Jennifer Garner Makes a School Run with Violet

10/22/2008 at 02:00 PM ET

Jennifer Garner shows off her newfound curves in a striped shirt while picking up daughter Violet Anne at school on Tuesday in Santa Monica, Calif.

Jennifer and husband Ben Affleck expect a sibling for  2 ½-year-old Violet this winter. Want more photos of Jen, Ben, and Violet? Check out our Garner-Affleck family gallery!

Violet holds a Playtex First Sipster ($4).


Jennifer carries a Fleurville Lunch Pak in pink ogo ($32) with a personalized label by Mabel’s Labels ($39).

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MamaVeronique on

Well I have to say Violet is simply beautiful! She looks so “normal” compared to some celebrity children. Suri for example. And Jennifer looks great for being so far along! I can’t wait until she has her baby, Violet will make such a great big sister and I’m sure Baby2 will be just as smiley as Violet always is!

Harley on

I guess the pap’s figured out the best place to find her is on school runs. Violet is adorable as always, she’s really growing up lol…I know that’s weird to say but my goodness, I guess 2 year olds are just getting taller these days. Can’t wait to see what this next munchkin will be and how she will interact with her little sibling🙂

Cate on

Violet always looks like such a happy child. What a sweetie!

brooklyn on

Cute! Violet looks adorable, as usual!

Rosy J on

Violet is precious as always and Jen looks so “voluptuous” here. (lol) Love them both.

Stéph on

Harley- Violet is almost 3.
She’ll be turning 3 on December 1st.

Violet is gorgeous as always and Jen too, of course. She is glowing!

Jen seems to be starting to have a hard time carrying Violet around.

Can’t wait to see this other beautiful baby and to hear the name!

rb on

Where is the label? I can’t see it.

Deb on

I wish she would just let Violet walk! My drs told me not to lift my other kids.

carly on

What a beautiful family.violet to me always seems so much older than 2 and a half.She really seems like a beautiful blessing

SY on

We have the Fleurville lunchbox, although it worked okay, my 5 year old managed to lose a strap on it. When I inquired about this w/Fleurville, that were not very helpful, etc…Land’s End has great PVC and lead free lunch boxes that are much more durable (and less expensive)…just my opinion.

Hannah on

I wonder why they don’t let Violet walk. I understand the high profile celebrity side of it, not wanting anything to happen to Violet. I’m 21 weeks pregnant and have a 26lbs 18-month-old. In the last month, we have taught him to walk with us, holding our hands. It saves a lot of back pain and BHC for me to not have to lift him except to put him in and out of his carseat.

I think Jen’s shirt might be from Old Navy. I have the same shirt in green. I would check, but their website is down right now.

amy on

I think the reason parents like Jennifer and Tom Cruise won’t let their children walk is the enormous amount of papparazzi around them. It’s not just 1 photographer, it’s more like 10 (or more). They are probably concerned for their child’s safety (pushing/shoving).

brooke on

Violet is getting so tall, it looks like jen since her belly is getting bigger is struggling to carry her in this picture. She looks just like jen.

Gigi on

jen can totally wear horizontal stripes that far along in pregnancy and get away with it!

sarah l. on

while i DO understand the whole “paps are in their face thing”, the reality is that the paparazzi, in general, are pretty respectful to the celebrity/celebrities being photographed. i mean, hey, they are their bread & butter. a lot of other celebrity parents (w/the same throng of paps) let their kids walk. jen looks so uncomfortable with the belly & violet. she should really start letting violet walk before the baby gets here. also, i’m sure jen’s aware that it does make a good photo-op!

Jared Smythe on

Can not get over how long
Violets legs are.. already
for she will be 3 Dec 5..Vi is
turning into a little girl now

Interesting how Ben dropped her off in the same outfit..
They do have plush leash knapsacs .. they are great
for toddlers..for walking..

Karm on

I am disappointed to see her with a sippy cup. She is too old.
Bad for teeth and speech!

Leslie on

Aw Jen’s getting big! Maybe a Turkey baby?🙂

Mary on

Jen is having a boy for sure.

Laura on

Mary- i agree she is definately having a boy.
and i wish she would let violet walk…jennifer just looks uncomfortable carrying her now

Mom of Boys on

My doctor said that there is nothing wrong with a sippy cup at 3. As long as they don’t go to bed with it.

