Angelina Jolie on Future Adoption Plans, Family Time and More

10/16/2008 at 11:00 AM ET
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In New York City to promote her upcoming film Changeling, Angelina Jolie visited with Matt Lauer on Today this morning to talk movies, and of course, kids. "It’s hard to bring a baby into a family…but twins is like foundation-shocking, isn’t it?" asked Matt. Angelina, who stated that twins Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, 3 months, are "great," said jokingly, "We have so many children that they’re not really stunned anymore when kids come home."

The actress, 33, shared that people always ask how oldest child Maddox Chivan, 7, is doing, but she maintains he’s "like the professional big brother, he’s done it so many times." As for the rest of the Jolie-Pitt clan? "We prepared them, we talked to them about it, they knew it was coming," she said. "They are all at that great age that they aren’t threatened. They are independent enough to not need mommy anddaddy all the time, and enjoy the kids." Angelina added the older children play with the twins — whom they call "their babies" — dress them up, and even change diapers!

When asked about plans to add to the brood, Angelina answered coyly, "I have something in mind." As for when? It will all depend on family happenings in the months ahead. "You can’t even start the process until any newchildren are six months old," Angelina explained. "It’s a smart thing…tounderstand when to bring another child in."

The family is notorious for moving — and traveling — fairly frequently. But the actress stated it’s all just because they haven’t found the perfect place to settle quite yet. "Thechildren will probably dictate. We talk about one day, they’llprobably want to stay in one place for a very long time, as they startto get certain friends." She acknowledged the family’s lifestyle, saying, "So far we’ve just moved them alot. They like moving. They like packing their bags before the nextadventure, and likemaking new friends wherever we go." She added that she’d like them to take that spirit with them into adulthood, where they can "find home wherever they are in the world, andwhere they can find friends wherever they are in the world."

Click "More" to read about the Jolie-Pitts travels, where Angelina and Brad disagree on parenting, and to see video of the full interview.

When quizzed about the family’s travels to undeveloped Africannations and tougher cities like New Orleans in juxtaposition to theircomfortable lifestyle, Angelina shared she’s hoping her children willgrow up to understand and appreciate their wealth, but never take itfor granted. She said,

"For anybody it’s a shock where you go to a place where you’resurrounded by violence and poverty. Certainly we live in two extremes,but wewake up every day as parents of children from around the world whosebackgrounds would’ve been similar to the street children we see, sothere isn’t as much of a divide.

We want the children to see all different sides of the world, butwant themto enjoy their life and the privileges they have and not to feelashamed of them but embrace them, and give them everything we canpossibly give them. Never spoil them and never let them forget howfortunate they are. We’ll make sure they always keep one foot in theotherside of the world, and make sure they give back."

So when it comes to parenting, is Angelina on the same page as partner Brad Pitt?She said the couple is "pretty much" in sync when it comes to rules,although both know that there will be some minor issues they disagreeon — like when it’s okay for their children to join them in bed. Theydon’t want the practice to become a habit for any of their six kids,but "at the end of the day, they’re so cute, we let them in anyway!"she laughed.

When it comes to Angelina’s past, it seems that thanks to Brad, herwilder days are behind her. "I’ve met the right person, and I’m notgoing to say anything that’sgoing to embarrass me, but I don’t like being without him," she smiled."I don’t love being alone like I used to be."

Source: Today Show

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Mia on

I’m very happy for her. I love the last quote. For the longest time she always said she preferred being alone.

Congrats to the whole family. can’t wait for the W spread🙂

babyboopie on

This interview is so inspirational. Angelina Jolie is truly a beautiful person with a huge heart and the right mindset as regards the world and her children. I wish her all the best with bringing a new family member in! I hope when the time comes to settle down in one place, the Jolie-Pitts will choose France for she will always be very welcome and loved here.

French maman on

I’ve always wondered with all their travelling how the older children go to school? Do they have tutors, or go to school in France? Just curious!

sigh on

I love that last quote of hers. So very sweet.🙂

Gina on

“We have so many children that they’re not really stunned anymore when kids come home” My husband and I are pregnant with our fifth, wish I could say the same thing. 😦

Alice on

That video is great =) I love how her tone changes when they start talking about the twins, so cute. It’s good that she’s trying to find the balance between having her kids aware of how lucky they are but not ashamed. Cause it can happen if they see people suffer when they have all that money.

