Suri Cruise Stretches It Out

11/07/2008 at 05:00 PM ET
Gardiner Anderson/Carlos Vila/Bauer Griffin

Look at those long legs! Suri Cruise, 2 ½, holding hands with mom Katie Holmes, practices her high kick while walking through New York City on Friday. The duo has been out and about a lot this week — playing in the rain on Thursday and wandering the East Village on Tuesday.

For more photos of dad Tom Cruise, Suri and Katie check out our Holmes-Cruise Family Gallery!

Suri is wearing Bonpoint’s Velveteen dress and Bonpoint’s Silver Leather Ballerina Shoes. For a similar silver mary jane look, try these from Target ($12), Payless ($20), Sam & Libby ($35), Elephantito ($60), Pampili ($59), and Pom D’Api ($143).

Click ‘More’ for another image with Katie!

Mario Magnani/Bauer Griffin

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Natasha on

sooo cute !!

nan on

Before the “coat” comments start……..I live in NYC and it was very comfortable out today! So Suri looks just right and adorable as always!

Rayan on

So cute! She is very expressive! =>

What a darling..

angie on

Adorable kid! I love to see Suri playing.

Kristen on

Suri seems like such an active, charismatic child. I bet she’s a lot of fun! I think she looks a lot like Tom in this picture, although generally she’s quite a mix of her parents.

Jess on

nan, =). I think a lot of people have stopped commenting on Suri’s lack of coat issue because she’s now wearing much more practical, warmer clothes (leggings).

Suri is a cutie, great expressions!

Aaliyah on


Bancie1031 on

Suri looks so cute here. I’m loving her outfit.

Kara on

This is what she should be wearing always,leggings!! Next step she needs a coat.

melinda on

That outfit is adorable, anyone know where it is from? And dressed EXACTLY for the weather in New England! Not that Katie and Tom need our advice 🙂

kris on


Its been unseasonably warm on the East Coast the last week… Today it was 67 ! No need for a coat

Sarah on

Kara, I live in New York and Suri definitely has not needed a coat for the past few days. It’s been in the high 60s all week. She’s dressed perfectly.


so adorable ♥

CelebBabyLover on

kris- I don’t live in New York or on the East Coast, but I believe it! It was also unseasonably warm where I live (in the upper midwest of the USA) for most of the past week.

Unfourtnately, though, it has turned cold again (if Suri had been out and about where I live without a coat today, THEN I’d be concerned!).

I’m glad to hear that it’s still “Indian Summer” on the East Coast. Perhaps us upper midwesterners will get a little more “Indian Summer” as well! 🙂

ebEL on

I adore Suri !!! The older she gets the more she does look like Tom !

db on

I am so happy to see this child dressed in pants/leggings. Her dresses are beautiful for sure, but not the easiest to play in. She is so precious!

L on

How can you comment about the clothes she should wear if you know nothing about the weather there? :S

Philippa on

This is getting freaky, Suri’s like an exact copy of me when I was her age LOL
Minus the blue eyes though, mine are dark brown.

phoebe on

I feel like Suri should have a bando on, it would fit with the whole look! My daughter sees me wearing them and now loves going out like that! It would complete Suri’s outfit. Adorable!

ella on

Philippa – that is very funny. Everyone including my own parents constantly tell me how Suri is my twin when I was that age. I printed out a picture of here and one of me at the same age and showed it to a coworker. My coworker said she couldnt tell the difference and thought it was the same baby. It’s particularly funny because when Katie was on Dawson’s Creek, I used to have people come up to me and ask me for my autograph because they thought I was her! lol


How do you people know what Suri should be wearing. You are not her parents or grandparents. Jeez! Please focus on what you own children are wearing. I understand this is a blog and people are allowed to make comments. However, these comments are not coming off as personal opinions. IMO, they are coming off as judgemental.

Jared Smythe on

Suri is so funny with the
cameraman.. the other photos
have her waving at them..

