Suri Cruise Gets a Haircut!

10/22/2008 at 08:30 AM ET
Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic

After a number of comments on her eye-grazing bangs, readers will be happy to see that Suri Cruise has received a trim! The tot, 2 ½, debuted a new haircut while stepping out with dad Tom Cruise on Tuesday evening in NYC.

See Suri’s style and check out the manes of other famous kids in our newest gallery, Celebrity Baby Hairstyles!

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Natasha on

Yay !!! She looks so pretty

rachael on

Hallelujah! 100% better (though she’s always a cutie)!

Gina on

Cute hair cut. I don’t live in New York so all I can do is consult but it was a high of 62 and low of 45 yesterday. It really irritates me to see Suri dressed like this. Especially when I see a picture of Sarah Jessica Parker and her son all bundled up.

Bb on

She’s a cutie, though i’ll miss her pigtails.

Elizabeth on

Its about time! Getting those bangs cut makes that already adorable child look 100x cuter!

brooke on

She’s a beautiful child, but I liked her hair longer. They could have cut her bangs though, but this hairstyle looks just like katie’s hair

kimberley on

I know she isnt bundled up like sarah jessica parkers son, but they arent walking down the street, i get the impression theyre going from building to car to building….or maybe she just doesnt want to wear one – I wouldnt want to argue with Suri!! she looks like she can be a fiesty little thing!! lol.

long bangs, short bangs , no bangs- shes a cutie🙂

Reanne on

Absolutely beautiful!!!!
What A DOLL!!!
Suri looks so when she was a year old …ADORABLE and she has THE BEST wardrobe of any child!!Period…

stephanie on

AND she’s wearing a dress she’s already worn before. Two birds, one stone! I have to say I’m kind of disappointed because she looked so adorable with the pigtails, haha.

mimi on

I don’t understand. Haven’t they heard of barrets?? Why the boyish haircut when they could have stuck a barret in her hair until the bangs grew out!

Di on

Great, Suri got a haircut. Now how about a sweater and some, tights to go along with that new hair cut to keep that little girl warm. In my opinion, a blanket is no substitute for some warmer clothing.I find it completely odd how Tom and Katie dress Suri.

Fifi on

Aww why??? I liked her longer hair…now she looks like a boy…the cruise family have matching haircuts lol

Kerri on

Glad they cut her bangs, but they should have left the rest of her length, it was really cute.

Kate on

Well I’m glad to see the bangs are out of her eyes, but I agree that the cut is rather boyish. I also wonder about the clothing choices. I was a kid who never liked to wear a coat. In fact, I still don’t wear one. But what about long sleeve shirts? Pants? Light sweaters? Tights?

sigh on

WHEN are they going to start dressing this child appropriately for the (cold) weather?

Amanda on

Whilst I can’t stand the cut, I’m glad her hair has been trimmed. Those bangs were beyond ridiculous. Hopefully some warmer, season appropriate clothes will be next on the agenda especially when you consider how Katie and Tom are dressing at the moment.

sigh on

Gina, exactly. Not just SJP and James, either… Michelle and Matilda had on warm coats and tights and just yesterday there was this pic of Julianna Margulies and her son all bundled up:

Even IF Suri is demanding to wear nothing but dresses, why no coat or tights?

Lily on

They cut her hair and you still complain because it’s not the style you would’ve liked to have seen on her. That’s just sad.

lilith on

Finally they cut her bangs, now the hair do is scrutinized. Poor child, poor parents. They can’t win for losing with some commenters here.


It looks like Katie got one
too. At the Hermes party
she got a hair cut..a lot
shorter.. It is nice to see
Tom as a Mr. Mom.. taking care
of his angel Suri.. He is a
great father ..Now we can see
Suri’s adorable face..!

MB on

WOW this family apparently can’t win. Cut her hair cut her hair then oh no it’s been cut too much. Seriously? lol.

Diane on

Much nicer. She could still have pigtails, just very short ones.

GossipGrl212 on

they ruined Suri!

JM on

Trimmed bangs…yay! Hair cut short…Nay! The recycled dress and shoes…Yay!! LOL

Kelsey on

I’ve always thought she is positively precious, and I don’t mean this to be rude or critical, I just wonder how much they pay for her hair cut. My nephews wear clothes from Target or Old Navy (my point is there are no eighty dollar shoes or pants) and their back to school hair cut was $12 each? I just wonder how much it cost for a mini-starlet (who always wears boutique baby/ toddler dresses and designer shoes) to get her hair cut in NYC?

GossipGrl212 on

i miss bang-errific suri😦

Brandi on

The family cannot win with some of you it seems like. I think she looks cute.

Bethy on

Wow! Her little face looks so different with her haircut! Such a cutie. I loved the length her hair used to be, but this style is cute too.

Morgan on

MB, you and I are in complete agreement; they just can’t win! When it’s longer, “Oh no, we can’t see her adorable face with all that hair in the way”. Then they cut it, “No! Now she looks too boyish!” Goes to show people will have something negative to say no matter what you do.

