Christina Aguilera: Max Has the Music Gene

11/07/2008 at 04:30 PM ET
John PKL/Splash News

In this week’s issue of PEOPLE magazine, Christina Aguilera answers five burning questions about her career and home life. Her favorite subject to chat about? Son Max Liron, 10 months. In the story, Christina reveals that she and husband Jordan Bratman are hoping for more children. She shares,

"I honestly can’t wait for the next one! I do want more kids, and I want them to be close in age, at least the first two. I don’t know [how many total]; I don’t want to plan that too in-depth, so we’ll see what happens."

The singer, 27, also says that Max has adopted his mom’s love of music, sharing, "He bangs on everything like a drummer! He’s definitely got the music gene."

Source: PEOPLE; November 17th issue

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andrea on

dosen’t every baby bang on everything like its a drum at that age. he’s such a cute little guy.

Lorus on

I wouldn’t be surprized if she was pregnant already.

Mari on

Little Max is soooooo cute! 😀

mary on

Lorus, I’m totally with you on that! I’m sure she’s pregnant or will be by early 2009…though I just don’t get it- what is the rush? She’s sooooooooo young!

Sarah on

Translation: I’m preggers already.

Sarita on

The rush is that she wants the children to be close in age! She can’t stop Max from getting older, so the only way to achieve that is have another soon.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah- How does her comment translate into “I’m already pregnant” (I HATE the term “preggers”)?

Anyway, I actually hope she’s NOT pregnant right now. If she was, I’d actually be worried for her health. I’ve heard that, even if you’ve had a vaginal birth, you should really give your body a full year to recover.

Christina, however, had a C-section, and with C-sections, I’ve heard you should allow your body at least 18 months to heal. Getting pregnant any sooner than that increases the risk of the previous C-section scar rupturing.

Sanja on

Is there a limit on how many children you can have by C-section (since Christina’s was elective)?

meme on

she is NOT soooo young! She will be 28 in December. That is NOT young to be having children. Does anyone else agree?

MoviesWeWatched on

It is nice to see Christina embracing motherhood. Max looks adorable in the picture

Stephany on

CelebBabyLover, I see Sarah’s point in the translation. A little reading between the lines, y’know?! 🙂

Max is soo adorable and I’m hoping we’ll hear an announcement in the near future! Christina really had embraced motherhood and it totally suits her! 🙂

lis on

I agree with Meme – she’s 27 and will be 28 shortly. That’s definitely not in the “too young to have children” category.

Lee on

Well I think, if she’s old enough to have a husband, she’s old enough to be a mother. I would hope that when anyone get’s married they are ready for what may happen in that marriage, including having children.

sarah on

Celeb Baby Lover, I think you took the comment I made a little too seriously. I was simply making the point that celebs sometimes mislead the public or hold back in their interviews so I wouldn’t be surprised it she were already preggers, that’s what I meant. Too bad if you hate the term preggers but I like it so I use it.

Nina on

celebbabylover, you need to chill out. LOL I see what sarah was getting at. Also plenty of people have babies close in age,look at Britney. It’s a choice some people make and I’m sure if Christina is pregnant, she decided to have another baby so there isn’t a need to be so concerned. As I said I know many people (c sections as well) who have had babies close together and it was fine.

Nicki on

I don’t blame her for wanting them close. Mine are 22 months apart and the best of friends. I conceived my son 12 months post-c-section and everything was fine. If I had the money, I’d wait a few years and have 2 more relatively close…I think it’s great!

Kelli on

I have no idea whether she is pregnant or not but if I were Christina I would have my babies close too. It makes sense for her to have them close so she can take time off and then get back to her career. She is young enough where she can have 2 and then wait 4 or more years to have more if she wants too. I wish I had that option but I am an old lady with a ticking clock. lol

Nata on

Too young? Almost 28 is sooooo young? Teens are sooooo young. Is it the norm to start having children when you’re 35 now and risk decreased fertility? I just don’t understand what goes behind this kind of thinking. She is successful, has been married for a few years, and already has one child what’s the point in waiting? to save up a baby fund haha

Milla on

I agree, she is married, has a career and is successful. I don’t think she is too young at all.I actually think she is the perfect age to have children but really the perfect time to have a child is when you are ready to make that decision.