Katie Holmes and Her Lil' Pumpkin Play on the Swings

10/31/2008 at 08:00 AM ET

Halloween comes early for Katie Holmes and 2 ½-year-old daughter Suri, who look like two pumpkins in a patch in their matching orange outfits during a playdate in New York’s Central Park on Thursday.

Dad is Tom Cruise. For more photos of Tom, Suri, and Katie check out our recently updated Holmes-Cruise Family Gallery!

Click below for a second photo.

Tom Meinelt-Jackson Lee/Splash News Online

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Kat on

What a gorgeous little girl! I love their matching dresses! Too cute!

monika on

it is scarry that suri wears almost nothing, compared to brooke shields’ daughter and sj parker’s son in the same city on the same day. if the cruises were my neighbors i’d report child abuse to the authority.

jacky on

i know it has been said many times before, but that little girl must be cold. NYC was freezing then (anyone see the pick of sarah jessica and her son?) i live in north jersey and let me tell you it was cold. my son and bundled up in our coats and hats before heading out. the little blanket wrapped around her is NOT good enough. i understand little girls look cute in dresses, but they alsolook cutein pants, sweaters, and hats. and if they insist on dresses- get some tights and a coat or maybe even consider getting a dress with long sleeves?

well that being said, i do think the matching dresses are cute, i just wish they had matching sweaters as well.

Jackie on

I agree with the previous comment. It is obviously very cold in NYC right now. Time to bring out the winter gear.

Gina on

47 degrees yesterday in Central Park. I almost wish CBB would stop posting these pictures … they are a shame.

Brandi on

The matching dresses are very cute. I am in Brooklyn and it was chilly yesterday but not biting cold, just a little breezy. My boys wore hats with sweaters.

taryn on

Dear Katie,

Please please please put a jacket on your kid. It’s almost November.


Lisette on

maybe this day wasn’t or the wind wasn’t that bad. or they are really used to it, as they have a house in the mountains and there the cold is more extreme.. I see that she loves her mommy and she doesn’t look cold, as she hasn’t got blue lips or hands, doesn’t try to warm herself and Katie holmes isn’t wearing that much too..

Rachel on

Love the matching dresses! But what say they go all out and get matching sweaters and leggings to go with??? That would be just awesome! :O)

Melanie S on

Well, I imagine they were out for their photo op for about 3 minutes and a half so she probably didn’t have time to freeze.

Amanda on

So Katie sees fit to wrap herself up in a cardigan but can’t extend the same effort to her young daughter? Ridiculous.

It’s been getting colder and colder in NYC and when it’s cold, you wrap your children up warm. It’s called good parenting. Actually, scratch that. It’s *BASIC* parenting.

tracie on

You know, the whole jacket, tights issue wouldn’t bug me except for the fact that Katie herself is always dressed appropriately (sweater and leggings with the dress). If Katie was wearing as little as Suri, then I would just assume Katie’s not cold and thinks that Suri’s isn’t either. But come on, don’t we at least dress our children in as many layers as ourselves?

Victoria on

I have been thinking the same for awhile, please put some more clothes on poor Suri. Bare legs are cute…in the summer time!!!!!!!!!! Now it’s time for some leggings!

kris on

Cute matching dresses. I’m sure Suri loved it.

Kara on


Please, a person cannot look cold. Katie need to dress Suri like it fall instead of winter, its very simple.


I think that Katie perfecly knows what she’s doing with her daughter.Maybe Suri doesn’t feel the cold because she’s a baby,she likes moving around her,she’s curios.I think that If Suri will have cold Katie will put her a coat.She’s a great mother,I’m sure

Gelareh on

As much as I find these comments reasonable, I have a hard time believing Katie wouldn’t care about her child being cold. Its ever harder to think she ignores the cold so Suri could look pretty in a dress…. dont know!

lala21 on

It’s been said so many times here: Katie put some warm clothes on Suri please. I live in NY & Thursday my son was in coat & hat. It is just naive to say oh Suri is not cold or she is used to the cold.

Nicole on

That second picture is so adorable!

I agree with Amanda – Katie is always dressed warmly, and there’s poor Suri in yet another short-sleeved dress. I understand she’s got a blanket, but Suri is 2, not 2 months; she should be wearing a coat or leggings, not being swaddled! Every other celeb kid who lives in NYC has been out and about with not only coats, but pants AND hats! I sincerely hope this is not a case of “what Suri wants, Suri gets” either.

carie on

On a photo-sharing website yesterday, I saw photos of people in NY dressed in coats and hats. what gives?

