Mia Moda Atmosferra Stroller: Rear-Facing For Less

11/07/2008 at 01:30 PM ET

If you love the look of a reversible stroller but they leave you with some serious sticker shock, consider the Mia Moda Atmosferra. At $300, it costs roughly half that of comparable reversible strollers with similar features, and that means you can rock the look you love for much, much less.

The Atmosferra is a sturdy, sophisticated, full-size stroller suitable for a variety of terrains. I’ve used it at the mall as well as on the uneven sidewalks around our home, and have been impressed not only with the smooth ride, but also with how effortless it is to push. Front-swivel wheels make the Atmosferra easy to steer with just one hand. The seat is wide and long, including an adjustable calf support, ensuring a comfortable fit for our almost 2-year-old son. A five point harness keeps him from escaping, and there are three recline positions for those (increasingly rare!) times he catches a nap while we’re strolling.

The best part? Reversing the seat is a snap! Simply pull up on two little levers on either side, and it pops right off; turn it around, and lower the seat into the receiver points on the stroller frame. You can switch baby’s direction in — literally — a second or two. This feature has been a life saver for me with my feisty toddler, who tends to want everything he sees when we’re out and about. If we’re going somewhere particularly tantrum-inducing, I have him rear-face so that he’s focused on me and not his surroundings. It also helps me anticipate any upcoming trouble spots (hello, toy store!) and kick into must-distract-baby mode. Rear-facing strollers are also great for little ones who might become overwhelmed in crowded settings and need to see a familiar face in order to feel secure.

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