J on

Lily, lilith, and MB, you guys nailed it!

Denise on

Aww, she looks so precious. The haircut makes her look a lot younger now. I loved her pigtails. She now looks like she’s so much younger than Violet, even though there’s only a few months between them. However, she’s still so cute! She always has such a cute expression on her face.

Charlene on

I doubt it cost too much with it being uneven in the front … maybe Suri did it herself. They seem to allow her to make all the decisions these days.

mom-squared on

I liked her hair long. She didn’t look the least bit bothered to me with her hair in her eyes. It’s like the punk-rock kids who where their hair in their face and you wonder how they can see, but yet it’s not like they are bumping into things.

I like her hair cut short. I think she looks a bit “pixie-ish”. I’m a big fan of the bob, page boy, or as my husband calls it, “rice bowl” hair cut on girls, so her cute “little” hair gets the thumbs up from me.

Since I’ve never heard about Suri being the least bit sick or unwell or heck even cold, I’ll assume Katie and Tom are dressing her to their expectations and their expertise as parents.

Jen1 on

Aw, so adorable. Hair grows out, so anyone complaining about the length, come on. Complain much? It’s her face that’s the cuteness.🙂

Molly on

Im not a huge fan of this haircut. I liked her better with long hair. But i do think that if she’s cold, she’d let them know. THey also look like they are somewhere in the building, inside

KT on

She was a cutie with her long hair and bangs, she is a cutie with her short hair and bangs! All the haters out there, she is a little girl and not yours. It is obvious that she is happy and loved so much! Isn’t that what is important here? Not her hair or what she’s wearing! She is gorgeous!

Stephanie on

hmmmm….really, really don’t like it. If she were my daughter, would have just trimmed up the ends and let her bangs grow out. Dont like the severe bangs on her cute little face, don’t think they flatter her, growing out her bangs would be much nicer on her….JMHO.

Beep on

I wonder if they ever have Suri wear anything but fancy dresses and pumps. She is a lovely child but always looks too fancy.

Stephanie on

KT, don’t really think expressing a personal opinion on a celeb fan site makes us who dont care for Suri’s haircut “haters!”

SH on

Yeah, Suri REALLY needed that haircut. Those bangs weren’t EYE-grazers…those bangs were CHEEK-grazers. They must have chopped 2 or 3 inches off those suckers…much better. Suri can SEE now.

Lauchis on

Aw, I loved the long bangs on her. Longer hair suited her greatly.
Oh well, she looks cute nontheless =)

Lilly on

I’m not a fan of the haircut, she looked really cute with the longer hair, except for the bangs, which could’ve been clipped with a bobby pin or something. Well, now all three have the same haircut (Tom, Katie, and Suri).

ebEL on

All the haters are so funny ! Jealous so much of her parents just because they got the cutest little girl you have ever seen in your life? Get real people and stop hating on this family!!!

Lisa on

She’s adorable, regardless. However, I’d love to see some socks or tights on her! I could never stand for any of my girls to wear shoes without hosiery…their feet get sweaty and smelly, plus tights or little ruffly socks are just so adorable with mary jane shoes or ballet flats. I do think the child needs a coat too!

Mia on

They seem to dress her more like a doll than a 2 year old child.

Kim on

I’m not a real big fan of the ‘little Dutch Boy’ haitcurts on girls, specially teamed with those frilly fancy dresses she looks like a royal’s child. Like others have said it also looks a lot like Katie’s hair, which I also not a fan of (it ages her a lot). I’d have just cut her fringe or let it grow out but kept the length.

Angel on

Suri is a beautiful little girl. I am concerned though that her parents seem to always put ‘extremely’ flat shoes on her. In speaking with a specialist shoe person she said that flat shoes, thongs, croc shoes, etc. may cause children to have problems with their feet now & later on. The best choice are leather shoes, ankle boots or sandles (not flimsy strapping ones) all worn with cotton socks, that fully encase the foot while providing maximum support, cushioning and comfort for growing little feet.

Anne on

My 1 year old granddaughter has long curly hair but the parents use barettes to keep the hair off her eyes and show her beautiful face.

Anne on

I’m from the old school. Some cornstartch in shoes or socks will prevent feet from sweating and toes can move around easily. It also stops the stink of smelly feet.

Jlm on

Oh my goodness … Seriously.

“Suri needs a haircut!”

“Suri got her haircut, but now she looks like a boy!”

“Suri needs to wear more clothes!”

“How can Suri possibly play properly in dresses!”

“Does Suri even own pants?!”

This family really cannot win, it seems that everybody is so happy to pick apart what this child looks like.

Here’s what I notice about this child.

She is well loved. – I can see this in the way she is held, and how her parents react to her, and how she reacts to her parents.

She is given shelter, food and clothing. I can see this clearly in the pictures.

She is not deprived, and more importantly, she is not your child! Can we not just let Tom and Katie raise their child without us constantly harping on what they are “so obviously doing WRONG?!?”

