Nancy Grace Celebrates Twins' First Birthday!

11/05/2008 at 07:30 PM ET

Lawyer and CNN host Nancy Grace and her husband David Linch held a first birthday party for their fraternal twins John David and Lucy Elizabeth over the weekend in NYC. The twins, born on November 4th, 2007, overcame a premature birth and weight issues in their first year to become the big, healthy babies they are today. Wearing matching "Baby’s First Birthday" tees, John and Lucy enjoyed cake and toys at MoonSoup, an early childhood development studio on the Upper East Side.

Albert Michael/Startraks

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Albert Michael/Startraks

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StΓ©ph on

I don’t understand why they use both John’s names, John David and only use Lucy instead of Lucy Elizabeth.

They are very cute! Happy Birthday John and Lucy!

Fifi on

I can’t believe they are a year old already!!

Sara Watson on

AWE OMG happy birthday You cutie pies.. they are so ADORABLE!!!

CTBmom on

Wow, can’t believe their a year-old already! I am glad that they are doing so well. They’ve gotten so big! They are both such cuties, and Lucy looks like she’s probably the boss in the sibling relationship, lol.

marwah on

sooooooo cute

Loren on

They are adorable happy birthday
John and Lucy

Leslie cook on

Does anyone know where they got the cute birthday tees/onesies. My daugnter turns one November 16th and I’ve beens searching everywhere for something like this.

marla on

i have preemie twin niece and nephew. so seeing nancy’s babes doing so well makes my heart warm.

steph, john david is a fairly common name in the south (as are other 2-word names). nancy is a southern girl so using i’m guessing that’s why… don’t know for sure.

amanda on

Do the children have any lasting effects from the pre-term delivery? They certainly look healthy and robust; but sometimes it is hard to know for a while. I hope they are health. I do know one thing; they are happy babies – and that is truly worth a lot.

Angel on

Aww Happy Birthday!

I can’t believe they are a year old already πŸ™‚

missy on

They are too cute! I love how it looks like they had a nice low key celebration for the kids instead of over-the-top-complete with 1000.00 gift bags-ones we usually see from celebs.

Kate on

They are so cute!

halifaxhoney on

I love that she calls John David by his full name. I think it sounds really nice. They are so cute! It’s hard to believe they are a year old already.


STEPH, I never understood that either. Why not just call him John?

They are cute and I can’t believe it’s been a year. Imagine how fast it’s gone for mom!

Jennifer on

Happy 1st Birthday John David & Lucy!

I can’t believe they’re already a year old – they’ve gotten so big and are so cute! πŸ™‚

J.J. on


Jazz on

Boy are they ever cute! I can’t believe it’s already been a year.
When I was younger I always dreamed of having a daughter named Ellie Rose. But then when I did have my first daughter, we had already had a son named Elijah, so I didn’t want an Eli and Ellie! So we named her Eleanor Rose and call her Nell, or Nellie Rose. I abosolutely love the two names. John and David go really well together.
Happy birthday John David and Lucy!

Kelly on

Aww there so adorable! I remember reading about when they were born last year hoping both would be okay & its good to see that they are! Happy Birthday John David & Lucy!

CelebBabyLover on

I don’t see the big deal with John being called by both his first and middle names.

I was called by both my first and middle names for the first few years of my life. My middle name is after my great-grandmother, and after so many grandchildren and great-grandchildren, it was a big deal to her to finally have one named after her (sadly, I never really knew her. I was only two years old when she died).

I suspect that’s why my parents and other family members referred to me by both my names for the first few years of my life. πŸ™‚

Anyway, that’s why it’s not the least bit strange to me that Nancy and David are doing the same with their son. Some parents just choose to use both names. πŸ™‚

megan on

Do you think perhaps that John is John David in honor of the boy’s father,David Linch? That’s my guess anyway… Cuteness!!!!

Mae on

Leslie Cook,
The onsie and tutu came from Babies R Us. We bought my niece one for her party — it also has a soft fabric crown you can buy to go with it, and I believe they had a matching bib.

She also wore it for her birthday pictures a few days before the party, she had a Strasburg birthday dress, but the tutu was the ‘fun’ outift, and it turned out SO cute!!

I can’t believe they are one already!! — They are adorable. I’m so happy for her and her husband.

jasmine on

I see mommy in Lucy’s face in that first picture (and a little bit in John’s face too). They are so cute! Happy Birthday! πŸ˜€

Jennifer on

I LOVE Nancy!! She is such a strong woman and I really look up to her! Her children are beautiful. I’m always checking out her page at to see updated pictures of the twins. They are just precious!

And I have to add that I love that their little outfits came from Babies R’ Us. Usually you see stars or tv persona’s kids wearing high end clothing. I’m so glad she is down to earth and just like us! :o) Love you Nancy!!!

brooklyn on

They don’t seem very happy in those pics,haha!!!! lol. Anywhoo, they are both cuties though!

Sara on

Denzel Washington’s eldest son is also named John David, and also referred to by both names. I like the way it sounds.

Sasha on

I love them! Congrats to Nancy, what a year!

Sheri on

Happy 1st. Birthday John David and Lucy. You both are so very cute. I cannot beleive it has been a year already, and Nancy you are a great mom and a roll model to alot of people. Happy Birthday!

Jess on

Happy birthday John David & Lucy!

They’re adorable, love the matching tees.

Nikka on

I think what she meant is why John David is being called by two names, and Lucy by one only even though she has two names too

mtoo on

Why? I guess because they are their kids and not yours. Find something more important to worry about.

Dave on

JD has his mom’s square shaped head.

brooke on

Wow they are 1 already, they look a lot like their dad. I like the name john david too, very nice

CelebBabyLover on

jasmine- Lucy is definently a mini-Nancy. I don’t think there’s any question who her mommy is (given Nancy’s age, some people thought when she first announced her pregnancy that she may have used IVF with donor eggs)! πŸ™‚ Oh, and I love the name Lucy!

Elaina on

Very cute and happy family. Happy B-Day to the twins!

Susan on

I heard somewhere that she was pregnant again and due in March with a little girl. It sounds kind of fishy to me. Have anyone else heard similar rimblings?

stephanie on

double names are very popular in the south, john david is his name, lucy’s name is just lucy. I live in atlanta and we have numerous friends who have children with double names. It’s very common for one child to have a double name but not their siblings, things like emma kate, john logan, mary margaret so on and so on~

Andria on

I don’t understand all the confusion about double names. Just like Mary Anne (to use a more common double name example), John David is the name he uses. Most people know of someone named Mary Anne (probably an adult), and probably wouldn’t think it odd at all if her siblings were called by one name. That’s what they like to call him.

Patti on

They are adorable! I love Nancy!!! I think John David looks just like his Momma.

SouthernBelle on

I have a friend whose 1-year-old daughter is named Eleanor Katherine (after family members.) She goes by Ella Kate, so she has her “own” name and I just love it! It suits her to a tee. Happy Birthday, John David & Lucy, you little blessings!

SouthernBelle on

Stephanie, what you say about names in the south is so true! I know so many little girls who have the first name “Mary” and the middle name is an old family name. I know a Mary Charles, a Mary Schaeffer, a Mary Elizabeth, a Mary Lee and a Mary Kay. And they all go by both names.

deborah rolon on

nancy you are doing great,and to become the best of the best,your a great person ,but i know you are extra sensitive,i think your awsome,luv u much,i live in fl,but was raised in nashville tn.just want you to know,im praying for you,and when you were crying on the show,i wanted to just reach out to you.i have always love to dance and im a real natural,i wish i were your neighbor just to hang,i would love a girls night out with you,so we could dance and laugh.