Sound Off! What Are You Giving to Trick-or-Treaters This Halloween?

10/28/2008 at 09:00 AM ET
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With just four days until Halloween, children everywhere are carving pumpkins, picking out costumes and gearing up for a sugar-fueled night of trick-or-treating! While we know what some of the stars will be giving out at their homes — mom-to-be Ashlee Simpson-Wentz recently admitted her love of candy corn, while celeb dad James Denton says Snickers are his fave — we want to know what you’ll be dishing out to the kiddies. Kit Kats, Kisses or Skittles (oh my!)? Or perhaps a healthy (or non-consumable) treat? Let us know in the comments, and enjoy a happy and safe Halloween!


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Jen K on

This will be the 4th Halloween in my place and I’ve yet to get one trick or treater. I won’t even buy any candy, I’ll just eat it all!

Bren on

We are giving lollypop, chocolates and pencils!

Happy Halloween!!

Elyse on

We are giving away little bags of Raisnets, and we found these little lollipops that have little plastic skeleton feet as sticks. they are really cute!

babyboopie on

My son and I decorate our lovely apartment with a Halloween theme, hanging big orange pumpkins everywhere and big vibrant lights everywhere and we even buy scary films (children’s one of course!)
We have some friends over with their children and we have lovely food and relax, while the children watch the movie.
Halloween is not as popular here in France as it is in England but it’s something I want to show my son because it’s such fun!

Stacey on

We have pixie stix, tootsie pops and smarties.

Jen on

We have Butterfingers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and 3 Musketeers bars. I also found little containers of Play-dough; I’m pretty convinced that all the parents in our neighborhood are going to hate us!

Dana on

Goldfish and spider rings. We don’t let our kids have sugar normally, so if we have any leftovers, we don’t need more in the house.

brooklyn on

We’ll be giving out, Kit Kats, Snickers, Twix, M & M’s, Coffee Crisp, Smarties and Aeros.

Lauren on

We live on a pretty busy street an in our town we dont have sidewalks or street lights, so its pretty dangerous. We dont pass out candy and neither do our neighbors. its just safer for the kids. But we DO go trick or treating. My favorite are the butterfingers!!

Mom2boys on

I go trick or treating with my 2 toddlers early at a local safe trick-or-treat during daylight hours, then give out whatever they get to whoever comes at my door at night…although I hardly ever get anyone.
Yes it is cheap. But it also prevents me and the kids eating too many sweets. So its a win-win for me!

Pogue Mahone on

You know, not everyone even celebrates it; we don’t, due to religious reasons.

Elle on

Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays. This year we’ll be in Orlando/Tampa, seeing what the big theme parks are doing for the holiday. But our candy situation is already set down here. We’ve got full size candy bars– plain and almond Hershey’s bars, kit kats, reeses cups, milky ways, and snickers. I always loved the full size candy bar houses when I was a kid, and it makes me less tempted to sit and snack than the big bowls of hundreds of bite size snickers.

Jess on

I picked up my favorites, because we never know how many kids we’ll get. We have nerds, sweet tarts, pixie sticks, & dum dums. Lame candy maybe, but at least we’ll enough any leftovers!

Shelli on

Nothing! Isn’t that sad? Every since our first child was old enough to trick or treat that’s what we’ve done. Never home to give the treats. Living in a rural area, we have to go farther than most to get a “good” stash.

Lorelei on

We get lots of kids so I buy a bunch of the the 100 pack variety to hand out and our three kids bring home quite a bit. A tip I got from another mom is freeze some of the candy they bring home (they don’t even miss it) in ziploc bags and we’ve had it for Christmas stockings, occasional lunch treats and even taken some to the movies – we do buy popcorn though.

candice on

I haven’t bought any yet! I think I’ll just get stuff I like, probably nerds and pixie sticks, because my neighborhood is pretty hit and miss. I might get a million trick-or-treaters or I might not get any. If I’m going to be stuck with candy, it had certainly be something I’ll want to eat.

Oh, wait, on second thought…maybe I should get candy that I hate so I WON’T eat any. Hah!

Dela on

We don’t get a lot of kids so we just buy one of those packs of full size chocolate bars from Costco. There are Snicker Bars, Twix, and Mars.

Harley on

I rock the Reese’s and Skittle’s. I can’t buy the bags until the day before or else I start chowing down lol.

Lolaaa on

Although North America does have a problem with obesity in children…I think that for one night of the year (and then a few days after that!) we can just have fun and eat bite size candy bars! I watch the foods that I bring into the house and try not to overdo the sugar during the rest of the year for sure…but I do know that totally restricting sugar/treats can definitely back far for parents/kids later in life! But on the Halloween note…my favourites to give away are smarties and aeros!

