Meet Zuma Rossdale!

10/29/2008 at 02:25 PM ET
Clint Brewer/Splash News Online

We’re getting our first peek at Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale‘s face — and it’s at the library, rather than in a photo shoot! Gwen Stefani took her 10-week-old son out to get his passport photo taken on Wednesday morning in Beverly Hills, Calif., and the paparazzi managed to catch a glimpse of her and Gavin Rossdale‘s baby boy, who arrived in August.

Click ‘More’ for two images and to take our resemblance poll!

Clint Brewer/Splash News Online
Clint Brewer/Splash News Online

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Erin on

How gorgeous and just perfect is he!!!!

Sara on


I wonder why they are keeping him a secret!?!!?

Marianne on

Cute. He doesn’t look a bit like Kingston imo.

Mary on

He is so cute! Looks just like his papa!!!!

Emily on

Aww Gwen looks tired! Poor gal!!!!

Katie S on

What a cutie! I don’t remember what Kingston looked like as a baby, but Zuma seems to look a lot different than Kingston does now, that’s for sure! What a sweet little munchkin! So glad to finally see him!

Amy on

Very cute!!

Natasha on

He is so cute !!! Awww

Artemis on

Adorable! He’s the cutest thing.! on

Oh my goodness, he is SO cute!!! Certainly worth the wait!

tigerlily on

OMG!! he’s beautiful!

Rebecka on

Adorable πŸ˜€

Jamie on

he looks like kingston a little…with blond hair! VERY CUTE!


So cuteee!He’s so big already!
He looks like his big brother Kingston

Marisol on

Just like I suspected a cutie just like his big brother Kingston though I find he looks quite different from Kingston,seems to be a bit more fair skinned,Kingtson has more of an olive complexion i find.Gwen looks great too.

Kirsty on

He looks just like Kingston does now.. just a baby version.

Louisa on

Cutie i dont see much of Kingston there though on another not i wonder if theyre going to London or somewhere else…

Max'sMom on

Yeah! I was so waiting to see his little face!

Although he does seem to be more faired skin & lighter hair than his big brother, I find that his facial features look a lot like Kingston now.
I forget what Kington looked like as a baby.

Cindy on

Zuma is ADORABLE!! He looks more like Gwen to me, his skin seems more fair, rounder face and his hair is lighter than Kingston’s was. They are the perfect family!

Holly on

I think he looks just like Kingston!!!! What an adorable baby. Both boys are a good mixture of both parents.

Rosy J on

Such a cutie pie. Looks a lot like Kingston.

faith on

Zuma Nesta Rock? Poor kid.

Lou on

aah bless him! he’s so cute!

i did wonder if maybe due to the criticism G+G received when they did the ok shoot with kingston,that was why they didnt do the same with Zuma? guess only they know that.

to those who cant remember whast kingston looked like;go to the just jared website,and click on the gwen stefani archive link. they have pics as far back as her 1st pregnancy and some cool family pics of them out and about with K. if nothing else it is a lovely reminder of the perfect family that they are,lol!

congrats again to G+G,they’ve another stunning little lad! x

lorenawoods on

oh my goodness!!! what a precious baby boy!!!!

aurora MIA on

I think he looks like Gwen, too…he looks like a snugglebug!!


He is so cute! I don’t think he looks anything like Kingston. Kingston looks alot like Gavin and Zuma looks alot like Gwen.

ADORABLE family.

StΓ©ph on

He is so gorgeous and I agree he doesn’t look like Kingston. They are both so gorgeous!

Claudine on

Yes he is a very cute baby but I’m not a fan of the name they chose for both of them.

t. on

YEA! He looks like gwen!
what a cutie…

Crystal on

He is so adorable! Looks like Gwen to me. CBB should put up a poll..LOL!


Working on it! Five more minutes…

– Sarah, Staff Editor

Angi R Dudas on

Awww….he is all chunky!!!

laura on

He is so cute and so big already. i don’t think he looks like kingston but he is still cute!

Onyx Jones on

OMG the chubby and cute factor are off the charts. Zuma is so precious. Love the Rossdale’s!!

Natasha on

I think he looks more like Gwen as opposed to Kingston looking SO much like Gavin when he was that young.

kelly on

What a cutie! He’s a big boy, and I think he looks a lot like his brother.

nat on

he is the cutest baby. kinda like a cabbage patch look…too cute!

Vanessa on

definite Cabbage Patch baby right there! So cute.

Lily on

He is just too precious for words! And nat, I agree he has that Cabbage Patch look to him with his perfectly round head and chubby cheeks. He’s one of those babies that you can’t help but want to hold because he’s so cute.