(LOVE- aJ ) on

She’s a wonderful role model.

Nicole on

I’m glad that she’s teaching the kids not to be ashamed of what they have – I know a lot of people call them hypocrites for using their money for anything other than humanitarianism, but they deserve to live their lives, too. And Maddox is totally a professional big brother, 5 siblings in 3 years! He seems incredibly mature, I think she’s raising those kids well.

I love what she said about Brad; she’s shy about talking about him, it’s so cute.

She’s definitely not living an ordinary life, and I love her for doing extraordinary things alongside the most extraordinary thing of all, being a mommy.

sinclair on

8:06 “seeing you in africa and third world nations…” nice generalizations, Matt. Africa’s not a country, nor is it monolithic, but that’s typical media behavior.

anyway, good interview otherwise.

sam on

French maman, I believe the children go to a private chain school (I know that’s not the right term!). There are satellites of it in several major cities and countries. The advantages are that children who travel can pick up at any of the satellite schools wherever they left off. It’s not starting completely over.
Sorry I’m not explaining it too well.

tan on

they are going to have alot of grandkids.she reminds me of joesphine baker.

tan on

oh yeah if someone is wondering who Josephine Baker was she was an entertainer and she was adopted all over the world.she loved kids very much so like angelina.

Harley on

I grew up in a military family and I can tell you from experience in moving numerous times (22 while in my school years, 28 total since graduation in ’02) and you either love it or you hate it. The kids that hated it stay put, and those like me who loved it, still move every few years. Yes, school was a challenge because the States don’t believe in running on the same education system across the board (ridiculous in my opinion) but, the life lessons you learn far outweigh the few stumbles you make along the way in the education trail.

Seeing as Maddox went to a private school in NY, I have no reason to doubt his education, along with the others, will not be quite so dramatic as ours were.

Amanda on

Angelina said in the W magazine interview that the kids have been homeschooled since they’ve been in France. I think as long as they are getting some form of education and are able to socialise with other children, it’s fine for them to continue travelling. The people and cultures they are exposed to and life lessons those children are getting/will get is mind boggling.

The quote in W about Maddox running through the village market in Addis Ababa and not seeing that it was poor or that he was Asian and everyone else was African was particularly resonant. People might not always agree with their choices but I think Angelina and Brad are raising some well rounded, mature little people.

Jo Ann v. on

I’ve moved a bit since birth and have always been in French schools around the world. And the good thing about the French system, is that it is the exact same education in France and in whatever country you’re in ! So Maddox being at the Lycée français in New York can easily follow the lessons in the South of France without losing a bit.
And one thing is true: I love moving, travelling and meeting new cultures and adapt easily to any kind of situation.
Bless my parents for that !

Joeanne on

Before I comment on the interview I have to start with the superficial. The woman is gorgeous, just absolutely gorgeous. lol I always enjoy her interviews because she is so candid and clearly loves talking about the kids and is too cute when talking about Brad.

She was also interviewed by NY Times and had this cute thing to say about Maddox.

“What’s going to be funny is when they think Mom and Dad are a little bit cool,” she added. “Because right now, we’re not cool Mom and Dad.”
“Even video games, you know, it’s: ‘Mom, you can’t play this. You won’t know how.’ Oh, they all think I can’t do anything, that I’m just there to snuggle with. But the other day Madd said, ‘Can you do a cartwheel?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, I can.’ And he was like, ‘Wow, Mom.’ And I thought: ‘Oh, yeah. I can do some things. You wait. You’ll find out. I’m capable.’ “

I don’t have a link but Angie was interviewed by Italian Vanity Fair and she said Zahara and Shiloh asked why their parents aren’t married like Shrek and Fiona. snort

It won’t surprise me at all if they get married soon.

Roberta on

Yea, it’s too bad that she met the right person at the time he was married to someone else.

mslewis on

My sister’s three children spent their childhood traveling and living all over the world. Her children are mature, outgoing and extremely well-rounded. They speak French, German and Spanish and have friends in lots of countries that they see when they can and chat with online all the time. There is no one these kids think of as “strange.” I can’t think of a better life. Wish I’d had a life like theirs. They tell me stories all of the time of things that happen in Zaire or Berlin or some other place they lived.

Anyway, I loved the Today Show interview and the interview that will be in the NYTimes this weekend. Angelina is a very intelligent young woman and I love her interviews. She is so obviously different from the awful stories in the rag mags.