Vika on

We don’t celebrate it either due to religious reasons, but when I was growing up the older people in our church knew we didn’t celebrate it so they always gave us their leftover bags of candy so we usually ended up with a payload! My parents always made sure to do something special as a family so when the other kids talked about it, we wouldn’t feel left out. Years later, we still don’t celebrate it, but it’s become kind of a family get together/eat lots of sweets day for us.

Dana on


When I was growing up, we were allowed to sort out our candy and pick 10 things we wanted to eat on the night of the haul. The rest we would put in the freezer. We were allowed to have 1 piece a day. By the time Christmas rolled around, we had forgotten about the candy.

We started doing the freezing thing with our girls. I was recently cleaning and defrosting the freezer and found half the stash from last year pushed behind some beans and corn. 🙂

SouthernBelle on

We’re giving out snack-size Kit Kat Bars, Reese’s Cups, Laffy Taffy, Snickers, Nerds, Runts, Nestlé Crunch Bars and Spider Rings.

Lilybett on

I live in Australia and Halloween seems to have invaded here – which is incredibly silly – given we’re at the end of spring, the weather is warm, pumpkins are largely out of season and everything is green and bright rather than orangey red.

Some kids (who probably watch too much TV IMHO) make half-hearted attempts at dressing up and then go and ring doorbells for junk food. And no-one ever has anything for them because it’s not an Australian holiday. They must get so disappointed.

This isn’t a rant against the US or Halloween, for that matter… I just think it’s odd when this cultural appropriation happens and it’s completely inappropriate. At Christmas, for example, we’re bombarded with images of snowmen and winterwonderlands and big Turkey dinners and snuggling up to a fire and roasting chestnuts. In reality, it’s roasting outside, most people are having BBQs or carving cold legs of ham, playing cricket in the backyard or heading to the beach.

A lot of people have actually adopted a Christmas in July party theme, so they can do the traditional Christmas thing when it’s actually cold here.

So in answer to this post, I won’t have anything for trick or treaters but it’ll be interesting to see if anyone actually knocks on the door.

Kelly on

I make sure to buy what I like, (in case of leftovers) so this year it’s KitKat and Smarties. My son usually goes out for an hour and then comes back. We take out all the things he doesn’t like, and then give those things out. That way nothing goes to waste (or should I say waist?).

brannon on

The family next door to me includes two autistic children. Since their children have been school-aged, they have run a hay ride through the neighborhood with all of their son’s friends from school. The first year they did this we switched to play-doh to avoid any conflicts with candy/sugar/red dye and it was a huge hit with all of our trick or treaters so we have kept it up. The kids love it. As for my own son, he chooses ten pieces and then the “halloween ghost” visits in the night and replaces the rest of the treats with some sort of toy/stuffed animal/book. Happy Halloween to those who celebrate! (On a side note, my school no longer allows for the celebration because so many people don’t celebrate for religious reasons. I agree with this but am curious how those who don’t celebrate feel about schools who do?)

Shortay on

Pixie Stix
Laffy Taffy

Mae on

We go to our church to take my nephew, and niece. It isn’t called ‘halloween’, it’s our ‘fall festival’.

Our church is pretty large (6,000 members) — so we have train rides, hay rides, and bounce houses, games, and face painting, plus fair food — all the members bring candy.

Anyone can come, the only thing you need to get in is a can of food, which goes to our food program, which helps people in the community.

We are bringing reese’s, hershey bars, kit kats, snickers, mary janes, pixie sticks, milk duds, almond joys, suckers, butterfingers, and little packs of candy corn.

I’m 17, and still incredibly excited!!

Erin on

Reese’s and candy corn are always an easy choice. Body parts can also be fun. We usually just by what we are craving at the supermarket and go from there!

sarah on

we dont do halloween in New Zealand. mum never let us trick or treat because personally it strikes her as weird that for the whole year we tell our kids never to talk to or take candy from strangers and then on halloween they are encouraged to do just that. we have guy fawkes night a few days later and so mum always said if we did halloween – no fireworks for guy fawkes. we never ever chose halloween. i have been known to take advantage of the hallowen specials on horror films at my local dvd hire store

emily on

I’m giving out all kinds of fun stickers, glittery press-on tattoos, Mardi Gras type necklaces and mini Halloween Memory games. If I were still young enough to trick or treat I’d be psyched to get this stuff. If anyone hasn’t bought their Halloween goodies yet (or even if you have) I encourage you to check out this site:
I’m in no way affiliated with them, I just think it’s an idea whose time has come. Happy Halloween everybody!

Angelina on

Well, this year I went with natural sugars, tiny ‘apple’ bananas, satsumas and small apples … but I did have some funsize snickers and smarties too ( for those NOT impressed with the fruit)

Sarah, just a little bewildered as to New Zealanders celebrating Guy Fawkes – I thought that was an english thing?