going to much more interested in their biological kids than their adopted ones, and therefore it’s Shiloh’s and Knox and Viv’s pictures that are going to be sought after the most (Brad even once said that Shiloh “had a bounty on her head before she was even concieved”).

Anyway, I also want to add that I greatly admire Angie for being willing to give Brad what he obviously so despertely wanted for years!

lookyloo on

So, just to start–I totally love this family, and the comments…Let me try to understand some of the comments made concerning the next child that ‘may’ be adopted into this wonderful family…Maddox got a brother that ‘looks’ similar to him. Shiloh has a sister that ‘looks’ and people here are saying that they believe that Zahara will most likely get a sister that ‘looks’ like her…so where does that leave the little baby boy????

CelebBabyLover on

lookyloo- Knox is actually a very lucky boy. He has TWO sisters who look like him! 🙂

Basically, Mad has Pax (and vice versa), Shiloh, Knox, and Viv have each other, and if the next child they adopt is an African girl, then Zahara will have someone who looks similar to her, too. 🙂

Pearl on

I remember Angelina saying how it’s important to balance the races in the family. The boys are Asian, Shiloh, Knox and Viv are caucasian,so the next child will probably be black. What a vey smart move on their part, it just creates stronger bonds and shared pride in origins.

lookyloo on

Totally understand and I don’t believe I made myself very clear at all…I guess my confusion was to why people are ‘hoping’ or assuming that they will adopt a girl the looks more like Zahara, instead of a boy…that’s all!

Nina on

I too had my doubts about Brad and Angelina. I’m still not sure about continuing to adopt when you have so many children from so many different places, cultures etc. It seems like a lot to handle, however I have to commend them because it seems to be working out wonderfully. It seems like they really do love their children deeply and whatever else I make think of them, it is a wonderful thing they did for the adopted kids. I really hope things will continue to go well for them.

Sarah on

This comment will probably make me unpopular here but I mean it with no disrespect toward Brad or Angie. I think what they did in adopting those beautiful children was great but I think now with 6 kids they need to stop. I seriously wonder how they can manage with all of those kids and even if they can, is it fair to keep adding more. Why can’t they be happy with the beautiful children they have? It seems almost selfish to keep adopting more children. I know they have money and access to countless things but that doesn’t replace time with your parents. Money doesn’t make you a good parent. I know they take time with each kid and that they have a system but enough is enough. I think if everything is going well with the 6 kids why continue to push it. I just worry that all of this is going to backfire as the kids get older. I do believe they love their kids and are good parents and that is why maybe they need to stop adopting before one of the kids gets lost in the shuffle. Just my thoughts, again I am not trying to be disrespectful of them

marianne on


I think they will adopt an African girl and then have a last biological child (hopefully boy).

Nicole on

I think no one knows better than Brad and Angelina how many they can really handle. Especially with Angelina saying she’s planning on doing fewer and fewer movies – and with just one or two even confirmed for the next year or so, one of them being a voice over role – and Brad being so picky about his movie roles. I think we’re coming up on that time where they’re pretty much ready to say goodbye to Hollywood, even though they love doing what they do.

As for their next adoption – after Angelina had Shiloh, they said all of a sudden there was someone in the house who looked like mommy and daddy, and so it became important that the other kids have someone in the house that looked like them, too. And I believe it will be an older African girl, just like Pax was an older Asian boy. After that, I think they’ll be finished.

fuzibuni on

in my opinion, they should buy their own island and build a compound called the “Jolie-Pitt Ranch” where all of their kids can play and have fun.

…and then they should adopt me too.

janet on

I.m new to this blog but do people criticize other celebs with large families. I just saw Marie Osmond on ET talking about her 8 kids and MIa Farrow has 14- 4 bio 10 adopted

Amber on

Ever time I see Angelina I just can’t believe this is the same woman who was married to Billy Bob. My god, she is so different and she seems so happy. Good for them.

GroundRules on

Amber, when u see Johnny Depp do u say I cant believe this is the same man that abused his g/friend, trashed hotel etc.

CelebBabyLover on

Lookyloo- I think people assume they will adopt a girl for Zahara because, when they adopted another Asian child (Pax) for Maddox, they adopted one who is the same gender as Mad.

Therefore, it seems likely that they will adopt an African child who is the same gender as Zahara- a girl.

CelebBabyLover on

GroundRules- I think you took Amber’s comment too seriously. I think she just meant that she’s happy that Angie has managed to turn her life around and find happiness (very similar to what a lot of people have said about Nicole Richie since Harlow was born).

Basically, Angie’s come a long way, and I think Amber was trying to say that she’s very proud of her for that! I’m proud of her for that, too, just like I’m proud of Johnny Depp, Nicole Richie, and Britney Spears for turning their lives around!

I don’t know about Johnny, but I truly believe that Nicole, Britney, and Angie were all literally saved by someone they love: Britney by her dad, Nicole by Harlow, and Angie by Maddox (Angie even said in an interview with PEOPLE magazine about a year after she adopt Mad that “My baby saved my life!”). 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Nicole- ITA! I also think that they will be done adding to their family after their next adoption. I don’t see them having any more biological kids, mostly because Angie’s had two C-sections, one of which was with twins, and pregnancy and birth tend to become riskier with each C-section you have.

Amber on

Thanks CelebBabylover, that is exactly what I meant. Groundrules:It was a compliment to Angelina not a detraction. Also,I happen to be a huge fan of Johnny Depp as well and yes I do look at him and see how much he has changed his life for the better. Read the posts more carefully, it wasn’t an attack.

Molly on

Mad is the best big brother! He seems like the sweetest, most caring little boy. No wonder Angelina wanted a big family – when your first kid is that darling, who could resist?

I’m guessing they’ll maybe have one more biological kid and adopt another Ethiopian kid (or a kid from another African country) and that’ll be it. Angelina has spoken about how she makes sure each kid gets alone time with Mom and Dad each day, so I’m sure she and Brad know how many kids they can handle!

LolaCola on

I wonder if Angie still ponders that if she had not had those biological kids if those would have been other kids she could have “saved/adopted”. She might in her private thoughts.

GroundsRules when did Johnny Depp ever abuse any of his girlfriends, that sounds like a tabloid story, but the trashing of the hotel I do remember.

CelebBabyLover on

LolaCola- Are you trying to imply that Angie might privately wish she had never had Shiloh, Knox, and Viv? If so, I certainly don’t think that’s the case. It’s obvious that she loves them just as much as her other children!

That said, I realize that I may have misunderstood your comment, and I apologize in advance if that’s the case!

bryony1 on

Why can’t Pitt and Jolie adopt American kids? There are plenty of mixed-race children right here who will live out their childhoods in foster homes, bounced around at the hands of unsympathetic social workers.

If nothing else, they should think of the sacrifices the mothers made in choosing to have these kids instead of abortions, hoping that good parents would one day come along and take the babies home to lives of love and comfort.

I don’t understand traveling the world to look for kids when there are kids of every race and ethnic group, and mixtures of same, who need decent homes here in this country.

LolaCola on

That is not what I meant at all. I never said she does not love them. But when she goes to an orphanage and sees all of those kids who need homes it is quite possible that she might wonder that if she never met Pitt or if he didn’t want bio kids she might have been able to take them in. But this is just my theory maybe she doesn’t.

berry on

I watched The Challenging movie 2 times Love Angie so much I gave her 2 thumb up. She is a talented star. I wish she continue to keep her acting. So sad if she quiting it. May God bless Angie, Brad and their children. We love you Angie.