Suri Cruise is Singin' in the Rain!

11/06/2008 at 10:00 AM ET

Stepping out in rainy NYC last evening, Suri Cruise stayed dry under the cover of her ladybug umbrella! The 2 ½-year-old and mom Katie Holmes visited the Union Square-area babyGap and left with two bags of clothes.

Dad is Tom Cruise. For more photos of Tom, Suri, and Katie check out our Holmes-Cruise Family Gallery!

Suri wears 3.1 Phillip Lim’s Polka Dot Dress ($225), paired with Bonpoint Suede Mary Janes, and totes a Kidorable ladybug umbrella ($12).

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Bren on

Suri is soooo cute!!

I love that umbrella!! I have to have it for my daughter!!

angie on

She is soooo cute! Sometimes I believe Katie actually reads the CBB comments, Yesterday there was a comment about Katie not buying clothes in BabyGap, and they left with 2 bags, and of course, the changes we have seen in Suri´s outfits, makes me think Katie follows our advices lol!

DLR on

Such a cute picture! It all works together, the dark outfit and the the bright red brolly. Suri looks so much better with her bangs and she can actually see! Adorable girl.

kim on

If she reads this, then she knows that we all think Suri should be wearing jackets. I saw another site mention the same thing. Hopefully the two bags have heavy sweaters, tights and a jacket!

phoebe on

I have to agree with you DLR, since Suri’s haircut, she looks so much better. Her fringe looked out of control before lol. I love that ladybird umbrella, my daughter has a frog version.

sigh on

Three cheers for leggings and long sleeves!! Hopefully they bought more of those (plus a warm, winter coat) at Gap.

Bren on

Thanks CBB!! The unbrella is so cute and affordable!! I am going to buy it!! lol

Bela on

I hope the mom who made the comment about Katie not shopping at BabyGap is happy now. I am sure she shops all over, it’s just that we don’t get to see all over Suri’s clothes. I wish I was two so I could carry an umbrella like that.

Stephanie D on

So cute! Long sleeves and leggings and socks with the shoes…..YAY!

Elle on

I want that umbrella for myself!!!!

She seems so tall for 2 and a half!

Anna on

i’m laughing out loud. katie or someone close to her must be reading CBB.
Suri looks so cute!!

Stephany on

That picture looks like it belongs in a magazine! Suri looks gorgeous and it looks like she’s posing! 🙂 Too cute.

Jen1 on

Aw, soo cute. Suri is adorable, no question. I want to get the umbrella for my niece, too. They also have a fairy one, a frog one, a polka-dot one, and a tulip one. I think the ladybug is the cutest though!

jacky on

i think it is funny that it was really cold in the nyc area and suri was wearing short sleeved dresses, but now the temperature actually went up and she starts wearing long sleeves and leggings!

love love love the umbrella!!! too cute

Elizabeth on

I am not meaning to judge other peoples’ lifestyles but $225 for a little child’s dress!? Aren’t there more important things one could be spending that kind of money on? I love how some celebs like Salma Hayak buy their children’s things at places like Target.

Lauren on

ITA Jacky. She was dressed for a tropical wedding in near freezing temperatures and now that there’s a warm front up the east cost, she decides to put on the long sleeves. Go figure.

I hope we see Suri in some Baby Gap clothes soon. They have some incredibly stylish clothes this season (lots of gold buttons, trendy jumpers and striped turtleneck tops, etc) that suit her perfectly.

Jared Smythe on

Everyone take a sigh of relief
Katie and Tom heard you ..

Suri is wearing pants..and a
long sleeve top..

Sarita on

Love the umbrella! I wish everyone would stop trying to find something wrong with this family. Clothes, hair, whatever; it’s never good enough….

cc on

It would seem to me that Suri probably gets alot of those designer clothes as gifts. I know if I was a designer and there were paps chasing down her every move I would want her being seen wearing my clothes.

melanie on

i’m so glad that child is finally covered with some clothing, but isn’t it warmer now?

Jane on

This is one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen of Suri.

She is absolutely adorable!

Ellen on

Do some of your children have brown hair and some blonde or red? Some of your children are tall, some short. Some of you have fat children, others have slender.

Some of us have warm blooded children, some of us don’t. I am warm blooded and do not feel the cold. My son is the same. Right now, in November in England he is still wearing short sleeve tops.

Does Suri look cold to anyone? Is she miserable as one would be if they were cold or uncomfortable?

You cannot tell from a picture if a child is cold or not. You cannot tell from a picture if the weather is actually cold as opposed to seeming cold. Suri always looks happy and relaxed, so if she is either “warm blooded” or her parents haven’t suffocated her in an overly heated house enabling her body to learn how to provide it’s own warmth, then so be it.


