Carnie Wilson's Supermarket Sweep

11/08/2008 at 03:00 PM ET

An expectant Carnie Wilson stocks up on necessities during a run to Gelson’s Supermarket with husband Rob Bonfiglio on Thursday. Carnie, 40, who announced her pregnancy earlier this week, coyly shared that while only one baby was seen on her initial ultrasound, there’s always the possibility of two. Will she be adding to Hollywood’s twin baby boom? Only time will tell!

This will be the second (or second and third!) child for the couple; they are already parents to daughter Lola Sofia, 3 ½.

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Nikka on

I dont understand why would someone voluntarily hope for multiple pregnancy. Yes, the twins are realy cute, but isnt she aware of problems of multiple pregnancies and how many of them end in miscarriage or high risk and dangerous pregnancy? Especially given her previous problems, she should be careful what she wishes for and instead hope for one and healthy baby. I really hope she only has one, but healthy baby.

mary on

I second Nikka’s comment entirely… I also don’t understand why so many celebrities play it coy initially, and then a week or 2 later the real truth is out (whether it’s pregnancy, dating, or something else)

I will bet on the fact that she’s carrying twins.

Colleen on

This screams of publicity to me. She announces she is pregnant at only 8 weeks along, and is now seen in public with her hand on her “belly”? Give me a break. And as far as the twins go, I’m guessing she is not having twins. If she is, I wish her the best, but she should be counting her blessings that she is having one!

chloe on

i don’t think her hand is on her belly. i think she is walking and swinging her arm and the photographer caught her hand like that, her husband’s hands are doing the exact same thing.

Morgyn on

Carnie has never been one to go looking for attention. She’s very open with personal matters, but its always with decent intention.

I’m sure that she knows the risk of twins, most women do. Perhaps, if she is expecting twins, she rather focus on the positive than the negative. That and she is getting older, so she gets more blessings while she still has time.

One baby, two babies, seven babies..congratulations to her! She was smart to wait until she was healthier to try again, and I wish her nothing but the best!

brooke on

She probably has extra weight on her, because she is already bog for being due in june. But she probab;y never lost all the weight, so it’s not really pregnancy but just weight in general that is showing

gargoylegurl on

That just seems strange…that only one baby showed up on the ultrasound but there may be 2?

My 37 year old friend just gave birth to her firt child by IVF. She was carrying twins, but sadly lost one around 9 weeks. Both babies showed up on the very first ultrasound around 3 weeks after they were implanted.

I guess I don’t understand why Carnie wouldn’t know if she were expecting twins…

Molly on

She seems dissapointed with one baby and wanting two instead.

robin m. on

Hooray for them! Glad to hear she’s expecting again. What happy news.

Caroline on

Weird comment … My first thought … IVF with 2 embryos implanted …

Molly on

Or, if you see one on ultrasound, that means there are four or five.

Tina Murphy on

I just saw her on TMZ, it featured a segment mentioning Diamond Dallas Page and his yoga program. The segment was on singer Carnie Wilson and it was noted that Wilson lost a lot of weight through his yoga program called the YRG Workout She looks Great!

CelebBabyLover on

gargoylegirl- Sometimes one twin will hide behind the other and thus not be visable.

Caroline- Carnie has made it pretty clear that this pregnancy occured naturally. She said that her husband was surprised by it and that she told him by taping her pregnancy test to the door. From what I’ve heard, you are usually asked NOT to do a home pregnancy test if you’ve had IVF. Instead, you’re scheduled for a blood test to check for pregnancy a few weeks after the procedure.

I truly think Carnie’s comment was just wishful thinking, since twins run in her family (thus she knows she does have a higher chance of having them). She’s not getting any younger after all, and twins would be a way to grow her family quicker. She probably realizes that this will likely be her last pregnancy. Whether it’s one or two, though, I’m sure she’ll be happy! 🙂