Let’s all remember that this is a PICTURE – a tiny, miniscule fraction of a moment in a child’s life that most certainly has an entire story behind it. We are not there to witness this story, and so we haven’t got the right to judge it. We cannot gather enough information about a situation from a mere picture to possibly formulate an accurate depiction of what actually went on before, during or after the picture was taken. All we know is the place and the people in the picture. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but it’s worth nothing but a picture to those who weren’t there to witness and experience the story behind it.

Lisa on

The haircut is great and Suri looks adorable!!

I will agree about the clothing. Tom is wearing a shirt and jumper while Suri is wearing short sleeves and no tights or socks? It just seems odd that the adults are all nice and dressed but Suri still wears summer clothing.

CelebBabyLover on

To all the commentors who have said they should have just pulled back her hair with barretts…Maybe Suri doesn’t like barretts? She strikes me as the type of toddler who would have them out in five seconds flat if her parents put them in!

Anyway, I actually love her haircut! I think it makes her look even cuter!🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Lisa- How do you know that Suri’s clothing isn’t HER choice? Tom and Katie may very feel that it isn’t worth fighting her over wearing a coat, especially if they are indeed going from right from car to building and back.

Anyway, I want to add that I really don’t think we need to worry about Suri and how she’ll turn out. Look at her big sister and brother. They’ve both, from what we’ve seen and heard, turned out just fine!🙂

stephanie on

Bravo, Jlm! It annoys me when people say so-and-so “always” or “never” do or don’t do whatever. We’ve gone months without ever seeing any new pictures of Suri. People need to remember that they don’t actually know the people in the pictures. What’s next, we’re going to start believing Star’s story about how “lonely Suri only has her dolls for company”?

CelebBabyLover on

Before anyone starts asking questions, I just want to say that I’m pretty sure that Stephanie meant that, since we go for months at a time without seeing a photo of Suri, we have no idea what she’s doing during those months.

Basically, I think she was just trying to point out that a picture captures just a split second of their lives, and to assume that they ALWAYS or NEVER do something just by looking at a couple of pictures isn’t fair.

KT on

Stephanie, actually the people on here that nit pick everything are the haters! Her hair is too long, her hair is too short, her clothes are too fancy…blah, blah, blah! It’s one thing to have an opinion and another to just complain about everything this family does! When you start having an “opinion” on everything this family does as “wrong”, you are a hater! My opinion, Suri is a happy, healthy, beautiful little girl!

emma on

OK, can someone please help the English person here? What are “bangs” and what are “barrets”?? Lol.

Sarita on

I’m getting sick of the people always complaining about this little girl. She doesn’t look cold, she doesn’t look uncomfortable in dresses, she didn’t seem bothered by her bangs. She is not your daughter, lay off!

momof2inpa on

I have to agree with how Suri is dressed….I’ve been noticing lately that Tom & Katie are bundled in winter attire and there’s poor Suri…wearing short sleeve, summery looking clothes….at any rate, I love the haircut!

TracyG on

I agree 100% with Sarita!

First it was “She never wears the same thing twice”. Then it was “OH, her hair is too long!” Then, “She has a bottle, she’s too old!” and most recently “That child never wears appropiate clothing.”

Now it’s “Oh, shes wearing the same dress and shoes!” And, “OH NO! Her hair is horrible!” and again “Why does she have a sippy cup, she’s too old!”

This family has been ripped apart since Suri’s birth (and before!) and it’s GETTING OLD! IF you don’t like them, DO NOT OPEN THE POST!!! Simple as that!!!

I find it really funny that people on here who rip Tom, Katie and Suri apart every SINGLE POST, are the same EXACT people who DEFEND Brad and Angie from negative posters. It’s called HYPOCRISY, learn what it means people!

Suri looks adorable and well cared for and loved and happy and healthy. That’s what matters most IMO!

Jae on

I think she looks adorable. I like her hair longer in the back, but it does look much better now that we can see her cute little face!!

Emily on

Emma, lol. Bangs are fringe, and barretts are hair clips. :o)

Dee on

Most of you are CRAZY! These people can’t win for losing with some of you. I noticed on previous pictures all you did was complain about the childs bangs being to long, now you are mad because the cut the back as well.

Now some of you are even checking the weather to see if you believe she is dressed properly for the weather. My daughter is three and she constantly sweats, guess what the doctor explanined that it is better for me to not over dress her. He stated that just becuase you are cold does not mean the child is. SO LEAVE THESE PEOPLE ALONE!

lilith on

“I find it really funny that people on here who rip Tom, Katie and Suri apart every SINGLE POST, are the same EXACT people who DEFEND Brad and Angie from negative posters. It’s called HYPOCRISY”
TracyG, so true. When it comes to one’s favourites, sure as the sun rises every morning, people will attack you for having a different opinion, even if you state your view much nicer than they usually do. Lol. We should really try to apply the same rules to every celebrity here.

Mandy on

They need to stop hiding her face and loose the bangs.

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