Violet Affleck is a Mama's Girl

11/05/2008 at 06:30 PM ET
Kevin Perkins/ Pacific Coast News

Ben Affleck holds tight to daughter Violet Anne, who turns 3 next month, as she clutches a note with mom Jennifer Garner‘s picture on it that reads, "Mama will be right back!," on their way to nursery school Wednesday in Santa Monica.

Want more photos of Jen, Ben, and Violet? Check out our Garner-Affleck family gallery!


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Darlene on

AWWW! That is so sweet she seems like such a good mommy.

Lisa on

ahhh this picture is so precious! You can tell jen has such an amazing relationship with violet, and they always want to be together. My 2 step kids, Madison, who is 6, and Ryan, who is 3, all they want is a picture of our dog to take to school not a picture of me or my husband! actually yesterday ryan asked for a pic of my 3 month old daughter Sierra so i was excited! haha but ahh this just brings tears to my eyes bc i wanna make something for Sierra like then when shes Vioet’s age. It seems when Violet gets picked up from school she is always soo happy to see her mommy and daddy and it is tough for a 2/3 year old to go without seeing their mommy while at school, of course except for my wonderful stepkids! haha cant wait to see the next AfflackGarner Baby. Im guessing its a boy due end of december

CTBmom on

The pic with the note is too sweet! When my son was little, I use to give him a “kiss for later” when I would drop him off at daycare. I would give him a hug and a kis, and then kiss him on his palm and tell him to put the kiss in his pocket for when he missed me. One day his teacher said he was getting ready to lay down for his nap, and he stuck his hand in his pocket and put his palm to his cheek. She asked him what he was doing and he said “I put my mommy’s kiss on me.” I almost started crying!

Stéph on

Aww, that is so sweet and such a great idea, that way Violet always has mommy by her side. I’m gonna do that too with my kids later, it is such a great idea. Jen and Ben are such great parents! Poor little Violet, she misses her mommy. I don’t like seeing her like that she’s always so smiley!
I love Violet!!!

SMC on

That has to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Sometimes when I see the Affleck-Garner family, I forget that they’re even celebrities. They are just so down to earth and natural. You don’t see nannies taking Violet to or from school, and you can just see how close of a bond she has with her parents. It’s really beautiful and I can’t wait to see their new baby.


AWWW Such a sweet family and it’s such a great idea!

CTBMOM, That’s so sweet! It made me tear up reading it!

Nina on

That is SO sweet! And a really good idea. I remember when I’d babysit my cousin, he’d cry for his mama for an hour, if not longer. Maybe with a picture and a cute note, her absence may have been easier on him. Love them.

Jane on

Awww. So cute. It’s nice to see that Violet’s parents are so invovled on a day-to-day basis with her.

Kristi on

I just have to say…I think this family is cute, and I’m glad that it seems that her parents are involved in her life and take her/pick her up from school each day…BUT that being said…why is this so amazing?!?

I mean, Jane, I’m sorry for calling you out cause I totally don’t think you meant it like this at all but “it’s nice to see her parents are involved with her on a day-to-day basis”…really?!?!? Why is it so astounding that the people who created a child also are taking care of the child that they chose to create? I just always find that such a disconcerting comment. I mean at what income or fame level does it become acceptable to ignore the children that you created?

kmb on

how cute is that?! by far my favorite celeb family! adorable!

Valerie on

Kristi- I know just what you’re saying- I think Jane meant the same thing– that compared to many celebrities or very rich people who do basically ignore their kids and send them out to be raised by others, this family seems to be unique and wonderful in the fact that they don’t do that!!

Kelly on

Oh my thats so cute!!! Does it look like shes been crying for her mommy to anyone else?

sadie on

This is so cute, though the first thing I thought was I bet Miss Violet is going to have a hard time sharing her Mama with her new brother or sister!!

Rosy J on

OMG! To CBTmom the story you shared about the pocket kiss to save for later is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. Thanks for sharing it. And yes, Vi is very attached to her mama. It will be very interesting to see how she adjust to the new baby.

Nancy on

It’s cute. I have the impression as if little Vi just cried. Like Ben picked her up from school instead of mommy and that he gave her the picture. Not sure but it’s such a sweet way to let your child know that no matter what you’ll always be in her heart! Love it!