You can definitely tell that he and Kingston are brothers but I think Zuma has a little bit more of mom in him than Kingston ever did.

Jo Ann v. on

He reminds me of Harlow Madden somehow…!

melanie on

i think he looks just like kingston!

kelly on

He looks just like his daddy to me

tink1217 on

awww he is so adorable!!!

AJ on

Ahhh! What a cutie pie! Finally we get to see him.

Mia on

aww he’s so chubby and cute πŸ™‚

I definitely see a resemblance to Kingston (so Gavin mostly haha) in the eyes and mouth, but he looks a lot different than Kingston did as a baby over I’m thinking he looks more like Gwen.

Chloe on

He is the spitting image of his big bro! So sweet!!

Jenna on

Already saw a sneak peak of him when Gwen took him to Kate Hudson’s (police stopped by because of a noise complaint) Halloween party last Saturday.

I’m still scratching my head as to why anyone would bring an infant/newborn to a loud adult party.

Pippa on

How adorable! He looks nothing like Kings though, does he?

For some weird reason I think he looks a lot like Gwen’s dad. He looks like neither Gwen nor Gavin, but a lot like Mr Stefani lol

Nicole on

He looks exactly like a chubbier version of Kingston at that age!!!! Wow.

Amber on

He reminds me of Gwen’s brother, Eric.

Christina on

Aww, he is so cute and fat. I love me some rolly polly breastfed baby chunk!

Christina on

Aww, he is so cute and fat. I love me some rolly polly breastfed baby chunk!

Sammy-xx on

To me he looks just like Gavin, but now that someone mentions it he does look like Eric.
He’s just too cute for words. Look at those little cheeks and chunky arms. Love his little sockies to.

Lauren on

Zuma is adorable! So, so cute. Right now I actaully see hims as litte more Stefani than Rossdale, but with either set of genes, the kid’s set!

Cheyane on

Wow!! I’m surprised b/c I definitely see Kingston in Zuma’s eyes. They both have those big brown eyes. Both Kingston and Zuma are gonna be heartbreakers =)

JM on

aww so cute. I can’t really tell who he looks like.

Curtis on

Ahhhh, look at the cute little lemon drop…

Allison on

Zuma looks different than Kingston did at that age but I see a slight resemblance in the eyes. For all the people complaining about “Where’s Zuma?” I knew we’d see him eventually. We saw Nahla, we’ve seen Christina Aguilera’s son Max, and more…

robin m. on

ahhh he’s like the Gerber baby! what a doll!

Caroline on

He is all sorts of precious. Nothing cuter than a bald and chunky baby.

Stephany on

Oh, my! He is cute! I don’t see Kingston in him at all! He’s a little chunkster, too!!

Andi on

He’s so cute! But I don’t think he looks like either one of them… πŸ˜€
It looks like his eyes are blue.

sarah on

Zuma is adorable! He looks like Kingston at the age! How sweet, god bless there family

Pippa on

Now here:

He looks just like Kingston haha what a cute picture)

(I don’t know if I’m allowed to post this here, but I may as well give it a try … I apologise in advance if I wasn’t allowed)

Shawna on

I think he looks just like Gwen! Look at her in the second picture – same nose, same lips, same skin tone.

Mandy on

He looks just like a Cabbage Patch doll. So adorable!

I think he looks a lot like Gwen!

Abbey on

he’s so cute! he’s got a little button nose!

Cait on

The No Doubt website posted an official first photo of Gwen and Zuma. Here is the picture and it was posted with this caption.

“We wanted to share with you the first photo of Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. Gwen, Gavin, Kingston and Zuma are all doing well and enjoying being a party of four.”

brooklyn on

He’s very cute! He looks really big!!! =)

Nicolette on

He reminds me of a Cabbage Patch Kid-too cute!

Wardah on

OMG.he’s adoraaabblle.And looks just like Gwen!<3

Jessica-rose on

At first, i thought this looked nothing like any of the Stefani-Rossdales.. but after looking at pictures of a very young (and cute!) Kingston.. i have to agree that Zuma is a chubbier but equally beautiful look-a-like of Kingston.

Beautiful family and so happy finally got to see the cutie!

Raina on

He is so adorable. He looks like Gwen’s father!

Bancie1031 on

looks nothing at all like Kingston. Cute baby. Congratulations to Gwen and Gavin.

Afton Hunt on

OMG He’s adorable! I think he looks like both parents but i guess we’ll have to wait and see who he really looks like when he’s older!

Olivia on

what a cute little chunky money!

brooke on

he looks like gwen and kingston, so cute