Ashlee Wants the Temperature at 34 Degrees, Jokes Pete Wentz

10/30/2008 at 06:00 PM ET
Kevin Mazur/Wireimage

Despite his list of scheduled interviews, make no mistake, Pete Wentz is "permanently on-call right now," the singer tells Ryan Seacrest. With the nearing due date of his wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, according to a very excited Pete, "it could happen at any point now." While Pete cannot wait to meet the new addition, it is Ashlee who "just wants it to be over." In the final stretch and very uncomfortable, Pete shares that "she wants to have it because, it’s like a struggle to go up and down the stairs…going out in public is insane." As the couple counts down the arrival in California, it seems that Ashlee would much rather be anywhere else but the golden state! Pete laughs,

"She’s hot all the time. She’s like, ‘I wish I was in Canada right now.’ Our room temperature is set to like, 34 degrees. It’s insane!"

After making several hints in the past that they were expecting a boy, Pete reveals that they have managed to keep their original plan of a delivery surprise. Unsure of the sex of their new baby, Pete says that any final decisions on a name — which according to the soon-to-be dad has to jive for either a "rock star or a senator" — will have to wait until the birth. Pete jokes,

"My brother was almost a Duncan, and he’s Andrew now. I think it might have ruined his life more if he was a Duncan."

Source: On-Air with Ryan Seacrest

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StΓ©ph on

Here in Canada it’s freezing, it’s like 0 degrees, we even had snow yesterday, for the first time this year!

I would love to be in California right now!

Can’t wait to see their baby.

Lisa on

yay it seems as though ashlee is due any day now! and let me just tell u pete wentz is the most confusing guy on the planet! first ashlee is not pregnant, then the baby is 90% chance being a boy whatever that means, then the baby is due around thanksgiving. Well maybe he wanted to trick us and he did! I still dont no if i believe its a delivery suprise but as long as its a healthy baby we all are happy! Well i hope she has the baby soon, she sounds so uncomfortable like “just let me have my body back!” the first 3 months are the worst, and the middle of the pregnancy is enjoyable but those last weeks are sooo hard so im thinking she will have the baby with in a week which is super exciting! And poor thing her being so hot… i know how she feels! Good luck on the delivery!

Erica on

I just have this inkling that she’s going to go this weekend. I can’t wait to see what they have!

Lily on

Lisa, I agree.

Pete has my head spinning from all the supposed due dates and talk about the sex of the baby. Either way, it’s their decision.

I’m hoping he or she is born soon because I definitely feel Ashlee’s pain but on a more selfish note, I can’t wait to hear the name. They’re pretty creative, or at least Pete is, so I’m sure it’ll be something unique.

DB on

Congrats to both !! But why does everyone think Canada is such a cold place? I live in Southern Ontario and our summers are even hotter than some southern U.S. states!! It’s a funny yet cute misconception.

brooklyn on

I totally agree with you DB. Some people seem to think it’s like freezing here year round. Although, it is cold now, it’s not like we are the Artic. lol. Anywhoo, can’t wait till they have there little one =)

meghan on

man – i was just there… i was burning up at the end. when i got home to my a/c – i couldn’t believe how cold i had set it!

brooke on

Can’t wait to hear the baby’s name

halifaxhoney on

LOL @ the freezing Canada stuff. I live in Nova Scotia and find it amusing when people ask me if there is snow here all year round.

But it is cool enough for me to wish I was in California!

I’m dying to know what they are going to have! I guess it won’t be too much longer!

Kelly on

Well i know if its a boy the babys name will be Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz The 4th as thats what Pete promised his dad but if its a girl i will bet shes going to have one of the cutest names =)

CelebBabyLover on

Is it possible that, after that one scan showed the baby was a boy, subsequent ones showed that that might NOT be the case and Pete and Ashlee decided to stick with not finding out the sex?

Also, looking back at the interview where Pete said it was likely a boy, what he actually said was, “We know with 90 percent accuracy that it’s a boy”. That leads me to believe that it’s possible he was saying that jokingly, as in that he and Ashlee were convinced it was a boy, NOT that they had actual proof it was!

Anyway, it looks as though, if the baby is a boy, they will NOT be going with Peter Wentz the 4th!

Sarah on

I say she will have the baby tomorrow, on Halloween! I remember when my sis-in-law was expecting her first, she kept begging to go to antarctica

Sarita on

When I read the headline I didn’t understand why she would want the temperature so high.

MB on

Thank you Pete! My husband has secretly been hoping I will agree to name our baby Duncan, if the baby is a boy (it’s a fav. name of my FIL’s). I copied over this post and emailed it to my DH. :-p

Ash on

All that bugs me is that Pete takes the public for idiots. The only reason people wanna read about him and Ashlee is that they are interested and genuinley care. That should be an honor and not be taken lightly as they would sure miss it if the attention was gone. Theres no need to screw us all around – you aren’t that important, Pete.