I think Angelina and Brad are great parents and their kids will be just fine when they grow up.

sharon on

I think celebrities think, they can change the world by giving to charities outside of the US and yet rural cities within our country needs to be considered. As for Angie and Brad, when will they get married? They are having children outside of marriage, isn’t it a mortal sin to be having children while your not married? they are the ones ruining the sanctity of marriage, not gays or lesbians!!! Stop having children, yes they are blessed, but wake up we’re overpopulated, our economy just crashed!!!!!!!!

MB on

Actually Harley the military is beginning a standardized school, computer based, so that no matter where in the world American kids are, they are getting the same education. My mom applied to be director of the school. It should be up in a year or two. 🙂

Bree on

Disgusting! She collects children. You can’t honestly tell me they have enough time for each of those childrens needs. Poor Maddox is going to be a permanent babysitter and despise his siblings. Makes you wonder how many nannys they have and who is REALLY raising their kids??!!

marcia antonio, Arizona USA on

I truly believe that Angelina and Brad are blessed. I recently got married and I hope to one day have children myself. They are two wonderful parent’s and their children are so mature and well-mannered. The video show was awesome! They are such a beautiful couple!!

M on

Respectfully disagreeing, Angelina’s comment that she’s found the right person is sad. She broke up a marriage to get him. I read the rules and we’re not supposed to make any negative comments. These people are not special, they just get a lot of attention. Life is full of positives and negatives. Grow up.

Destiny on

I wonder if the next child will be another African as Angie has talked about. I also wonder if he/she will be their last. I think that I’ve been considering adoption as long as I’ve known that I’ve wanted kids. But seeing Brad & Angelina’s beautiful blended family has made me want to adopt even more. I so admire people who recognize the great need out there for children without homes & families of their own, and then doing their part to meet that need and seeing beyond race when doing it. It’s just a beautiful thing to me to see a man/woman of one race bring a child of another race into their lives and home and love & care for them as their own when there are others that won’t even bring someone of another race into their lives and home as a friend.

Anyway, I’m not yet married and have no kids but when I do marry, I hope that my husband will be in agreement with me in wanting to have a couple of biological children as well as adopt a couple. And because I’m no respector of race, my family may be blended too.

brannon on

This family is pure perfection — even it its imperfections! What lucky children to have such happy parents.

Gelareh on

I’m starting to get annoyed by the times she uses “mommy and daddy” in her sentences.
I like her and her children, I think they’re an amazing family but I dont know why this is getting on my nerves!

Gail on

I’m so happy for all of them, I sometimes wonder and think of their children on how they feel when mommy or daddy are not spending time alone with each one of them. I have two children and I know for a fact each one of them want to spend time alone either with me or my husband, yes we go out as a family and have a great time as a family but than there is time when one of them just want to spend time alone with me or my husband. When I go out with my daughter we go shopping and talk about school, when I go with my son we go to the movies and dinner. my husband does the same thing. So my concern are their children, do they get all the attention from each one of them.

JM on

It was a great interview. Angeline Jolie is so beautiful.Keep making movies for all of us to enjoy. Beautiful family.
Shiloh is so pretty. Can’t wait for the W spread.

Sami on

I’ve seen some of her earlier interviews. Angie was downright odd BB (Before Brad). She talked about living with her boyfriend in her mothers house at the age of 14, and becoming bored with sex and them cutting each other during sex so that they could feel some excitement. She even said she was “very sexual in kindergarten” and would have many parent confrences because of this. I’d say what it she said she would do but I don’t remember. So no I don’t think that the rags were too far off base. She said it all herself. However when I read these interviews and see her with her children I see a very different women. I think it’s true that Brad has had a calming effect on her as did motherhood. But, I do wonder what will happen when her children are older and dating with respect to what she experianced when she was younger.

Kristy Jones on

I thought the interview gave us the chance to see how the family has evolved so beautifully. Angelina and Brad are amazing parents. They both are so grounded and in touch with what their family needs are and I have much respect for them. Much happeness to the family.

sunny on

Adoption from foreign countries is rare in Japan.
Yesterday I saw Japanese TV which featured the story of an Beijing Olympic player who was a Sudanese refugee and adopted by American couple when he was 15. That couple gave him opportunity of education and he well answered to this couple’s generousity. He is a hero among Sudanese refugees and gave them some hope. His story puts US in a positive light when global media is saying US has lost their credibility because of the behavior of Bush’s administration.

