Peter Facinelli is Excited for Luca to See Him On Screen

10/22/2008 at 12:00 PM ET
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As one of the oldest actors on the set of his new movie Twilight, the playful teasing of being referred to as "dad" by his costars does not faze Peter Facinelli, as he is thrilled to finally be a part of a movie that "I can actually have my kid [daughter Luca Bella] see." Sharing that Luca is "really, really excited," Peter, 34, says that his daughter has read the first book, and although she is looking forward to reading the rest of the vampire series, the 11-year-old will — temporarily — be kept in suspense. While Peter explains that Luca is still "a little young for the content" in the sequels, he wanted to grab her attention with the first book so that she would be prepared for the movie. "When you start reading the others, you get the bigger picture, but you lose sight of the first one on its own," says Peter.

In addition to the excitement of watching her first movie starring her dad, Peter — who was instructed to stay out of the sun for his role as a vampire, forcing him to take "the kids to school in a hat and glasses and a hood" — explains that he is relieved that his children finally are able to understand what their parents do for a living.

"Usually Luca and my other two daughters can see their mom Jen’s work, but they wonder what I do. So this is new for me. I’m excited about it. It’s good to be able to have something that my kids can be a part of."

In addition to Luca, Peter has daughters Lola Ray, 5 ½, and Fiona Eve, 2, with wife Jennie Garth. Twilight is in theaters November 21st.

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Tara on

I can’t wait to see him as Carlisle. it’s going to be an awesome movie!!! It’s great that he can share that with his kids.

Brandi on

I am so excited for this movie, my sister and I are going opening night!

Trina on

i’ll be 30 in january, and i am SOOOOOOOOO excited about this film. i think the books are wonderful, robert pattinson makes an amazing edward, and have been counting down the days for the premiere!

momtotwo on

Eek! I can’t even imagine letting an 11 year old read even Twilight! I’m reading New Moon right now. I know he’s excited about his kids seeing what he does, but that’s a pretty adult book for an 11 year old.

Brittany on

Thats so neat he can share that with his daughter! I cant wait for this movie to come out. I just need to find a sitter:)

Sabina on

Trina, don’t you think it’s entirely dependent on the child? Luca may be very precocious- I was reading Jane Austen by the age of 11.
A lot of kids are expected to read The Diary of Anne Frank in school at the age of 11/12, I don’t think that Twilight has anything more controversial in its pages than that book does.
On an unrelated note- Peter’s costars didn’t nickname him ‘Dad’ because of his age- at least not exclusively for that reason. His character is foster father and/or vampirical sire to a large portion of the show’s stars.

clair on

can’t wait to see the movie the books are amazing – think i’m more excited than Luca.

SMC on

Wow, I can’t wait to see him in “Twilight”! How exciting for his daughter.

And I think every 11 year old is completely different with what they can handle. When I was 11, I was reading very mature material, but I completely understood it and enjoyed it. The “Twilight” books may be considered teen fiction, but there is nothing bad about them. It’s kind of like a more mature Harry Potter. There’s no sex, no drugs, just lots of fantastical elements like vampires and werewolves. I’m sure it’s fine for 11 year olds to read it.

Kinsey on

I LOVE the Twilight books and I’m going with a big group of friends to see the premiere of the movie!!!

Alice on

I’m sure this movie will be amazing. It’s great that Peter let Luca actually read the book before, instead of just seeing dad’s movie. These books are wonderful, and I don’t think 11 is too young to read the first one. I bet she can’t wait to know what happens next 😉

Kelly on

im 14 & ive read all 4 books my mom had no problem with me reading them ive been reading them since 2006 she hardly ever questions my judgement about the books i like & read because i have always been more mature than most kids my age & she knows i wont read something innapropriete if it is she knows ill give it to her the only time she has is when i got Stephenie Meyers book The Host because its set in the “adult genre” but i showed her the article that said its only in there because of the ages that the content wasnt any different from these & it is true & i think it does depend on the 11 year old & i think the daddy is probally a little more overprotective of what his daughters read that moms usally are

eva on

What’s controversial about Anne Frank’s diary?

trina on

um…actually, I never said anything about Luca Bella reading “Twilight.” i think your comments should have been directed towards momtotwo.