Now that she is wearing leggings with her dresses
That velvet dress is so
cute ..wonder where Katie
shops for her clothing..

Phillipa what is a bando??

lisa on

Does anyone know who makes her dress?

She looks adorable.

CelebBabyLover on

L- Good point. I also don’t understand how people can possibly know that Suri can’t play very well in her dresses. Some kids can play in just about anything!

Also, I want to point out that little girls have managed to play in dresses for years. For example, when my mom was attending Elementary School, girls weren’t even allowed to wear pants to school. Obviously they all managed in dresses somehow (in fact, I can easily see my mom, who was very much a tomboy as a kid, climbing a tree in a dress during recess!).

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I really hope this doesn’t come out sounding wrong, but…I’d love to feel Suri’s dress! It looks like it’s very soft and silky!

JJ on

When I was little, I preferred dresses (as a toddler). My mom bought them at the second-hand shop because all I wanted to wear for play (outdoors, indoors, anywhere!) were dresses. I found them more comfortable and easier to play in, I guess. I didn’t really wear pants much until I started school (6 years old). I really don’t see the big deal with Suri wearing dresses!

Vania on

Mary-Helen on

Aw…karate Suri!

She just gets cuter everytime I see photos of her!

TracyG on

She’s so darling! Love her little black outfit!

I agree with the poster who said years ago, girls couldn’t wear pants to school etc, and my mom tried to get me to wear dresses all the time too (but I preferred pants LOL). We had no trouble playing in dresses and I think Suri is darling! I’m sure she’s just an active little munchkin and I love that Katie takes her out so much!

TracyG on

Watch out are going to be told not to read here….(smirks)

For the record, I 1000% agree with you!

Kim on

I think that the reason Katie is always long sleeved is that she is so thin that the tabloids will start coming up with all kinds of untrue reasons why

Destiny on

I loved Suri’s longer hair, especially the ponytails, but I’m really starting to like the shorter cut on her. I think she would be adorable with any hair style. This is a cute picture as usual.

Lauren on

“Watch out are going to be told not to read here….(smirks)

For the record, I 1000% agree with you!”

Of course you do-you’re two peas in a highly immature pod. I’ve held my tongue long enough, but the temper tantrums you and LALA have thrown over and over again have nothing to do with readers’ opinions or the Cruise family and everything to do with your personal immaturity and inability to handle opinions that differ from your own. If you truly believed your opinion was more valid, there would be no need for you to resort to such utterly childish antics to prove your point. The fact that you resort to such tactics shows nothing more than your insecurity over your own opinions. That is no one’s problem but your own; don’t you dare try to pin it on anyone else.

Back on topic, Suri’s dressed adorably as usual, and I really like her new haircut now that it’s grown in a little.

CelebBabyLover on

TracyG and LALA- I want you to know that I agree with you two 100 percent, and I don’t think you’re being immature!

Lauren- Yes everyone’s allowed to have an opinion, but I think what TracyG and LALA have been trying to point out is that some of these comments (notice I said SOME of them, not ALL of them) aren’t simply stating an opinion.

They’re bashing the Cruise family, plain and simple. I think they’re also trying to point out that we should try to put ourselves in the Cruises’ shoes.

By that I mean, imagine that you were Tom and/or Katie reading some of these hurtful comments about how they’re raising Suri. How would YOU feel about people saying those things about YOUR child and the way you’re raising YOUR child?

I am aware that Tom and Katie chose to be in the public eye and thus they have to expect that people are going to be making various comments about them. However, that doesn’t make it right for people to say hurtful things about them and their parenting style. Celebs are human just like the rest of us, and I think we sometimes forget that.

All of that said, TracyG, LALA, and I all have just as much right to our opinions as you do to yours. We tried to be respectful at first, but then, just as you did, Lauren, we felt that we had held our tongues long enough.

What we’re basically trying to say is that it’s fine to share your opinion, but please do so in a respectful manor (which is what we normally do as well. Like I said, we had just simply finally had enough). 🙂