Van on

Im sorry that I am in the minority but I think its too much. Why was it when Mia Farrow did this she was seen as crazy? Now These two do it and its so wonderful, and they are turned into saints? 7 children in what 6 years? I sponsor kids rather than adopt them all. Iman once said and bless that woman, that adoption is great but what is needed is to help people in their own country, help the parents raise their children. I agree with that statement 100%. If they adopt 20 kids people will still be praising them. Some American family are having their 20th kid I think and I am amazed at the negativity around them. But you can be sure that if its Brangelina, then that seems to be OK… It takes more than millions to raise kids, and although they must love their kids, I have trouble convincing myself that they have time for all of them. CBB readers you can call me whatever names you want (and I know you will), and I might be wrong, but you cannot prove that you are right in praising their parenting skills.

Nicole on

Van, there is a huge difference between 20 kids and 6. And times were different when Mia adopted her kids.

Both sets of my grandparents had 7 kids, biologically. They managed just fine, and none of them had high-paying jobs. It’s only very recently that this trend of “over three is too many” has started.

And Brad and Angelina have no doubt hired help to do the housework and such, so when you don’t have to cook, or wash clothes or dishes, or clean the house, suddenly you have a lot time for other things – like kids!

Just like we can’t prove they’re good parents, you can’t prove they’re not.

mslewis on

Van, I do not remember anybody calling Mia Farrow “crazy” except for Woody Allen during their really nasty divorce. I followed Mia during her career and she reminds me of Angelina. In her early 20s Mia was kind of a “hippy” type and then she married Frank Sinatra who was old enough to be her grandfather; and after that she started a relationship with Andre Previn who was married at the time. After marrying him she begain adopting and having bio kids. People called her “nuts” and “crazy” during her wild years but not after her children arrived. I believe she ended up with 11 kids both bio and adopted and they have all turned out fine, except for the one that Woody corrupted.

Also, without calling you names, I really don’t think any of us know exactly what is going on in that household but, IN MY OPINION, all of the Jolie-Pitt children seem healthy and happy and that is all that matters, as far as I’m concerned.

CelebBabyLover on

Van- What’s wrong with Brad and Angelina having a large family? They are not the first, nor will they be the last, people to do so!

Also, you almost never hear other celebs with large families criticized for doing so!

As for spending time with each of the kids…Angie has said that they do spend one-on-one time with each of them. It’s probably not always easy, no, but it sounds like they do manage it.

Anyway, I’ll bet anything that their next child will be another African girl. Considering the requirment about waiting until any new children are six months old, I’m guessing Jolie-Pitt child number 7 will be added to the brood around November of next year.

I am also guessing that child will be their last. Angie said at some point last year that the number of children they eventually want “flucuates between 7 and 13 or 14”, and that was back when they only had four kids (and hadn’t yet had the experience of taking care of twins!).

Therefore, I’m guessing they’ll probably end up stopping at 7.

kdgriffin on

The advent of birth control has changed the size of families. My mother came from a large family and somehow their parents managed to have time for them. Just like they managed to live without TV or processed foods.

I don’t have the resources of inclination to have a large family but I applaud people that are able to do it well especially those who adopt children that have no parents.

Angelina and Brad pour millions of dollars into helping the countries where their adopted children come from. They’ve built clinics in Cambodia and Ethiopia. Brad’s foundation is building 150 homes in New Orleans. They helped fund a hospital in Namibia where their daughter Shiloh was born. To suggest that they don’t help people help themselves is a misrepresentation.

To be honest, I’d rather Maddox be raised by a nanny(though I don’t think he is) with enough food to eat and a good education than to become a garbage picker in Cambodia as he was destined to be if Angelina hadn’t adopted him.

CelebBabyLover on

kdgriffin- I completely agree with you! Being a garbage picker would also very likely been Pax’s fate if Angie hadn’t adopt him.

As for Zee Zee, her fate would have been even worse. She almost certainly would have died if Angie hadn’t adopted her (in fact, even the doctor who treated her for dehydration, malnutrion, and Samonella posioning when she was first adopted said so! I remember reading that in PEOPLE Magazine).

Mae on

@Van —

Wow, you would probably HATE my Mother. She and my Dad have 7 biological children. It would have been 8 had she not lost the last one at 7 months, several years ago.