Sarita on


Of course a person can look cold, they will look uncomfortable, rubbing their arms, shivering etc.

I wish people would stop nagging about Suri’s clothes. If the child was uncomfortable she would be in warm clothes immediately I’m sure. Even though I would dress my child warmer does not mean I judge Katie for how she dresses HER child. And to the people implying that Katie doesn’t want Suri to wear a coat because it isn’t cute…come on! Do you really believe that? It’s more likely Suri’s refuses to wear anything more than her dress and her parents are over indulgent.

Layla on

I think we shouldn’t be so judgmental.
We don’t know what the weather felt like at that exact moment, how Suri felt or what clothing she had.
You can’t tell from these pics.
There could have been someone nearby or a car near that had a jacket/sweater there for her.
Or there could not have been.
We don’t know just from these.
I think that we shouldn’t assume that Katie is a bad mom because of this, I mean come on people…

Anyway, Suri looks adorable!
Love the matching outfits!

Bela on

Are people going to comment every time we see Suri with out a coat? We all get it, she needs a coat! Let’s comment on something else like how cute she looks or how Katie looks! Stop it with the coat comments, it is getting old already. Plus I have also seen her with coats on, on other sites.

Renee on

I love their matching dresses, they are cute, but I have to get on board with most everyone else. I love in the middle of California and it get really hot here but even at this time of year I wear a sweather because its getting cold. I can’t imagine not wearing one in NY.

Gina on

We comment because it is ridiculous.

brooke on

I usually never comment about her being in a dress, but yea it’s quite cold here in nyc, you see most kids bundled up. I don’t think katie doesn’t put her on a coat to show her dresses off though, I think suri probably says no coat and katie listens. I think suri at 2yrs old runs her parents lol.

kris on

“I sincerely hope this is not a case of “what Suri wants, Suri gets” either.” Unfortunately Nicole I think that’s pretty much the case.

A few days ago a poster here linked to a video of Katie and Suri in the park playing. Katie touched Suri’s arm as if checking to see if she was cold then tried to put a sweater on her. No luck!! She pulled Suri on her lap and put the blanket around her.

Now, in her defense I would think it’s harder for those that are being photographed/video taped all the time to let their child have a tantrum for all the world (literally) to see. They need to just put the summer attire away, pull out the cold weather stuff and be done with it. Just my 2 cents.

Amanda on

She has a Raffie! My daughter has the same Giraffe. It is her back-up lovie that she carries everywhere when her main lovie is dirty.

SH on

Kris – I totally agree with you. Fine if Suri doesn’t want a coat or a sweater – it’s not bitter winter weather – yet…in a short few weeks she’ll NEED a coat. The wrapped half-a**ed in a blanket with her short sleeved dress and no socks won’t cut it come Thanksgiving. Until then…take the summer dress options away! It’s called buy some fall/winter long sleeved dresses and tights/leggings and those are Suri’s options. And at least put some socks on her feet with her shoes, come on! It’s not July, it’s November. It’s not rocket science – it’s common sense. If you do it for yourself, it’s safe to say that your kid needs it too, regardless of the tantrum. That’s called having a 2 year old – Suri is no different than anyone elses 2 year old. I was always even told to put one extra layer on the young ones.

Alice on

I agree Kris. I she doesn’t want to wear a coat Katie can always put tights on her and long sleeved outfits while they’re still at home, that way it’s there and she can’t take them off.

And I knw you can’t tell much about Suri’s life from pics like that but the first one makes me a little sad, it looks like there’s no one else in the park… they are always spotted taking Suri shopping or such in beautiful (expensive) clothes and even for a “normal” playtime in the park there are no other kids. I know it’s only an impression but still. I hope it’s not true.

sil on

again this poor little girl dressed like summer, when is almost winter…
If she doesn’t like coats, well put her a cardigan, or whatever keeps her warm…
Suri is a doll, but I think the Cruise-Holmes family is weird sometimes…and yes, I would say this to Katie and/or Tom’s face.

Happy Halloween to everybody!

Jared Smythe on

Lets start a new website called “Put a coat on Suri”

Katie and Tom never will do it
so let it go and let’s enjoy
the photos thanks Celebrity
baby blog..

