Celine Dion: The Issue of Long Locks is Minimal

10/29/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
Thibault Camus/AP

In the end, it comes down to what kind of person he is, not the length of his hair, says Celine Dion. Not surprised that son René-Charles’ long locks is often a topic of conversation, the singer shares that "many times" people have broached the subject of taking her boy for a hair cut. In an appearance on Oprah, Celine jokes that she has even encouraged her son to allow her to trim his hair "a little bit," as she exaggerates the length to the camera, but is always met with the same answer from René-Charles: "No Mom, I like my hair like that." Despite discussing the issue "many, many times," the 40-year-old singer believes that every family must decide what suits them best. "What’s good for us might not be good for that family, and what’s good for that family might not be good for us," explains Celine. With that philosophy in mind, Celine and her husband René Angélil have witnessed their son’s strong character and believe that in the bigger picture, the issue of long hair is very minimal.

"When I see and feel my son and live with him every day, he’s an amazing child. He’s succeeding in school, he’s such a generous person [and] adaptable. He’s an amazing child, he’s kind, he’s a great human being."

Calling René-Charles — who likes others to know he is " 7 ½ and ¾" — her "miracle baby," Celine shares that although she "always keeps a window" of opportunity open, she is uncertain of whether or not her son will have siblings. After trying for six years to become pregnant the first time, the couple are optimistic about having another baby, but consider themselves already blessed. "If we’re privileged again, we’re going to give it a try after my tour. So hopefully we are parents again. If not, that’s fine," says Celine.

Source: Oprah

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Darlene on

I don’t understand the fuss about his hair, I know it is long but what is the big deal. It is not something that I would chose for my son but that is there son and there choice.

Stéph on

I love Céline, I hope she is going to have the other baby she wants. René-Charles’ hair is fine, I have no problem with that, I don’t see why people make such a big deal of it.

I’m Quebecoise and I am proud that Céline is too!

erica alayne on

I’m glad that they seemingly don’t care about all of the comments people have about his hair; it’s just HAIR, and it’s not on YOUR child, so why make it your buisness?

For the record, I happen to think he is adorable just the way he is. 🙂

Léa on

Yes, I don’t understand why everybody is talking about his hair neither !

why would’nt he does what he wants ?

this is not really important, but everytime someone is different, people criticizes !

Lindsay on

Good for them! I think it is so wonderful that Celine and Rene are honoring their sons wishes when it comes to his own hair.

Helen on

René-Charles has to make the most of his hair as he may have his father’s baldness gene.

I personally like it

Artemis on

Whats the big deal about the hair? I dont get it!
By the way, I was at her concert in her world tour and she looks like such a nice person. She said she’s so blessed to have her family with her on the tour, including her 81 y/o mom.

Erica on

Rene-Charles is a beautiful kid and I’m glad that Celine and her husband allow him to wear his hair as he likes. I think it’s kind of ridiculous how caught up people get with gender stereotypes about such inconsequential things as hair length/cut.

SH on

Actually, baldness runs on the mothers side, not the fathers. It doesn’t matter if your father is bald – you look at the maternal grandfather – which would be Celine’s father – to determine if Rene will go bald.

Sasha on

I think people think that Rene Charles will be teased and then hold it against his parents for not forcing him to cut his hair because it’s so “different”, at least as far as middle-school kids go. I think it’s nice that his family is standing up for him to be “different”, and as he gets older, he’ll start to recognize this. Hopefully they will instill this confidence in him and he’ll go on to do great things.

Chicki on

I do understand parents’ need to allow their kids to express themselves, but I am one of those folks that thinks it’s not always up to the child to make decisions that reflect so directly on their appearance re generally accepted standards of grooming. I use the example of Angelina allowing her sons to spike their hair or paint their nails – sure it’s her kid and she can do what she wants, but how about having a conversation with your child that says : “Hey, I know you like your hair long (or wearing bright red nail polish), and mommy and daddy like it too, but we think that keeping your hair long is a big decision to make, and maybe you can wait until you’re a little older to make a truly informed choice.”

What’s so wrong with parents instilling their own sense of decorum or propriety in their young children? Is it that parents are afraid their kids won’t “like them” anymore or what? Sheesh!

Keltie on

When it comes to hairstyling, the “generally accepted standards of grooming” are that it’s clean and tidy. Just because one person doesn’t like long hair on little boys does not mean it is unacceptable or that the boy’s hair is not groomed. Is it going to hurt anyone else if a little boys hair is long? No. Is it going to hurt that little boy to keep it long if he so desires? No.

It’s a matter of picking your battles and the length of your child’s hair (boy or girl) is not a hill to die on.

patricia on

“decorum and properity” F@#k that.

Liv on

I hope they are able to have another baby, that would be great!

Chicki- I would disagree. Celine said that she has asked and he doesn’t want to cut it. I think it’s great he can wear his hair however he wants as his personal expression of himself. I think that is why people think its fine, and the reason that choose the big battles not the little ones.

Sarah on

I’m really hope that Renee and Celine will be blessed with another child

abc on

love her saw her in concert last week and it was awesome who cares about his hair

mtoo on

While I don’t think that the hair is a big deal, the underlying problem with her statement IS.

One of the reasons kids are getting out of control so early now is that so many parents want to be the “cool” parents and the ones who allow “freedom of expression” and so they let their kids do whatever from birth.