She and my Dad are the Grandparent’s of 3 infants/toddlers, have fostered some other children, and are starting the adoption process in 2 months to adopt a child between the ages of 5 and 10.

I don’t see why it’s bad to adopt a lot of kids, or to have a large bio family, or a mix of both. Family is family.

My parents ‘have money’, but they were incredible parents. We weren’t spoiled. We also never had a nanny, or a house keeper. My Mom and Dad were very hands on, and still are, and i’m the baby (17 now).

Your comment blew me away, offended me, and i’m surprised CBB approved it.

Just because you don’t agree with Angelina and Brad doesn’t mean what they are doing is wrong. The adopted children might not even be alive now had it not been for them.

Faye on

I’ve seen on a couple of blogs, including CBB, where some posters asked why Angie doesn’t just sponsor kids instead of adopting more children from Third World countries. I recall reading that Angie does indeed financially sponsor some of the refugee children she has met on her travels. It’s just not a well known fact.
Anyway, I really admire the way Angie & Brad are raising their kids with great love, devotion, & intelligence.

SJ on

I agree with Van

kassandra on

I have no problem with Brad and Angelina having a large family, by why do they feel the need to force them into the spotlight so much? Everytime they have a movie coming out or some negative press they pimp out their young children for some positive PR! Obviously you can’t control paparazzi shots, but their kids haven’t chosen fame and have a right to privacy. As for the “the pics are for charity” argument, some things are still wrong – is it OK to kick a puppy if you give 20 bucks to an animal shelter?!!

Amber on

I just watched Angelina’s interview with Matt Lauer. Not only is she one of the most beautiful woman on the outside, but she is just absolutely the most beautiful woman on the inside.
What a great role model! Kudos to you Angelina and God bless all of your children & the others to come🙂

debra vincenty on

I really enjoyed the interview. I am very excited to see the movie she is in. She seems to be a great mother and person.

If they want to adopt 30 kids, more power to them.

I am just glad Jennifer was not brought up. That subject is like trying to save a sinking ship. Let it go and move on. Stop comparing Jennifer to Angelina, they are so different and so unique in their own way. Who I like better, I cannot really honestly say. I like them both in very different ways.

So ending quote.


NLT on

Angelina has done alot for many people in different countries, it’s just not publicized.

She and Brad donated money to get a few schools in New Orleans opened, when the government was dragging its feet. No coverage.

Angelina herself funded schools for women in Liberia with her own money, so they could learn to sew and generate income for their families. Again no coverage.

You can find much of this infor on the UNHCR website, on Angelina’s webpage.

Tigerlily on

So, Angelina is all in an uproar about poor children in 3rd world countries…and yet? She and her hubby could really afford money to donate for a search for that poor child Caylee Anthony. Where are they? When do our children matter? Do you really think we’re all so impressed with their “charities”? When they could give a big rat’s ass to what goes on here with our own children in this country? Please stop raving about these two morons. Please.
Give my best regards to your pathetic heroine. She’s the biggest loser around. Get over her if you can. Wow, such loyalty can’t be imagined…Oh yeah, we’re talking spoiled brat Angelina.
Boo the freakin Hoo Angelina. You make me sick.

LanLan on

I think a lot of you are misunderstanding Van. From how I understood it, I don’t think she was critising having many kids per se but that Angelina and Brad can adopt many young children in a short space of time and be overpraised for it whereas when other celebrities do the same they are more prone to criticism of their choices.

Serilda on

I loved the interview. I like that she keeps her kids grounded by keeping them aware of the pain and suffering out there. With the resources at her disposal it certainly could be very different. As to their adopting more kids.. that didn’t surprise me. I think it’s neat that her kids have different backgrounds and all. Also, she and Brad genuinely seem to enjoy their kids, as evidenced by the frequent sightings of them out and about as a family… not like many other stars where the kids are in the company of the nanny most of the time!

yoco on

Maddox was adopted in 2002.Zahara was adopted in 2005 and Pax was adopted in 2007. The next child will probably be adopted in late 2009 or 2010 since they cant start the process until Feb 2009(when the twins are 6 months). Angie mentioned on Larry King that it took over a year after starting the process for her to adopt Pax.

britmama on

I hope that the media focus on international adoptions causes people to be more tolerant of immigrants and other cultures.

Celebs’ kids that are from another country may be closeted from effects of discrimination or bias due to skin colour or ethnic origin.

