Laila Ali Enjoys an 'Easy and Natural' Transition to Motherhood

10/28/2008 at 07:00 PM ET
Credit Laila Ali

Calling the challenges associated with breastfeeding the "biggest surprise" of motherhood thus far, Laila Ali writes in a new blog that she has a new perspective on why some opt to wean. "When a woman decides to nurse her child, she practically becomes a 24-hour milk machine…Not to mention the soreness that comes along with it," Laila notes. "You better believe that I got a hold of a breast pump machine real quick so that my husband can help feed the baby at night and during the day!!!" Regardless, the 30-year-old former American Gladiators host says that she remains committed to nursing son Curtis ‘C.J.’ Muhammad, 9 weeks, for at least six months. Laila writes,

"There are so many health benefits for babies who are nursed and I can’t imagine not taking advantage of the custom made supply that God gave me for my child."

Motherhood has been an "easy and natural" transition for Laila, who says that she is "so in love" with her son. "That is a good thing because he needs so much time and attention," she says. To that end, Laila is not working on any projects right now and is instead devoting "100%" of her time to C.J. "I am not a woman who easily parts with her baby," she writes. "I do not look forward to the day I have to separate from him or get some help from a sitter…In fact, I have anxiety about it!"

"I now know why some women quit their jobs and become stay at home moms!"

C.J. is the first child together for Laila and her husband, Curtis Conway, who also has three children from a previous marriage.

Click here for three new photos of CJ — one with dad, one with mom, and one showing off all that hair and a cute little grin!


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twostrikes on

beautiful. baby Curtis’ grandfather is my hometown hero!

Kresta on

Maybe it’s his hair or his big eyes, but he looks older.

homefly on

I remember nursing my first and saying the same thing. “Let’s just get to six months!!” The funny thing is, once they start solid foods (around 6 months), it gets sooo much easier. The first six months are the hardest part. Nursing from 6 months on is by far the easiest part.

Mary on

aww, CJ is so CUTE! i especially love the last pic of him with the grin. i think he looks like dad. not seeing too much Laila in his features at the moment.

kwinona on

it’s so funny that she’s getting a motherhood reality check.
most of her comments while she was pregnant drove me (a mom of 3)crazy. she seemed to be very focused on doing everything a certain way.

brooke on

Curtis jr looks just like his daddy, I don’t see any laila in his looks and yea he looks older than his age

Grandma2Three on

Freaking adorable baby!

kiki on

what a cute baby !
and I think he looks a lot like his maternal granddad !
Just like my 2nd son favours my late maternal grampa.

Again, what a cute little boy !

FC on

I don’t know who CJ looks like, but he’s such a sweet little boy, and that smile can melt in that last photo could melt a couple of hearts. I know it did for me…

He just looks ready for his close-up, and said a nice little “Cheese!” beforehand…lol.

Dannie on

I can sympathize with Laila on the breastfeeding thing, I tried it the first day and decided to breast pump, it was a lot easier for me and my hubby who didn’t mind getting up in the middle of the nite to give the baby bottles. BTW, little CJ is adorable. All that gorgeous hair.

Sarah on

Good for you and baby Curtis! I’m proud of you; your priorities are in the right order!

Stephanie on

I can totally relate! I breastfed my son all through my pregnancy with my daughter(they are less than a year a part) and I am tandem nursing now. My son isn’t really into it anymore, but I do pump for him. My daughter is 8 months and is still really loving nursing. It is SO hard until you get the solids in…but totally worth it!!!!! I wish her luck, and hope she can make it through the first couple months.

Nande on

Does she knew the meaning of MUHAMMAD is?

reggie land on

your babi looks like u…….both of yall have everything but the same nose

NJfromLA on

Once a mother learns how to properly breastfeed…it’s easy and in no way painful nor leaves one “sore.” I breast fed my first child for nearly 3 years, and my second for 18 months without a problem. The second time around, I could feed him nearly anywhere without most people noticing. The worst part of it was having “letdown,” and drenching my shirts. But there are help options for that.