Gwen Stefani Officially Introduces Zuma Nesta Rock

10/29/2008 at 09:55 PM ET

After the paparazzi snapped photos of the family at the library earlier today, Gwen Stefani has decided to release a photo on her own terms, posting this image of herself (taken by her dad, Dennis) with 10-week-old son Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale on both the No Doubt and her own solo official websites. The caption reads,

“We wanted to share with you the first photo of Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale. Gwen, Gavin, Kingston and Zuma are all doing well and enjoying being a party of four.”

Dennis Stefani

Source: Gwen Stefani; No Doubt

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Kelly on

Awwww thats so beautiful!!! Im loving the eyes! Does Gavin have blue? Because i thought he Gwen & Kingston all had brown so im just trying to figure out where Zumas eyes came from either way hes a beautiful boy

Sydney on

What a beautiful photograph. I think this is by far the best way to introduce a celeb baby. The paps won’t be fighting for the first shot then, but its worlds away from a magazine photoshoot. Zuma is gorgeous and so is his mummy here.

Rayan on

Beautiful beautiful baby boy!!!

kmb on

she looks gorgeous with her beautiful baby on her. wow, so precious!

rianne on

he is so cute. the blond hair and blue eyes must come from Gavin’s side – his mom and 2 sisters are natural blonds.

Liz on

oh my lord! those eyes!! and that face…gorgeous!!! That is a great photo of the two of them!!!

brooklyn on

What a great photo! He is such a cutie, those eyes are gorgeous!

StΓ©ph on

They both look gorgeous!
Zuma is such a beautiful little boy. I think that this is a great way to introduce Zuma.

Sydney on

For Kelly- Zumas eyes are brown, well they certainly are in the pap pics from earlier, they look blue here because babies eyes are mostly blue when they are born until the colour starts to develop in the first few months, or maybe it is just a reflection in the camera lens that is making them look blue, I’m not sure. But anyway Zumas eyes are brown now like Gwens and Gavins

StΓ©ph on

Oh and the picture is really beautiful, it’s of really good taste. Love it! So cute!

rachael on

Beautiful, tasteful, and classy…not that I’d expect anything different from Gwen. That’s the way it should be done!

Gosh, what a scrumptious little guy!!

Robin on

What a gorgeous picture. He is absolutely darling! I bet his eyes will turn brown. My baby’s eyes were like that and then turned a beautiful shade of brown. I am loving “Kingston the Sequel!” Zuma rocks!

Meg on

I love his little tongue sticking out. Gorgeous shot. Can’t wait for a new No Doubt album!

lacey on

Beautiful! Both of them are.

Mandy on

Such a gorgeous photo. I still say he’s a Cabbage Patch baby. Sooooo adorable!

Jess from Ohio on

He is so cute! I’m happy that Gwen posted a pic but I’m also sad she was kind of forced into doing so. But regardless, another fine product of the Stefani- Rossdales!

Natalie S. on

Well his eyes look blue to me but that’s beside the point..OMG FREAKIN’ GORGEOUS PICTURE!!!! Thanks Gwen and congrats to the family. Zuma you are definately a looker..So cute!

Sarah on

How adorable!!!!

Melissa on

What a cutie! I definately see more of Gwen in Zuma =). They are a really lovely family.

Nicole on

I thought most babies were born with blue eyes, and then they changed color? He’s only 10 weeks old, still really little, and my eyes changed from blue to brown when I was older.

He is so gorgeous – he looks a lot like Kingston just with a wider face. It’ll be interesting to see what he looks like, because he looks like Gwen, as opposed to Kingston, who looks just like Gavin!

Sheila on

She looks stunning in that picture and little Zuma is adorable. I love little chubby nuggets like him!! πŸ™‚

Tina on

I am so proud of them! I love that celebrities are choosing not to sell their babies photos!! Even if the money goes to charity I think it’s wrong to put a price on a baby! What a crazy world we live in! I have so much respect for this family and Halle Berry and others that don’t sell out their kids!

