Tom Cruise Steals a Smooch from Suri

10/20/2008 at 08:30 AM ET
Jackson Lee/Tom Meinelt/Splash News Online

Tom Cruise sneaks in a kiss while cuddling with 2 ½-year-old daughter Suri on Friday in NYC. The pair were on their way to Sundaes & Cones, where they enjoyed their treats inside.

Mom is actress Katie Holmes, currently starring in All My Sons on Broadway. See more photos of Tom, Suri, and Katie in our Holmes-Cruise Family Gallery!

Suri wears Janie and Jack‘s Silk Rose Print dress from last year’s line, paired with Bonpoint Suede Mary Janes.

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Gina on

So, I just checked the weather report and Fridays high in NYC was 57, correct me if I’m wrong, though. WHY DOESN’T SHE HAVE A JACKET ON! Looks like Tom managed to dress himself appropriately.

Brandi on

Very sweet. I love that she always has her blanket.

R on

Suri is a cutie but I really wish they would cut her hair! You could see her eyes so much better, etc. Just my opinion of course, I realize that everyone has their own.

brooke on

She is such a pretty child, and tom is so good looking and young looking.

Kerri on

I don’t know how she tolerates having her hair in her eyes like that! That’s way past the point that I can put up with. I wonder if they’re growing them out?

sophia on

I live in NY and it’s cold outside, how about a sweater, and tights???

KEW on

Notice that Tom has on a sweater, why not one for his precious daughter?!?! Cut the bangs so the child can see.

rb on

Perhaps they are growing out her bangs long enough to make a wrap?

Mary on

Yes, the dress is from last year’s line because it is a SPRING dress. I know because I have it!

Suri is the cutest kid, please put a sweater on her and let us see her beautiful smile behind those bangs.

Shannon on

I was going to make a comment about the bangs as well. I think she does have a port wine stain on her forehead. It was a rumor back when she was an infant and was blamed for the delay in getting a picture in the press sooner. In all of the Vanity Fair pictures her hair is brushed forward and some pictures appear airbrushed. What do you guys think?

Macko on

It amazes me how some people project what other parents should do for their children. With all do respect, Tom Cruise is in no way being neglectful of his daughter by not putting a sweater on her. I have seen pictures on this site in which the Cruises are carrying Suri in her blanket (I am assuming with the intention of keeping her warm). Based on the other pictures that I have seen of Tom and Suri on this day, at one point he was carrying her wrapped in the blanket. I understand that we are all entitled to our own opinions, but please don’t be so quick to judge everything that you see.

And in response to her bangs growing out, who really cares. Does it appear that Suri’s hair is harming her in some way? Would some of you assume that she is incapable of sweeping her hair to the side if they are in her eyes and bothering her? Let’s be at least a little realistic about what we see.

These pictures were taken a day or so ago, so there is really nothing that anyone can do about her not wearing a sweater etc. In my opinion she is a beautiful child and seems to be deeply loved by her parents; with that being said, I will not be overly critical of them because it is their right to determine what is best for her on a daily basis- not ours.

SH on

The length of her bangs is really ridiculous. Growing them out?..then fine! Put in a barrette or a rubber band or something! If she can’t tolerate barrettes then she needs her bangs cut until she can tolerate barrettes and rubber bands in her hair some day. It’s one or the other. And for the people that say “well, maybe Suri doesn’t like haircuts…or well, maybe Suri doesn’t like barrettes or well, maybe Suri doesn’t like sweaters…” – Well, that’s called being a parent to your 2 year old. Her bangs are completely covering her eyes. She’s gonna look like cousin IT in a couple more weeks…and it’s COLD outside! There comes a time when you have to give the 2 year old options. Either put on a sweater or you don’t go outside. Either wear a barrette or get your bangs cut. It’s not that hard – it’s called parenting.

SH on

Macko, I’m sure Suri IS smart enough to “sweep her bangs to the side”…but they’re instantly going to fall back into her eyes. They wouldn’t stay swept to the side. Can YOU imagine trying to see, play and walk around with hair in your eyes like that? Would you like it? That’s why people are commenting on her bangs, not because they have something against Tom and Katies parenting skills. You can’t see her eyes.

J on

Man, they need to call the Suri boards, “Name something you don’t like about the photo.”

babyboopie on

She needs a haircut and quickly! Poor thing!

Carrie on

I think Suri is adorable, but I also just had to comment on her bangs in this picture! It really makes me squirm just to think about having hair in my eyes like that! Hopefully they will either trim them soon or get them grown out long enough where they can be swept out of her eyes. Either way, she’s super adorable!