CelebBabyLover on

yoco- Acutally, they’ll be able to begin the adoption process as early as January. Knox and Viv will turn 6 months old on January 12th (there are LOTS of July birthdays in my family, so believe me, I know! :))!

duchess on

I always admired this family. They have been criticized a lot by the way they created their family or lived their lives but they have respected other people’s opinion despite the fact others have not respected them. But, I do hope they will wait until the twins turn one year old before they consider adopting again. Adopting should also be done as if the mom was also getting pregnant, space between births.

linda m on

How come Brad and Angie don’t adopt kids from the United States? Why is it always from another country?There are hundreds and hundreds of children here in the United States that need a good home.I would like to know their answer to that.

NLT on


Do you really think they owe you an answer? Really?

Have you adopted from the U.S.?

CelebBabyLover on

Go NLT! I don’t know whether or not this is the reason Angie and Brad don’t adopt from the U.S., but….Earlier this year, In Touch Weekly ran a story about two people claiming to be Zee Zee’s biological mother and grandmother wanting her back.

Obviously that story wasn’t true, but my point is, if they adopted from the U.S., that would probably happen ten-fold. Dozens of people would probably, at the tabs’ urging, come out of the woodwork claiming to be releated to the child and wanting that child back.

That said, I think one of their main reasons for not adopting from the U.S. is because most of the children in the countries they do adopt from (so far Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam) are far worse off than most kids in the U.S.

Look at Zahara, for example. She almost certainly would have died had Angie not adopted her. A lot of kids from the third-world countries Brad and Angie adopt from suffer from one or more of the following:

-A lack of clean water to drink.

-Little or no food to eat and/or having to go long periods of time between meals.

-Nutrional defencies due to little or no food (such as rickets, wich Zee Zee is rumored to have had).

-Inadequate or no shelter.

-Inadequate or no healthcare.

-Exposure to several potentially deadly dieases (such as Salmonella, the illness that nearly killed little Zee Zee) due to poor hygien, lack of vaccines, lack of clean drinking water, lack of healthcare, and improperly cooked and handled food.

-Their lives constantly being in danger due to war and other conflict (look at the poor children in Darfur, for example).

One other possible reason they don’t adopt from the U.S….The U.S. adoption system is not exactly all that user-friendly these days!

Jay on

I believe there should be laws on how many children can be adopted in a short period of time. I think there is such a thing as children suffering emotionally, because two parents are working and there is not enough time to emotionally care for 6 kids had in less then 7 years. I am not a fan of Angelina, and I see her as a phony.

on deck on

She is inspirational, wonderful and fascinating. The very best always to her and her family!

AMF on

She’s a home wrecker! what goes around will come around! Brad left Jen for Ang and he will leave her for someone else!

Tracy on

Well ,I guess to me they’re are just having all these kids to bring attention to themselves. I’m all about saving the world, but please there so many kids right here in the USA that need help.If they did’nt have all that help and money they sure would’nt have all those kids.Give me a break!

Tracy on

Well ,I guess to me they’re are just having all these kids to bring attention to themselves. I’m all about saving the world, but please there so many kids right here in the USA that need help.If they did’nt have all that help and money they sure would’nt have all those kids.Give me a break!

My 2 golden cents on

Her comments show how much the right love and the right man has helped redefine her. They make such a great couple. They are soulmates. I love the way they encompass each other almost like a cocoon of love secure in their love and with their children. May God continue to bless my darling Brangelinas.

CelebBabyLover on

I just want to share this beautiful comment Mary-Louise Parker (who has a daughter adopted from Ethiopia) made recently, which I think may also be at least part of Angie and Brad’s reasoning for adopting kids from countries other than the U.S.:

“I hear the comment, “Why not adopt from this country?” There’s a lot of need in this country. And I think if you want to adopt anywhere it’s a beautiful thing, but it’s not a contest. So you shouldn’t say “Why don’t you adopt this child over that child.” A child is a child and every child deserves to be loved.

If was a contest, however, a Third World country is different from, say, Baltimore. It’s different when there are dead bodies by the side of the road and parents having to amputate their children’s limbs so children can beg to get money, and mothers are having to sell their daughters into sex slavery. It’s a different thing, so I don’t think you should make it a contest when it comes to children, and who’s deserving of love and who’s deserving of a family. Every child is deserving of that.”

LqvbA on

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