Jennifer Garner and Violet Visit the Treehouse

10/17/2008 at 06:00 PM ET
Hooked on Hollywood/Splash News

Violet Anne Affleck gives photographers a shy smile while returning to the car with Jennifer Garner on Friday in Beverly Hills. The 2 ½-year-old had just made a visit to the Treehouse Social Club with her expectant mom, currently pregnant with baby #2.

Violet wears Juicy Couture’s Navy Striped Dress ($92).

She wears Superga Torino sneakers in navy ($40).

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JM on

Cute dress…just like to know what kind of material it’s made out of to make it worth $92.00!!!

susan on

jen’s worn this same dress! i just adore this family. beautiful, beautiful, down to earth family.





Laura on

I really think she is having a boy by the way she is carrying

phoebe on

I LOVE those shoes! Does anyone know if there is a UK stockist? Also, I love how I can still be up at past midnight GMT and be greeted with Violet’s beautiful face! Thanks CBB!

Roni on

Jennifer takes her to the coolest places, I wish we had things like that where we live.

Bethy on

Wow! Jennifer has really started poking out there all of a sudden!

Aidan on

phoebe, superga is an italian shoe label, so they are more affluent in europe than in the US (as far as I know). Just a google search for superga UK pulled up a lot of sites, try there🙂

on topic, i love how this child is perpetually all-smiles, and i love how she’s always on the way to doing something with violet – not necessarily shopping at all really, but child-specific things.🙂

Sarah on

aww cute!! btw, suri has that exact same dress!

Jennifer on

Violet is such a cutie – that smile is just preicous!🙂

brooklyn on

sarah, I thought the same thing about Suri having the same dress…This whole comment section would be filled with people criticizing if Suri were in this pic and not Violet…People are so quick to bash the Cruise’s for their clothing choices, yet Violet’s expensive clothes that she often wears are okay? Why such a double standard between the two?

Rosy J on

Violet is so lucky to have a mom like she has. Jen is also lucky to have a little girl like Vi. It’s so beautiful they way they both seem to know it. Thanks CBB for bringing these lovely accounts of their very interesting life with links to the many places they go.

Tanya on

Hope this new baby gets a touch of the Affleck genes! Jennifer is beautiful and Violet is so lovely but definitely all Garner… it would be nice to get a glimpse of a “mini-Ben”.

Amanda on

Ok, I think I know why Violet isn’t picked on like Suri is. I think Suri is put together perfectly and Violet does have on the same dress but look at the pants that don’t go with it that she has on. Or her Splendid sweatsuit with no shoes and hair everywhere. Something about Violet is real and a 2/3 year old that never looks dirty or wrinkled seems too fake to the average reader. Suri looks sad and lonely sometimes yet Violet is always shining and is actually interacting with other kids in preschool. Suri isn’t interacting with other kids that we know of and I think it has to do with some of the comments. Just a thought.

The Writer on

I, too, noticed the dress being the same as Suri’s, but Violet’s is dressed down with the leggings and casual shoes.

I don’t think it’s so much a double standard as it is that Suri is ALWAYS dressed up, and Violet wears everything from jeans (as seen in a pic from yesterday) to dresses to leggings and generally looks more casual.

Lisa on

Great photo. Violet is so cute. Look forward to see what Jen has? She is a great mom.

SewCalMom on

She’s got to be the most adorable cheeriest little girl “in Hollywood.”

Sarah on

brooklyn, i completely agree. there is definitely a double standard when it comes to jen/violet and katie/suri. i always found it a little ridiculous that only the cruises were criticized for buying their child expensive clothes when, clearly, most other celebrity parents do it too. these people are obviously wealthy and spend their money accordingly. as long as the kids are healthy and happy there should be no issue.

p.s. both girls look equally adorable in that dress

CelebBabyLover on

Not only is Vi wearing the same dress Suri wore a few days ago, but it looks to be a minature version of the maternity dress Jennifer wore in this picture:

CelebBabyLover on

Laura- The way a woman carries actually has nothing to do with the gender. I’ve seen women carry high and have boys, and other women carry low and have girls.

I have also seen women carry out front and have girls, or get really big and have girls.