NLT on

Of course she cannot put a coat on her, then we couldn’t see the dress! Get it?

Lauren on

I noticed CBB didn’t post pictures of Katie and Suri out on Tuesday night in NYC. Since they weren’t here, I’ll post the link to where they appeared on Just Jared:


It was close to forty degrees Tuesday night in New York. With rain and wind and snow falling in areas as close as half an hour away. And Suri was wearing a short sleeved dress with no coat or tights, blowing on her hands to keep warm.

I could care elss what the reason for her not having a coat is, though I highly suspect that it is because Suri is extremely over-indulged and her parents choose to let her run the show. Those pictures are absolutely repulsive to me and, to be totally honest, really make me wonder about her welfare in general. If Suri were a minority child living in Harlem regularly seen in short sleeves without a coat in this weather, someone would report it. Just because she’s wearing hundred dollar dresses does not mean her needs aren’t being neglected, and as long as Katie keeps this ridiculousness up, she deserves every negative comment people make.

And for those will inevitably try and defend this family, I would *really* love for you to provide one-just one-truly valid reason as to why it is reasonable to take a child out into a forty degree, rainy, windy night with short sleeves and no coat or stockings. If you’re going to argue, at least make an actual argument.


seriously, nothing better to do than to complain about someones parenting? I knew as soon as I saw the picture that 99% of the comments would be about the lack of a jacket/warmer clothing.

Get over it…she isn’t your child. You don’t know the circumstances.

Savannah on

Its really sad to me that evertime i come in to read the comments people are making 95% of them are about Suri not wearing a coat. please people, think of something else to say. and if its an issue for you, make sure your own children are bundled up, you cant control what other people do. and considering the way tom and katie dote on their child, if she was cold, she would be bundled. PLEASE STOP TALKING ABOUT IT

nf on

I always think the same thing even though it is really not my business. I am sure that it is Suri’s choice…remember that Tom’s religion does not “allow” them to tell her no!

angie on

Hey, here is the link of the video where Katie tries to put Suri on a sweater (a very light, btw) and she refuses and she doesn´t insist.


IMO I wouldn´t even leave the car without the sweater on, just look how all the other kids are dressed.

sandra on

I’m a long time reader, first time poster. I’ve seen so many pictures of Suri without a coat in NY and I’ve tried to give this family the benefit of the doubt. I live in Manhattan, I walk everywhere. Maybe some days they don’t feel the cold because they’re in the sun (probably not), but yesterday was bitter cold. It was 40 something and windy. I think a lot of the comments about Suri not wearing a coat are out of concern. When you step outside and need at least a scarf and a long coat to stay warm, you can’t come across these pictures and ignore how Suri is dressed.

Pictures of Suri in this weather baffle me every time. I can’t comprehend dressing a child in a summer dress in this weather. I don’t know what circumstances would make this okay. She’s on a swing, not running from a car. It’s not a heated park. Suri seriously has outstanding tolerance for cold.

sarah on

I saw video of Katie at park with Suri where she tried to put a sweater on her and Suri had a fit. Katie immediately quit trying to force the sweater on her and it was obvious that the child rules the roost.

Betsy on

The child should have a coat on. Full Stop.

Is it our business – we are all on this site – so apparently it is.

Remember when Britney Spears was driving with her child on her lap and people said it was none of our business?

And I too would say something to a mom whose child didn’t have a coat on in the park in 40 degree weather. And the response is if “she doesn’t like it” would be “well I thought you were the parent not the friend.”

They have so much money and they can’t afford an indoor playground in their huge apartment? At Suri’s age children don’t play with other children and she isn’t here so why the need to go out to the park if the child can’t be dressed warmly?

Stephanie D. on

Maybe Suri has sensory issues? Could explain the lack of socks/tights/leggings and nothing on the arms….Even so, children with sensory issues (and I have a child and a nephew with them) need to be dressed apporopriately for the cold weather!!!!

Totally agree that if these were lower class parents being watched & behaving the same way, they would have been swarmed by child protective services by now for neglect….

madison on

Usually I can’t believe how judgemental some of the comments are on this site. But I have to say, with Katie/Suri in NY right now, we are seeing DAILY photos online of her spending time outdoors dressed like its summer. Yes, I too hope we don’t have this debate every day for the next couple of months while Katie is performing on Broadway – but I just don’t think its unreasonable for people to bring it up.

