T.I. Opens Up About His Biggest Heartbreak

10/29/2008 at 02:00 PM ET
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During a Tuesday appearance on The Tyra Banks Show, T.I. — whose real name is Clifford Harris — shared that the stillbirth of his daughter Llayah Amour in 2007 was one of the biggest heartbreaks of his life. "It’s tough," the 28-year-old multi-platinum rapper admits. "God blessed me with the strength to move on." Much of that strength was derived from his remaining children, T.I. said, and it is those same children he will miss the most once he begins serving a one year prison sentence in 2009 for illegal weapons possession. Whether the reality of his upcoming, extended absence has truly registered with the kids remains to be seen, however.

"We had a conversation about it early on, of course, but until it actually happens they’re not really gonna understand. It’s gonna go in one end and out the other until that day comes."

T.I. is father to Messiah Ya’Majesty, 8, and Domani Uriah, 7, with ex-girlfriend Lashon Dixon, Deyjah Imani, 7, with another ex, and Clifford "King" Joseph III, 4, Major Philant, 5 months, and Llayah with fiancée Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle, who also has a daughter Zonnique, 12.

Source: The Tyra Banks Show

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anna on

I can’t possibly imagine how painful that must have been.

aly on

interesting names for kids lol.

Bb on

I’m a massive fan of his, wish him and his family the best.

Jess on

I know the pain T.I. is speaking about. I can only describe it as immense. It’s hard, really hard.

For that split second when you wake up, you forget everything and then all the pain comes back and it hits you all over again. I wish T.I. and his family my best wishes and prayers to help them through this terrible time. Many seem to forget even years on, the pain is still there, still eating away at you. It always will be I suppose…you just have to learn to cope.

Laurie on

I also had a still birth, a baby girl in feb 2007. It was my first child. Somehow you do find the strength to go on, but you never ever forget.

Nikka on

that is a lots of kids with lots of different people at such a young age !! I dont know him, but i am so sorry that his baby was born stillbirth. It reminded me a tragedy of Keanu Reeves, that is so sad and my heart goes to all the parents who have to endure such a heartbreak

Me on

WOW – with so many children and the fact that he doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon bringing more babies into the world, you’d think he would act responsible enough to NOT break the law and go to prison. What kind of example is he setting for his kids? I hope that he spends his year in jail thinking about how he can grow up and be a role model for his children.

Despite that, I hate hearing that any parent has lost a child. That is something that nobody should ever have to go through.

Sarita on

I feel bad for his children and his fiancee for having such an irresponsible father/fiancee. Especially since their baby died, I’m sure she could use his support instead he decided to risk going to prison. I have no sympathy for this man. It seems like he has no idea what he is doing with life.

cdneal on

Wow. I’m suprised at some of the comments that have been made here. People make mistakes and learn from them. He made a mistake and now he is accepting the responsibility for what he did.

If you were to watch the interview in it’s entirety you would see that the reason that he is going to jail is because he wanted to protect himself and his family.

No less than a year prior to his arrest his best friend was gunned down and killed in a car with him. The bullets were meant for him (TI). Someone wanted him dead and instead killed his best friend someone he had grown up with. He blamed himself for his friend dying and at the time of his arrest, the police had not arrested anyone for the crime. He didn’t want anyone else in his family to be harmed to in a moment of poor judgement he decided to purchase firearms to protect them especially since the people that killed his friend were still out there.

While I do not condone what he did, I don’t think people here should make such rush judgements without knowing what happened.

Kelly on

Wow, aly, really? On an article about something as tragic as a stillborn child, all you really have to comment on is how you find his children’s names amusing. This is pretty serious you know. This really isn’t the place for something like that. It’s really kind of insensitive, and is one of those opinions you should keep to yourself.

Jenna on

Sarita, is it really your place to judge a person you don’t even know? I agree completely with cdneal. No matter what a person has done, it’s pretty hard not to have sympathy for them. Imagine if someone didn’t like you and would go around saying that they have zero sympathy for you if you were to have a stillborn. Put yourself in his situation for a minute. He’s going to prison because of the weapons he bought to protect his family, feels guilty about the death of somebody close to him, and on top of all this, has had to endure the grief that comes with losing a child. How can you say “I’m sure she could use his support instead he decided to risk going to prison” are you saying that he tried to go to prison or something? Do you have any idea how ignorant you sound? It’s a pretty painful thing for a person to go through that, and I have to say that your comment almost makes me wish it on you. My heart goes out to T.I and his family and I hope he can learn from his mistake and I hope that time will make the pain more bearable.