I’ll admitt it, I’m really hoping that Baby Affleck #2 will be another girl! Violet is so adorable that I’d love to see another one of her!🙂

brooke on

Jen seems like a great mom and violet is adorable. Next baby is a boy I bet

Fifi on

brooklyn, I think maybe the reason for the complaints with Suri and not Violet is the way the dress is worn. When Suri wore it she did not wear leggings and sneakers like Violet and I know how people always complain about Suri not being able to play and stuff. Violet’s look is more casual and would allow her to do whatever she wanted in it. Thats just what I think, i’m not complaining about anything or criticizing anything anyone has said because I could care less how much people spend on their cildren’s clothes…

K on

I’m not sure she’s wearing the Juicy Couture dress. Look at the sleeves, the JC ones have scalloped edges while the sleeves on Violet’s dress are straight.

Tracy on

sarah, I thought the same thing about Suri having the same dress…This whole comment section would be filled with people criticizing if Suri were in this pic and not Violet…People are so quick to bash the Cruise’s for their clothing choices, yet Violet’s expensive clothes that she often wears are okay? Why such a double standard between the two?
Posted by: brooklyn at Oct 17, 2008 8:44:35 PM

Honestly, I think that it has to do with who her parents are. Jen and Ben seem very down to earth. Kate and Tom have the stigma of Scientology and I think that is what causes people to have different opinions about these two little girls.

phoebe on

Brooklyn, I think with Suri it’s because she’s almost always dressed ready for a ball (?!) in expensive dresses, where as Violet tends to have a wardrobe more varied and is not always highly dressed up by mum and dad and definately not always wearing high-end clothes. Personally, I think this is why most people do not object when Violet sometimes wears something expensive.

sharon on

such a sweet picture 🙂
Jen is a great mother.


Laura,I also think that she’s having a boy but not because of the way she’s carrying,because she’s carryng on the same way of Violet.However I love this family:Jen is a really down to earth mom,I love her like actress and person.And Violet…she the cutest baby girl that I’ve ever seen!

Allison on

I LOVE seeing Violet and I’m excited to see her smile even more playing with her baby brother or sister!

chris on

Jennifer looks great. Violet has got to be the happiest Hollywood baby around. She is literally always smiling. So cute! And that is an adorable dress. I will have to find one for my niece.

JM on

I didn’t even notice Suri and Violet in the same dress. Must have missed that. Regardless of who your are and how much money you make $92.00 for a baby dress is ridiculous….all your paying for is the name JC and babies don’t care about labels! From the looks of the dress if I didn’t know better I’d think it was a $10.00 Old Navy dress! Is there a big label on her back that says I’m wearing JC?! probably not! Not that it really matters there not my kids. But I can guarentee you if I ever struck gold my kids still would be in Target clothes over name brand clothes anyday! I find them to be a lot nicer then all these expensive clothing styles. JMO

JM on

And let me add one more thing about the Suri vs. Violet. How about perhaps Suri enjoys her dresses and princess type shoes where Violet enjoys to be more comfortable? Kids at that age have a mind of their own. My 3 year old niece is such a girly girl and prefers to where dresses and have on her pretty shoes vs wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Where as my cousin’s 4 yr old daughter refuses to wear dresses and much prefers her sweatpants and sneaks! Of course her folks could fight her and make her where a dress but what’s the point. Just like if my niece wants to where a dress why would her parents tell her she can’t? Of course it could also have to do with how the parents dress. Ben and Jen seem more relaxed where Tom and Katie always seem to want to be styled up for any occasion. Children will pick up on that as well. I could really careless what any of the kids wear or what style they prefer…but I still think paying over the top prices for clothing for them is bizarre!

okay I’m done🙂

brooklyn on

I believe the price of clothing is all relative…Some parent’s choose to purchase their children’s clothes at Old Navy whereas some parent’s chose to purchase their children’s clothes at The Gap…same ‘brand’ yet different quality of clothes at different prices. I am curious as to how many people on here choose to purchase their children’s clothes somewhere other than Wal-Mart or K-Mart (who have very inexpensive children’s clothing)…and why they do so?

phoebe on

Now that I think about it, a lot of the non-UK people on here would be stunned at how much UK parents have to shell out to clothe their children. We do have inexpensive shops (generally supermarkets or Primark etc), but Monsoon, which is a high street store, charges up to £60 and sometimes more for a children’s dress, which works out at just over $100. So although it’s not what I’d consider normal practice amongst parents I know to spend that much on an outfit all the time, I wouldn’t be stunned if one of my daughter’s friends showed up to a party etc wearing over £100 ($170) worth of clothing sometimes. So when you consider it in those terms, Jen and Ben’s little angel (and Suri for that matter) isn’t entirely that far removed from a lot of ‘normal’ parents, although to be fair that amount would still be a special occasion purchase to most (myself included!). Sorry that was a bit long, but just wanted to show a different perspective.