Lily on

This picture is by far one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. She just looks so peaceful and serene. And seeing him makes me want to have another one. He is just too cute for words!

Rye on

totally cute. looks just like his mama. i still hope they have a girl someday, she would be soooo cute! Zuma is a cutie pie. i think his eyes will eventually look more brown. infants often give off that blueish eye color at first for some reason.

mudnessa on

gavins eyes are brown, although they are quite light sometimes. i met him at a tennis tournament once, you definitely get lost in his eyes, hehe. The kids both have beautiful big eyes don’t they. They are a gorgeous family.


Katie on

Zuma is such a beautiful baby!! I really don’t know who he looks like here! I do have to say though, I didn’t realize how much Kingston really looks like Gwen until I saw this picture!

Elizabeth on

What a beautiful baby!

Mia on

That’s such a beautiful pic πŸ™‚

I say Kingston looks a lot more like Gavin, and Zuma looks a lot more like Gwen.

Either way-a nice combination of both parents πŸ™‚

And I have to say, the name Zuma is growing on me. Both of their names (Kingston/Zuma) seem to fit them and their family.

melissa on


tracey on

just gorgeous!
regarding eye colour, my son had blue tints to his eye colour when he was very very little but has since darkened to a dark brown. (he’s half asian from my side).


What a beautiful baby boy. I love this pic. it’s so nicely done and natural. I think he has the exact chin like Kingston and Gwen’s ears. His eyes look blue to me, but even though they might change since he’s still an infant, it would be really cute if they stayed blue. Gorgeous baby!

Natt on

Thats a beautiful picture – the kind every mum would like to have on her wall of herself and her babies πŸ˜‰

And Zuma’s eyes could well stay blue. My husband, son and I all have brown eyes – but my 8mo has bright blue. Seems both me and my husband have a reccessive blue gene – still get odd looks when I carry round my blonde haired blue eyed baby though as I am very dark (almost spanish looking)

I dont think he looks much like Kingston at all – but he’s really beautiful

Shona on

Adorable. I wasnt keen on the name at first but now I have seen the bub I think it suits. He looks irresistable! Now i’m clucking like a Hen.

Philippa on

Wow, absolutely gorgeous picture!
He looks so different than Kingston though.

Dorothy on

Aww so cute. At least some celebs are not selling pictures of their children to the highest bidder.

babyboopie on

Zuma is absolutely beautiful. Gwen and Gavin should be so proud of their stunningly beautiful sons! Wonder what a daughter would look like?

Lily on

This baby definitely looks more like Gwen because this baby doesn’t resemble big brother, Kingston. Kingston looks exactly like his father, but little Zuma takes after Gwen. It’s cute that each boy looks like Gavin and the other looks like Kingston.

Lily on

Oops, to correct my previous comment, I meant it’s cool that one of Gwen’s sons looks like her and that the other boy looks like her husband.


I love Gwen,her style,her music and I love that she didn’t sell the pictures of Zuma!He is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!look at these eyes!

Kaley on

Oh my gosh, he is so cute! He doesn’t look anything like Kingston though…

Tamika on

I absolutely love this picture. Gwen looks very beautiful, natural, and serene. Zuma is such a cutie pie (those cheeks and eyes)! He looks like a smaller version of Kingston. This family cant possibly get any cuter!!

J on

Did they pick up the right baby before they left the hospital? I can’t see his parents in him at all but he sure is a cutie.

Ella on

this portrait is so pure and natural. absolutely gorgeous and innocent. Lovely little guy, i think he looks like daddy, while Kingston is all momma

MulberryLane on

What an outstanding photograph-elegant, uncomplicated, sophisticated! You can see the love for her family in Gwen’s eyes. Bellissimo!

