Coolio Lays Down the Law for Dating His Daughters

10/29/2008 at 07:00 PM ET
Nikki Nelson/WENN

Rapper Artis Leon Ivey Jr. — better known as Coolio — has already shared how he feels about handing out credit cards to his four children and now is laying down the law for any of his daughters’ future suitors. While his girls — Artisha, 20, Brandi, 19, and Jackie, 15 — could understandably argue that their dad’s rules seem to be a double-standard, Coolio says "I pay the bills, I make the rules" which means "it’s do as I say, not as I do."

With that philosophy, the 45-year-old — who would be willing to "do the rest of my life in prison if you mess with my kids" — warns any young men to not have any expectations from his daughters. "I tell them don’t come around here trying to get nothing you ain’t getting at home. First of all, you ain’t going to get it," says Coolio. However, the doting dad tries not to be too intimidating and will "get my pit bull and we walk around the block" while his daughters are spending time with their friend, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t keep his girls on their toes!

"I don’t sit there and watch over them, but the other day, I walked in the living room, and Artisha was sitting on some dude’s lap, I was like, ‘Oh, hell no.’ She just sat there, so I picked up one of the legs from the pool table and said, ‘You better get up right now.’ She was like, ‘I’m 20-years-old!’ I was like you better get yourself a 20-year-old house then!"

Artisha, Brandi, Jackie, and son Artis, 18, are Coolio’s children with ex-wife Josefa Salinas. Coolio’s new reality series — appropriately called Coolio’s Rules — airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on the Oxygen network.

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Kelly on

Artis & Artisha? Are they pronounced differently?

dee on

And I bet his son can do whatever he wants. I hate fathers like that, it’s really not cute at all.

Sarita on

I agree dee, it’s just stupid. And even if your children still live at home that shouldn’t mean they can’t have a life.

Angel on

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sinclair on

yep, typical double standard, the girls are under lock and key, and the boy is free to roam.

i’m just wondering why parents can’t put two and two together about delivering the SAME messages about self-respect to their SONS, and not just their daughters. I feel like this is partly to blame for the disconnect between women and men in marriages. How can we raise young women to look forward to marriage and faithful partners, when most of their prospective mates have not been taught the same?

jordyn on

aww come on guys! lighten up! im sure that when you were teens, your dad was tough on the boys that over to your house! how do you know that he doesnt teach his son to respect women? he was asked about his daughters, so dont jump to conclusions that he is a bad parent. he is a guy, and understands what guys will do for ‘things’, and he is just wanting to protect them.

Sarah on

Why are you judging him? My dad treats my brother and I the exact same, its just deceny. When you are in his house you are not all over your significant other i.e I can’t sit on my boyfriend’s lap and my brother’s gf can’t sit on his and no making out. I think Coolio sounds like a “cool” dad….sorry i had to

Jo Ann v. on

Had to laugh on that one. My brother doesn’t care much, but my big brothers do and they could be just as Coolio 🙂

jaybird on

This is such a tired line of thinking that inevitably comes from the mouths of men that have to project some kind of tough-guy exterior. It’s so predictable. It’s almost funny, if it wasn’t so masochistic. What message does this tripe send his daughters? You are a victim who must be protected from males who can’t control themselves. Idiotic.

nikki on

My dad had rules like no make up till 17, no skirts that were above the knees, no low cuts tops, no funny buisness and that lads better not expect anything from us girls cause he was so not going to let it happen.

Yes we had more freedom when we turned 18 but that was because we all realise that we are girs and should act like ladies and be treated with respect from men and we all have sensible heads on are shoulders.

So i am glad (mind you not at the time lol teen and all)kids to day are more out of control and with the cimb of drinking and under age sex and pregnancy we three girls looking back at it are glad he was so strict with us he did not try to be mean or anything he just wanted to protect his girls from the world as long as he could.

SweetDiva on

When you still live with your parents, you have some respect for them. Even when I’m just visiting my parents or my boyfriend’s parents, we keep the PDA to a respectful minimum. And we are in our 30s!

Coolio’s message says: Respect your bodies and respect this home.

