Violet Affleck's Preschool Pickup

10/24/2008 at 11:30 AM ET
Pacific Coast News

Sporting braided pigtails, Violet Anne Affleck smiles as mom Jennifer Garner scoops her up for the walk back to the car after preschool on Thursday in Santa Monica, Calif.

Jennifer and husband Ben Affleck expect a sibling for  2 ½-year-old Violet this winter. Want more photos of Jen, Ben, and Violet? Check out our Garner-Affleck family gallery!


Jennifer carries a Fleurville Lunch Pak in pink ogo ($32) and a Playtex First Sipster ($4).

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Brianna on

Violet is ADORABLE! Always smiling – melts my heart.


Violet is always smiling.She’s such a cute,happy and lucky little girl!Can’t wait for meet her new little brother or sister

Chloe on

That girl is always happy!!

Elizabeth on

Violet is soooo adorable and happy. I would love to hang out with her for a weekend, I bet it would be a blast!

lilith on

Seriously, how near is the paparazzi who took this picture standing next to Jennifer and Violet? Judging from the reflection in Jennifer’s sunglasses it looks like he’s only 6 ft away. Wasn’t there once a policy on CBB that photos won’t be posted if they look too intrusive? But it’s nice that Violet can still smile and doesn’t seem to much bothered, unlike Suri.

Jared Smythe on

Wonder who’s hand that is ??

Jen always has a friend helping her out….
Now with baby #2 on the way

Violet is going to be 3 on
Dec 5..Thanks Celebrity baby
blog for the photo

Natalie on

I have the same playtex sippy cup…and while I have tried other more expensive ones…this one is the best!

Nicole on

Man, I love this kid. How can someone not cheer up when they see her adorable smiley little face? 🙂 Definitely my fave celeb kid!

momof3 on

Love celebrity baby blog and love this family but I think we’ve seen enough pictures of Violet being picked up at school–they must be bothered by the paparazzi every day! I can’t imagine how tough that must be as a parent-especially when you’re pregnant. I can understand why Jen would feel that she has to pick up her daughter with all the photographers swarming them and that’s going to get tough when she’s 9 months pregnant! Could we leave the Afflecks alone for a while?

carry on

I agree with lillith and momofo3, I will say that I love this family too but everyday there is a picture of this girl being taken to school. I like CBB and the pictures but after a certain point it feels intrusive.

Brandi on

I saw photos on another site and the hand is from a friend or teacher, it’s a woman. I don’t mind the pictures that go up here, they are usually the best ones that are taken, you don’t see the angry pictures of ben or the ones with him flipping people off, or jen running into stores like you see other places.

Anyway i am always happy to see photos of this family because they are too cute. Besides they do travel to their hometowns a lot and the paparazzi usually doesn’t follow them there, I think it’s just hyped up now because Jen is pregnant again and they know where she is everyday now that Violet goes to school.

Jules on

How many times is CBB going to post pics of Jen dropping off or picking up Violet from school? CBB contributing to Jen and Ben being hounded by the paparazzi even at their kid’s school.

Rosy J on

Call me selfish but I love seeing pics of Violet and Jen. What I hate is when Ben is not there and a lot of people cry, “where is Ben? He is never with his family”. That bugs the heck out of me. Violet is so cute.

Andria on

I agree with several of the other posters that photographers shouldn’t camp out at Violet’s school. That has to be affecting the poor little girl.

Lilly on

This family is wonderful and Violet is such a happy child, but I would really wish that CBB would buy less school photos of both Violet and Britney’s boys. This will, in turn, discourage the paparazzi from taking such photos. Just a thought.

ToddlerMommy on

Enough with the pictures of Violet being dropped off/picked up at school! Give the family some space! All these pictures are getting ridiculous.

anon on

I think that CBB keeps posting these pictures so that they can keep advertising her backpack – seriously, how many times a day to you need to plug that bag?

Mary on

other than the fact that we see pics of her picking up Violet from school just about everyday, im surprised she’s pregnant and still toting this big girl around in her arms lol!

Ms.B on

What’s wrong with her teeth?????

Ms.B on


Why did you bring Suri up? So what if she’s not used to the paps…she’s only two, she shouldn’t be.

Tana on

Come on CBB enough preschool photos! So annoying seeing the same photos every day…give them and the other families a break!!!

CelebBabyLover on

Lilly- Actually, CBB didn’t post ANY photos of Brit’s boys for the longest time. Within the past month or two, CBB has only posted three sets of pictures of them: One of Britney and the boys with her parents, Jamie-Lynn, and Maddie; one of Britney and her nanny picking the boys up from school, and today’s pictures of her and the boys at the Pumpkin Patch.

In actuality, we have only seen the boys being picked up from preschool once. 🙂

Anyway, I love Violet’s braids! And yes, I don’t think the paps should camp out at Violet’s school. Doing so is not only likely not fun for little Violet, but it can’t be making things easy for the other children who attend that school, as well as their parents.

I remember that, in the spring of 2007, the paps also camped out at Pax and Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s preschool. Just like with Violet now, we saw pictures of them going to and/or from preschool every day.

And that was in the Czech Republic, to boot (the J-Ps were staying in Prague while Angie filmed Wanted)! I mean, unfourtnately you expect the paps to be bad here in the U.S., and especially in places like LA, but they usually aren’t as bad in foregin countries!

Brenda Scott on

Violet is adorable !! Does she know how to walk? Every photo I see of her she is being held. They will have their hands full when baby #2 arrives!

CelebBabyLover on

Brenda- I doubt you actually meant that literally, but yes, she does know how to walk. Here are some recent pictures of her walking: