YO GABBA GABBA! Now On DVD! Now On CD! And New Episodes Premiere Next Week!

10/15/2008 at 09:00 AM ET

Nickelodeon has just released its first YO GABBA GABBA!™ DVD, The Dancey Dance Bunch ($16.99).  If you can’t get enough of the weird and wacky live action show, or if you don’t get Nickelodeon and have missed out on this unique show, here’s your chance! Hosted by DJ Lance Rock (who is a real DJ not just an actor) and starring offbeat but kid-friendly life-size puppets, kids can learn about simple concepts like friends, eat, dancing and being happy. Coincidentally, the DVD’s four episodes are titled "Friends," "Eat," "Dance" and "Happy."

With guest appearances from celebs that only mom and dad will recognize like Mya and Elijah Wood and Hector Jimenez, this is one of those kids shows that parents can enjoy too. Check out the videos on the website.

PLUS they just released an album of favorite songs including the supremely awesome "Party In My Tummy" available only on iTunes. The other 12 tracks feature tunes from the series’ first and second seasons from The Ting Tings, The Roots and Mark Kozelek of Sun Kil Moon and The Red House Painters.  Additionally, Hip Hop legend Biz Markie lends his talent on the unique “Biz’s Beat of the Day” segment.   

If you do get Nickelodeon, be sure to tune in next week when the new season premieres. The lineup includes:

  • Monday, Oct. 20 – "Weather" featuring 30 Rock‘s Jack McBrayer, Paul Scheer, Paul Williams
  • Tuesday, Oct. 21 – "Differences" featuring I’m From Barcelona, Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Wednesday, Oct. 22 – "Robot" featuring Rhys Darby, Money Mark, Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Thursday, Oct. 23 – "Teeth" featuring Amy Sedaris, Datarock, Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Friday, Oct. 24 – Encores of "Weather" and "Differences" at 11:30a.m. and 12:00p.m. respectively 

Deal: Save 15% on all DVDs for a limited time and score a free trick or treat bag when you order from NickShop.com.

Do your kids like YO GABBA GABBA!?

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Leslie on

I think I like it more than my daughter! Its weird, but fun. I love the character clothing they put on the kids on the show, but they don’t sell them. 😦

Veronica on

My family LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba. I can’t wait for the new episodes next week. The songs are infectious and I can’t get enough of the music remixes at the end of the show. It’s totally Genius!!!!

Rebecca on

We love Yo Gabba Gabba! It is the only show my 18 month old will watch, I like it because he is up and dancing almost the whole time instead of vegging out in front of the tv and he just loves to dance. 🙂

Trish on

Like does not even begin to describe my 4 year old’s obsession with it. I am not much for kids shows but if I had to sit and watch with him I prefer this to any of the other shows he likes. Can’t wait to see Jack McBrayer on Monday!

natt on

well its currently on here in the Uk at 7.30am. And neither of the boys are paying much attention to it! They are only 7m and 2yr but you should see the attention peppa pig gets!

Jennifer on

My daughter absolutely LOVES this show!! At first I couldn’t stand watching it because it was just plain weird but it grew on me. They sell toy microphones of the characters, Muno guitar, Gabba dance mat and all the plush characters and even ones that talk and sing at Target and Toys R US. My daughter has definitly learned a lot from the shows corkey ways but its cute and fun.

Jennifer on

Oh yea, forgot to say that they dont sell the clothing but on nickelodeon.com-under noggin.. you can go onto their free printables. There they have all the Gabba friends faces so you can print them out on iron-on paper to make your own shirts and outfits like on the show.

janell on

Yo Gabba Gabba freaks me out. I think its officially the weirdest show on television.

stanley on

Janel – Can you really say that yo gabba gabba is weirder than Doodlebops? THAT show freaks me out – yikes! 🙂
I enjoy Yo Gabba Gabba, they feature some of my favorite bands – like Mates of State were on recently.

Sandra on

My kids LOVE yo gabba gabba! We all like to sing along to some of their songs. Sometimes I even catch them singing a song especially when the occasion calls for it “inside voice quiet, inside voice shhhhh..” lol

tara on

my daughter loves it. I have been waiting for a music CD. I can’t wait to put it on in the car when I pick her up from school.

Christine on

I’m 24 with NO children and I loooooove Yo Gabba Gabba! It might be the punk in me. Biz’s Beat of the Day? Mark Mothersbaugh drawing houses, cats, apples? The Aggrolites singing the “Banana Song”? Let’s be real here…does it get any better?

kc on

My son has no interest in talking at 20months, but when Yo Gabba Gabba is on he just lights up and sings all the songs with the whole Gabba crew!
I remember Electric Company, and Zoom, Yo Gabba Gabba is the Electric Company, Zoom for this generations pre-school set!

Heather on

My Child saw this show for the first time last week and now it is the only thing she wants to see. I am desperate to buy the dvd. I live in France and have only i episode. I have seen it so many times since Friday, it is Sunday. I have it memorized.But I must admit I love it myself. The music is amazing.

Ceruladon1 on

We had The Street, Zoom, Electric Company, and Mr. Rogers.

Yo Gabba Gabba? So I see they had the same…

The whole fam loves it and I DO 2 (inside voice…chords were sick my fav for sure)

I gotta get my tshirt…hope they have some my size.