Lauren makes an excellent point, and it applies to all children. If any one of us saw a child daily at the park dressed inappropriately we would question it in our minds, and a great many of us would probably report it. So pointing it out online, I just don’t think its being judgemental or unreasonable.

SH on

I agree with you Lauren, those pictures are ridiculous…even if they are going right to the car. The combination of her light summer attire in NYC November + constantly going from one public place to another every single day…They’re asking for a few day stay at their local hospital with their 2 year old that has flu or pneumonia. Hopefully that childs immune system is strong!

J on

Has anyone actually reported this to anyone since it’s such a hot topic here among concerned people?

With all the worries over little Suri falling ill over this, I would hope that some of these complainers are doing more than just gossiping since they care so much.

Danielle on

I doubt she’ll get sick, but she HAD to be cold. I live in NYC and had my little one bundled yesterday and went to the park and although he completely ignored it, he was COLD!
It’s so funny too because I remember seeing a picture of them last year on a day when it was like 70 degrees here in NYC and all three of them were wearing coats and scarves.

rhonda on

Do they ever put her down?

Dorothy on

Get a life people.It is thier child, let them raise her. Obviously she has not yet died

Tiff on

The matching orange dresses are cute and Suri is amazingly adorable…BUT the video of Suri and Katie in the park is strange. Her arms and nose are red but still Katie can’t get her to put on her sweater? I don’t know, something just seems off.

Kerri on

I seriously do wonder if this is somewhat related to Scientology. It kind of seems like if Suri doesn’t want to do something, her parents won’t push it. I don’t know much about Scientology, but they do have a unique perspective on child-rearing, to say the least. Maybe they teach you aren’t supposed to make kids do what they don’t want to do.

Either way, Katie, seriously, they do also make designer coats, tights, sweaters, etc.

I have to say, Suri sure is a cute kid, but most everything I see about the way she’s being raised rubs me the wrong way.

AmyK on

People are allowed to have an opinion so IN MY OPINION that child is not dressed appropriately for the NYC weather. I live in NYC and it was COLD on Thursday. I picked up my 3 year old from nursery school and he wore his hat and mittens home with his down jacket on too! I don’t know why a 2 year old is being allowed to dress like it’s summer… maybe it’s because she has a sensory integration disorder or maybe it’s against their religion to say no or some such but I do believe that if this were another (read not famous and wealthy) family that was seen day in and day out with the child dressed inappropriately someone would have called cps on them.

jacqui on

I’m with everyone that says Suri is not appropriately dressed for the weather … Montreal has comparable weather to NYC, colder but comparable, and two days ago it was snowing here. And its lovely that their designer dresses are “Hallowe’en themed” but I think – maybe I’m wrong – that most toddlers want to dress for hallowe’en in an actual Hallowe’en costume … cat, witch, pirate …

Kat on

I saw the video of them at the park where Suri was wearing the gray dress… she was CLEARLY in need of a sweater as Katie felt her arm for temperature, then tried to put one on her, however, she didn’t try very hard… Suri tried to shake the sleeve off twice and Katie took it back and wrapped her in the blanket and left.

I know 2 yr olds will be stubborn and throw fits… and there are battles you pick and those you don’t, but in this case, it is time to offer choices, but pick what those choices can be.

like… okay… you can wear this warmer outfit and a sweater, or this lighter outfit and a good jacket, or you can wear this, this, and this, to have you layered.

either way, kid will be warm and also get to feel in control.

CelebBabyLover on

Tiff- Nothing’s “off” in that video, other than perhaps Katie not forcing Suri to put the sweater on. Howver, other than that, Suri was just acting like a two-year-old!

That said, I’m thinking it maybe actually wasn’t all THAT cold in NYC yesterday, as Katie seems to be less bundled than she normally is.

Stephanie D also has a very good point about Suri possibly having sensory issues. I have mild sensory issues myself, and they were worse when I was a kid. Going clothes shopping with/for me usually gave my parents headaches!

I am a lot more tolerant of various textures now, but I still refuse to wear sweaters, sweat pants, or sweat shirts, or any type of long-sleeved shirt (I am also very “hot-blooded”, which is part of it).

I am also known for walking around with my jacket unzipped, even in the middle of winter!

Anyway, my point is that, for all we know, Suri DOES have sensory issues and maybe she truly doesn’t feel the cold that much (as someone who is that way herself, I can tell you that it DOES happen!).

