Salma Hayek Unknowingly Steals Eva Mendes' Baby Name Choice

10/30/2008 at 05:00 PM ET

Sounds like CBB readers aren’t the only ones getting their baby names "stolen!"

"[She] took my baby name, though. Valentina Paloma. I was like, ‘Salma, you took my baby name.’ And she’s all, ‘What are your other ones so that I don’t take them."

Eva Mendes on her friendship with Salma Hayek and future children

Source: Latina


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brooke on

LOL how funny. I love the name valentina is so girly and pretty, but it’s not over used or weird. It makes me think of a dark hair exotic pretty girl, and salma’s daughter fits that description perfectly. She’s one of the prettiest babies IMO

peachpye on

I LOVE the name Valentina!

Erica Ann on

Lol-This reminds me of that Sex and the City episode where they go to Laney’s baby shower, and Charlotte is shocked when she finds out Laney was going to name the baby Shayla if it was a girl, and Charlotte was like “That’s my future daughter’s name…I picked it in 3rd grade!!!”

Michelle on

I think Valentina is one of the cutest celeb babies out there. Such a beautiful little girl.

Lilybett on

I feel a bit funny about my sister stealing all the family baby names. She had four kids quite young before the rest of the siblings started breeding, but she used our brother’s names for her sons’ middle names. What if he wanted to use them for his own kids?

I know it’s silly when our kids don’t exist yet, but it still feels selfish of her somehow.

Andria on

Lilybett – Is a middle name really stealing? I can see it being weird if it’s a first names because most people don’t want all the cousins walking around with the same first names, but middle names are often repeated, aren’t they? If your brothers want to use it why wouldn’t they?

Lilly on

That kind of happened to me. I’ve had a name picked out for years and my best friend, who is currently pregnant, said she loved the name and she might use it on her soon-to-be born daughter.

MB on

I understand that Lilybett. My husband and I are expecting our first child and he wanted to use the names of a couple of his cousins for our short list. Seeing as neither of his cousins have had kids yet (my husband is the 2nd grandchild to have a baby in his family) I said no because they may want to name their future sons after them. I felt like somehow we’d be stealing the name, even though they haven’t specifically “laid a claim” to it.

Jae on

LOL That’s funny how us women can get all protective of names for kids we haven’t even planned on having. I remember me and my best friend used to choose our future baby names when we were kids and were reluctant to share them with each other out of fear one would “steal” it. lol Too funny. I also love the name Valentina. Funny how much a name can influence how people perceive you.

Valene on

Valentina is sooooo close to my name. I’ve been patiently waiting for my name to make it’s way to the stars… close….my name is Valene, pronouced – VAL – LEEN …you may have heard it before… Knots Landing… ring a bell? From the 80-90’s. it’s a cute name right?? Feel free to use it all you Hollywood Moms!!! Let me know what you think.

Scotti on

This honestly makes me soo happy to hear. All my friends and myself all have names we love and kind of protect. I always kind of thought we were kind of odd maybe for being all protective over them.
I know when we heard mis-information about my best friend’s brother-n-law’s son and thought it to be one name, I FLIPPED a lid because it was the name I’ve had protected for YEARS. Lucky turned out to be wrong!

floh on

Valentina was a super popular name in Argentina these last 10 years! The trend has died down a bit now (I’m guessing it’s because it was so overused). It is a very pretty, girly name.

I’m now seeing more boys named “Valentino”.

Marie on

Wow… last I checked, no one’s trademarked a name, meaning anyone can use whatever they want, regardless is someone “called it first”. Unless you made up the name yourself, I don’t see how you can get bent out of shape over a name that someone else might end up finding and liking too. This just sounds like such an immature gripe… Wah, someone else used a name I wanted. First come, first served, right? And if someone else uses a name you want? You can still use it too! No one’s stopping you. If that were the case, there wouldn’t be so many Jennifers and Jacobs and Aidans and whatever over-used names there are out there. So name your kids, let others name theirs and move on!

Marie on

Oh and back on topic, I think it was a funny comment. And the name is beautiful too.

m-dot on

This is so funny! I have a list of baby names I’ve kept a seceret for years. Not even my best friend knows any of them for fear her stealing it, or mentioning it to someone who will. lol

SouthernBelle on

Let’s face it…there are people out there that just get a kick out of changing the names they had previously picked out to the ones you like. There is a very weird catty thing that goes on between some women (and it’s really strong in some families) that they truly revel in the fact that they’ve taken a name before you could use it. Case in point…and I’ve told this story on CBB before…my SIL said she absolutely HATED the name I had picked for my soon-to-be-born daughter and she didn’t see how I could possibly give a child that ugly name. I was young and impressionable, so I changed the name for fear people would think it was an ugly name. She had her daughter after my daughter was born and she used the “ugly, horrible name that she HATED” for her own little girl. Now, there is no other explanation for that stunt than pure cattiness (and possible jealousy?) and it happens all the time. No, I didn’t have a trademark on the name, but it doesn’t take a genius or a psychologist to figure THAT one out.

Marie on

SouthernBelle, that must have stung incredibly when she pulled that crap on you. When I was pregnant, I made comments a few times to select people about what we were tossing around for names. I didn’t want to tell everyone because I didn’t want to hear, “Oh, I know a so-and-so!” and how they do or don’t like the person (I had enough of that from my husband alone! lol). Or the inevitable, “hmm..that’s…interesting…” I didn’t want anyone’s opinions on MY baby’s name. I didn’t care if people liked it or not, BUT I was also afraid I’d end up doing exactly what you did and let someone else “scare” me out of a name. I do sympathize with you on what she did; it wasn’t nice. But is it possible that maybe the name grew on her? I know, probably not likely, but just trying to find a way to make it sting less for you…

And, on topic, I think it’d be funny if Eva had a little girl and named her Paloma Valentina 🙂 Or a boy named Valentino.

wildorchid969 on

I realize that names aren’t trademarked, but it still hurts just the same. Before I had my daughter, I loved the name Taylor (yes I realize that’s a popular name), but we would nickname her tator tot. I relayed this information to a co-worker who stole my entire idea… nickname and all.. It’s just spiteful I think to do that to someone.

Sarah on

I had the most original and beautiful name picked out. I had been looking for names for years. I finally found the best one to go with my surname. It was Milana. I told my best friend, when she was pregnant. But I also told her she couldnt have it as I had already picked it out for my future baby. Now I’m pregnant a day after she gave birth. She went behind my back! I feel like she stabbed me in the back. Plus she wants me to be the godmother to her child!