I agree, I never see pictures of her with a jacket and sometimes everyone around her is in a jacket and she has short sleeves. I have a two year old and I know getting into a jacket sometimes is tough but still.

carie on

LOL. wonder if Katie reads this site? There’s tons of photos out there of Suri wearing appropriate clothing today and yesterday. Nice to see. I for one don’t feel bad commenting on this issue…sorry, but “warm-blooded” only gets you so far on a cold day. And…sensory issues? well, figure out a way, then, to get your daughter to the car quicker, and don’t stop and pose for the paps while your daughter is cold and crying. Not that hard to do.

J on

LOL. If she does read sites like this Carie, I’m sure she takes the cattier comments with a grain of salt.

mrs. R. on

Seriously – does that child EVER wear jeans and a t-shirt?
Her dresses are always beautiful, and I understand toddlers are notoriously choosy about their clothes, especially girls… but I don’t think I can recall EVER seeing her in pants, even when she was an itty-bitty baby!
Katie seems to have no issues wearing comfy clothes sometimes. Why does her child have to wear expensive party dresses every single day? Even a casual sweater dress I saw on her recently was cashmere and over $100. It seems really excessive, even for wealthy people.

Lily on

I’m starting to hope she does read the comments on this site so everyone can just give it a rest.

I can only hope for the day where I click on a post about Suri and don’t see 500 comments geared towards how TOM and KATIE should raise THEIR daughter.

Bethy on

What an adorable photo of Suri. She is a little doll, with her new haircut and cute little outfit. Looks like she’s concentrating on staying dry! Love this pic!

Ruthella on

I love Suri! She is beyond cute, although I did prefer her longer hair.

My daughter is 22 months, dresses every single day in sparkly, girly clothes and designer shoes and quite often her hair gets in her eyes…so what? She’s a super-cute little princess, just like Suri!

Ruthella on

PS: The Kidorable range does great boys’ stuff too. My 4 year old has the pirate wellies…so cute!

brooke on

I’m sure katie buys clothes from everywhere for suri and baby gap has very cute clothes. But if she feels like buying her daughter all expensive things, that doesn’t bother me. It’s tom and katie’s money, they don’t ask anyone for money, so they can do as they please with it, and if they wanna buy their daughter the most expensive clothes, that’s there decision. Suri is so cute, her hair is already growing in pretty

j on

Did anyone ever think that perhaps, just maybe, Tom and Katie aren’t reading this, but are actual … get ready for this … good parents who are in tune with their child?? *Gasp* And that maybe they are better judges of what is right for their daughter than the rest of the world?? This notion is clearly unimaginable …

Seriously, I am so tired of reading comments about Suri this, Suri that, Suri doesn’t do this, Suri needs this, Suri doesn’t need this.

If she comes out of your who-ha, you have every right to say that Suri should be this and that, but until someone is capable of miraculously re-birthing Suri, we should probably all just leave her and her family alone.

(To those who say that this child never wears pants … I never did as a child. There is not a single picture of me in my childhood where I am wearing pants at an age where I was capable of choosing. I remember getting so frustrated with my mom always saying “You can’t play in the sandbox in your nice dress!” … Kids have this great ability to play in ANYTHING. I’m sure you could slap a burlap bag on a child and it would still be able to play.)

Sarita on

j, I completely agree with you! The people that are basically going hallelujah over seen a child in leggings should have a second look at themselves.

She’s wearing leggings and now people complain the weather is better than last week!! Honestly, I think you are all just bored out of your mind and picked this family to act out on.



You SAID it perfectly….I wish more people had an open mind. Suri is not their child. Again, you said exactly what I was thinking.

CelebBabyLover on

mrs. R- Not only has Suri worn pants before, but she’s actually worn jeans and a t-shirt on a few occasions as well! Here are just a few pictures of her in pants:

cc- Very good point! It is very possible that a lot of these dresses are gifted to Suri by the designers.

Also, why is it only Katie who gets harped on for buying her daughter expensive clothes? Violet Affleck often wears clothes from BonPoint, and we’ve seen Shiloh and Zahara Jolie-Pitt in BonPoint as well. Yet no one criticizes their parents for buying them expensive clothes!

Anyway, that ladybug umbrella is adorable (as is the toddler holding it!)! 🙂

Bancie1031 on

LOL it does seem like Katie or maybe a rep for the couple reads CBB ….. and hears our concerns about Suri. …. when we were decussing Suri needing a hair cut (mainly her bangs) she got her one. …. then of course the bottle – which we haven’t seen lately …… then it was the clothes – LOOK she’s wearing longsleeves, pants (or tights), socks and shoes …… then there was the walking …….
And for the ones always complaining about her being carried ….. she’s also WALKING here. …..

Love that umbrella ….

Doesn’t Suri look so big and pretty here. I love her outfit.

L on

Ok, so now that it’s warmer again they’ve finally put leggings on the girl! What, next time it dips into the 40s she’ll be bare-legged again?

I hope they keep it up, and I’d like to see her in a jacket someday!