As for Jen & Violet, they are such an adorable duo!

CelebBabyLover on

Laura- Would you let YOUR child walk if you had paps surronding you? And, just out of curiosty, why are you so positive Jen is having a boy?

Kelly on

Im saying November or very early Decmeber for Jennifer it would be so cute if Violet & new baby shared a birthday!

CelebBabyLover on

Kelly- Personally, I think Violet deserves her own birthday.🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Not meaning to sound perverted, but…It looks like Jennifer definently has some pregnancy “girls”!

Kelly on

I agree & i get that as well but it would be cute maybe just around her birthday lol

emma on

OK, I know that it’s not the subject of the post BUT why is a sippy cup bad for speech? Don’t get it. I live in the UK and have never heard that before so am just interested to know. Violet is as gorgeous as ever and Jennifer does look like she’s ready to have the baby anytime now!

J on

I think Voilet looks like her Dad in this photo. I get the feeling she will have another girl but I hope she has a boy🙂

Tracie on

Put her down Jennifer! I rarely carry my 2 1/2 year old daughter around now – she won’t let me! But I’m not pregnant. I just think she should try and take it easy and let her little one walk sometimes. She seems to always carry her around.


Violet is so cute and precious.Can’t wait to see her little brother or sister!But please stop talking about Jennifer’s choice.She’s her daughter not our daughter and If she wants to carry her…
I respect her decision beacause she’s a wonderful mom,I’m sure!

betsy on

I bet she would walk more if the paparazzi weren’t following her around all the time. Can’t they leave her alone. Oh, then they wouldn’t get any money from the pics they are selling. People’s curiosity continue this phenomenon. I’m fine with pics at parties etc, why do we think its ok to follow people and invade privacy.

Laura on


Okay, first of all i am not the only person on this message board that thinks it may be a good idea to start letting violet walk now that jen is getting bigger so i don’t know why you singled me out. And the same for thinking it is a boy. and at this point, no i wouldn’t carry my daughter. i would get her used to holding my hand because that is what she is going to have to do when baby #2 is around, paparazzi or no paparazzi.

Isabel on

Laura, she might think it’s safer (I agree from what we’ve seen) and I take it you’ve never been in that situation?
And who says that she’ll have to walk when the new baby comes? She might have decided to use a double stroller for both of them to keep them both safe from the paps?

Cali on

Every picture of her that I see, Violet is being held. I never see her walking and Jen is getting bigger, it must be getting more difficult to hold Violet all of the time.

Murfreesboro Mommy on

I agree – put her down!

CelebBabyLover on

Laura- I was attacking you for think it’s a boy. I’m honestly curious as to why you’re so sure it’s a boy (is it the way her belly looks? Do you just have a feeling? Is it that you just picture Jen and Ben with one of each? Etc.).🙂

Isabell- Good point. Also, Laura, who says Jennifer can’t carry both Violet and the new baby, or wear the baby in a sling and carry Violet.

I mean, how many times have we seen Angelina Jolie carry two of her children at once? Who says Jen can’t do the same with Vi and the new baby? Why is it that Angie can carry two of her kids at the same time, but it’s impossible for Jennifer to do?

Please answer me, as I’m curious to hear your logic (for all I know, you have a very legitmit reason to think she shouldn’t/won’t carry both of her kids at once).🙂

CelebBabyLover on

I know this is extreme, but…How would you feel if you came here one day to find out that Violet was trampled by the paps or got lost because Jen let her walk?

I realize that’s highly unlikly, but I find it difficult to understand why some people can’t understand that Jennifer might very well be carrying Violet for her own SAFETY!

It upsets me that people think Jennifer should possibly jepordize Violet’s safety by letting her walk.

CelebBabyLover on

Okay, I want to apologize for my last comment. I was frustrated and, in the heat of the moment, said some very silly things.

Going as far as to say that Violet might get trampled by the paps if Jennifer let her walk was definently uncalled for, and I admitt that.

I’m almost hoping that CBB doesn’t put my previous comment through!

violet's Auntie on

I’ve seen several videos of Jen with Violet walking and sometimes running. As soon as Jen or Ben see the papz, they quickly scoop her up in their arms. That’s become a fact of life for the threesome, unfortunately.

jan on

She looks like she’s getting too tall to carry around any more!

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