Jae on

He’s gorgeous! Like his mommy! Beautiful family β™₯

A on

Such a precious photo. so elegant and classy… she looks gorgeous like that! and him… wow, those blue eyes are going to be a heart breaker when he gets older! love it!

Angie on

he is soooooooooo cute!!

Rachel on

Kelly- Parents don’t have to have blue or green eyes in order for their children to come out with that color. Both my parents and I have dk. brown eyes , but my younger brothers came out with blue and green eyes. It’s all in the genetics and we are of Latino descent.

By the way, Zuma is precious, regardless of eye color.

phoebe on

He looks like his mummy, so cute, where as his big brother, equally cute (!), looks like daddy. This is a really lovely photo.

Stephany on

What a sweet photo! This is the perfect way to introduce a new baby to the world.

I wasn’t keen on the name Zuma at first but the name totally fits him. He looks like a Zuma!

SH on

Blue eyes is a recessive gene that brown eyed people can carry (they get it from one of their parents usually). If both brown eyed parents have the recessive gene for blue eyes, they have about a 1 in 4 chance of having a blue eyed baby. Brown eyes are dominant over blue eyes though and that’s usually what will happen – the baby will have brown eyes from brown eyed parents. That being said…if you have two blue eyed parents having a brown eyed baby? THEN you’re in trouble!! LOL

Kaylee on

Great Idea! Stars know people want to see their babies… So they are starting to put their 1st baby pics on their web sites. Smart Minnie and Gwen.

Irene on

I think Kingston looks just like Gwen especially his nose and smile and this adorable cutie looks just like Gavin. They make such beautiful children!

Bethy on

He is an absolute doll, and Gwen is beautiful. Love the pic!

SewCalMom on

Wow, She is so beautiful without all of that makeup she usually has on. What a beautiful picture, too.

Jessica on

I love this! Zuma is such a cutie, and Gwen looks so natural and beautfiul. While I absolutely love Gwen and Christina Aguilera, I wish they would wear this natural look more often. Neither of them need all the bright make up they usually wear.

Liza on

She and her whole family are amazingly beautiful. Im so glad to see Zuma!

Harley on


Keep in mind that baby’s eyes are typically blue after birth and can change over the course of months. Blue is also recessive so he could potentially keep them.

Blonde can change easily as well. My brother was platinum blonde up until he was 2 1/2 and then straight to black.

Bancie1031 on

Sydney – he’s still a little young for his eyes to change colors yet.
Zuma’s definitely a cute baby. He looks nothing at all like Kingston. Can’t wait to see a picture of Kingston and Zuma together.

Rebecka on

For those of you who says that he doesn’t look like Kingston – take a look at this picture I made and compare:

Jess on

Another beautiful baby for Gwen. He looks just like his daddy too! They’re by far the best looking family!

kim on

Aww this is a really good picture of them! My babies 10 weeks this Sunday too! He is adorable!!!

Jacky on

The most Babys have blue eyes when they are 2-5 Month old. my best Friend had blue eyes in a year of 5 although her Mother is brasil and now she has Very bright Brown eyes. It is a baby effect, I think… πŸ™‚ But now Zuma, I think he has so much resemblance with his Brother . I mean not on the first look but when you see his expression. I think just like King. Kingston & Zuma are the best Celebrity Babies! Forget Suri&Shiloh Together they are better!

Heather on

He looks like Kingston!

Mia on

The nose and eyes are exact! But the nose is still different.

Kingston has Gavin’s features, and Zuma more like Gwens. So cute πŸ™‚

Nanny-Emma on

They’re both gorgeous!!

Brandi on

Beautiful, beautiful boy.

may berie on

kingston is all gavin and i think baby zuma looks more like gwen, except eyes


In the pap photos his eyes look brown. I think this photo (in regards to his eyes) is photoshopped.

Gorgeous photo none the less!…Stunning.

Amanda on

his eyes were probably enhanced using photoshop to make them look brighter,no baby that I’ve EVER seen has had eyes THAT color.

