Joe Simpson: We're Counting the Days Until Ashlee Gives Birth

11/07/2008 at 12:30 PM ET
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With singer Ashlee Simpson-Wentz due any day with her first child, the entire Simpson clan can hardly contain themselves — except for grandpa-to-be Joe Simpson! Although Papa Joe — as he hopes to be called — is "excited," the 50-year-old can’t help but laugh that he is "too young to be a grandpa!"

In addition to dealing with his own nerves, Joe shares that as manager of both his girls’ careers, he has also been forced to convince older daughter Jessica Simpson — who is thrilled to be an aunt — to continue her touring schedule and perform at her remaining venues. "I’m trying to keep her out there until the baby’s born. I have a couple of other dates I need her to play!"

Despite any doubts that Ashlee would have trouble taking on the responsibility of a baby, Joe — who looks forward to lighting a cigar to celebrate the big day — reports that since finding out she was expecting with husband Pete Wentz, his 24-year-old daughter has "become a woman." Admitting that as a father "it’s a transformation you never expect — you pray for it, but never expect it," Joe shares that the doting couple have focused all of their energy in preparing for the family’s newest addition. While Ashlee, who is "ready to be a mama," is "concerned about what she eats and how she prepares for the child," the newlyweds are also making sure the nursery is "green enough." Of his rocker son-in-law Joe says,

"Pete is the king of details, so he wants to make sure the baby’s room is just right — the right colors, the right sheets, the right look. He’s a great parent."

Although Pete recently said that the couple were waiting to meet the baby before deciding on a name, Joe jokes that he can confirm that the new baby will not be named after him! "I’m not allowed to give any hints, [but] I can tell you it’s not Joe. I wished, I tried, but it didn’t work."

Source: PEOPLE, In Touch Weekly

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Alice on

So, did he try to suggest Joe bacause it’s a boy, or did it not work because it’s a girl?? The mystery’s still whole 😉

Jess on

I think he just gave the gender away. It’s a boy…I’m pretty sure.

Fashion trends on

Wow, Ashlee looks so beautiful in that picture! I’m sure they’ll have a great looking kid.

Judith on

What a vain man this is.. What is wrong with being called Grampa? I have two daughters in their 30’s; married. Neither has children yet. I consider it an honor to be called Gramma. I have such fond memories of my Grandparents. My own grandmother was only 40 when she became a Gramma.She married young.. I am the first grandchild. She is long gone, but the memories I have of her and my Grandfather will stay with me for the rest of my life. I know one woman who became a grandmother when she was only 36. And she was called Gramma..

Aelys on

I’m pretty sure Ashlee was a woman before she found out she was pregnant. Maybe he means she changed since.

As for wanting Jessica to keep touring, I’m not sure I agree with that. If my sister were to give birth any day, especially her first child, there’s no way I’d be away. I’m sure Jessica’s fans would understand if she took a few days off to be with her sister.

Erica on

That’s not true, the name Joseph could be changed to Josephine for a girl. Who knows anymore what the baby is, if they know and so on. I just can’t wait for her to have this baby already! I can’t wait to see what it looks like and what they name it and so on!.

Philippa on

From the beginning I’ve been convinced that she’s having a boy. I guess time will tell.

Crystal on

I will be VERY surprised if it’s a girl.

melissa on

Judith, I think you summed it up in your first sentence. I wonder if Nick Lachey reads stuff like this and just smiles..

MB on

I don’t think there is anything necessarily vain about not going by Gramma or Grampa. Papa and Nana are pretty common names for grandparents. My in-laws will be Gramma and Grampa and my mother wants to come up with another name for herself, partly because she jokes she’s too young to be a grandmother. We’re Brasilian so we’ll probably use a nickname for Gramma from that culture.

I don’t think I agree with him making Jessica keep touring though. Your sister only has her first baby once!

meghan on

he’s 50… he’s no where near an age that’s considered “too young” to be a grandpa.

Bancie1031 on

WOW she’s barely showing – I can’t believe that she’s already DUE!!!


