Jennifer Garner's Purple Passion

11/06/2008 at 03:30 PM ET
Limelight Pictures

So, where was Mama headed yesterday? To Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif.! Looking stylish in a purple cowl-neck sweater and dark denim, Jennifer Garner steps out of her car while arriving at the resort on Wednesday.

Like Jennifer’s look? Click your way over to one of our newest set of photos, Jennifer Garner’s All-American Maternity Style! Jennifer and husband Ben Affleck expect a sibling for daughter Violet this winter.

Jennifer wears Cadeau’s Short-Sleeved Cowl Neck Sweater in Purple ($86.25).

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needs a nap on

does anyone know what jeans she wears? and maybe where to get that sweater? it’s not the gap one, gap only had a striped one and a gray one.

Jen K on

CUTE! Love this look.

Rosy J on

Was it just me or did anybody else think she had the baby in secret when she didn’t show up at school yesterday? I was so sure that was the case. Little Vi sure did miss her and so did I. Oh well, guess we have to keep waiting.

Jared Smythe on

I think that Ben gave her
a spa day.. since the baby
is coming.. and he is taking
care of Violet.. She looks

Alice on

You ladies out there who have had babies, how far along does Jen look to you? When they say she is due this winter that could be anywhere from Dec. through Feb.!

Allison on

I know everyone thinks she’s having a boy this time but I still say girl, it might not mean anything but she looks a lot like she did with Violet.

Jared Smythe on

When Jen was pregnant with
Violet she was very wide in
the hips.. It looks like she
is having a boy..! Good for Ben since his brother has 2 boys…

brooke on

I think she is having a boy, and defintley she is much smaller than she was with violet. In ok magazine she says she is 8 months pregnant and works out 4-5 times a week with her trainer and wants to be in good shape this pregnancy so that she bounces back quickly. She said if she carves a certain dessert or food she has a few bites but not the whole thing. You can defintley tell she is taking good care of herself, she is all belly and thin everywhere else.

larice_s on

Her bump is definitely lower than for Violet. She looks great but her butt is quite big. I hope it’s a little boy.

sarah on

I love her Oufit!!! She is so Pretty and i just love her,ben,and violet! I hope she has a boy!

Kate on

My mom keeps insisting they are having a little boy and naming him Oliver! My dad, trying to be funny, says they’re having a girl named Lavender 🙂 I can’t wait to find out!

Stef on

I love her style…pregnant or otherwise. She seems so down-to-earth.

Lisa on

Brooke… she says shes 8 months pregnant in okmagazine? that seems about right. I would say shes due in about a month. She is definitly carrying small and shes all belly nowhere else! I say boy!

Sue on

HI: someone aslked what jeans Jen wears.

Usually Seven Jeans, but she does occasionally wear other brands.

brooklyn on

she looks great! I like that top. I kind of hope they have a boy, I think they are and will be with the new addition a very cute family!

Colby on

Larice, how dare you say she has a big butt! That is so rude to say to anyone, especially one whose withholding a child. She looks so amazing and I can only hope I look that good one day when I am carrying a child. Please keep your comments to yourself for all pregnant womens sake.

CelebBabyLover on

Rosy J- I MIGHT have believed that if Ben hadn’t showed up to pick up Violet, either. If Jen was giving birth, wouldn’t he want to be by her side (I know some men don’t, but from what I’ve heard Ben was in the room when Violet was born)?

Anyway, I’m hoping she has another girl! Then the Afflecks and the Damons will each have two girls (I know the Damons also raise Lucy’s oldest daughter, but I’m referring to the fact that Lucy and Matt have had two daughters together, and if Jen has a girl, she and Ben will also have two daughters together).

Also, then Casey (Ben’s brother) and Summer will have the boys in the Affleck family, and Jen and Ben the girls! 🙂

As for when she’s due…I’m guessing no earlier than next month.

Gabrielle on

We have two women due at my work and she looks about as far along as my boss… So I’d peg her around December 15-20th.

However, all women carry different!

aurora mia on

I thought I read December too. I just love the Garner-Afflecks. I also think it’s a boy. 🙂

Bancie1031 on

In This Picture Jennifer Looks Like She’s Having A Boy! Did anyone else think this when seeing this picture?

CelebBabyLover on

How can a woman “look” like she’s having a boy, or “look” like she’s having a girl????

Size and position of the baby, how tall the woman is, how closely she watches her diet, and whether or not the uterus is abnormally shaped are all things that influence how a woman carries.

A baby’s gender, on other hand, does not!