Lil Wayne Dishes On His Son's Delivery Day

10/29/2008 at 03:30 PM ET
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Fresh off the stage following a performance to a screaming audience, Lil Wayne was eager to discuss the blessing of fatherhood, calling his new son Dwayne Michael Carter III "more important" than any other future album plans.

After announcing the upcoming birth of his first son last week at the BET Hip-Hop Awards and welcoming the baby boy days later on October 22nd, the rapper tells Power House that he actually "delivered him!" The proud father "held the left leg the whole time," and despite recalling the birthing process as being "nasty, very nasty," Lil Wayne shares that the experience "was wonderful." As the 26-year-old admits that there’s "not one word to explain that one," he smiles as he says,

"He’s the best thing to ever happen to me, next to my daughter."

In addition to Dwayne Michael Carter III, Lil Wayne also has daughter Reginae Carter, 8, with ex-wife Antonia ‘Toya’ Johnson. The identity of baby Dwayne’s mother remains private.

Source: Power House

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Crystal on

I don’t know if this is accurate but I saw a picture of him leaving the hospital with a girl whom they stated was the mother. She is said to be a 22-year-old University of Cincinnati student named Sara. They say they have been off and on after meeting at a concert 3 years ago and that Sara is 1/2 Vietnamese. I saw the picture and she did look of Asian decent. Very pretty young woman!

Tam on

It’s nice to finally hear a good story about a rappers kid. I have more respect for him now. It seems like the media always talks about custody issues and domestic violence issues when it comes to rappers.

Bb on

Love him 🙂

MissAllisonJenny on

Congrats to them on the new baby ! But this: “and despite recalling the birthing process to be “nasty, very nasty” = poor choice of words for a daddy.

Ari on

MAJ, I don’t think he mean’t it in a bad way. Truthfully I think it’s cute when fathers try to describe the birthing process etc… or is gorssed out by it. i know it sounds werid, But it’s really cute to me.

Lily on

Love him!

I don’t really think it was a poor choice of words. My brother said the exact same thing last year after his son was born. Sure, giving birth is an amazing process but after going through it myself twice, it definitely isn’t pretty.

Me on

I’m sorry but holding a leg is not delivering the baby. If that’s the case then my husband can tell everyone that he delivered our baby.

I’m wondering if we’ll ever see a picture of his son.

anna on

His words are just cute. If he thinks he delivered the baby by holding a leg, let him. He is just proud. And nasty can actually mean “very good” in slang. I made a cake the other day, my husband scraped his plate and said that the cake was nasty, meaning extremely “disgustingly” GOOD.

Jess from Ohio on

It’s just so weird to me that his baby was delivered where I was delivered just over 18 years ago! I’m sort of stoked!

I don’t find it inappropriate that he called the process nasty. It is! It’s amazing and beautiful, but also nasty.

Congrats to Weezy and Baby Mama on the baby boy. It makes me feel good that a rapper takes responsibility of his children (there are some that unfortunately do not and treat baby making like a game).

Sarah on

I saw pictures of him with the mother on a different website. Her name is Sara and she’s half-Vietnamese, apparently they’ve been dating for a couple years. I wonder if we’ll ever see pictures of the little one.

Chana on

Come on guys, birth is a beautiful thing but it’s pretty gross, too! Blood and fluids, afterbirth, not to mention (sometimes) poo. So hey, it’s not all pretty! At least he found the experience wonderful.

Also, they may have let him catch the baby and cut the cord, which is really all the doctor usually does to “deliver” the baby. He just said he held her left leg most of the time.

chantal on

congrats on your new baby boy hope u make more and u take care of them(wishin me and u could make babies too)love u

Mercedes on


Anne on

I completely agree the process is “nasty”! Of course birth is a wonderful, amazing thing – but I’d really challenge anyone to convince me that its visually pleasing to look at! Its bloody and sweaty and yep, just all around pretty gross. I really think any father who’s witnessed it would agree!

victoria on

its a blessing to here any man happy about fathering a baby.but damn wezzy why she gotta be u go hard i bet ur baby is very pretty though but damn wezzy again why she gotta be asian tats nasty.