In anycase, thankfully I don’t think we will have this debate for too much longer. As another poster said, come mid-November or so, Katie will HAVE to put a coat on Suri! I doubt very much that Katie would take her daughter out in sub-zero temps without a coat!

Oh, and about the issue of there not seeming to be any other kids in this picture: A commentor on another recent Suri thread pointed out that perhaps, because Katie is famous, other parents don’t want their kids playing with Suri. They may see all the paps and think, “I don’t want to expose my kid to that!”

It could also be that Katie feels awkward asking “normal” people if their kids can play with Suri.

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I also want to add that it’s possible that Katie and Tom didn’t bring any of Suri’s fall/winter clothing with them to NYC.

Lorus on

I was going to stay out of the “Suri needs a coat” discussion but after watching that video made me think twice about my choice. Every other child in that video had pants and a jacket on! I think it’s pretty obvious who is in control in their household.
It reminds me of parents who have told me that their 2 and 3yos ride in a booster like their older siblings because they fussed to much about riding in car seats. “Who is the parent?”

sil on

“Oh, and I also want to add that it’s possible that Katie and Tom didn’t bring any of Suri’s fall/winter clothing with them to NYC”

are you joking? they have LOT’S of money….they can buy hundreds of fall/winter clothes for Suri in NYC…

This is ridiculous…that little girl can’t wear summer clothes on fall, is not because is Suri Cruise, I will say they same about any other kid, and for those who said “Get a life people.It is their child, let them raise her”….well this is a site where people is allowed to post comments, so…what’s the problem? if you don’t like it, then don’t read.

SeanJay on

Suri is not being neglected! Like J said if you all are worried so much go ahead & call the cops on Katie & TOM & stop gossiping about it on a website.

What strangers do w /their kids isn’t any of your business.

Pics of Suri not wearing a coat isn’t ridiculous, all these hateful over the top nosey comments are.

Dorothea on

@Lorus: I totally agree with you. Katie should have insisted on putting on a sweater, a behaviour like this won’t make it easier for her or the kid in the future.

Apart from that: Suri seemed kinda “bored” on that playground ..my son is like vrooming around everytime he’s outside – she should be interacting with other kids of her age! (ok, I know, some kids just need a while and just observe, but Suri seemed really “what am I doing here?!” and a little snobby to me…) She’s way too focused on her mother. No wonder.

And heck yes: Put that kid some clothes on!! I’ve never seen her in a pant! No wonder she can’t really play in dresses like that..

Amy on

“Oh, and I also want to add that it’s possible that Katie and Tom didn’t bring any of Suri’s fall/winter clothing with them to NYC.”

Why would that matter? They’re multi-millionaires. It’s not like they can’t go out and buy her a whole new winter wardrobe should the need arise.

stella on

I live in new york about two blocks from central park. I am one of those people who is ALWAYS cold when everyone else is hot or fine. This past Tuesday, I dressed in jeans, a t-shirt and a sweater. When I got outside I was burning hot in the sun. I walked my dog in central park at the same time when they were in central park and it was HOT in the sun…I had to take my jacket off. There is no way that this is inappropriate. No one knows whether they had a sweater for Suri in the bag or car. There was no need for a sweater, socks, etc in the sun whats so ever. You all need to calm down with the criticism when you have NO idea what you are talking about.

kelpy on

It’s the Cardigan Police again!!
We obviously log on here to enjoy Celebrity Baby Blogs baby & pregnancy photos so lets do just that and NOT rip apart repeatedly the parenting decisions of others (celeb or not).

AmyK on

“What strangers do w /their kids isn’t any of your business.”

I vehemently disagree with you on this one SeanJay…

This type of “look the other way and not get involved” attitude is dangerous as it helps to create an environment where child abuse can flourish…

I am not saying that they are abusing Suri but there are countless cases everyday of children suffering because neighbors etc. ignore the signs because “what strangers do with their kids isn’t any of their business”

As a teacher and mother I do believe it takes a village to raise a child and if my child/ren was/were in danger or hurt I hope someone would step in and help instead of turning a blind eye.