Sarah on

While i do think this is an adorable moment captured in a photo, I did see something quite disturbing. On perez hilton there is a video of Tom carrying Suri to the car at night. He proceeds to stand outside the open car door for about a minute letting everyone take pictures of the two of them! That is absolutely disgusting in my opinion

Sydney on

Anyone know why you call it bangs? It’s a fringe in the UK. Just thought it was quite funny, bangs…hmm

Jen1 on

Aw, they are too sweet.🙂

Amber on

Suri doesn’t look happy. I saw a video earlier of Tom purposely posing for the paps outside their car, and poor Suri just hated it. That’s probably what he’s doing in this picture – posing her for the paps. She definately looks a lot happier walking around with Katie, because you can see the pics with her they’re walking or doing something. Tom is totally posing her.

Either way, cute child – can’t wait to see her when she gets older!

Diane on

Cute picture, cute dress. She needs a hair cut.

finnaryn on

Shannon, I have thought the same thing. One of my sons had a hemangioma on his little butt that we had to have laser surgery to get the ulcering to stop. In the pictures of Suri at the wedding, her forehead “seemed” to have the same look as a hemangioma that has had laser treatment.

On a side note, many hemangiomas don’t normally ulcer unless they are very large or in his case, irritated by his diaper and contents.

Gina on

Macko, a blanket is not a suitable source of warmth a long sleeved dress and tights are. I can live with the bangs its just the outfits they put her in during the middle of the fall, I don’t get it.

Cheryl on

57* isn’t that cold, esp. if one is staying warm by running around & playing, like children do. Our kids won’t wear their sweatshirts when it’s nearly 60* out, either. Funny how perspective is… when it’s 57* in March, we can’t wait to get our shorts on!🙂

Di on

I have to agree with some of the earlier posts. It is getting colder and colder in NY and Suri is still going around outside in nothing more than a summer or spring dress with no sweater or jacket in sight. Some have speculated that maybe Suri does not like to wear sweaters or pants but what Suri wants as a 2 year old is completely irrelevant in my opinion.
I recently saw a photo of Michelle Williams and Matilda in NYC. Matilda was wearing a dress,tights, jacket plus a little cap which shows that it is indeed cold in NY.
Lastly, I did see the video on the internet where Tom poses for pics with Suri before entering his SUV which is totally inappropriate it. Suri has got to be the most photographed celebrity child.

kris on

Anyone notice the picture of Matilda Ledger taken on the same day has her wearing a hat, coat and tights? I have not real opinion on their parenting but I am one of those parents who just doesn’t understand why people let their kids dictate something like wether or not they wear a coat when it’s cold. My boys can go off with a mismatched outfit as long as it’s weather appropriate but they do not get to dictate when it’s cold enough for hat, coat etc.

Donna.xxUK on

everytime there is a picture of suri its always commented that her hair is in her eyes, why cant it be left alone, surely her parents would of cut it weeks ago if it bothered suri, maybe the little cutie doesnt want it cut… just leave the hair to her parents to deal with and comment on what a lovely picture it is of a father with his daughter…

kris on

Oh, and yes, I do battle with my 6 year old boy over wearing a coat. He can wear it or stay home. period end of story.

lala21 on

I live in NY. On Friday it was cool outside. It was not a day for a dress with short sleeves and no tights. Put a coat or sweater on Suri.

ginger on

One would think they would invest in some clips/barrettes/pins to hold back the hair while it grows out. That look may be cool and hip for say… Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders but not for a child.

Kim on

Yes, i saw that video too…it is disturbing how Cruise seems to treat Suri more like a doll than a little girl…

Julia on

Seriously, people, what is the big deal? If she’s cold, they can put a sweater on her. Cool weather does not CAUSE infection, so she’s not being harmed in any way by being out in short sleeves. It’s only 57 degrees – we’re not talking about subzero temps. She could just be a warm-blooded child who is comfortable in cool weather. My husband and son are like that, but I get cold easily and am constantly wearing a jacket. I always bring a jacket for my son to wear if he decides he’s chilly after all. Sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn’t.

And I’m amused that it’s okay for us to sit here on this website and look at paparazzi photos of Suri, but it’s not okay for her father to deliberately stand with her in front of the paps to allow them some pictures? You can’t have it both ways. Either the paps intrude on private lives, or the parents allow them to get some shots.

