Kingston and Ruby Have a Wheel Good Time

10/29/2008 at 09:30 AM ET

Aww! Kingston Rossdale, 2, supports pal Ruby Maguire, 23 months, while enjoying a wagon ride on Tuesday. The celebrity baby pair were on a playdate at Coldwater Canyon Park with Kingston’s nanny and Ruby’s mom, jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer Maguire.

Kingston’s parents are singer/songwriters Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, while Ruby’s dad is actor Tobey Maguire. See more photos at Just Jared.


Kingston wears Harajuku Lovers Kogal Slip Ons in Steady Love ($66).

Click here to see yesterday’s cutie!

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Lauren on

Cute kids but it’s a shame the paps are so close to these children all the time.

Rebecka on

Aww! They are both so adorable.

JustJared posted a picture of Zuma yesterday, btw.

Brooke on

Too…..much….sweetness. How cute is that????

KellyMarie on

Omg bless this is the cutest photo

Reanne on

Hey little Kingston….What about Shiloh ????

Ruby is A VERY SWEET replacement of course and you are already behaving like well-mannered little man holding your little lady so her Ladyship doesn’t fall!!

Future Rock Star AND GENTLEMAN…Now that is a FINE COMBO !!!

Deb on

Kingston is so cute! What a great Mixture of Gwen and Gavin! Cute little dude! Ruby look like Jennifer to me!

phoebe on

I think my heart just jumped when I saw that photo! Beyond cute!

Jess on

Aww, I see another celebrity paring here! Kingston & Ruby!

Only joking of course. But omgosh this is the cutest picture. I hope the paps send these on to the familes. =)

Love this picture, its just adorable!

Zuma is so cute!

LÊa on

This photo is so cute ! I think their parents ( both) should have this photo somewhere in the house !

halifaxhoney on

Lauren, I agree it is a shame that the paps are around all the time but I guess there is a benefit. There are pictures that mom and dad wouldn’t normally get.

Aleys on

How cute are they!!

MB on

it’s possible the photo was taken with a long lens and the paps were at least across the street, so that the kids didn’t even see them. but, i do agree it’s got to be hard on the kids to have their picture taken all the time.

Pippa on

This is quite possibly one of the sweetest pictures I’ve ever seen in here! How absolutely adorable do they look! haha

There’s a few more pictures on JustJared that are well worth a look at

Kelsie on

That is BEYOND cute!

may berie on

wow! kingston is gavin’s mini-me while ruby is all jennifer 🙂

Nancy on

I think this is probably the cutest babyceleb pics of non-siblings ever LOL…

Stephany on

Oh. My. Gosh!

Those pictures are priceless!!! Kingston looks so grown-up and Ruby is so adorable! Those are pictures that their parents need to have and keep! Too cute!

Jess on

Ruby’s wearing Croc’s Kid’s Cayman in Navy.


amanda on

I think possibly this was a long lens because the other pics at just jared are farther away it seems..

I think they are both absolutely adorable and Kingston is my fav celebrity boy and he is soooo cute in this picture holding onto her. There’s a picture at JJ that has him grinning from ear to ear at Ruby – it is to cute.. they are obviously close playmates and how much fun it looks like they had.. it’s cuteness overload!

LolaCola on

Cuteness overload indeed.


Oh that’s the cutest picture I’ve ever seen!!!

CBB are you going to put up those new pictures of Zuma? I think JJ had them up yesterday. You can’t really see his face but it’s a peak!

Brandi on

Ruby Rossdale in her later years lol.

This picture is priceless.

Rebecka on

We got to see Zuma’s face!

Marie on

I was there with my daughter at the park. It was really quite sad that there were all these guys running around with big cameras right in front of these two little ones. By the way, in response to someone else’s comment that it’s a good thing the paps were there so the parents could get such cute pictures, Ruby’s mom was there taking her own pictures, so they don’t need the papparazzi after all…

Artemis on

This is the cutest celebrity baby photo I’ve ever seen and believe me I’ve seen thousands of them!

Look at Kingston’s tiny hands holding her firmly and how she’s leaning towards him…PRICELESS!

Also, I dont think paps are that close, they just use really good lenses.

Alyssa on

OMG….So Cute!

We can now give them a celebrity couple name…”Kuby”

Curtis on

Yes!!!! Gotta love the Radio-Flyer wagon…I remember riding in one of those when I was a kid, except the wheels were rusted and the alignment was shot. Pretty good action shot here…

Kelly on

$66.00 for those shoes!!! That just seems crazy to me to spend that much money on shoes that last only a few months. Different world I guess. But those kids are so adorable in that wagon!

Sarah on

Too cute for words!!

Sammy-xx on

Ruby is such a beauty, a perfect mix of both Toby and Jennifer. I’m waiting for them to announce that they’re expecting again. Maybe another girl, a date for Zuma. Kingston looks like such a gentleman, caring for her.

Heather on

Super cute photos! It is sad that they had to be taken by paps but in the photos I’ve seen, the kids don’t look upset which is good.

Can’t wait to see these cuties in ten or fifteen years when they’re all grown up. Maybe they’ll stay friends!

Lilly on

Shiloh does not approve.


How cute are they? Ruby keeps getting more adorable.

CelebBabyLover on

Kelly- If I’m not mistaken, Harajuku Lovers is one of Gwen’s fashion lines, so I’m guessing the shoes are probably free for Kingston. 🙂

Anyway, this picture is adorable! Also, seeing Kingston next to Ruby makes me see for the first time that his hair appears to be darkening. It looks like he may end up with brown hair once he’s grown up!

As for Ruby…Something about her face reminds me of Shiloh, and with that hair color, well, she looks like an older version of Vivienne. 🙂

brooke on

kingston is so cute

Mia on

So cute 🙂

Maybe we can see a pic of Kingston and Shiloh together. I don’t think they’ve hung out since the last playdate when they were like a few weeks old.

amnariel on

OMG Kingston is such a boy!!! ADORABLE

Tanya on

Those two little kids are just adorable together. Its so cool that celeb kids have playdates with each other. I think its the first time I have seen Kingstone with another child his age. He looks so protective of her like a big brother or like shes his little girlfriend. So cute with the two of them being so close to eachother: Ruby sitting in his lap and Kingston hugging her from behind..

Nande on

I wonder what kingston and ruby reaction when they see this picture when they’re grow up.