I am not saying to call child services and say “I saw Suri Cruise on a blog with no coat on.” but maybe some less than favorable press/public opinion will make the Cruise family react and dress that baby insome warmer clothes…

Stephanie D on

Just looked at the new pics posted on just jared.
Very disturbing to me, Katie and Tom are smiling away for the crowd/paps while Suri is clearly distressed by the whole scene, covering her ears, head buried into her mothers chest and it looks like she is crying – clearly these daily scenes are too much for this little girl -WHY do K & T keep subjecting her to them???? Ugh. Poor Suri, really, her parents are setting her up for an anxiety disorder, PTSD, ect…
Just disturbing to see her mother and father smiling away while their child is clearly in distress……

Amy on

It always amuses me when people comment on other people commenting. Like you never posted a negative comment? If something wasn’t off in these pictures, then all the comments would be “she is so cute!” But this site would be extremely boring if that’s what everyone said! And for the ones who come to a post just to tell others off for their opinions – shame on you. Half of these posts are just chiding people for commenting without commenting on the actual photo!

Suri is a gorgeous child.

carie on

I don’t get the Cruises at all. Now justjared has pics of them from last nite, posing for pics for the paparazzi. Suri is obviously upset, covering her face and ears, yet they are smiling and posing. And…here’s a shocker. They’re dressed in heavy coats…she’s got on a summer dress. Seriously. I’m just not sure what’s up with those two.

J (agree with Seanjay and a few others) on

Apparently it’s a lot easier to play armchair supermom from behind a computer monitor when it comes to knowing exactly everything a celeb family does just from one video or photo.

Amy it always amuses ME how one celeb family can get bashed and it’s ok if the defense comes out to speak for them. Yet when another celeb family gets bashed it’s not ok to speak up for them. they could be doing the same exact thing and it will be two different reactions.

Kim on

After seeing the aforementioned Just Jared pics, I too am disturbed….and looking back through their archive there are MANY photos in NY where Suri is clearly upset by all the attention while Tom and Katie smile and pose….what is going on with them???

SH on

“What strangers do w /their kids isn’t any of your business.”

That is the most ignorant, irresponsible, pathetic statement I’ve ever read on this site. So if that was true then I guess you don’t agree with Child Protective Services and also the Amber Alert, among others…organizations that rely on “strangers” to come forward if they see something that’s not right with children and to help protect them. Let’s just all turn a blind eye and not care, that will work.

Massiel on

In the comments on the video on x17, a few people commented that Suri may be autistic. I work with autistic kids, and a lot of them have sensory problems, both with anything touching their arms, and that they are insensitive to the cold or heat. A lot of her behaviour could point to the condition…just something to think about, I’m not saying that she is, but it may be worth thinking about.

Mary-Helen on

I don’t live in NY, I live in Windsor and it was so warm on Thursday that my nearly two year old and seven year old weren’t wearing their coats. During the summer, my youngest rarely wore shoes until she was actually walking. Should child services step in too? This child is not in any danger, obviously she is fine and in the video mentioned many times, Suri was whisked away from the park after her refusal to put on the sweater, so I don’t think it’s fair to bash Katie’s parenting when she clearly did not reward Suri for refusing the sweater.
As for the lack of tights, could be possible that Suri is wearing sheer tights of some kind? We’re not really close enough to her in any pics to tell if she is and it kind of looks like she is wearing tights in the second photo. Leave this child and her parents alone. I don’t remember this hoopla when Angelina Jolie bragged about giving Maddox knives, so let’s layoff the coat issue.

Kim on

trust me mary-helen, i see them up close all the time (i live on their block) and that child never has tights.

and i am usually about 20 degrees warmer than everybody else, but it was so cold on thursday that even i was bundled up…

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I just took a look at those photos from Just Jared, and Suri doesn’t look that upset to me, nor is she ever covering her face. She is covering her ears, yes, but not her face. Also, it seems like, for the most part, Katie was smiling at Suri rather than at the paps. In one picture, it even looks like she was smiling to try to reassure Suri.

It looks to me like Suri may not like a lot of noise. I don’t either, and I’ve been that way since I was a kid. Guess what, though? Noise or no noise, there were times when I was a kid that I still had to go to noisy places with my parents.

Noise is a part of life, so kids need to get used to it! All of that said, I also wouldn’t say Tom is really smiling in those pictures. He doesn’t look UNhappy, no, but he isn’t really smiling.

Finally, as indulgent as Tom and Katie seem to be, I doubt they’d have countined “posing” (I have my doubts as to whether they were posing or just smiling as they walked along) if Suri was truly upset. She was probably just a little annoyed and/or tired.

