Pete Wentz 'Excited, Anxious' to Meet New Baby

10/29/2008 at 12:00 PM ET
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Wtih his wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz due to deliver the couple’s first child any day, Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz is en route to the United States because "the clock is ticking." In a new interview with the Courier Mail, Pete, 29, says he is both "excited" and "anxious" about the upcoming birth — which he clarified does not involve twins! — and likens his emotions to those he might experience at a rock concert.

"It feels like when you’re watching the opening band and you’re like, ‘When is this band I love coming on stage? I want to see them, I want to get to meet them.’ As soon as I get home I’ll be waiting."

The surreal element to pregnancy is only magnified when both parents-to-be are celebrities; it is something that Pete — who describes himself as a "sentimental pessimist with a dab of self-deprecating narcissism" — knows all too well. "Dude, we’re going to hospital in a bulletproof van and we have security all around us so all I need to focus on is making sure my wife is safe and the baby is safe," he said. While fans of Fall Out Boy will need to brace themselves for Pete’s self-imposed paternity leave, he said his absence is only temporary.

"Honestly my son or my daughter is the most important thing in my agenda. My child will be the most important thing in my life. That’s what I need to focus on. But at the same time it won’t get in the way of Fall Out Boy. Fall Out Boy’s new record has been designed to work around that."

Click ‘more’ for Pete’s thoughts on celebrity baby photoshoots.

The couple remain undecided on whether or not they’ll pose for a magazine cover with baby-on-the-way. "Someone makes money off the photo of your baby no matter what," Pete observes. "Should it be your baby or possibly a charity rather than a photo agency? Probably." While "there’s not been an offer that’s been accepted," Pete and Ashlee, 24, have clearly weighed the pros and cons of the situation; He goes on to ask,

"Do you shield your baby completely from that or do you take the money and put it in a trust to pay for their college or a charity I believe will be a part of your heart in 10 years. I don’t know. We haven’t hit the crossroads yet. Brad and Angelina raised the bar by about $15 million…We’re probably not there."

Fall Out Boy’s new album Folie a Deux will be available December 16th.

Source: Courier Mail

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Cheyenne on

I can’t wait!!

Crystal on

I think it’s a boy just because he said “my son” first but who knows!

Fifi on

I can’t wait for this baby to be born, it seems like Ashlee has been pregnant forever!!

Rye on

Didn’t he already confirm to awhile ago that it was like 95% a boy?? Why is he saying “my son or my daughter” when he was so sure about it being a boy a couple months ago??

Snow on

Didn’t he say in a previous post that “it is not twins, but most likely a boy”? Maybe I am mistaken, but I was sure I read that somewhere! Oh well. Time will tell! Can’t wait for this baby !


He did, and then he backtracked. See this post:

We’ve heard rumors about both sexes – I think we’re just going to have to wait until the baby makes its debut to see!

– Sarah, Staff Editor


I have a quastion:Pete said that Ashlee is due around Thanksgiving.When is exactly Thanksgiving?I’m italian so I know what it is but I don’t know the exact date.

Gabrielle on

Well, at the same time they completely lied when she was first pregnant to keep their privacy. She might be due at the beginning of November with twin girls!

And while that may sound sarcastic, i think it is the right of them to mess with us – – it is THEIR private life.

And really, I plan on telling our friends and family a due date two weeks AFTER my actual due date, simply so that we don’t deal with “have you popped YET???” if I go over….

Ash on

Thanksgiving is the last Thursday of November.
I still think the baby is a girl and will come a lot sooner than that. Next week or two. Halloween is the actual due date, the Thanksgiving thing was another way of Pete getting the hounds off the scent.

nick on

Who else thinks it’s so weird to see Ashlee 5 years ago, a 19 year old girl just breaking onto the scene, and now here she is, 24 and pregnant!!

Holy! Anyways i’m excited for the baby, Ashlee is gonna be a great mom and pete’s gonna be a rockin dad. Best to them!

ariel on

Ash – curious, how do you know Halloween is her actual due date?

Sammy-xx on

This is the baby I am most looking forward to. I’ve been a fan of Ashlee’s since Autobiography and I am a massive Fall Out Boy fan. It’s funny that Pete mentions that waiting for the baby is like waiting for the main band you want to see. I was at a Fall Out Boy concert last Tuesday and the wait and excitement for them to come on after almost 2hours of the opening acts was incredible but so worth it.
I’m so excited and happy for them I really do hope they last and have a happy healthy life together.

Jimmy on

I think it’s great that Ashlee has managed to stay out of the spotlight like she has throughout her pregnancy, and enjoy it like a *normal* person. It must be hard to have cameras constantly shoved in your face; I really feel sorry for celebrity mothers in that instance. At any rate, I’m super excited for this baby to arrive and wish them the best!!

Julie on

Actually, Thanksgiving is the FOURTH Thursday of November. Not always the last Thursday.

Just thought I’d nit-pick a little 🙂

brooke on

can’t wait to hear the baby’s name and sex

kacie on

well, apparently the whole halloween due date thing was just bs too. i wish ppl would leave them alone. im so glad im not famous lol.. and i dont blame them at all for not telling the “truth” about it because its really not anyones business!!! go pete! lol =] that baby is really gonna be gorgeous tho. I wish them the best of luck!