Britney Spears and Boys Pick Pumpkins

10/24/2008 at 09:30 AM ET

Singer Britney Spears took her boys Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James (with Britney), 2, to West Hollywood’s Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch on Thursday afternoon. The 26-year-old — whose new song Womanizer is currently the #4 single in the country — is planning a live concert in New York City on the morning of her 27th birthday, December 2nd, to air on Good Morning America.

Dad is ex-husband Kevin Federline. See more photos of the outing at Just Jared!

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melissa on


ellen on

her boys are adorable 🙂 good luck, britney!

aurora mia on

It pretty much shows the power of family her situation. It’s so cool that her dad stepped in and helped her so she could help her adorable sons. Well done! I am not really a fan, but know the story and think it’s pretty cool she was able to turn it around.

Amber on

What a great picture. I’m so proud of Britney for getting her life back in order. Those boys deserve it. I’ve never been a fan of Britney’s – until now!

Di on

This picture reeks of a photo op. So many celebrities have been spotted at this pumpkin patch, Britney may have went there just to be seen. If you were not from LA, you would think that this maybe the only place where one can bring their children to buy pumpkins. I think Britney and her camp and trying really hard to portray her as loving and doting mom in preparation for her filing for joint custody once the conservatorship ends which could be next week.
While Brit’s behavior and mothering skills has certainly improved since her dad has taken over her affairs, I wish she would do a better job of shielding them from the spotlight like Kevin does.

Liesl78 on

Britney looks happy and healthy. Good for her! Her boys look so big, and look like they’re having fun.

Jess on

Adore this picture.

Britney looks happy, the boys look happy…even the friend/nanny looks happy!

This woman is a true fighter, after all she’s been through, she’s come out shining and better than ever. Good on her!!


Mom of Boys on

U go Brit! I knew you were just going through a rough patch. We have faith in you. Keep your head straight for those 2 gorgeous boys!

Chloe on

Di, that’s pretty cynical. Maybe she wants to show the world how she’s changed and how she’s now being a proper Mum to her children and the only way to do that is with photo ops like this one. The children look happy, and so does Britney and that’s got to be good for both mum and babies, photo op or not.

aurora mia on

I agree Chloe…There is so much negative in the world, why not take the opportunity to show the good!! She and they were so close to devastation it’s good to see everyone healthy and strong. Bring on the Photo OPS!

Hilary on

Nah, it might be a photo op that she planned, but she’s not super dressed up unlike whenever we see Denise Richards and her kids…

brooke on

I love to see her with her boys. They are both so cute and sweet boys. Jayden is her mini me, and sean is a mix of both parents. I can’t wait to see her on tour also

Brandi on

^ Denise is in sweatpants and yoga pants 90% of the time……

The boys are adorable and I am glad to see Britney doing well.

Kelsey on

Di, It is probably 10x easier for Kevin to sheild the boys considering he is not near as famous as Britney and he doesn’t have an album coming out. Britney has just as much right to take her kids to the patch as any other celeb, photo op or not.

I love Britney, I am so happy that she has turned her life around!

SeanJay on

THE boys are such dolls. JJ looks like a little girl w/ his shaggy blonde hair, so sweet.

Di you are so off base. Kevin doesn’t sheild them as much as he just rarely goes out in public with them. Kevin also is not a celeb & isn’t followed like Britney. The most we see of the boys is when they’re in Kevin’s care & photographed w/ his nanny & bodyguard. This is a personal pic she posted this pic on her website. The pap pics from that day look different. Why the hell shouldn’t she be able to take her kids out to a pumpkin patch?

Everytime she goes out with her boys their pics will be taken. She should not have to stay cooped up at home with 2 active boys. JJ & SP should have the joy of sharing outings w/ their parents like every other kid. Plus we don’t get many pics of them together so she doesn’t take them out that much.

I also doubt she will need photo ops to get more custody. Kevin has been letting the boys spend alot of time w/ Britney outside her normal visits it appears.

Anon on

I don’t have any strong thoughts one way or the other, but one thing I noticed about these pictures is that the boys don’t seem happy, so I’m wondering where some of the posts above were looking. The boy Britney is holding is reaching for someone else, and the boy the nanny is holding looks like he’s cringing or grimacing. Neither is crying, but I wouldn’t say happy is a good descriptor.

Allie on

No matter who has the kids, Brit, Kevin, the nanny, they have their picture taken. Just because CBB doesn’t post them, doesn’t mean they’re not out there. And just because YOU THINK it looks like a photo op because every other celeb has been there, it could very well be the closest pumpkin patch to her house. You don’t know. And besides, if she went to one in Louisana, there WOULD be pictures of her there, and I’m sure you would say the same thing…. No matter WHAT she does, no matter how hard she tries to turn herself around, there’s always people who try and look for the negative.

Amanda Collard on

i just have to say to the DI person that they need to get the stick out of there ass and just be happy for the fact that britney is an amazing women and even though she had a small stressful time just like everyone in the world that she is making an effort to fix things. i have loved britney and all that she does since she made her first album. She’s a great women and its great to see her with her sons. i love the whole pumpkin patch setting even if it is set up. she along with her sons look amazingling gorgeouse like always. keep doing your thing brit, you will always have me as a fan 🙂

Izhira on


If you look at the complete set of photos you can see that JJ is NOT reaching for another person. He wants to have a little pumpkin like the on Preston is holding. He looks completely satisfied and happy the moment he has his own little pumpkin. Normal reaction for a boy in his age.

