Beyoncé's Future Family Plan Extended Past Her 30th Birthday

11/08/2008 at 01:00 PM ET
George Napolitano/FilmMagic

In an interview in 2006 with Access Hollywood, singer Beyoncé Knowles said she was ready to conquer the world by getting married, starting a family, and winning an Oscar by the time her 30th birthday rolled around. Now, two years later, Beyoncé, 27, "would still love to win an Oscar," but as for kids, an extension on the looming deadline may be in order. "The kids, I don’t know…maybe in three years," laughs the singer. In the meantime, her nephew Daniel Julez Smith — whose mom is Beyoncé’s sister Solange — is keeping her plenty busy! Noting "how we change so fast," Beyoncé shares,

"I’ve been keeping my nephew and he’s the smartest little boy. But you know, he’s making it hard! Because it’s a lot of work!"

Despite the wait for children, Beyoncé fulfilled one of her goals when she married rapper Jay-Z back on April 4, 2008. Never officially confirming the marriage, Beyoncé says she has no plans to divulge any details of her personal life. "It’s a choice we made a long time ago and it’s worked and I wouldn’t change it now because it’s worked so far."

Beyoncé’s new album, I Am…Sasha Fierce, is in stores November 18th.

Source: Access Hollywood

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CM on

Beyonce confirmed the marriage and talked briefly about it in the latest Essence magazine

Elle on

Oooh, so they DID get married! I always thought it was a rumour.

Good for them for keeping it low key!

Tia on

Ok so maybe it’s just me but really an Oscar?? I don’t think her acting skills deserve that, don’t get me wrong great singer, but why does every singer need to act too?

Rebecca on

She wants to win an Oscar before she has kids? She’s no Jennifer Hudson, she may never have kids if she waits for an Oscar first!

Ans on

An Oscar? Oh sweetheart.

Brandi on

I find it strange about the Oscar comment, as if she can`t win one after kids? Maybe its just me.

Chana on

She didn’t say anything about wanting to win an Oscar before she had kids.

Nicole on

Beyonce did confirm that she is married.
check out the link:

Lorus on

An Oscar? Uhm, I’ll keep my mouth shut about that one!

gargoylegurl on

Of course plenty of women get pregnant after 30, but the chances decline substantially. Not to mention the risks go up.

It’s great that women can concentrate on careers and wait to have children, but the downside it it may not happen as quickly as expected.

Lauren on

My mom had me and my siblings at a late age (mid to late 30’s). Right now my parents are in their early 60’s and by the time we do have children my mom and dad will be in their 70’s, i wish they could take some sort of active part in raising our grandchildren and seeing them grow up, but life doesnt last forever… I guess thats one of the downsides of starting a family late.

Chris on

I don’t think Beyonce will ever have children of her own. JMO

Mary on

i thot surely after she got married she and Jay would start having kids. but u just can’t keep this girl out of the studio lol! perhaps after she tours this latest album, she mite settle down and start a family. perhaps 2 year from now? as for the oscar, i’m a huge beyonce fan, but i dont see that happening. she’s done so well musically, so she shouldnt feel like she didnt accomplish anything. ppl are just good at some things, not so good at others.

Dee Rule on

I do believe Beyonce is expecting a little JZ?

Here is the evidence:

Meg on

Beyonce has so much class! She one of the few young artists out there with her success that remains with so much humility. I think she’ll make a great mother.

And good luck on getting an Oscar. A lot of people thought a Black president was unlikely, so anything’s possible.

Mary-Helen on

I don’t see anything wrong with waiting until you are 30 to have a child. Many other celeb women are celebrated for having babies well into their 40’s. Beyonce is a talented young lady and I’m sure when the time is right for her, she and Jay-Z will start their family. There are still alot of naysayers who accuse her of latching onto Jay-Z’s fame to brighten her own star, so I think there’s some pressure on her to prove she is every bit the icon he is (although IMO she’s already done so). However, I can’t imagine the media hoopla over a pregnant Beyonce lol.