Anyway, moving on…Two cute things I noticed in the Just Jared photos!

1. Suri is clutching a box of PEEPS Halloween Marshmallow Candies.

2. She has her fingernails painted red!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I’m just going to ask this point-blank: Stephanie D, Carie, Dorothea, et. al, if you are so concerned about Suri’s well-being, then why don’t you call up Child Protective Services?

TracyG on

“well this is a site where people is allowed to post comments, so…what’s the problem? if you don’t like it, then don’t read.”

And if YOU don’t like seeing Suri without a coat, DON’T OPEN THE POST! Simple as that…

The autistic comment makes total sense and I was going to say the same thing the other day but I kept my mouth shut for fear that people would blast me for even suggesting a thing. My BFF has an autistic child who, LIKE SURI, doesn’t feel cold. He also doesn’t like any type of fabric on his arms or legs. He FREAKS when she tries to put a sweater or anything with sleeves on him. Her THERAPISTS and DOCTORS told her that as long as he’s not getting sick and he’s comfortable, let him go without a coat. She also gets dirty looks and comments (we live in Ontario, Canada) but she just ignores them.

People, remember, you do NOT KNOW a thing about this little girl other than what you read (and is embellished no doubt) or see in a FRACTION of time in a photo or video.

Also, I love the dresses and I am sure Suri got to wear a costume on Friday night. Who dresses in their costume in the daytime to play at the park? That’s just another excuse to slam Katie IMO.

Bottom line…either call CPS on her or keep your nastiness to yourself!

Dawn on

I live in NYC and it is very chilly . I don’t know what’s wrong with this woman . The baby will still be stunning if you put a jacket over her dresses. Katie has a jacket why not let Suri wear one.

dana on

I think they both look cute! I’m sure Katie is doing what she thinks is best for her child. This is her first child, give her a break! We don’t know the specifics and probably never will.

Stephanie D on

To answer the question directed at me by CelebBabyLover: I wouldn’t call CPS for anything much other than the most blatent abuse/neglect. That whole system is inept/corrupt for the most part (and my sis is a CPS social worker) and honestly, what good would it do for multi-millionaire celeb parents? All I said in regardsd to CPS was that if this were a lower class couple in the same situation, they would have been involved with CPS by now…….
it is funny to me how defensive some people get of celebrities – like they are close family or something! LOL. Celebs can be crappy, selfish parents too! There are a bunch of other ways the Cruise’s could handle these daily scenes with Suri as to not upset her everytime she goes out the door into the public – they parade her around while she clearly doesn’t enjoy it. That, IMHO, is not being a very great parent…..

Bancie1031 on

I love how their dresses match but if I’m being perfectly honest I CAN NOT understand the parent dressing warmly but putting the child in a silk short sleeve dress! And yes I have said something along these lines to a parent out at a park before – so yes I would say the same thing to Tom and Katie. I don’t understand how Suri keeps from getting SICK! Ok u want her to wear a dress …. put a turtleneck on under it, put leggings or tights on under it …. and for goodness sake put a freakin jacket or at least a Sweater on that poor BABY!!! She’s 2! When she gets older than she can decide how she wants to dress or if she wants to wear a jacket/sweater but until then it’s your responsibility as a parent to keep them safe and WARM! You have to keep their best interest at heart!!!! I’m in Georgia and if it’s cold enough here for my 8 year old to wear jeans and a sweat shirt with socks and shoes then I know in New York it’s definitely cold enough to put more clothes on your child than a silk shortsleeve dress! Down here 2 weeks ago my daughter’s school called DFACs (department of Family and Children Services) on 3 families for sending their children to school without a long sleeve shirt/ sweater/ jacket, because it’s considered child neglect to send your child to school without being properly dressed for the weather – I have seen people talking about it on here so just thought that I would comment on the topic.

Des on

I live in California so I have no idea about NY weather but I grew up in Seattle (cold) and back before my own kids, I used to nanny and had a little girl who REFUSED to wear a coat or pants or socks. She would scream and scream and scream. Her mom said just to let her be, if she was cold enough, she would wear it.

I think ragging on them every time a photo comes is lame. With my own kids, sometimes they have no choice, they are wearing it, like it or not. They also do not act like its killing them though like the little girl I used to nanny for. I’m sure her mom knows more about her than we do.

