Jenny McCarthy Conserves Her Energy For Evan and Others

10/30/2008 at 04:30 PM ET
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The good times continue for Jim Carrey and Evan Joseph Asher, the 6-year-old son of Jenny McCarthy, turning 36 on Saturday. In a new interview with OK!, Jenny says that her son — like many boys — is into "dinosaurs and flying dragons" and, generally, "anything that can destroy people." Including, it seems, Darth Vader. Recently, Evan came out of his bedroom dressed as Darth and began to recite some of the dialogue from the Star Wars film; Jim, an avid Star Wars fan himself, "completely picked up the dialogue and they had an entire scene together," according to Jenny.

"It was the most surprising, awesome thing a mom could ever witness."

Regardless, Jenny reiterated that she is most definitely done having kids. "I feel like my energy is best served continuing Evan’s progress and helping thousands of other moms who need direction to get their kids better," she said. When that energy is running low, Jenny does try to carve out some time for herself — even if it is hanging out in her hotel room watching Judge Judy

"I always make sure I do something for myself even if it’s taking a bath twice a week with no one bothering me. But in terms of balance and being a mom there’s really no such thing. It’s always lopsided."

Evan is Jenny’s son with ex-husband John Asher. Her new book, Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds, is on shelves now.

Source: OK!

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tink1217 on

OMG! Reciting the Star Wars stuff…my son does the same thing with his daddy all the time. In fact, he is Darth Vader for Halloween this year! He came in my room last Saturday morning and laid down with me. I rolled over and closed my eyes and a few minutes later he tapped me on the shoulder. I turned to face him…he was wearing his Darth mask and in that Darth voice…”I am your father!” “Don’t make me destroy you!” It cracked me up completely!!

I bet life with Evan and Jim is just amazing! I know my husband and son(who is autistic also) have the best times together.

lilith on

Regarding her book, is she really claiming that she “healed” her son’s autism?

Silvermouse on

I don’t know if I like Jenny’s view on vaccines causing autism; being mildly autistic myself, I have no vengence for vaccines just because of a psychological disorder. She should accept that her son just has autism rather than treating it as a “disease”. Maybe it’s my psychological background that influences my judgement, but it just enforces the stigma that is attached to people with psychological disorders to regard it as something that can be cured. . . it leaves a sour taste in my mouth. I think we should understand that there are side effects to any vaccine, but the main purpose of a vaccine at that age is to prevent even WORSE diseases than autism, so by getting rid of those shots even for a few years would bring total chaos.

Rachel on

It concerns me very much that Ms. McCarthy has chosen to exploit her son in the manner in which she has. It is questionable that her son is truly autistic, and sad that she would give parents false hope in believing that autism can be ‘cured’. If her son has been cured of something it certainly isn’t autism. However, she is very good at selling lot’s of books, and charging huge fee’s to be on the national lecture circuit.
Misuse of power, and exaggerating a child’s condition to further yourself financially and gain attention and fame is frightening on so many levels. Vaccines do not now, nor have they ever caused autism. Making such statements is fear mongering, and implies that the thousands and thousands of physicians and researchers which has disproved this theory over and over again, are somehow all conspiring to lie to the public just so that pharmaceutical companies can make more money. How likely is that? Parents who are desperate and looking for someone to hold accountable for their children’s conditions will fall victim to this nonsense very quickly. I feel sad for them, and ashamed of this woman, as we all should.