Step up and be PARENTS! Your kids will have enough “cool” friends! When you want to do something that is for their own good that they don’t like, say, “too bad. You might not like me right now, but I have your best in mind. I am the PARENT and you are the CHILD.” Don’t ask their permission and don’t bargain with them to make decisions and they are not yet equipped to make, or you may regret it when they become young adults and decide that they can choose when to have sex, when to do drugs, and when to drink…because you’ve always left it up to them.

CelebBabyLover on

Chicki- How do you know it is just Angelina who allows Maddox and Pax to spike their hair and paint their nails (which, just like long hair, isn’t going to hurt them, so long as they use non-toxic dyes and polishes…and the jury’s still out on how toxic hair dye actually is)?

How do you know it isn’t BOTH Angie and BRAD who make the decision to let the boys spike their hair and paint their nails?

It just bugs me when people seem to think that fathers have no say in these decisions (it seems to be the worst with Angie and Brad, but I’ve seen similar comments about other celeb families as well.)!

SeanJay on

I’m glad Celine isn’t forcing her son to cut his hair.

Allowing “freedom of expression” & letting your kid do whatever they want are TWO totally DIFFERENT things!

2 of my friends let their boys grow their hair long & wear it how they want to. At the same time they discipline their kids & they most definitely don’t do what they want to. They just don’t feel their kids choice of hairstyles is a big enough deal to fight over. Their only rule was the boys had to %100 responsibility for washing & grooming their own hair. Funny thing is they both got sick of all the work it took & go buzzcuts to start this school year.

Susan on

What a great attitude, Celine! I wish more parents AND especially GRANDPARENTS would be more thoughtful and insightful like her.

BebeB on

I understand people’s viewpoints about parents needing to set some boundaries around their child’s appearance – to me, it’s really about bringing your child up in a realistic way, within the parameters of what’s “normal” and socially acceptable, until they’re old enough to make informed and considered decisions about how they choose to present themselves physically to the world. Having said that, I can also respect Celine’s decision – given that her son has what’s obviously a very firm opinion on this – to let her son express his preferences and individuality in regard to his hair. Her comment about what’s right for her family may not be right for others, and vice versa, resonated with me – none of us are perfect and we shouldn’t judge others for their decisions.

mmartinez on

He looks like a GIRL!!!!!
Hello!!!! doesn’t anyone see anything wrong with that??
What is wrong with his parents?

Hea on

He has gorgeous hair quality. It’s obvious. I’m glad he’s allowed to make a few decisions regarding his own person.

Shannon on

I can’t believe that letting a little boy have long hair is being compared to him having sex early, and doing drugs! How can those 2 Possibly be put together?! His hair is gorgeous, he obviously keeps it washed and groomed to an ‘acceptable’ level…lol I just can’t stop laughing at those comparisons…Lighten up people! If a girl wants to have long hair thats 1000000% fine; lets stop with the gender stereotypes and let little boys wear their hair to the length they want.

Amanda on

okay so people are saying because Celine and Rene respect their child and let him make this choice about his hair that he’s going to grow up and end up in jail?Please people he is seven and has asked that his parents not FORCE him to cut his hair,what the big deal?He likes it that way,he obviously as another reader pointed out keeps it groomed and doesn’t mind the up keep.

I commend Celine on respecting her sons wants and that whats right for her family may not be right for your or anyone else’s for that matter so just because she choose’s to let her son have long hair doesn’t mean that it would work for another family.Her son is a beautiful smart little boy and knows what he wants and for right now he wants his hair the way he wants it.

Maybe in the future he’ll decide he doesn’t want long hair and he’ll change it,if not that’s his choice and his parents will respect that.I wouldn’t force my child to cut their hair if they didn’t want to,do you want your child to grow up and resent you for forcing them to cut their hair?No.So just leave Celine alone and let her and Rene parent the way that fit’s THEIR child NOT YOUR’S and stop complaining that he’s going to be in juvie or jail because they give him the right to do whatever he wants.No they don’t they let him have say over HIS hair not YOUR or THEIR’S.

LanLan on

Sorry I have to disagree with other posters but his hair looks completely ridiculous. Its not just longish, its girl shoulder length. Of course if he’s much older and wanted his hair long, then he can do what he wants but he’s just SEVEN and his parents should step up and be firm about hair cutting. I just feel that it’s because he’s that much wanted only child he can get away with what he wants which is quite sad really.
This goes for other parents as well including Ang and Brad who let Madoox dye his hair and take him to gun/knive shops to buy knives (if you don’t believe me see the W magazine interview.)
IMO parents shouldn’t be scared about being laying down basic rules.

Megan on

You know I think he’s really cute, little rockstar, I think he looks like you know one of those 70’s rocker types. Something out of Led Zeppelin, or Queen, bad Company, etc.

CelebBabyLover on

LanLan- So what if his hair looks “girly” to you? Obviously, Celine and her husband don’t care what you or I think about their son’s hair!

As for Maddox…It appears that he uses temporary hair dye that washes out (for example, he had blue-streaked hair in Knox and Viv’s first photoshoot, which was in August, but by early this month, it was gone. There’s no way anyone can get rid of hair dye that fast unless it’s the wash-out kind).

If that IS indeed the case, I really don’t see what the harm is. As for the knives, if you read Angie’s entire statement about that, she makes it clear that the knives are dulled so he can’t hurt himself AND that she and Brad always follow a knife purchase with a talk about the dangers of knives.