Tina Fey: Alice's Backpack is Almost Bigger Than She Is

10/30/2008 at 07:00 PM ET
Luis Guerra/Ramey

For most kids, the start of school comes with a whole lot of perks: new friends, fun snacks, and getting to pick out their very first backpack. According to the creator of 30 Rock, Tina Fey, her 3-year-old daughter Alice Zenobia is no different from any other toddler her age and has been — proudly — sporting her backpack every opportunity she gets. Although Tina — who has turned her dressing room into a makeshift playroom for her daughter — jokes that Alice’s bag "takes up the entire size of her torso," the 38-year-old mom can’t help but think "it’s pretty cute." However, like most preschoolers, the backpack is more for show and the fact that there is usually not much to carry doesn’t seem to bother Alice in the least!

"She’s really proud of it. If you say to her, ‘What’s in your backpack?’ She’s really cocky and says, ‘Nothing.’ There’s nothing in it. She just carries it."

Alice is Tina’s daughter with husband, music producer Jeff Richmond. Missed Tina’s appearance on Conan earlier this week? Catch up here!

Source: USA Today

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St├ęph on

That’s so cute!
She doesn’t care that it’s empty, she wants people to know that she’s going to school, that she’s a big girl, so cute!!

I love Tina and Alice! Tina looks like such a great mom.

g!na on

lol. my daughter was the same way! The backpack was bigger than her but she was so proud to show off that she was going to preschool! Bless their little cute hearts!

grammar? on

The title should read “Alice’s backpack is almost bigger than she.” because the implied statement is “Alice’s backpack is almost bigger than she [is big].”

Jane on

I really enjoy Tina Fey on SNL- she has provided lots of laughs. A few of her comments about her daughter, or about interactions with her daughter, though, seem a little mocking. To make a comment to a child such as “What’s in your backpack” or others I have read seem to be jokes at her expense- the daughter may not realize that such a question is a joke kind of making fun, but kids do pick up on it when they are being mocked, and they don’t like it! Just to be cautious because there’s a fine line between laughing with and laughing at, and “laughing at” can create insecurities, defensiveness, and anxieties in children!

brooklyn on

Her daughter will grow up with an awesome sense of humor! My daughter was the same way-she loved her backpack-and it too, was empty!

jordyn on

Jane- how is saying “Whats in your backpack?” mocking a child? She was just sharing a cute story about how Alice walks around with an empty backpack. Alot of kids, including mine, will walk around with empty backpack even though they are not old enough to go the school.

SMC on

Jane, I honestly cannot understand how the question, “What’s in your backpack?” can be perceived as mocking a child. It’s not like Tina said she stands around with other adults and they point and laugh at Alice while saying, “She thinks it’s cute that she has a backpack but there’s nothing even in it!” I swear, people read entirely too much into things.