Philippa on

That is just too cute for words!

joys on

OK – there is a boundary and I think you’ve crossed it. Enough. Stop hounding this nice family before they turn on you to be NOT SO NICE. Why do you think it’s ok to be invading their space – day in and day out and do you NOT think this causes a child at this age – unneeded anxiety at all the photographers stalking her EVERY SINGLE DAY OF HER LIFE SINCE INCEPTION.

Just stop.

You are all for kids’ welfare?

Then give this kid a fcking break already. How would YOU like it if it was YOUR kid pimped out like that DAILY to gawkers and strangers?


bea on

this pics is beautiful, and Violet is adorable, for more about this family come to my forum:

Lucy on

Kristi – Jane didn’t say it was astounding, she said it was nice. And it is nice. What else is CBB used for if not these kind of comments? The whole point of the site is to look at celebrity babies and make comments if you feel appropriate…we’re not trying to change the world here.

Jane on

I was just saying that a lot of celebs aren’t seen taking their kids to school or whatever, so it’s nice that Violet’s parents are there to take her to and from school, and that clearly she enjoys having them around. I just meant it’s cool to see that. I wasn’t trying to say it’s amazing or anything, just that it’s nice to see.

Alice on

I agree sadie! When she’ll get picked up from school and still not have mama all for herself, it will probably be a bit of a shock…

CTBmom your story is so adorable!! 🙂

Crystal on

That is so cute that she carries Jennifer picture!

nat on

that picture is too precious for words. so does that mean that jen is in labor??? just wondering since it saids that she’ll be back??? hopefully, i cant wait to meet the new baby affleck!

Amy on

Oh, such a cute idea! They really are my favorite celebrity family!

Harley on

Oh my goodness that is adorable!!! I wonder if I would have thought of something like that. Such a simple but powerful concept 🙂

CTBMOM, I may have to steal that idea from you in a few years lol. Your story put such a big grin on my face!

Christine M on

Nat i was thinking exactly the same thing! I was wondering if maybe Jennifer had gone to the hospital and the picture is so Violet won’t miss her so much


Nat,I don’t think Jen is in labor,It’s too early!Maybe she went for a checkup.If she’s really in labor,I think that Ben would like to be with her.However,Violet is too cute!!!!!!!

Kelly on

They do seem like a lovely family. Not sure how nice I would be, getting my picture taken every time I stepped foot outside.

I just wish they’d let the child walk sometimes. She must be getting heavy by now.

May I also echo comments to CBTmom, what a sweet idea. I’d love to try it on my son, but it may subject him to some ridicule, being as he’s in high school.

Kerri on

That’s adorable. They seem like such a great, down-to-earth family. You always see them taking Violet to places that are for her, like kid’s museums, instead of just toting her around shopping and out to eat.

Also, Kelly, I get the impression they carry her when the paparazzi are around. They seem to camp outside her school every day. I’d be carrying my toddler if there were paparazzi swarming around.

CTBmom on

Kelly, lol…you are too funny. Well, that sweet little 3 year-old is now in 6th grade and instead of hugs and kisses when I drop him off, we bump knuckles and I get a “see ya, Mom”. He’s kind of at that in between age, because he still wants me to tuck him in at night, lol. Hey, I’ll take what I can get. =)

brooke on

She looks just like jen, and yea they seem like good parents. Violet has to be the most celebrity kid that pics are taken of, you can google her name and since she was a baby till now there are pics of her almost everyday lol

CelebBabyLover on

Kerri- ITA! Of the three sets of pictures taken of them in NYC last weekend, Violet is actually walking in two of them (the ones of her and Jen dressed as Ted and Fred the dogs for Halloween, and the ones of her and Jen visiting the children’s musuem).

Also, in the above mentioned pictures, it looks like the paps were at least across the street from them. In this picture and the one of her and Jen in blue, the paps seem to be right in their faces.

Therefore, I agree with the theory that they carry her when the paps get too close.

Oh, and as for Jen being in labor…I doubt it! I don’t think she’s due until next month at the earliest, and I also think that Ben would have been with her if she were in labor.