Katie Price and Kids Out in London

10/29/2008 at 03:00 PM ET

Glamour model Katie ‘Jordan’ Price changes back into her comfy clothes after launching her new line of electrical hair tools at Superdrug on Thursday in London.

Accompanying Katie, 30, to the event was son Harvey Daniel, 6, and daughter Princess Tiáamii, 16 months.

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Jill on

It looks like Harvey lost some weight. He looks really good. Nice to see him walking around!

Jess on

Harvey’s walking! Aww, that’s so much progress. I mean he has been able to walk for a while but normally he won’t. Aww, must have been a good day – he looks happy too, which is wonderful!

Princess is gorgeous, Katie looks amazing and as for Harvey, well he’s just a handsome little guy =). Love this family. xx

kwayama on

awl such a cute family!

Robin on

I am soo happy to see Harvey out of his wheelchair! Great for him…Princess still looks like Peter!

Nana on

Harvey looks great!! Aww he must be doing better as he’s walking & we rarely catch a glimpse of him walking around & about the city. That’s great! Pete & Kate have done a great job with all the challenges they face in raising their beautiful family. Kudos to them!

Brittany on

Harvey has thinned out alot, hes a gogeous boy! I agree that Princess looks just like Peter, shes adorable.

Junie on

I hate to be mean but i dont think that little girl has ever been very pretty. she does look just like her dad but not in a good way.

Ayla on

Awe, great to see Harvy looking so slim and well. He is getting taller and losing that baby f-t.lol He is a handsome boy. Katie looks pretty and Princess Tia, looks just like daddy.

Ruthella on

OK, I am NO fan of Jordan, as people may have noticed before now!

Have to say though, that Harvey looks much slimmer and healthier here, which is good to see 🙂

Lauren on

Harvey looks AMAZING!!!! Its so great to see him out and about.

I know Katie just did a promotion for her hair products, but it still makes me giggle to see half of her hair curled and the other have not.

Kat on

You know, it looks like Harvey has dropped quite a bit of weight.

I’m impressed. Katie has pushed and pushed to find the right treatment for him and it’s really paid off… this was her hardest fight, I think, and she’s really shown how parents need to advocate for their special needs’ kids.

It looks like that, combined with whatever therapies he has, are helping Harvey walk more and walk better.

He looks so happy.

And Princess looks gorgeous.

Robyn on

It breaks my heart that Katie and Peter are separating. But I think if anyone can raise children in the middle of a divorce, these two can. They’ve always shown that they put their children first which is exactly what matters.

I always see pictures of the kids smiling. They’re awesome parents.

Meg on

Robyn, if I remember correctly the magazine cover was misleading and she had “walked out on him once during a fight” but they aren’t seperating… I certainly hope not! They may be the Heidi and Spencer overseas for me but I’m rooting for them. Their children are darling.

kiki on

Harvey’s looking good !
Wonderful !
Keep up the good work, little man :o)

Ruthella on

Robyn; Meg is right. Jordan posed for last week’s OK cover, holding her ringless wedding finger up…But it was just for publicity and a lot of readers have complained about being misled!

Still, what a nice memento to keep for the kids, eh?

More reports of them splitting up are everywhere this week, so we’ll see…

Sally C on

Why does she always look like she’s wearing pajamas?!?!

Ellie on

Katie and Peter are not splitting up; the tabloids in England just like to say they are every week!! Their kids are so cute!

brooke on

princess looks exactly like peter and harvey just like his bio dad

Traci Heath on

Harvey looks wonderful. He’s slimmer and he is walking! I’m so happy for Katie and the rest of the family!

Cali on

Princess looks beautiful, however I’m not loving her shoes, but who cares. And Harvey looks like he is doing great and I am so happy to see that.