CelebBabyLover on

Right on, Julia! Suri may very well be “warm-blooded”. I am that way myself, and I don’t even wear a coat when it’s nearly 60 degrees out, let alone a sweater!

I also want to point out that we have no idea how long she was actually outside. Most celebs get dropped off and picked up right at the door of wherever they’re going. Therefore, Tom and Suri could have been outside for only five seconds or less, for all we know.

And who says Tom isn’t overdressed? Most celebs like making fashion statements, even if it means being overdressed.

Now, about her hair…I have a hard time understanding the birth mark argument as she HAS been seen recently with her hair pulled back in pigtails. If they were trying to hide a birth mark, then why would they put her hair in pigtails?

Also, the mark on her forehead in the wedding pictures could have also been caused by Suri leaning her head against something for awhile (I like sitting with my legs crossed or one leg dangling with the other resting on it, and I get pressure marks like that on my legs all the time!) or even being kissed by several women wearing lipstick.

As for Tom “posing” with her for the paps…We also don’t know the reason for that. Maybe he hopes to get the paps to back off a bit or be more willing to use long lenses by cooperating with them. Or maybe he’s just a very proud father!

Finally, I don’t think Suri is the most photographed celeb child. That honor goes to either the Jolie-Pitt kids or Violet Affleck!🙂

CelebBabyLover on

Oh, I forgot to point out two other things in regards to Suri not wearing a sweater even though Tom is. It could be, first of all, that Tom is one of those people who feels cold all the time.

Also, some people just don’t like sweaters. For example, I *gasp* NEVER wear sweaters! I wear a coat outdoors when it’s cold, but never a sweater! I am, as I mentioned before, very “warm-blooded”, and I find most sweaters very irriating and itchy. Perhaps Suri does as well!

For all we know, she could even have some sensory issues!

mariana bennett on

Thank you Suri Cruise. Youre not only beautiful but youre charitable as well…for allowing others to”feel good” about themselves by judging you and your parents at your expense.Youre the best.

Lilly on

Sydney, I am American but always wondered the same thing about “bangs”. I think I’ll look it up! “Fringe” seems to make more sense, doesn’t it?

Cheryl on

The term bangs is widely used in North America but is not widely recognised elsewhere.[1][2] It originally referred to hair cut “bang-off” (straight across at the front), although the term is now applied to diverse forms of fringe.

It is probably related to bang-tail, a term still used for the practice of cutting horses’ tails straight across.[3]

SH on

“warm blooded” or not…it’s the way she’s dressed for 57 degrees. Fine if you yourself wouldn’t wear a sweater in 57 degrees…Would you only wear a summer short sleeved dress with no socks? I think people are pointing out the fact that Suri doesn’t have anything on her arms – like long sleeves – nothing on her legs – like tights – she doesn’t even have socks on. And if she doesn’t like itchy sweaters? Get her a little cotton jacket or something…they can probably afford the finest, most soft materials – I’d doubt they’d put anything “itchy” on her. Clearly not enough clothing for a 2 year old in 57 degrees. And yes, “infection” and “catching a cold” doesn’t come from simply being in the cold….but the fact is that it is flu season and being out in the cold with only a summer dress on could lower the immune system of a 2 year old IMO. Especially the immune system of a 2 year old that is never in 1 stable spot – always traveling in public environments…

LanLan on

For all those people complaining that Suri doesn’t have a coat/jacket, isn’t that her white coat or blanket that Tom is holding???? He looks like he’s just about to put it on her.

CelebBabyLover on

SH- Fair enough. However, why should Suri require a coat if she was outside for only 5 seconds (which easily could have been the case going by the video I saw of this outing)?

As for if I’d go out in 57 degree weather in short sleeves and barefeet…Actually, I wear short-sleeves year round (but I DO wear a jacket in the Fall, Winter, and very early Spring), and to be frank, I’d gladly go barefoot all the time if I could!

I hate wearing shoes and go barefoot whenever I possibly can (and, obviously, only if it’s approprite! For example, I don’t go barefoot in public! However, I think it’s fine for a baby or toddler to be barefoot in public!)!

AmyK on

I live in NYC and it has been very seasonably cool here… my boys have been wearing sweaters, jeans and socks INSIDE my house with jackets, hats and shoes added for more warmth when going outside! I do realize that she may be going in and out of cars/buildings but sometimes that makes you feel even colder when you go outside even if for a few seconds… it has nothing to do with who her parents are because I would feel bad for any toddler dressed without any regard for the season… my thermostat says 66 right now and my kids have on more clothes than that baby did/does…

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