Soleil Moon Frye and Jason Goldberg Renew Wedding Vows

10/30/2008 at 03:00 PM ET

They do — again! After 10 years of marriage, actress and The Little Seed co-owner Soleil Moon Frye and her husband, producer Jason Goldberg, renewed their vows this past Saturday evening at their Hollywood Hills home.

Joined by their daughters Poet Sienna Rose, 3, and Jagger Joseph Blue, 7 months — as well as friends Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher and Eric Dane — the couple reaffirmed their love for each other at sunset in their garden. Poet, who told her parents, "I want to get married!" was held during the ceremony. Soleil, 32, tells PEOPLE,

"Besides the days my children were born — and my first wedding — it was the best night of my life."

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Source: PEOPLE

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Chantelle on

“Besides the days my children were born — and my first wedding — it was the best night of my life.”

Hahaha, I thought she was referring to a previous marriage! I was just like, “WTF?!”

They have a beautiful family. 🙂

Lisa on

What a beautiful and wonderful family. Poet is absolutly adorable look at that hair… shes gorgeous! Jagger is adorable too, and i think she looks big for 7 months but shes still very very cute =]

lola on

poet is so pretty ! i love her hair and jagger is soooo cute

Irene on

Soleil looks stunning! I think she’s one of the most beautiful stars, just so naturally pretty. And could those kids be ANY cuter?! Poet’s hair is to-die-for and Jagger’s eyes are amazing. Love this family.

tiffanyyy on

I didn’t grow up watching her on tv, but I must say that her kids are absolutely ADORABLE! Little Jagger and Poet are super cute!

Philippa on

That is the cutest picture ever! And I can’t believe they’ve been married for 10 years already,wow!
Jagger’s adorable, and so is Poet, her hair is getting so long!

NAT on

WOW! 10 years i didnt know that. so good for them. i have to say poet looks more like her daddy and jagger more like mommy. they are such a gorgeous family!

t. on

I love Poet’s curls and Jaggers rosey little cheeks!!

Christina on

What a GORGEOUS family! Sincerely, they are beyond gorgeous!

Sarah on

What a lovely family photo of their special day!

Christine on

Beautiful children and Soliel looks gorgeous!

…and the more I hear it, the more I love the name Jagger for her daughter! It’s a really cool name!

brooklyn on

Cute family. Poet Sienna Rose is a beautiful name!

Angi R Dudas on

Soleil and I are the same age. I grew up watching her. To see her happy with her family. It’s a nice thing to see. My husband and I will be married 8 years in March. How time flies. Her babies are lovely.

Jennifer on

Such a beautiful family. Poet and Jagger are such cuties! 🙂

brooke on

Soleil is pretty and she seems so nice, both her girls are cuties and look like her.

danielle on

Cute girls, my own two girls are almost identical in ages.

Looks like they have one each, as in, in that photo Poet is the image of her father and Jagger sure looks like mom. 🙂

Brandi on

What a beautiful family. 10 years! Congratulations.

Tricia on

The family is gorgeous . . . but why oh why did she name her daughter Jagger Joseph? If a girl isn’t super-feminine, she will have trouble pulling this off. One of our friends named her daughter with a feminine first name, masculine middle (after a deceased uncle), but at least she has a girl’s name up front. Why do parents make things even harder for their kids?

Tanya on

I don`t understand why they named their babygirl an all boys name Jagger Joseph Blue like they hoped for a boy so much they didnt accept that a babygirl deserves a girls name. They could have kept Jagger and added maybe Josephine or Johanna.. Especially since this girl doesnt look like a tomboy, she looks like a very feminine little girl.

DLR on

I went to read that People article and wow, 50 surgeries to repair the injuries from that car accident! It is amazing she is able to get pregnant considering how invasive the surgeies must have been and all the ensuing inner scar tissue that could very well have impeded fertilization. Congrats to her and hope it is a healthy pregnancy and birth!

Elizabeth on

What a great photo. Soleil is absolutely gorgeous and her little ones are so cute. Jason’s pretty good looking too.

Bancie1031 on

I absolutely love Poets HAIR … LOOK AT THEM CURLS!!!! Gorgeous family.

Shannon on

Congrats, what a wonderful story. I much prefer to hear this instead of all the husband swapping and divorces we usually hear from the media. Thanks for reporting this CBB! A gorgeous family indeed. I can’t believe they have been married 10 years. I remember her when she was about 10 on Punky Brewster.

Patterson on

And this is why the passing of CA Prop 8 is so tragic. These beautiful moments should be openly and easily created by all couples.