Gelareh on

The cameras can capture the moments that make her lose her custody battle, but shouldn’t capture the ones that makes her win it? Even if she’s exposing the kids to win the custody battle, good for her and good for her kids who are going to be with their mom!
The world captures every negative moment of Britney’s life, every single time she does something bad that many other people do and goes unnoticed. Now she can’t share a beautiful happy moment with the world?
That’s so unkind. What’s wrong with showing how she have changed? I know it makes *me* feel good, Im sure a lot of other people would also want to see her happy.

Bancie1031 on

It’s great seeing Britney with her boys. Sean and Jayden have gotten so big. And they look so much alike!

sinclair on

they are beautiful little boys 🙂

CelebBabyLover on

AWWWW! It warms my heart to see Britney with her boys again, as well as finally looking happy and healthy. I subscribe to PEOPLE Magazine, and when I saw the picture of Brit at this year’s VMAs, I thought “Whoa! What a difference a year can make!”

That was the first time in more than a year that I had seen Brit looking healthy and happy like she did before her downword spiral. I’m not kidding, I just about started crying for her, out of joy!

As other commentors have said, it is clear that she was struggling IMMENSELY for nearly two years (her downward sprial began very shortly after Jayden’s birth in 2006), and especially last year.

When I look back at pictures from what I call the “culumination” of her downward spiral (i.e., from just before her first hospitilization to just after her second one), she truly looks like a lonely, lost soul in them.

In particular, I remember one picture of her from just days before her second hospitilization. She was sitting on a curb, holding her Yorkie puppy London, and crying. My heart just broke for her when I saw that picture. Sad as it is, London was probably her only true friend at that point.

Anyway, my point is that it makes me extremely happy to see how far Britney has come. I also have to give HUGE props to her dad. I truly believe that Jamie literally saved Britney. Had he not stepped in, I hate to think of what would have happened.

I hope that she will be able to regain joint custody of those sweet boys soon (just a note, though, the conservatorship was extended through the end of the year. There is a hearing next week to check on Brit’s progress, but I doubt the conservatorship will actually be dissolved until the end of the year)!

Britney, if you’re reading this, I’m very, very proud of you!

dely on

That girl will never win with you! you’re judging by one photo! at least do it good and watch the whole set. In fact this photo look posed because her bodyguard was photografing them and of course a lot of paparrazzi were there too. As izhira said jayden was simply asking for it’s own little pumpkin and if you look the others photo you will see that preston was having a very good time (jayden however seems a little tired).
I’ve seen too that she picks them up from school on that same day but we have no pics because her team was hiding them with umbrellas.
Sorry my post is a little long but she’s really improving and there a ton of lovely photo with the kids kissing and hugging her so i thought it was good to notice.

lilith on

I don’t know which photos you’ve seen of them, I followed the link to JustJared and in NONE of these photos does JJ look “completely satisfied and happy”. The faces he makes, his body language, to me he looks like a child who’s uncomfortable with the situation.
Sure, this is just a small caption of their day, maybe the rest of the day he was all happy and smiley.
But judging from the photos provided here and on the link, these boys, especially the younger one, are far from looking like they’re having a good time.

Trisha on

Sean shouldn’t have a Paci in his mouth, he is 3

CelebBabyLover on

lilith- Like dely said, maybe Jayden was just tired. Or maybe he’s going through the “terrible twos”.

Also, if you look at the pictures, it looks the paps got pretty close to them. I doubt you’d be smiling if a bunch of strange men were sticking cameras in your face!

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, and I’m confused by SeanJay’s comment that Kevin “is not a celebrity”. Isn’t he a musician, like Britney (granted, he’s nowhere near as famous as she is)?

ariel on

lilith, i believe Izhira is talking about the set of photos at x17.

jayden is clearly reaching for the little pumpkin.

it’s great to see britney has made a change for the better! i wish her well.

SeanJay on

lilith that’s why it’s so bad to judge celeb parents & kids by PAP pics alone. They take hundreds of pics of a situation & only show certain ones that tells the story they want.

Preston’s smiling in the picture in this post. But Go to a fansite like There were hundreds of pics from the pumpkin patch. Both boys look like they are having fun & more than comfy w/ their mom & situation. There are several nice pictures of Preston with a big smile on his face, while pointing out different things & looking around. They also looked happy riding in the wagon & going into the Jumpin Pumkin thing.

Veronica on

No matter what Britney does, someone is always going to criticize her for something. There will always be someone to tear her down. She’s come a very long way, and I for one am happy to finally see her healthy and well. From the pictures I’ve seen, the boys were very happy. Plus, it’s unfair to judge a situation based on pictures, when 1) You don’t really know the situation, because you’re not in it and you don’t know the circumstances, and 2) The stalkerazzi most probably were shoving cameras in their faces and being annoying, like they usually are. I wouldn’t be too happy either, if I were them. Britney can’t win either way, but I am very proud of her. And, it’s like someone else said. Kevin doesn’t so much shield them, as he just doesn’t go out with them in public much. Maybe that’s considered shielding, maybe it’s not. But, he’s not nearly as famous as Britney is.

CelebBabyLover on

I forgot to mention earlier…How cute is it that the boys are wearing matching outfits!