Some of you people nit pick about the smallest things. VEIN, give me a break, that’s a very common name for grandparents. As for Jessica touring, she signed a contract. Joe, as her manager is just doing what’s best for her legally. Oh, my, these comments are getting ridiculous.

Lisa on

he is NOT too young to be a grandparent esp. these days!!! My parents became Grandparents at 41 and 42.

Lily on

Melissa, I think you’re right about that one. Nick definitely got out at a good time.

Although 50 is still considered young, it’s definitely not too young to be a grandfather. My own father was 38 when I had my oldest and that sparked a lot of laughs and jokes from family members and friends. My son, to this day, just calls him Joaquin, as opposed to grandpa, papa, etc.

Either way, I’m very excited for this baby to make his or her appearence.

lisa on

I also thought I heard she was havin a girl months ago. But does it really matter??? I usually dont write on these things, but I am really bored and does it really matter??? Boy or Girl as long as the baby is healthy it doesn’t matter! Also, I am pretty confident that Ashlee was very much a woman before she found out she was pregnant, Joe! I think he meant that she has handled it very well!

Sheila on

I think its funny that he thinks he’s “too young” to be a grandpa… My mom was 38 when I had my first daughter–at 18–and she was too young to be a grandma… He’s definitely not too young.

Cheryl on

There are alot of women that can’t have babies, and they are still women. And some men are still boys no matter how old they are.

brannon on

good grief. my mom wanted to be CeCe. doesn’t make her vain. she was also 50 when I had my son and I was not about to tell her she wasn’t too young (as she liked to joke.) lighten up.

Sammy-xx on

They have a lot of Joe’s in their life’s, so they could call their baby Joe after Papa Joe or Joe Trohman (Pete’s friend and band mate) and even Joe Biden, who is a good friend of the Wentz family.
Cannot wait for this little one. I keep hoping that as soon as I come on here I’ll see ‘Ashlee and Pete welcome —-‘

Ashley on

Actually Pete has already said that their almost positive it’s a boy.

Erica on

^and then retracted it hours later.

Stephany on

Crystal, I’m with you! I will be utterly and completely shocked if this baby is a girl! There are too many comments that have been made that point to it being a boy.

Other than that, I’ve never liked Joe Simpson. There’s just something about him that rubs me the wrong way although I see nothing wrong with him wanting to be called Papa Joe.

CelebBabyLover on

I’m really hoping the baby is a girl…So there’s no chance it will be named Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the 4th. I’m okay with Juniors (although they’re not my cup of tea either), but 4ths? That’s a little excessive in my book!

If you want to carry on your name, give it to your child as a middle name! Pete has said their almost sure the baby is a boy, but then he retracted it, and most recently he said they’re having a delivery surprise, so who knows!

Anyway, I also see nothing wrong with Joe wanting to be called “Papa Joe”. When I was a kid, I went through a phase where I called both of my grandfathers “Papa __________ (their first name went where the blank is, obviously!)”!

As for being too young to be a grandfather…I’m guessing he said that jokingly (i.e., more in the sense of “I can’t believe I’m that old already!” or “Gosh that makes me feel old!”).

SouthernBelle on

Cheryl, LOL! I love your comment. SO true! I have two beautiful little granddaughters and I am “Grammy” to them. I love that nickname and I’m proud to be their “Grammy!”

SouthernBelle on

CelebBabyLover, my husband is “the III.” I’m pretty sure he never knew before that his name is unacceptable. I’ll be sure to tell him. LOL! Opinions are like, um, a.., um, noses…everybody’s got one, but at the end of the day, people can name their children what they want and call their grandparents what they want. They are the ones making their own memories.

Jessica on

When is she due anyway? I thought she was due in october, but I guess not lol anyone know what she is having and what they are naming him/her?

emily on

Judith, Melissa, Lily and all – maybe you started that paragraph with a bias against him before reading it. He never said he was too old to be *called* Grandpa, and he was *joking* about being too young. Lots of people say that jokingly, not to mention it was said as a laugh!

Diana on

If she was due at the end of October, she should have had a baby by now. I would bet that papa is holding out trying to make as much money off the announcement as he can. He seems to like to use his daughters in that way!