Amber on

Question. Taking the papparazzi out of the equation, how safe is it for pregnant women to carry their toddler children? I saw it with Angelina too.I have no kids but I’m curious at to what y’all think.

Laura on

I just get this vibe that it is a boy. to me she just seems to be carrying different this time.i just remember her being big all over with violet. and i know that how you carry doesn’t indicate a sex. with my first baby i was all belly and carried low and everyone said boy and it was actually a girl. i am pregnant now and i am carrying the same as the first time and it is a boy. maybe i just want her to have a boy because i am or it is my vibe🙂

Louise on

Vi is such a cutie,her and jen are always so happy and seem to have a good ralationship with the paps.

re: the suri/violet thing-personally i have no objections to what parents spend on clothes for their children,price is irrelevant as far as i’m concerned. what i think is wrong is dressing them in an overly ‘old’ way-something about the way suri wears dresses better suited on an adult slightly creeps me out to be honest.
regardless of prices,Violet is always dressed for play,and wears practical,comfy clothes…which,lets face it,is what kids should be wearing.
at the end of the day,its up to the parents how to dress the kids,but i know whose lead i’d follow of the two given the choice.

also,IMO,dont think religion has anything to do with why people complain about suri’s clothes. they’re very pretty,just more ‘special occasion’ than ‘everyday’.

Sarah on

When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I stopped carrying my 1st child during the 2nd trimester. He was just getting too heavy for me. He was the same age as Violet is now. I don’t recommend what she’s doing. I have been thinking for a while now she should consider a toddler stroller. I heard you could bleed if you strain yourself by carrying a heavy weight.

CelebBabyLover on

Amber and Sarah- If it was dangerous for Jen to be carrying Violet, I’m sure her doctor would have said something.

I have never been pregnant myself, but I know that other commenters on other recent Jen/Violet posts have said that their Ob/Gyns told them they could carry their older children as long as it wasn’t uncomfortable for them (the moms, I mean).

I also want to point out that we have no idea how often or how long Jen actually carries Violet. One of these two scenarios could easily be the case:

1. Jen carries Violet from the car, past the paps, and into wherever they’re going and then puts her down.


2. Jen gets Vi out of the car and lets her walk at first. If/when the paps get to close, then she scoops her up and carries her until they are away from the paps and then puts her back down.

I remember seeing a video of Angelina Jolie (sorry, but she’s the only other celeb I could think of to use for an example of this) walking with Mad, Pax, and Zee Zee in New Orleans last winter (in fact, in all likelyhood, she was a few weeks pregnant with Knox and Viv at the time!).

Zee Zee was intially walking, but then the paps got to close and Angie scooped her up and carried her. I then assumed that she most likely put Zee Zee down as soon as they were away from the paps.

It’s very possible Jen does the same with Vi.

CelebBabyLover on

Sarah- Unless that only applies to pregnant women, I doubt very much that you could bleed if you lifted a heavy weight.

Now, if you were lifting something extremely heavy (like, say, something weighing over 100 pounds) then yes, you’d probably bleed a bit.

However, I doubt carrying a toddler would cause a person to bleed. In fact, the worst I’ve ever heard anyone doing to themsevles by lifting something heavy is throwing their back out. I doubt a toddler would cause that either, though.

gigiandlulu on

I think out of all the celebrity babies, Violet has to have the most beautiful smile, gorgeous dimples – like her mommy. I do love the pretty dresses that Suri wears quite often but also love the casual style of Violet – she always looks like a normal, happy little 2 year old girl.

Robyn on

My OB said in the 2nd trimester to lift nothing over 25 lbs. You know Violet weighs more than that however have you seen some of these photogs? I would still pick my pumpkin up than let those creeps near her.

Stéph on

Jen wore that exact same short in July.,,20236451_20533715,00.html

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