So the baby boy that was due around Thanksgiving is now a delivery surprize due any day now (a month earlier than stated.) Pete also ran his mouth about all the stuff about NOT wanting a delivery surprize because of nursery colors and suchlike… but then, right before that, he had said a delivery surprize would be cool. Gosh he confuses me!

I am with the original reports from the family source who leaked that the baby is a girl and is due at Halloween. This makes far more sense. Baby Girl Wentz will be making her debut any day now – I am pretty excited to hear of the arrival and hope all goes well for Ashlee. I just hope Pete can stop all his head-game stuff after the pregnancy is over! But knowing him he will announce the wrong gender and name for a few weeks just to keep us on our toes! on

I’m also due in two weeks and could go any time…but I’m chasing (very slowly at this point) two other children around which makes me even more ready to have this over and get my body back…not to mention how excited I am to meet this little girl inside of me!

And I’m in Wisconsin which is cold (we too have had a light dusting of snow this year already) and I don’t have a warm jacket that fits so I’m just running (again, very slowly) from the house to the car to the store and back.

It’ll be a fun night trick or treating with my kids tonight! Brrrrr!

Jennifer on

Poor Canadians!! 😦

I hope they grow up a bit when the baby comes. They just seem to make a lot of comments without thinking first…

Irish on

I really hate when Americans think we in Canada live in igloos, for god sake, we don’t live in the north pole. Buffalo gets much more snow and cold then Southern Ontario (which is where I live). Good luck to you both with the new little one !!

Angel on

Some pregnancies seem to last forever but it seems to me that Ashlee’s is flying by. Maybe it’s because I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of her hugely pregnant like Naomi Watts or Jennifer Garner. She seems so tiny.

French maman on

Ha ha Sarita, I think they mean 34 degs fahrenheit, rather than centigrade! Being from France I too was rather confused to start with!

Gianna on

I’ve never understood why people get upset or feel slighted when a star doesn’t share private info. We aren’t entitled to know these private things.

And I don’t think Pete should feel it’s an ‘honor’ to have people interested in his wife’s pregnancy at all. We ALL have people interested in the details of our private affairs, be it co workers, in-laws or neighbors. We all get people asking us questions with the misguided idea that they have the right to know, or that they ‘genuinely care’. Fortunately for us, WE get to call them nosey πŸ˜‰ And we certainly don’t feel honored by strangers asking us our business.

I don’t think Pete should have to give up the right to privacy because he has ‘fans’. Put in the same position, most of us share details with the people we WANT to share info with, not strangers who are ‘interested’ in us.

Brandi on

Well the thing that bothers me is I think celebs either need to be honest or say nothing at all, just confirm that you are pregnant and maybe when you are due. The whole playing a game with the press thing Pete is doing is just making me annoyed, its not cute or funny.

Anyhow, I am excited to see what they have and I also bet Ashlee will deliver very soon.


I bet that Ashlee has only a few days(three days,for example)left.I still don’t understand If they will have a delivery surprise or they know the sex!

Max'sMom on

I still say girl & it would indeed be cool if they had here today, on Halloween.
It would just kind of fit.

Laura on

It wouldn’t suprise me if they went for a planned C-section on Halloween, at midnight! πŸ™‚ And the child would be named Ivy, Willow, Autumn Rain or Jack or something else Burtonesque. πŸ™‚

marcia on

i think that the new baby is going to be a girl … so lovely!

hilary on

i really dont enjoy americans thinking we canadians live in the arctic. i live in Newfoundland, and it was 19 degrees celsius yesterday.

i sure hope they give the baby a cute name though. and his parents were definetly right about not choosing the name duncan. everytime i hear it it makes me think of duncan hines cake!

SMC on

I’m sure Ashlee didn’t mean to offend anyone from Canada. Please remember that she HAS been to Canada before, and maybe the part she went to was much colder than what she’s used to in California. I live in southern California and just a couple of days ago it was 93 degrees. I don’t think she was implying that it’s like the artic in Canada, but probably just much cooler than the awful heat here in Cali. I don’t understand why people get so worked up over a silly statement anyway.

dee on

I’m sure that it isn’t just Americans who generalize Canada as being a big cold tundra. You call your country “The Great White North” for crying out loud. So excuse others if it doesn’t exactly illicit scenes of tropical breezes and coconut drinks.

Bancie1031 on

Has anyone seen a picture of her belly lately? The last picture that I seen of her belly she looked like she was only about 4 or 5 months pregnant. I can’t believe it’s almost time for her to give birth already.

Erica on

The comment about her wanting to be in Canada could have stemmed from the fact that Fall Out Boy was JUST in Canada…Toronto, Ontario to be exact almost a week ago and it was ridiculesly cold for the end of October. I honestly don’t think she was just making an overgeneralization.