Guess the Celebrity Babies!

11/07/2008 at 01:00 PM ET
Whittle/Splash News Online

Do you know who these toddling twins are?

  • Dad’s the famous parent.
  • They’ll be two years old in February.
  • The boys have a big sis who’s 6 ½.

Who are they? Leave your guesses in the comments!

(Now that the picture has been up for awhile, we’ve included the answer in the extended post.)

You all are too clever! It’s Patrick and Jillian Dempsey‘s fraternal twin boys, Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick, out for a doctor’s visit in Santa Monica, Calif., yesterday. Patrick and Jillian are also parents to daughter Talula Fyfe.

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Showing 44 comments

angelbaby33 on

Patrick Dempsey’s boys?

Michelle on

I’m guessing these are Patrick Dempsey’s little boys.

Stéph on

The Dempseys!!
Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick!! Sons of Patrick Dempsey. The big sister is Talula Fyfe!

Paige on

i am going to guess patrick dempsey, he had twins didnt he?

Fifi on

Patrick Dempsey’s twins Darby and Sullivan

erika on

dempsy twins?? adorable either way!

GMJ on

Patrick Dempsey’s twins, Darby and Sullivan?

KellyC on


Liesl78 on

P. Dempsey’s twins, I guess.

Randi on

Patrick Dempsey

Mom is famous in her own right she has a successful makeup business

Katie on

I’m going to guess Darby Galen and Sullivan Patrick Dempsey!

If it is them, they’ve gotten so big! Time flies!

Holly on

Patrick Dempsey’s twins Darby and Sullivan

Linda on

Patrick Dempsey’s twins, Sullivan and Darby.

Candace on

Patrick Dempseyis handsome little boys ;o)

Ruth on

Patrick Dempseys sons Darby & Sullivan

Sara on

They’re Patrick Dempsey’s kid. Too cute and I can’t believe they’re almost 2 already!!



Jewss from Ohio on

Don’t remember names but the Dempsey twins?

Ashley on

Darby and Sullivan Dempsey definitely

Meghan Wassell on

It’s Darby and Sullivan!!!



phbr1222 on

Patrick Dempsey’s twin boys

Courtney on

Darby and Sullivan Dempsey. Don’t need to think twice when I see his kids 🙂

Maddie on

Yup Patrick Dempsey’s boys! Tooooo cute!!

Shann on

It’s the Dempsey boys!!! Sullivan & Darby have gotten sooo big! I can’t believe they’re going to be 2. So cute!

Leah on

Patrick Dempsey’s little ones! Darby and Sullivan!! I would’ve never pictured him with blond sons, they’re cute though!

julia on

Patrick Dempseys boys-Darby and Sullivan

Alice on

I say Elvis Costello/Diana Krall’s Twins.!!!!!

EB on

OMGoodness! It’s Patrick’s kids! I can’t believe how big they’ve gotten!

Lacrosse on

Darby and Sullivan!

Crystal on

I also say it’s Darby and Sullivan. The one on the right looks like Patrick to me.

TJ on

I think the Dempsey twins….blonde like their mom I guess…plus their 6 yr old sister…maybe gave it away…I hope…they are so cute!!…

Philippa on

Yeah definitely Darby and Sullivan Dempsey

Carrie on

I thought the Dempsey twins were born in January 2007. Is February correct?

Bancie1031 on

I knew it was the Dempsey twins! I just didn’t get here soon enough to vote before u put up the answer 😦

I can’t believe how cute they are ….. AND SO BIG!

Jess on

The one toddlering behind looks mad

Kelly on

The Dempsey boys!!!! & i can proudly say i didnt cheat! Yay for me ha they are so cute!!!

Bancie1031 on

Does anyone know which twin is which?

Laura on

They were born on Feb. 1st! they are so cute and so big already! i have to say i didn’t cheat either!! haha!

Also FYI: Darby is on the left and sullivan is on the right.

Kat on

DEFINITELY the Dempsey twins.

(though you could also call them McDreamy, jr. and McDreamette #2)

DLR on

oh my goodness! they will be two years old in february? have i been reading CBB that long? oh those are two adorable boys! the one with black pants looks mad, and he sure has a very purposeful stride!

Acie on

The one on the lefts expression in priceless. Wish there was more pix.

camilla on

I knew it before I saw the other comments… Patrick Dempsey

abc123 on

darby and sullivan