MommyX2 on

I think it’s funny how many people actually defend the fact that the child is not dressed properly. At any rate, everything has already been said, so I won’t post about how ridiculous it is. I do wonder, however, how long it’ll be before we see her with a coat on. I’m betting into December.

CelebBabyLover on

TracyG- “People, remember, you do NOT KNOW a thing about this little girl other than what you read (and is embellished no doubt) or see in a FRACTION of time in a photo or video.”

Exactly! However, I want to point out that, by that same logic, we also have no way of knowing whether Suri has Autism. You can’t tell that just by looking at a few photos or videos.

I promise you, I am in no way trying to “blast” you. I have some “special challanges” (as I like to call them) myself, so I tend to get very sensative and defensive when people assume/think that someone has special needs (I dislike the term disability) just by looking at a photo.

I really, truly hope Suri DOESN’T have Autism. From what I have read, Scientologists see people who have special needs as “degraded beings”, and often don’t seek much, if any treatment for them (part of that, apparently, is because they are opposed to the use of physciatric drugs). Basically, they pretty much ingore the condition.

I learned all this by reading various posts about John Travolata and Kelly Preston, who are also Scientologists. There is plenty of evidence that their son Jett has Autism, and many people think his parents are ignoring his condition.

However, maybe, if Suri DOES have Autism, Tom and Katie will act differently than the Travoltas have. As it is, it is obvious they love Suri more than anything and they speak very openly about her in interviews. The Travoltas, on the otherhand, rarely speak of Jett (I do not, however, believe they don’t love him).

All of that said, Suri could very well have Sensory issues without having Autism, or she could just be a defiant two year old!

CelebBabyLover on

MommyX2, we’re not defending the way she’s dressed as much as we’re pointing out that there may be a reason for the way she’s dressed that we don’t know about it (sensory issues, maybe she doesn’t feel the cold that much, etc.).

TracyG- I forgot to say in my last post that I do agree with the rest of your post!

Bancie1031- First of all, cold does not cause people to get sick. It’s germs that do that. The reason why people get sick more in the winter is because they tend to be spending more time inside, usually in close proxamity to other people. Therefore, it is easier for germs to spread.

Anyway, I also want to add that Suri could very well have a very strong immune system. I happen to have one as well. I usually have one cold a year, if even that.

TracyG on

Celebrity Baby Lover:

Thanks for your comments. I agree with you about the autism, but it just “seems” that it would make sense KWIM?

I also agree that Suri could very well have sensory issues outside of autism. We often see her covering her ears when it’s crowded or people are shouting and that could also be a factor if she has sensory issues.

Thanks for being respectful in your observations, I always find your posts to be insightful and thoughtful without the nastiness that some of the readers here seem to thrive on!

TracyG on

Oh and before anyone sees another photo and gets all bent out of shape, it’s supposed to be warming up in NY as well as Ontario the next few days – into the high 60’s low 70’s (at least here).

SH on

I really don’t think this is a case of sensory issues or autism. I have a sneaky feeling that this is a case of Suri not having the word “NO” in her vocabulary…which is fine, it’s their daughter, and hopefully that won’t come back to bite Tom and Katie in the butt one day. That said, there’s a fine line between picking your battles and giving basic care to your kids. If this is a “what Suri wants, Suri gets” case, and if they’re letting her go out in November dressed in summer dresses because she throws a fit, then what else are they letting her do? Are they also letting her eat candy for breakfast because she wants to? Are they brushing her teeth even though all 2 year olds protest to that? Are they making her sit in a car seat while driving in their limos? Will she be wearing diapers til she’s 5 because she doesn’t want to go on the potty? Sometimes you have to be the bad guy when you’re a parent. Kids need rules and boundries or they WILL find ways to walk all over you.

CelebBabyLover on

TracyG- Good point about it warming up. Where I live (which is in the midwestern part of the U.S.), it’s been “Indian Summer” lately as well. 🙂

Ann Sue on

Having a son with SPD, I can almost assure you Suri has the disorder. Her body language, the way she holds her hands, lack of eye contact in photos, doesn’t want clothing on her upper body. Many types of fabrics feel like scratchy wool, even if it’s the softest of cotton. Sensory kids tend to be very bright, but are off socially. As they become older (in mild )and with therapy these wonderful children can function as “typical” kiddos. I DO NOT think she has autism at all, sensory issues, most definitely.