Let’s face facts- it more likely that woman will be taken advantage of physically than a man. He wouldn’t be doing his job as a parent if he didn’t advise them to be cautious. And for all we know, Coolio has instructed his sons to act respectively towards themselves and the women they are seeing.

lilith on

nikki, the problem here is not that he’s setting rather strict rules for his daughters, the problem is that he seems to be educating and treating his children differently.
Someone above said that Coolio “understands what guys will do for ‘things’ “, so why not make the difference and teach your sons the same morals you teach your daughters, maybe then that perception of “horny boys” being all over “pure, innocent girls” would finally get out-dated.

Destiny on

I wish I would sit on a man’s lap in my dad’s house. IMO, that is disrespectful. What man wants so see his 20 year old daughter body on body with another man? Even if they are fully clothed and just talking. Talking doesn’t require you to be that close. That leads to other things and IMO he was right in telling her to get up. And if he’s allowing his daughters to spend time with their boyfriends in the home then he is allowing them to have a life. But even at 20, some behavior is just inappropriate for your dad’s living room couch. Again, that’s just my opinion.

You know, I don’t agree with all that Coolio is saying, but what I noticed is that atleast He DOES care. Atleast he is paying attention to the men that his daughters are with and the way that they act around those men. What he said may not have sounded all that great in this interview, but maybe he has said something to his daughters in the privacy of their home that they took to heart and hopefully they will be smarter choosing men and knowing what type of behavior is acceptable from those men as result of those conversations. And we don’t know what he has said to his son. This is one interview and I’m sure that we aren’t even getting this interview in its entirety. And even if we are, we still don’t know what he has taught his son about the opposite sex and how he should treat them. I agree with Jordyn and Sarah, I think we shouldn’t lighten up and stop judging him based off of a snippet of an interview.

SweetDiva on

How would Coolio teaching his sons how to behave towards women protect his daughters? His daughters aren’t dating his sons. They are dating strangers and Coolio can’t guarantee the upbringing of these boys. It is proactive to let these young women know that every man is NOT like their dad or brothers. Some men do NOT have your best interest at heart.
And please note that Coolio does not state that he treats his boys differently. Posters are speculating about what Coolio tells his sons.This snippet only addresses the daughters.

Krystal D. on

His rules are fair. 20 and living at home means his rules are to be respected. 20 is still hard age to be having children (this coming from someone that got pregnant at 20). It is important for girls especially to know they can be liked for their mind and not just their bodies. Hopefully they see that he is doing it out of love and not a punishment. Be fair to him, he was asked about his daughters and the discussion was limited to that. Jumping to conclusions at this point is a little ridiculous; only one piece of the puzzle was given…we do not know the whole picture.

Lulu on

It sounds like a lot of posters have daddy issues and are cranky with Coolio because of their own hangups. I wish my father had cared enough to talk to me even once about respecting myself. He just told me to use birth control and, for those women worried about double standards, he told my brother the same thing.

I personally don’t judge celebrities based on what the media reports anyway since the media lies constantly about everything.

Jo Ann v. on

I totally agree with SweetDiva regarding PDA and this post ony talks about the daughters.
I’d never give a hand to my man in front of my parents or older relatives, let alone kiss or sit on his lap ! I’m almost 30 !
One of my brothers once said to me he knew how bad he behaved when he was young and he wouldn’t want that to happen to his (many) sisters. It has to start somewhere. Those guys did wrong to other guys’ sisters, so they have more nightmares than anybody else.

penny on

I agree with dee.

sinclair on

Lulu, just because people are commenting on double standards does not make us “cranky” or automatically mean we have “daddy issues.” yikes. talk about jumping to conclusions.

I believe this is a comment board. and congratulations on your dad telling both you and your brother the same thing about BC. Unfortunately, far too often, this is not the case with families. I see it firsthand where I work.

And to everyone else who made comments that Coolio is only trying to instill self-respect in his daughters–agreed. (Believe me, I am not condoning ANY fe/male child having their SO over and engaging in PDA at their parent’s home.) No one is disagreeing with you; the main problem is that so many men become so extreme in making sure that their daughters conduct themselves properly, yet give their sons a free pass. I am not assuming that Coolio lets his son do whatever he wants, but I’ll bet my next year’s worth of paychecks that he, like many other dads, does not maintain this intensity with his son. IF he does, however, I applaud him. I’d like to see it, though.