Ms.B on

He’s so precious…….

I was expecting a Lil’ Kingston, he’s just so cuteee!!!!!! Suri and Kingston are the best celeb babies…….

Crystal on

He’s beautiful! Gwen looks fabulous!! Such a wonderful pic of Gwen and the new man in her life!! CONGRATULATIONS STEFANI/ROSSDALE FAMILY!!!

Chicki on

Zuma’s very cute and his eyes don’t even remotely look blue. They look to be the same color as Gwen’s – something blue is obviously *reflecting* off of his eyeballs (you can see a touch of it in Gwen’s eyes too). More than likely the shot was taken outdoors, so it’s probably the sky and clouds or photographer’s shirt or something like that!

Lena on

I was wondering when they were going to release a photo and was hoping that nothing was wrong…that he was healthy and all….I was surprised that she didn’t release a photo sooner seeing as we’re saturated in photos of Kingston….I guess she was waiting for a big payout and then when a photog shot a freebie shot she wanted to trump him so that he couldn’t collect (without giving her a cut…I wish someone would pay me for pics of MY kid!) she decided to release her own pic. Cute kid but I still think the name is ….not…cute….

Jess on

Oh my! Look at those gorgeous big blue eyes!

Zuma Nesta Rock is adorable. He’s so cute, just like his big brother, Kingston James McGregor yet they’re so different in looks.

Kingston’s a lot darker in his features wheras Zuma is so much lighter. =)

Lis on

Rebecka cute photos, he sure looks like Kingston, when Kingston was little any ways. Both boys are beautiful.

Allison on

How cute! I don’t think they would photoshop Zuma’s eyes in a picture taken by Gwen’s father, it’s definitely something reflecting. In the pics of Zuma at the library his eyes were brown like Kingston’s. And it’s true, I’ve gotten used to the name Zuma as I’ve seen what he looks like. πŸ˜‰

Jo on

That is one cute chubby baby…

But to the people congratulating the Stefani-Rossdales for not selling out their kids, don’t forget that they did a million dollar deal for Kingstons pics and were features on the front of OK magazine with him wrapped in a leopard print blankie..Not that it makes any difference to me either way, just saying…

So as much as I love, love, LOVE this family, they did sell out the first time round…

Cant wait to see the two boys together…

Dawn on

He is such a cutie pie!!! πŸ™‚

brooke on

Zuma is so cute, looks like a cabbage patch doll. He looks like gwen to me, just with blue eyes and he resembles kingston too

CelebBabyLover on

Rachel- I know exactly what you mean! I have green eyes, but neither of my parents do!

Mia on

I have green eyes too, and neither of my parents do either.

For me, it’s because of my mom has blue eyes, and my dad has brown eyes, and my grandmother (dad’s mom) had hazel eyes. So with the blue genes/brown genes the combination gave me green eyes.

Blue is a recessive gene, and Brown is a predominant gene.

CelebBabyLover on

Mia- Whoah! You just described how I ended up with green eyes down to the last detail! I ended up with green eyes the exact same way you did!

Godiva on

I need to stop viewing this blog — I want to have a baby!!

He is too cute with his chubby cheeks!!

Tanya on

I think little Zuma looks mostly just like a chubby baby who hasnt had his looks settled yet. He is probably gonna grow up to look like a good mix between his parents,and will maybe grow to look more like Kingston or they might be quite different looking brothers. I remember that Kingston even as a newborn baby had his fathers facial features in that photoshoot.He has always been a mini me of his father, but little Zuma is not yet.

Elizabeth on

Such a lovely photo. Gwen looks so beautiful and little Zuma is a real cutie. I didn’t care for his name at first but its really starting to grow on me.

Danielle on

What a gorgeous photo, and indeed a beautiful family…

tan on

They are both gorgeous!

terri on

What a cutie pie. I guess the name will grow on me!